Top Best Inflatable Tent Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Top Best Inflatable Tent Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Top Best Inflatable Tent Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

Having a tent in your camping checklist is not an option, it is a must! As of today, camping tents are available in in different types and come with a wide array of features. Of all the camping tent varieties available in the market, inflatable tent products have gained an impressive popularity due to several reasons. The portability and the ease of use are the most significant benefits associated with a well-made inflatable tent. Technically, these tents depend on air rise technology to pitch itself. All you have to do is to connect the air inlet valve of the tent into a pump and let the air inflates the tent. Usually, these tents are designed to be up and ready within minutes. Such technology serves you a lot of time and assures you have more time to focus on your camping activities instead of worrying about pitching the camp.

However, since there is a large number of products available in the market, you will have to do some homework before shopping around for the right kind of product. That being said, we have reviewed 6 best inflatable tent products available in the market in order to give you a better insight before start shopping.


Top 4 Best inflatable tent Review

We have listed down 6 of the best products in the market today. Factors like ease of use, portability, affordability, usefulness, protection, and durability were our major concerns when shortlisting these products.


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01.Kelty Mach Four Persons AirPitch Tent with Footprint Bundle  

This is an inflatable tent that is designed with enough space for four people. In order to give you a sense of freedom and more space, this inflatable tent is smartly manufactured. To make you get enough sleep without any disturbance from light, this tent practically cuts down a considerable amount of the sunlight. Thanks to the efficient inflation system integrated with this tent, it can be inflated quicker than you think; it will let you focus more on camping activities other than spending your time on pitching your tent. No matter if it is a family camping activity or a fun event with a group of friends, this splendid product will serve your purpose perfectly. Once inflated, it gives you a good head height too. It weighs about 9.11 kilograms in total and made with durable PU coated polyester.

Features we like

  • Fast setup process; quick air pitch technology ensures that you set up the tent within minutes

  • Capable of accommodating up to 4 people

  • Smart space utilization

  • Highly portable weight

  • Spacious

02.Vango 5 Person Odyssey Air 500 Tent 

This is a slightly smaller version compared to the inflatable tend we mentioned above. It is capable of accommodating up to 5 people comfortably. You can easily pitch this tent up thanks to the inflatable poles. You can seamlessly pitch this tent using minimal effort and within minutes. Because of the Protex 400 mm flysheet provided with this tent, you can simply expect a better weather resistance. It comes with two entries, one from the front and the other one from a side. The front door is equipped with a mesh in order to protect you from insects. The groundsheet is perfectly attached to the tent to resist wind, insects, and water. To make it more spacious for the occupants, this inflatable tent comes with pre-angled air beam poles. The bedrooms can cut down the light and provide ideal conditions to get a good sleep.

Features we like

  • Inflatable air poles to ensure quick and easy pitching

  • Spacious interior design that can accommodate 5 people

  • Blackout bedroom space to get good sleep

  • Oversized carry bag for better portability

  • Nicely linked groundsheet

03.Easy Camp Tornado 300 Air Tent 

If you are a couple or a small group of friends this inflatable tent will be able to play the role of your reliable dwelling when you are out in the woods. As a measure to ensure a quicker setup, it comes with two-way pump; the inflation process is faster than normal because of this advancement. Features like porch area and detachable bathtub model groundsheet add more usability and value to this inflatable tent. It is designed for those who prefer a high level of portability. This tent comes with a tunnel design that has a number of pockets inside. These pockets are very handy in terms of organizing your camping stuff together. The mesh door panel is capable of keeping insects and debris away from you. Two windows that come with curtains make it more user-friendly. Large rear and front vents ensure that you get enough fresh air inside the tent.

Features we like

  • Faster inflation with two-way pump technology

  • Separate inflatable tubes

  • Detachable bathtub model groundsheet and porch area

  • Rear and front vents to get fresh air

04.Heimplanet Fistral Inflatable Geodesic 2-Person inflatable tent  

This is a stable tend made to be compatible with 3 seasons. It is easier to setup and you can practically expect this tent to be pitched within a minute because of this efficiency. You can use any standard pump to inflate this tent within a minimal amount of time. It is highly portable because of the lightweight material used. All the main parts like frame, inner tent, and outer tent are perfectly integrated. They perform as a single unit to ensure a superior performance. One of the best tents that is used for a variety of activities like backpacking, car camping, hiking, fishing etc. The stability of the product is ensured in order to withstand windy conditions. The multi-chamber safety system ensures that the tent stands up even if there is a defect in a part of the structure. There are several interior pockets to ensure a better organization of the stuff you use. Ideal for a couple.

Features we like

  • Portable design that weighs lighter than most of the tents in the market

  • Separate inflatable chambers to ensure the stability of the tent

  • Can be used for three seasons

  • Stable design

  • Fast pitching

What to consider before buying inflatable tent

When you are in the hunt for the best inflatable tent, you are likely to come up with a plethora of options. The modern market consists of a large number of inflatable camping tents and each of these tents come with various features; some of these features are unique while others are common. That being said, selecting the best out of the rest should be done considering a couple of important aspects.

How many people are camping together?

This is more of common sense; you should select a tent to match the number of people in the group. For instance, you can purchase a small inflatable tent like Heimplanet Fistral if you camp alone or camp as a couple. However, you should go for a bigger model if the number is large.

How easy is it to set up?

If your tent takes a lot of time to get pitched, you should probably think of an alternative. Usually, an inflatable camping tent should come with an easy-to-setup technology just like all the products we have listed down in the above.

Does it provide an adequate amount of ventilation?

If your tent doesn’t provide enough ventilation, you are not going to enjoy it much; therefore, you should always go for a tent that has adequate vents, mesh windows etc. to get fresh air.

Is it resistant to water?

Some of the cheap models may allow water to penetrate into the tent and spoil the fun. So, be sure to check if the tent is made with the water-resistant material before you make the final decision.

Is it portable?

Obviously, the larger versions of the tents will weigh more than the smaller ones. Some tents (larger ones) may weigh up to 30 kilograms. However, such product should come with carrier bags in order to make it easy to carry.


What makes inflatable tents so popular?

Practically, inflatable camping tents are easy to pitch compared to the conventional ones. Also, they are lightweight and can be packed into small sizes for added portability.

We are a group of 6. Will an inflatable tent spacious enough for us?

Yes. There are several inflatable camping tents to accommodate 6 or more people.

What are the materials they use to manufacture these tents?

Mainly, they use PVC and Polyester. Most of these products have mesh curtains to keep insects away.

Do I have to purchase a pump separately?

It depends on the model you purchase. Only some of the products are offered with air pumps. So, before you purchase your inflatable tent, you must ask your supplier if you have to purchase the pump separately.

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