Ultimate Buying Guide – Lightweight Backpack, Survival Backpack, Toddler Backpack

///Ultimate Buying Guide – Lightweight Backpack, Survival Backpack, Toddler Backpack
Ultimate Buying Guide

When it comes to backpacks, there is absolutely no shortage of options available in the market. They are available in many forms including a Lightweight backpack, survival backpack, toddler backpack, external frame backpack etc. Because of the very reason, as an outdoor enthusiast, it will be quite a challenge for you to find the best matching product out of the rest. The best way, therefore, to select the right kind of backpack brands is to read reliable reviews that emphasize the features, pros, and cons of the leading products in the market and pick one of those. If you are a backpacker who intends to shop around for the best backpack product that serves your purpose perfectly, this review article will be pretty handy for you.

Basically, backpacks in the market can be put into 4 main categories considering their characteristics; Lightweight backpack, survival backpack, toddler backpack and external frame backpack. Each of these backpack types may best serve different situations and therefore, you must be able to pick the product accordingly. Let’s take a look at the best backpack brands under each of these categories; we have handpicked these products on Amazon, the largest online store today.

Lightweight Backpack

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Survival Backpack

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Toddler Backpack

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External Frame Backpack

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Best Lightweight Backpack

If you prefer to travel with relatively less weight, a Lightweight backpack must be the ideal option for you. Usually, these backpacks are made to be light in weight and carrying comparatively less amount of stuff with you. Let’s take a look at the best Lightweight backpacks available on Amazon.

01.Osprey Packs Exos 58 Backpack 

A well-rated product from one of the best backpack brands in the industry. This Lightweight backpack is made with synthetic material ensuring longer lifespan, durability, and strength in addition to the significantly less weight. One of the most useful features integrated to this backpack is the internal sewn-in panel that comes with a clip attachment (which can hold up to 3 liters of liquid). Despite its lightweight characteristic, it can tolerate considerable capacity particularly because of the excellent carrying support offered with Exos peripheral frame. Making things more comfortable, the padded harness comes with a superior breathability. The hip belt comes with a form that covered with a nice foam to ensure added comfort. The top pocket comes are a removable, floating design. Although the backpack is made to be compact and lightweight, the manufacturers have not compromised the comfort at all.

Main features

  • Made with durable synthetic material

  • Internal sewn-in back panel sleeve with clip attachment (to contain liquids)

  • Peripheral frame made out of aluminum alloy

  • Foam padded harness with seamless mesh layer

  • Foam padded hip belt

  • Removable floating top pocket


  • Light in weight than most of the other products

  • Durable material for longer lifespan

  • In built hydration unit

  • Comfortable to wear long hours


  • A couple of users claim that the straps tend to slip

02.Granite Gear Crown VC 60 Backpack 

If you are looking for a Lightweight backpack that weighs less than one kilogram, this can be your choice. Although it is made to be very light in weight and compact in size, this excellent hiking backpack can tolerate up to 16 kilograms of weight. Interchangeable belts attached to this Lightweight backpack makes it handier and increases its usability. Tool loops add more versatility to this hiking backpack. One of the most precious features associated with this Lightweight backpack is its hydration ports and internal hydration sleeve that can contain drinkable water. Padded rolling stay and extended overflow crossover straps make this backpack more user-friendly among the other backpack brands. Extra spacious stretch pockets located in side and front are highly useful for an organized outdoor experience. The back pad of this Lightweight backpack ensures a great deal of comfort particularly because of the ventilation channels.

Main features

  • Comes with a load rating of 35 pounds

  • Interchangeable belts for better usability

  • Handy tool loops

  • Internal hydration sleeve that comes with hydration ports

  • Stretch pockets located on the front and back

  • Padded rolling stay


  • Ultra-lightweight characteristic for added convenience

  • Comfortable to wear because of the breathability

  • Can carry more weight compared to the compact size

  • Highly versatile and durable


  • No belt pockets present

Best Survival Backpack

Having the right kind of survival backpack is a huge relief particularly when you have to face harsh conditions. A good survival backpack will help you to pack all the necessary gear securely and in an organized way. Such backpack always protects your essentials from water, heat, dust, scratches and even heavy impacts. The modern market consists of a plethora of backpacks and let’s take a look at the best couple of survival backpack products available on Amazon.

01.TETON Sports Scout 3400 Backpack 

Although it is too good to believe, this survival backpack comes with a very affordable price tag. Therefore, many outdoor enthusiasts consider this survival backpack as a budget backpack. This product is manufactured in the USA and the quality of the product is assured. This superb backpack has a capacity of 55 liters and therefore it will be the ideal product for a 3-5 day outing. Thanks to the compression straps, you can have the backpack in place solidly. It can carry almost everything you need when going out for a camping or any other purpose. As an assurance of the quality of this product, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The torso length of this survival backpack can be adjusted from 15 to 20 inches and assure convenience for the user. It is capable of carrying a large range of backpacking accessories to the delight of outdoor enthusiasts. Overall, this is an impressive product with a lot of features and an affordable price.

