Top Best Tent Heater Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Top Best Tent Heater Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Top Best Tent Heater Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

For many decades, camping is considered to be a significantly popular hobby among the outdoor enthusiasts. Particularly, camping activities thrive during summer and spring seasons. However, that doesn’t mean that winter camping is not so popular among the outdoor enthusiasts; hundreds of thousands of people are ready to go camping even under freezing weather conditions. In order to survive during freezing weather, you will surely need the assistance of a reliable tent heater. Although most of the campers have courage and enthusiasm to camp during winter, things can go terribly wrong in the absence of adequate preparation. Therefore, as a wise camper, you should consider camping heater as a ‘must-have’ in your camping checklist.

In order to differentiate the best tent heater from the rest, you must have a good understanding about aspects like how do they function, what are the features they carry, how portable they are etc. One of the best places you should look for when shopping around for a good tent heater is Amazon, the largest online marketplace. As a measure to create a good awareness, we have listed down the top six tent heater products in this review.

Top 6 Best Tent Heater Review

We have carefully chosen these products based on the usability they offer and many other important aspects. Each of these products has unique features, different price tags, and designs.

Mr. Heater F232000

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Comfort Zone

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Mr. Heater F215100

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01.Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy  

This is a portable heater that is powered by liquid propane. The heater is directly connected with a one-pound cylinder. This superb portable and compact sized heater are capable of heating up to 200 sq. ft. perfectly. The fold-down handle of this heater gives it more compact appearance. It also has a swivel regulator in order to switch from disposable cylinder to a direct gas supply and that increases the versatility of this device. However, if you need to connect this heater to a gas supply, you need to purchase a separate hose and filter. Ignition of the device can be done pretty easily; all you have to do is to rotate the knob to the pilot mode and push it; thanks to the built-in sparking mechanism, the ignition will take place easily. As a measure to increase the safety, this heater comes with an ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) and an accidental tip-over safety shutoff feature. Thanks to these features, you can expect an exceptional safety throughout its lifetime.

Main features

  • Comes with two heat settings; 4000 and 9000 BTU

  • Can heat up to 200 sq. ft. easily

  • Minimalistic design to preserve space

  • Built-in igniter

  • Wire guard to protect from high temperatures

  • Swivel regulators to switch between cylinder and hose installation

  • Durable design and safety features


  • Highly portable design with compact size

  • ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) and an accidental tip-over safety shutoff

  • Long lasting and strong manufacture


  • It doesn’t come with a thermostat

02.Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater 

This is another handy camping heater that works based on the power of propane. It comes with a stainless steel burner for a longer lifespan. In order to increase the stability of this propane heater, they have attached a large paddle-foot base (made out of plastic) for a better stability. You can expect a heat up to 2890 BTUs and the heat can be adjusted using the control knob. As a measure to increase the safety of this unit, they have added an auto shut-off valve; it will automatically shut the fuel supply if the flame goes out. It is compatible with a disposable propane cylinder (either 16.4 oz OR 14.1 oz standard cylinders). Adding more safety to the heater, it comes with an aluminum reflector coupled with a safety grid. The overall design of this camping heater is pretty compact and it can be stored in a minimal space. Integrated carrying handle ensures more portability.

Main features

  • Based on propane fuel; compatible with standard disposable propane cylinders 16.4 oz and 14.1 oz).

  • Auto shut-off valve as a security measure

  • Aluminum reflector with a safety grid

  • Can provide heat up to 2890 BTUs



  • Ignition takes some time (there is no auto-ignition feature)

  • No thermostat to measure the heat

03.Comfort Zone Personal Heater (only for venues with electrical power source) 

If you are looking for a highly portable, compact sized but superbly functioning tent heater, this can be a product that can impress you. However, this is operated with electricity and therefore, it is not suitable if you don’t have a power source (electricity or a generator). Therefore, it works for RV parks and with RV vehicles. It is a powerful heater (despite its compact size) that comes with a super-efficient fan. The thermostat can be adjusted to match your requirement and the heat distribution can be changed with the 4 position rotary switch. All the features associated with this tent heater ensures and incredible usability. In the context of the safety of this heater, several measures are implemented. Power indicator bulb, overheat caution light and safety fuse are some of such safety measures integrated with this heater. The chances of getting overheated are minimal thanks to all these safety measures.

