Best Crossbow Pistol Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Crossbow Pistol Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Crossbow Pistol Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

A crossbow pistol can be used for the purpose of target practicing in your backyard or engaging in mini hunting games. A pistol crossbow is built to be smaller in size compared to the standard size crossbows we see every day. In most of the cases, pistol crossbows you find in the market are made using strong aluminum, plastic or fiberglass (or as a combination of those materials). You can expect at least 80-pound draw weight from a pistol crossbow. These piston crossbows can offer a firing speed of 160 – 170 feet per second. These small crossbows are becoming incredibly popular among many people including hobbyists. As a response to this massive demand, a large variety of handheld crossbows are available in the market. Therefore, selecting the best pistol crossbow out of the rest is quite a challenge.

Crossbow Pistol: Top Six brands

To make things easier for you when selecting the best pistol crossbow, we have handpicked the top six handheld crossbows and reviewed them.


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Last Punch

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Ace Martial Arts

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Bolt Crossbows

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 01.Prophecy 80 Pound self cocking crossbow

The first item on our pistol crossbow reviews is an 80-pound pistol cross bow from Prophecy. Just like the name suggests, this pistol cross bow offers a draw weight of 80 pounds. With such draw weight, this pistol cross bow assures that the arrow is traveled at a speed of 150 FPS and that is a good speed for small crossbows in general. In fact, this Barnett pistol crossbow is a combination of the accuracy of the Barnett commando pistol and impressive engineering. This Barnett pistol crossbow appears to be a very lightweight and a simple equipment and often many people get it wrong (as they think of it as a toy) until they experience the power. This pistol crossbow reviews appreciate the ease of setting up this device. Compared to the standard sized (large) crossbows, these crossbow pistols are incredibly easier to handle and requires significantly less energy to cock. As a result of this ease of use and the usage of less energy, Prophecy crossbow pistols can fire more bolts within a given period. Many users have already tried this Barnett crossbow pistol and they appreciate its performance. This is more of a semiautomatic loading crossbow pistol. The high quality wooden-like aluminum stock and adjustable rear sight add more value to this product.

Features we like

  • 80 pound draw weight

  • Excellent engineering

  • Lightweight and strong

  • Durable finish

  • Easy to use

  • Fires at a 150 FPS

 02.Last Punch Self Cocking cobra pistol crossbow

We have dedicated the second place of our crossbow pistol review to Last Punch Self cocking crossbow. This Barnett crossbow pistol has reached our crossbow pistol review due to a couple of good reasons. This respective product comes with 15 arrows. Since this best crossbow pistol comes as a self-clocking crossbow, you can expect it to shoot constantly and faster compared to the regular items. Being among the best crossbow pistol products in the market, this device ensures an easy loading; you don’t need to use much effort when using this crossbow pistol. It offers a draw weight of eighty pounds. This handheld crossbow features a firing power of 160 feet per second. Thanks to the auto safety feature, you can enjoy a greater control. The overall construction of this handheld crossbow is pretty impressive thanks to the top quality construction. Laser dot scope integrated with this best mini crossbow ensures a way better accuracy when firing. As a value addition, this crossbow pistol is offered to you with a pack of 15 arrows. The appearance itself is pretty impressive; it is made with full metal body with a gold color. One of the most powerful crossbow pistol products in the market today.

Features we like

  • Red dot scope for better accuracy

  • Metal body with gold color

  • Features 80-pound draw weight and 160 FPS speed

  • Ideal for mini hunting games

  • One of the most powerful crossbow pistol products available

03.Cobra System K-8025 Self Cocking powerful mini crossbow pistol  

This crossbow pistol is made to be a self-cocking tool. The body of this miniature, yet powerful crossbow is made with a very strong plastic body and a highly compressed, molded fiberglass bow. This product can be ranked as one of the most powerful pistol crossbow products; it features a draw weight of eighty pounds. This crossbow pistol is capable of firing arrows at an average speed of 165 feet per second. You can consider this most powerful pistol crossbow as a small gaming tool or a device to be used for target practice. Thanks to the speedy cocking mechanism integrated with this crossbow, you can expect a better (shortened) reload time without wasting your energy. As value additions, it comes with three aluminum arrows that have metal tips and an adjustable tactical sight. The self-cocking system of this pistol style crossbow is made with industry renowned cobra technology. The cocking process is pretty simple; you can fire more number of shots within a given period. If maintained properly, you can expect this miniature cobra system crossbow to last longer.