Main features

  • Comes with a 55-liter capacity and it has a weight of 2 kilograms

  • Enough to carry stuff for about 3 days

  • Multi-position torso adjustment to match different body sizes perfectly

  • Molded channels and open-cell foam lumber

  • Large sleeping bag compartment, compression straps, and multiple compartments to accommodate essentials



  • Might be not the best fit if you are shorter than about 5’4”

  • The sleeping bag compartment is slightly smaller

02.Osprey Aether 70 Backpack  

This is a superb survival backpack product from a reputed vendor, Osprey. It is manufactured to be strong and durable particularly with the use of top quality materials. One of the biggest attractions of this product is the comprehensive lifetime warranty they offer. So, you can use it without any hesitation. It comes with a very smart design including zipper hip belt pockets (in order to store your valuables such as phones and flash lights. It also has very handy side pockets on the sides to carry your water bottles other essentials. The front pocket of this survival backpack is manufactured with stretchable mesh and it has a considerable amount of space too. Two horizontal compression straps on the front side ensure that you hold onto heavier loads with better stability. It comes with enough attachments to carry different tools with you. Features like external hydration sleeve and separate sleeping bag compartments make this product a very practical survival backpack.

Main features

  • 70-liter capacity survival backpack

  • Perfectly adjustable hip belt and harness for added convenience

  • Dual access side pockets

  • Convertible into a smaller daypack

  • Hydration sleeve



  • When it is packed tightly, it may be difficult to drag the water bottle out

Best Toddler Backpack

Purchasing the best toddler backpack should be done carefully. In fact, a good toddler backpack is a great way to impress your child. Your child will start to carry their belongings on this backpack; your child will start to feel responsible, grown and organized with a good toddler backpack. Usually, a good toddler backpack comes with a height around 12 inches. It should be adequate enough to carry only a couple of essential items (you never want to overload them). Let’s take a look at the best toddler backpack products in the market today.

01.Olive Kids Trains, Planes, and Trucks Pack ‘n Snack Backpack 

This can be considered as one of the cutest toddler backpack products in the market today. It comes with a very adorable pattern that resembles a cure traffic jam consists of trains, trucks and even planes. Smart use of primary colors has added extra beauty to the product. This toddler backpack is manufactured to be a combination of two products in order to provide more space. It offers a generous size for a toddler backpack. The front pocket of this toddler backpack is made with an insulation. It is made with food-safe, children-friendly material. Carrying snacks, lunch or other school supplies is pretty easy for your kid. This is a reliable toddler backpack for your children to take to their preschool, daycare or even on day trips. As assurance of the quality of the product, it gives you a one year warranty too. The product is certified to be completely safe for children.

Main features

  • Beautiful design with adorable pattern

  • Made with durable polyester fabric

  • Designed for children of age 3-6 years

  • Insulated product

  • Spacious front pocket

  • Completely free of harmful toxins


  • Adorable design that is admired by kids

  • Comfortable

  • Ideal height for small kids

  • One year warranty


  • The top handle may tend to wear off over the time

02.Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack 

This is a very handy toddler backpack that comes with a safety harness. This product is made with a combination of Polyester and Nylon. The tether of this product makes sure that you give your kid more freedom while walking. Apart from that, this toddler backpack comes with several roomy compartments to accommodate the essentials of your kid. The tether of this toddler backpack is made to absorb shock and it ensures better comfort. Whenever necessary, you can remove the tether from the backpack. The front mesh product makes more sense in the context of space. The main compartment is zippered. Your kid can use toys, snacks and many other things required for a kid. The overall design of this toddler backpack is a very comfortable one.

Main features

  • Made with polyester and nylon

  • Comes with a safety harness

  • Added tether to keep your kid under control

  • Shock absorbing tether for added comfort

  • Swivel clip to prevent tether from tangling

  • Spacious compartments


  • Comfortable design

  • Durable finish

  • Adorable pattern

  • Can have the control of your kid


  • Plastic tether clip

  • Soft fabric that doesn’t provide support the backpack to sit on its own

Best External Frame Backpack

In general, the best solution to rely on when you have to carry a large amount of weight is an external frame backpack. They are strong enough to tolerate heavier loads and they come with a larger number of attachment options. The storage area of an external frame backpack is located behind the frame. Because of this special arrangement, an external frame backpack is capable of providing more ventilation to the user. The frame helps to distribute the weight better than the internal frame models.