Main features

  • Two heat settings that come with a fan-only setting

  • Integrated adjustable thermostat

  • Separate indicator lights to notify power and overheat

  • Constructed with strong metal for durability

  • Silent operation with better efficiency

  • Heat directed with the assistance of fan


  • Various safety features added to provide better protection

  • Highly compact design to offer greater convenience

  • Highly versatile; can be used in many settings


  • Only suitable for venues that have electricity or a generator

04.Tooluze Camping Emergency Butane Heater 

If you are a camping enthusiast who prefers to travel with light weight and compactness, here’s a superb tent heater for you. Toolux Camping Emergency heater is operated with the assistance of butane. You can simply power this heater up using standard butane gas cartridge and that makes this heater more portable. The burner is manufactured with top quality ceramic in order to assure a better efficiency. As a measure to make this camping tent safer, they have included a highly effective pressure sensing shut-off device that can switch off the gas supply in the event of an emergency. This camping heater is known for its energy efficiency as well; it consumes about 100 grams of butane per hour. Overall, a superb product with great compactness to serve your camping and other outdoor activities more memorable.

Main features

  • Powered by butane gas; it supports standard butane gas cylinders

  • Ceramic burner for better efficiency

  • Safety shut-off device that activates in an emergency

  • Consumes 100 grams of gas per hour


  • Highly efficient

  • Safer than most of the ordinary gas heaters

  • Highly compact and portable

  • Durable finish


  • The design can be further improved with a CO2 or O2 sensor

05.Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 

This is another highly portable product from the reputed vendor, Mr. Heater. It is named ‘Little Buddy’ probably because of the compact size it features. This highly portable Little Buddy is operated with the assistance of propane. Although it is considered as a camping heater or a tent heater, you can use it in many settings such as garages, workshops, cabins or any other place except Golf Carts and motorized vehicles. This portable heater is capable of providing adequate heat for about 95 sq. ft. This heater comes with a pretty handy mechanism which is smart enough to shut down automatically in the event of a low-oxygen situation. It also has an accidental tip-over shutoff features in order to assure your safety. The heat setting is limited, however, to 3800 BTU per hour. Because of the very compact size of this heater, it features a very lightweight making it one of the most portable heaters in the market.

Main features

  • Operated with propane

  • Capable of providing heat for space up to 95 square feet.

  • Fixed BTU rate; 3800 BTU per hour

  • Can operate constantly for about 5 ½ hours with one pound disposable propane cylinder

  • Low oxygen sensor and tip-over switch for added safety


  • Impressively portable device

  • Lightweight structure

  • Highly reliable safety features


  • Adequate only for space about 95 square feet only

06.Kovea Fire Ball Camping heater 

This is another highly portable camping heater that weighs only about 1.2 pounds. Apart from its impressively lightweight, this heater comes with a very compact design too. It can be placed inside the compact carrying case provided. It can be powered with an isobutane canister. Thanks to the Piezo self-ignition, usage of this special fireball is pretty easy. It complements a large range of environments. You can consider this unit as a ‘must have’ on your camping checklist.

Main features

  • Convenient and secured connection through hose type gas canister

  • Regular heat generation through large bulb

  • Ease of use because of the auto-ignition


  • Portable design

  • Lightweight

  • Very user-friendly


  • Expensive

What to consider before buying tent heater

  • ExpensiveThe amount of heat needed to serve your purpose

  • The type of the fuel used and if you are capable of affording that

  • Are your ready to use a generator

  • The amount of money you are willing to spend on the camping heater

  • For how long the heater can offer heat constantly

  • Does your camping venue permits you to use the type of the heater?

  • How far you should carry your heater?

  • What is the weight of the heater?

Safety tips when using a tent heater

  • Be sure to read the manual and adhere to the instructions provided. Never do the things not recommended by the manufacturer

  • Ensure adequate ventilation within the tent. Don’t keep it completely closed when the heater keeps running

  • Place the heater on a solid and even surface

  • Pay extra attention when kids and pets are around

  • Be sure to switch off the heater when you go to sleep. You may switch it on again once you are up.

  • Never try use the heater as a cooker or do other experiments

  • It is always better to keep the heater with minimum possible temperature


What is the best camping heater for me?

Most of the time, you can fulfill your needs with a propane-powered heater due to the unavailability of the electricity. However, if the respective camping site has electricity, an electric heater will be the best for you.

What is BTU?

The shortened form for British Thermal Unit. This is a unit used to measure the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of single unit (one pound) of water by 10 F.

Can a tent heater be dangerous?

If you adhere to the precautions of the manufacturer, these heaters are completely safe. You should make sure that the heaters are always used in an opened tent only and keep children away.

How many propane cylinders you should take with you?

In fact, it depends on the number of days you are willing to spend camping and the BTU of the tent heater. However, one pound of propane can last just about 5 hours providing an average heat

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