Top Best Camping Pillow Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Top Best Camping Pillow Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Top Best Camping Pillow Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

When I started camping with my friends it was an exhilarating experience, except one thing-a good night sleep. Bugs and a comfortable bed were not that much of an issue as the absence of a pillow beneath my head was. If you think I am exaggerating the importance of a pillow than you are mistaken. A camping pillow is the difference between tossing all night in bed and a relaxing sleep. While choosing a pile of dirt was always an option, I still preferred something less smelly. If you are buying supplies for your next camp I recommend you should consider an inflatable body pillow.

A good night’s sleep keeps you relaxed and energetic for your camping trip. There is a wide range of camp pillows available on the market with differing range of quality and luxury. You can buy a cheap inflatable plastic pillow or can invest in a high quality and luxurious insulated pillow with micro fleece lining. It doesn’t matter which camping pillow you choose there is a certain set of traits every pillow should have to be a success. In this detailed review we are going to cover all these factors. Furthermore we will be listing top six camping pillows that are available on Amazon based on our review.

Top 6 Best Camping Pillows Available on Amazon


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1. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Camping Pillow 

It is no wonder that we have the top best camping pillow from Therm-a-Rest, which is known for providing the quality hiking and camping sleeping pads. I can vouch for this product as I have personally used for almost a year now. Unlike any other self-inflating pillow this one is provided with extremely compact foam that can fold to one-fourth of its size for easy storage. If you are choosy about your camping gear then you will be amazed to choose from eight colors. Each of these colors are available in 4 different sizes, you definitely won’t run out of choice.

Making to the top of our best camping pillows ranking , the Therm-a-Rest Compressible Camping Pillow is an affordable, durable and highly versatile pick.

2. TETON Sports ComfortLite Pillow Self Inflating 

For you budget sensitive hikers and campers out there, the TETON Sports ComfortLite Pillow Self Inflating is an excellent choice. Offering a generous size and comfort this self-inflating pillow is available for real cheap.

Most people what camping pillows that can self-inflate, but because of their pricing they have to settle for inflatable pillows. Well, the ComfortLite is not going to leave you longing for a self-inflating pillow any longer. Simply remove its valve and it will be fully inflated by the time you prepare your dinner. It comes with an organic cotton stretch at the top which keeps moisture away. The polyester lining means that you can easily clean this pillow with a simple wipe with soapy water.
The 12oz weight of this pillow is what keeps it away from making it to the top on our list.

3. InstantCamp Ultralight 2.4 oz. Backpacking Air Pillow 

You simply cannot miss on the InstantCamp Ultralight 2.4 oz. Backpacking Air Pillow if you are an active backpacker. I know what you are thinking, an Ultralight camper will not need a pillow altogether. However, if you survive on a comfortable night sleep, then this is the product you need to consider.

You get an 18″ x 10.75″ camping pillow that weighs just 2.4oz which is remarkable. It has a pinched center baffle design that makes it ergonomic and keeps your head relaxes in right position. You do not get a self-inflating pillow but an inflatable one. The only disadvantage is that the nylon make does not feel as comfortable as the polyester knits, but this compromise is worth for the weight and price savings.

4. Nemo Fillo  

Another top pick, the Nemo Fillo is one of the best selling camping and hiking pillow on the Amazon. Known for its solid performance as a comfortable pillow it is provided with a microsuede cover and appropriate supporting foam filler. An easy to use pillow you will love it for the large form factor of 10.5” x 17”. It weighs 9.2oz that might not be the lightest on our list but still the all-round satisfaction factor brings this pillow to our top 6 list.

Other than the foam filler, for additional support it is provided with an air chamber that you can inflate. Even though it has a heavy weight, campers love it for its comfortable design and high quality.

5. Archer Compressible 20″ X 12″ Self-inflating Pillow  

Because of its affordability, the Archer Compressible 20″ X 12″ Self-inflating Pillow is included in our list of top camping pillows. With this product you get a lightweight construction and large 12” x 20” foam factor along with insulation.

You will love how easily this pillow inflates because of the expanding foam it is filled with. You just open the valve and see Archer pillow fill itself like a self-inflating pad. The outer shell of the pillow is covered with a polyester fabric which is stretch knit all over it. You can compress this pillow to a reduced size of 6″ x 4″ which makes it convenient to store. You get all these features in a lightweight and inflatable pillow travel as it only weighs 10oz.

6. Sea To Summit Aeros Regular Premium Pillow  

Design of the Sea To Summit Aeros Regular Premium Pillow is what makes this product one of the top 6 in our list. With a curved surface with polyester knit lining this pillow is made ergonomic to support your head.

I can tell you from experience how gross it feels to have a nylon or plastic bubble rub against your face. This camping soft pillow has polyester fiber that helps you get a good night’s sleep without making you feel grossed. Also, you the choice between the regular and the large sizes. If you are worried about moisture that will enter when you are inflating the pillow, then you will be glad to know about the synthetic insulation that separates the soft pillow case from the air bladder.
The only problem with this quality pillow is its weight.

What to consider before buying a camping pillow

As mentioned before for any camping pillow to be a truly value for money product, it need to satisfy some basic needs. The top 6 pillows for camping that we have listed are chosen based on very strict criteria. Here are the considerations you need to make:

Inflatable vs. Self-Inflating

Ideal camping pillows are the ones that can be inflated as they save space and are portable which makes them fit for camping. You can choose between self-inflating foam pillows or inflatable pillows that you need to fill with air on your own manually using your lung power. While you may think it do not makes a lot of difference on your choice, but it does as both the variations have their pros and cons.

Inflatable pillows are lightweight as well as convenient to store that makes them fit for trips, however there are drawbacks like you need to blow them on your own which is tedious. Also, inflating these pillows with your mouth introduces bacteria and moisture into them that can leave them dirty. On the other side a self-inflating pillow saves you from all these troubles but it has its fair share of cons. Self-inflating pillows are bulky because of the foam and they also weight more.


Campers have to be very considerate about the weight of their luggage. Especially if you are planning to backpack, you need to include items that are lightweight in your supplies. This is why you need to consider how much a camping pillow weighs. However, choosing appropriately weighted pillow does not mean you should compromise on other factors.

If you won’t be backpacking or carrying your pillow to a long distance trip then you can choose a heavy pillow for camping. Like if you are RV camping or camping around your house. Also, you need not to worry about extra weight at all, you can easily pick a luxurious pillow that is more comforting for the camp.


Real campers do not worry about the difficulty of a trip. They are always ready for challenges with their gear. Now if you carry a lot of gear with you during a camp you need to consider the compressibility of the pillow.

You do not want your camping luxury pillow to take up the space of your other important gear. Choose a pillow that has high compressibility so that you can easily cramp it into a small package.


Camping pillows make your life a lot easier as you get a tight night’s sleep. If you are wondering where to buy inflatable pillow or what qualities to look for, we have detailed all in this review. You won’t have to look for pillows anywhere else, once you consider the top 6 products we have listed.


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