01.ALPS OutdoorZ Commander 

This external frame backpack has topped many reviews because of its excellent features. Undoubtedly, this special external frame backpack is considered to be one of the best products today. It can secure items like crossbow, bow or even a rifle perfectly. When hauling, you can rely on the front zippered wing pockets to secure those weapons. Being among the best external frame backpacks, it has extension lashing straps to accommodate extra-large loads. It features a space of 5250 cubic inches. Apart from the spacious main compartment, this bag comes with spotting scope pocket, two side accessory pockets etc. to make the outing a more organized one. The frame can be detachable perfectly and have it used as a freighter frame if necessary. This external frame backpack has a padded waist belt and comfortable shoulder belt to facilitate you with more convenience even when carrying heavier loads. This external frame backpack is a durable and strong product that gives a good return for the money you invest.

Main features

  • Comes with a storage capacity of 5,250 cubic inches

  • Detachable frame and can be used as a separate freighter frame

  • Rifle pocket to hold your rifle safely

  • Hydration port and pocket

  • Padded waist belt and shoulder straps


  • Durable and strong product

  • Spacious enough to carry heavier loads

  • Highly versatile design

  • Affordably priced

  • Large number of attachment points

  • Dedicated holder for weapons


  • No rain cover is attached

02.Kelty Tioga External frame backpack 

This is another top-of-the-line external frame backpack which is made out of durable polyester material. This product comes with all the essential features related to a good external frame backpack in the market. It is perfectly adjustable to match the different situations. It has several zipper compartments and a mesh water bottle pocket to let you keep the stuff in a well-organized manner. Thanks to the adjustable suspension system of this external frame backpack, it can match different torso lengths of different body sizes. The mesh back panel is made tightly stretched and the padded shoulder straps ensure that you experience a remarkable comfort. The dual density foam hip belt gives you adequate ventilation even if you wear it for longer periods. Being one of the best external frame backpack products in the market, it comes with a separate sleeping bag compartment (that makes easy for you to carry your sleeping bag without jamming with the other stuff). As a real lifesaver, this external frame backpack has a built in hydration reservoir sleeve.

Main features

  • Can accommodate up to 65 liters

  • Inclusion of adjustable suspension

  • Adjustable torso length from 16 to 22 inches

  • Made with durable 600D polyester fabric

  • Dual density hip belt and padded shoulder straps to assure better comfort

  • Compatible with hydration facility because of the internal reservoir sleeve

  • Large front pocket and zippered side pockets


  • Excellent design

  • Durable construction and strong fabric

  • Helps you to organize the stuff perfectly


  • It doesn’t have a rain cover

What to consider before buying a lightweight backpack

When you are shopping around for a hiking backpack that has a light weight, you should probably be aware of some features as mentioned below to distinguish the best out of the other backpack brands.

  • Price of the camping backpack
    You don’t need to spend a fortune when purchasing a hiking backpack for you. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should rely on the cheapest product either; there are backpack brands with reasonable price tags. If you maintain them properly, you will be able to have them for many years.

  • The weight of the backpack
    It is always good to rely on a lightweight product without compromising the comfort, safety, and durability. The

  • The weight of the backpack
    It is always good to rely on a lightweight product without compromising the comfort, safety, and durability.

  • Load Capacity
    Your hiking backpack should be spacious enough to carry the stuff you intend to take with you. If you intend to spend a number of days outside, you will need a larger camping backpack of course.

  • Material
    For a camping backpack, it is always good to have a weather resistant material. Nylon is a good example of such material.

  • Does it fit nicely?
    Your hiking backpack should fit your body nicely. Be sure that your backpack as adjustable straps, hip belt, and harness.

What to consider when purchasing a survival backpack?

When selecting a survival backpack as your hiking backpack or a camping backpack, you should pay attention to all the facts mentioned above. However, survival backpacks should be more versatile, sturdier and have more features compared to the lightweight backpack. Such backpack should be compatible with more accessories and tools and have more load capacity. It should help you to have essentials like a sleeping bag, hydration, tools etc. other than being just a backpack.

What to consider when purchasing a toddler backpack?

When selecting a backpack for a toddler, you should be more concerned about the features like tenderness, colors, patterns used and overall child-friendliness. All the other aspects come after these characteristics. They are usually affordable than camping backpack, hiking backpack, and other backpack brands. Make sure that the product is manufactured with non-toxic materials and your child find the superb level of comfort wearing it.

What to consider when purchasing an external frame backpack?

When you are looking to purchase a backpack with an external frame, you must look for the features like the sturdiness of the frame, the possibility of detaching the frame, the number of compartments, the compatibility with a large number of accessories etc. Usually, these backpack brands should be able to tolerate heavier loads than the other camping backpack and hiking backpack models.

No matter whether you are shopping around for a Lightweight backpack, survival backpack, toddler backpack or an external frame backpack, it is always important for you to read the reviews left by the previous customers of the same product. Such reviews provide you a strong insight into the overall quality of the product before you purchase it.


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