Top Camping Toilet Reviews – Guide to Choose the Best Portable Camping Toilet

///Top Camping Toilet Reviews – Guide to Choose the Best Portable Camping Toilet

A camping toilet (which is the commonly used name for portable toilets) is a priceless alternative to conventional toilets in many cases. Although the name suggests that they are to be used in camping sites, they are compatible pretty much everywhere (particularly in the locations where you don’t get conventional toilets). Because of the portability and the compact size of a camping toilet, it can be used in variety of locations pretty easily. When you are looking for a portable toilet, you might be able to find a variety of models. Here are some of the best portable toilet products available today; the reviews we emphasize here will give you a good awareness about the product.

Top Camping Toilet Reviews

How to choose the best camping toilet

You will be able to see that toilet products are available in various sizes, shapes and even with different features. As a wise consumer, you must be able to select the best portable toilet that can serve your purpose. Since you are much likely to travel in a car with the portable toilet, you should be aware of the size seriously.

If you consider portability and the compactness at the first place, you should probably purchase a collapsible toilet. If not, you can consider purchasing a bucket type toilet too. These toilets are easier to take from one place to another and store within a small space when you don’t need them.

Most of the toilet models are made to be light weight. In addition to the affordable models that have basic features, some models come with advance features with expensive price tags. So, if you are planning your vacation within a limited budget, you should probably go for a basic toilet model for an affordable price.

Besides, you should consider reading the reviews left by the previous customers before you purchase the product. These reviews will give an insight to the quality of the product, ease of use, portability etc.

Best Camping toilets Review

Here is the best camping toilet products sold in world renowned Amazon website.


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01.5.3 gallon Portable Toilet from Camco

5.3 gallon portable toilet is one of the top selling toilet products from Camco. It can serve any event such as camping or boating. The lightweight but sturdy polyethylene material is amazing for a toilet. As the name suggests, it holds up to 5.3 gallons; the tank is easily removable. Because of the sealing slide valve, this portable toilet works fine against leaks and odors.


  • Odor and leak prevention technology

  • 5.3 gallon detachable tank to hold more waste at a time

  • Carrying handle for better portability

  • Two slide latches to hold the tank in place


  • No handle in the front of the toilet

02.Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Camping toilet from Reliance Products

This is a great choice for campers, hunters, boaters and any other outdoor-activity-lovers. It is made to be highly portable and comes as a bucket style portable toilet. It has a reputation as one of the most affordable toilets in the market today. It is very compact in size, easy to carry around and easy to use. It is made with durable materials to last longer.


  • Compact size to fit in almost any location

  • Easy to carry around

  • 20 liter capacity for longer use

  • Matches perfectly with the bag

  • One of the best affordable products in the market


  • Narrow seat may make you feel uncomfortable (if you sit for long)

03.Go Anywhere Portable Toilet from Cleanwaste

This is a 3-legged portable toilet that ideally matches for any outdoor location. Because of the solid, strong 3-leg design, it can stay still on uneven terrains too. Sturdy design can tolerate up to a weight of 500 lbs. Good bowl size and seat for increased comfort. It is easily movable because of the smart design.


  • A handy mesh holder to keep the waste bag in place nicely

  • Patented drip edge

  • Strong structure to withstand up to 500 pounds

  • Easily foldable for efficient portability and strength


  • Feels like too short to sit. However, it increases the stability

04.Comfort Portable Toilet from Zimmer

If you are looking for a camping toilet while expecting comfort, this is a good choice to consider. This is a flushable toilet that comes with an elegant design. It is a great solution for both the kids and adults. Doesn’t emit any odor and allow any leaks because of the watertight seal. The tanks are easy to detach. The unit is made to be very strong with top quality materials.


  • Flushable design for more hygienic use

  • Comfortable full sized toilet lid

  • Odor prevention technology

  • Highly portable and easy to clean


  • It doesn’t come with the instructions (but still it is easy to use)

05.Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet from Reliance Products

Are you interested about a super lightweight and highly portable toilet, you Hassok Portable toilet from Reliance product can be the best solution. It gives additional comfort because of the contoured shape of the seat. The inner bucket is easily removable for better waste disposal.


  • One of the most comfortable camping toilets in the market

  • Highly portable

  • Stable and sturdy

  • Doesn’t emit odor

  • Nice design


  • The height is not enough for most of the people though it increases the stability of the product

06.Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet from Thetford

Undoubtedly, this is considered to be one of the most elegant designs in the modern market. The bowl size is bigger and the seat is comfortable. It comes with a flusher for better hygienic operation.


  • Comfortable design with adequate seating height

  • Tank level indicators (for waste and fresh water)

  • Carrying handle for water tank

  • Battery power flushing system


  • The provided instructions are not that useful

Factors to consider when choosing a camping toilet

You should have the below mentioned things in mind when choosing a portable toilet for you.

  • How to dispose waste?
    Although water flush toilets are very convenient to use, there should be special methods to dispose the waste of such toilets. These methods are available in RV sites, but when it comes to open camp sites, it can be an issue. So, have a good idea about the waste disposal method of the respective site before you purchase it.

  • Capacity
    You will need a toilet with larger capacity if the number of heads and the days are big. Otherwise, you can be satisfied with a smaller version.

  • The size of the toilet
    Make sure the size of the toilet matches the available space when you travel

  • Enough privacy
    You will have to buy a privacy shelter if you are concerned about the privacy while using the toilet (this is compulsory for RV sites).

Benefits of using a camping toilet

There are many benefits associated with using portable toilets. You cannot be so sure about the availability of the toilet facilities when you move to a strange camp site. When you are on camping or hunting, it is wiser to have own toilet facilities considering the convenience and hygiene. Sometimes, you will see that toilets are available in some RV sites and camping sites; but their cleanliness or the usability will be doubtful. Therefore, it is better to have own toilet facilities allowing your family members to spend a stressful outdoor time.

Since portable toilets are manufactured to be highly portable, the can be taken with your even in a very small space. Most of these toilets come in handy designs that use minimal space. They are detachable and foldable; you can pack it into the size of a small briefcase and have in your vehicle pretty easily.

Also, using a portable toilet is an affordable solution than you think. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these handy units. With the use of a cover (shelter) for your toilet, you can assure the privacy of your family members while using the toilet. Some units come as whole sets with the covers; if not, you can purchase toilet and the cover separately depending on your necessity.

Overall, purchasing a portable toilet for your family is a highly beneficial move particularly if you have plans to go on an outdoor vacation. Read the reviews left by the customers in order to get a better insight about the product before you commit to purchase.


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