Features we like

  • Strong plastic body and compressed molded fiberglass bow

  • A draw weight of eighty pounds

  • Fires at a speed of 165 feet per second

  • Perfect solution for those who want to engage in small game hunting and target practice

  • Very fast cocking functionality

  • Comes with three aluminum arrows with metal tips

04.PSE Zombie React Pistol Crossbow Package  

We included this product in our reviews specifically because of the significant amount of speed it features; being one of the most powerful crossbow pistol products available in the market today, this product features a speed of 215 feet per second. However, it features a less draw weight compared to the other models; it has a draw weight of 50 pounds. The limb of this crossbow is made with compression molded fiberglass and that ensures a longer lifespan and better strength for this product. In order to ensure better value, this crossbow pistol comes with a set of instructions too. This PSE Zombie react crossbow comes as a package; it includes a red dot scope, removable grip and a set of crossbow bolts. If you intend to gift this to a kid, make sure that he or she uses it under the supervision of an adult. The overall construction of this machine is pretty impressive. Generally, this is an equipment that gives better value for the money you spend.

Features we like

  • Features a speed of 215 feet per second

  • Stock is made with strong aluminum alloy for better durability

  • Compressed molded fiberglass

  • Comes with instructions

  • Comes with an extra pack of arrows

05.iGlow Camouflage Aluminum Hunting Pistol Crossbow  

This is another notable crossbow that comes with an 80 pound draw weight. The arrow speed of this crossbow is over 160 feet per second and that is good enough to rate it as one of the most powerful crossbow pistol products in the market. The accuracy of this crossbow pistol is admired by many users so far. This product is manufactured with a premium black aluminum stock to ensure more strength and better durability. The fiberglass limb used with this crossbow adds more value to this product. Such construction assures better performance while adding more aesthetic value to the device. The auto safety cocking mechanism makes it easier for the user. With the smart mechanism of this crossbow you can expect better loading time and that allows you to fire more shots within a given period of time. The cocking mechanism is backed by a strong and durable aluminum barrel. In order to make this product more valuable and offer you the best return for the money spent, this crossbow pistol comes with a set of 15 arrows and one extra string. Overall, this is a good, solid product with dependable characteristics.

Features we like

  • Fires arrows over a speed of 160 feet per second.

  • Better accuracy

  • Premium quality black aluminum design

  • Sturdy fiberglass limb

  • Auto safety cocking mechanism

  • Strong aluminum barrel

  • 15 arrows and one extra string

06.The Seeker Bolt Crossbow 

Last but not the least on our reviews, the Seeker’s Bolt Crossbow. This product tops all the other products in this review in terms of speed; it features a speed of 200 feet per second when you fire plastic bolts. When you shoot aluminum bolts, however, you can expect a speed around 160 feet per second. This product features a draw weight up to 80 pounds. You may consider this bolt crossbow as a superb option to practice targets and involve in small game hunting. The full stock and fore grip assures a steady aim and perfect control when you fire the bolts. Thanks to the automatic safety mechanism, you can easily avoid dry fires. The adjustable sights of this crossbow pistol ensures a superior accuracy. To make this product more usable and add more value to the product, you will get three aluminum bolts in addition to the paper target. On top of all these features, this product comes with 1 year warranty.

Features we like

  • Can fire with a speed of 200 feet per second

  • Comes with an 80 pound draw weight

  • Comes with a one year warranty

  • Better accuracy

  • Three aluminum bolts included

How to use the crossbow pistol?

The most important thing to consider when using crossbow pistols is the safety. Don’t use it if you have any pets or kids around you. If you are not familiar with this equipment, you must find an isolated place and get used to the mechanism with practice.

Usually, these crossbows come with their own bolts (arrows) and it is always better to use them to experience the accuracy and efficiency you expect. You must remember that these crossbows are not intended to use for regular hunting; you can use them for small hunting games however. Be sure to avoid using these ‘weapons’ in suburban areas; usually the bolts tend to travel further at a high speed. Always be sure that there is no other person or pet behind the target.

You must remember that this is not a toy; don’t let the kids use this without your assistance. It is always better to keep these crossbows away from small kids as the potential for accidents is more.

How to choose a crossbow pistol?

  • Check for the draw weight. Don’t go for it unless it features a minimal draw weight of 50 pounds.

  • The speed should be over 150 feet per second. Anything less than that is hardly effective

  • Give preference to products with solid bodies (with strong alloy aluminum, industrial grade plastic, fiberglass etc).

  • Read customer reviews

  • Self-cocking models are the best


Are crossbow pistols categorized as toys?

NO. They are actually weapons that can cause physical damage

Can kids use these miniature crossbows?

It is better to keep these weapons away from kids. If you really need your kids to use them, be sure to assist them.

Are pistol crossbows legal?

YES. They are legal. However, it is your responsibility to use them with caution.

Can I use such crossbow for a hunting game?

If it is a small hunting game, yes. But, you shouldn’t use a pistol crossbow for regular hunting games (it will only hurt the animal without instantly killing it).

Can I consider it as a survivalist weapon?

YES. A crossbow pistol is more of a survivalist weapon. It is portable, light weight and easy to use.

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