Top 6 Best Cabin Tent Review – Best Family Camping Tent

///Top 6 Best Cabin Tent Review – Best Family Camping Tent
Top 6 Best Cabin Tent Review – Best Family Camping Tent

Every family deserves the best camping experience. There are a lot of factors on which the comfort of a camper depends but the choice of a cabin tent is the most important of all. We understand you go on camping with family or friends to be closer to nature and enjoy the weather. Interestingly, it is never easy to predict what mother nature has in store for you and the weather can go south any time. Rather than facing the not-so-friendly weather without a plan, you should choose the right camping gear that makes your camping a pleasure but also provide protection from natural elements.

Your best bet is to choose the instant tents made for canvas cabin living. As the name suggests these camping tents can be set up almost instantly. A camping tent is available in all sizes, style, build and fabric. These camping gears are designed to provide you a safe dwelling away from home. There are hundreds of camping tent brands offering a wide variety of instant tents. The choice of a tent without proper information can be overwhelming, this is why we are here with the review of top six camping tents in the market. Products we have picked are durable and designed to protect you from the wrath of Mother Nature that can hit you anytime when you are out hiking in the woods.

Let’s start with the review of the best camping tents for camping.

Top 6 Cabin tent Available on Amazon


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1. Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin 

We start our lost of top cabin tents with the Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin. The brand is a relied name for camping gear among avid campers for offering most economic tents. This coleman tents 6 person is one of the finest cabin tents that you can set up all alone without any assistance. It comes with pre-attached poles makes setting up and pulling down this tent very quick.

With tall vertical walls there is enough peak height of 6 feet to accommodate 5-6 people, if you are camping with family or friends this is an ideal choice. It is made from 150D/150D polyester which makes it durable and strong. What impressed us the most is the weatherTec system that keeps you dry even in heavy rains.

 Pros of Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin: 

  • Durable and rugged

  • Very easy to set up and tear down

  • Spacious with enough ventilation

  • Storage pockets included

 Cons of Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin:

  • Tent is not entirely waterproof

  • Not the strongest instant cabin

2. FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent  

As the name suggests the FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent it is designed to accommodate four people. However, as the general rule suggests it is better to be used for 3 people. Perfect for outdoor camping and hiking, it is a durable and quality camping instant tent with PU coated polyester fabric.

There is enough ventilation because of two doors of 5.9”x78.7”. it reaches the peak height of 47” and has the floor area of 80.7”x78.7”. It is largely spacious for a small family and comes with storage pockes for organized keeping of the inside space.

 Pros of FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent: 

  • Durable seams and sturdy zipper

  • PU coated polyester makes it water resistant

  • High quality, easy to set up multifunctional tent

 Cons of FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent: 

  • Floor gets damp at night

  • Not suitable for extreme backpacking or use in heavy rains

3. Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin tent 

There is a reason why Coleman cabin tents always make it top to the list of best selling camping tents. The Coleman Prairie Breeze is an apt example of how advanced and awesome camping tents can be.

This humungous Coleman instant tent has a floor area of 14’ x 10’, large enough to accommodate two queen sized beds. With a peak height of 7 feet, changing clothes will never be a problem for campers as they can stand to their full height. Made from hybrid material will fiberglass poles, it is one of the sturdiest tents in the list.

 Pros of Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person tent: 

  • Huge space to accommodate even 2 queen sized beds

  • Carrying bag make it easy to transport

  • Advanced features like fan and light system help with illumination and air circulation

  • Easy to set up and pull down

 Cons of Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person tent: 

  • Huge size poses problem for a single person to set up

  • There are no replacement parts offered by Coleman

  • Not suitable for camping in cold weather

4. CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin tent 

The space is not a problem with the CORE 12 Person Instant tent but we suggest you use it for maximum 11 people. It comes with room dividers that using which you can have 3 rooms in total. If you want some privacy when camping in the tent this will be useful.

It’s a 3 season cabin tent with 180 sq. foot floor space and 6.6 feet peak height that makes it spacious for 11 people. If you have a large family this one is for you. Rainfly keeps you dry even in heavy rains and its sturdy built makes it stand even in most ferocious winds.

 Pros of CORE 12 Person Instant tent:

  • Large enough to accommodate 11 people

  • Surprisingly easy to set up and take down for its size

  • Comes with wall storage pockets

  • Can withstand heavy winds and downpour

  • Allows night sky view

 Cons of CORE 12 Person Instant tent:

  • It cannot accommodate 12 people without congesting

  • Poor storage mechanism when not in use

5. Ozark Trail 16′ X 16′ Instant Cabin tent 

Another quality product in our list of best cabin tents available on Amazon, the Ozark Trail 16′ X 16′ Instant Cabin tent is a spacious tent suitable for 12 people. You can easily set up and pull down this cabin tent, although it may require the assistance of one more person.

It comes with an awning which means you can use it anywhere. Using the room dividers you can split the internal space into 3 rooms. Even after repeated use under harsh weather conditions, it remains intact.

 Pros of Ozark Trail 16′ X 16′ Instant tent: 

  • Interesting design which gives it a common room feel

  • Flaps for fan and power cables

  • Front awning is large enough to enjoy the rain without getting wet

 Cons of Ozark Trail 16′ X 16′ Instant tent:

  • Poor quality roof support and pole quality

6. Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent 

We will be concluding our list of top cabin tents on Amazon with yet another product from Coleman, the 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent.

Depending on the number of people setting up this tent it can take from a few seconds to a few minutes as it has a large area. The fabric is entirely waterproof and you also get a divider for dividing inner space into two separate rooms. We liked this tent because it comes with poles pre-attached. Again, like others tents from Coleman it has exclusive Weather-Tec system waterproofing.

 Pros of Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent: 

  • Waterproof with strong walls

  • Large space and sufficient ventilation

  • Easy to set up

 Cons of Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent: 

  • Poles are flimsy

  • Total weight of the tent is heavy

What to consider before buying the right cabin tent

As we mentioned before, there are hundreds of large camping tents on the market, but not all are created equal. You need to consider the following features in a tent before making a choice.

Peak height of the tent

Everyone likes to have airiness in their tents and enough space to easily stand. A camping tent should be chosen based on its peak height. A tall peak height is always better. The peak height of the camping tents is always higher than other designs because of their vertical walls that maximize the overall height.

Floor dimension is also important for enough space to relax. We usually recommend to pick the canvas camping tents with at least 90-inch floor length.

Tent materials

We told you that a camping tent is to protect you from the wrath of the nature, right? Always buy a lodge tent made from a higher denier fabric canopy as it is rugged and sturdy than other materials. This will ensure that your tent can withstand the cruel weather and provide protection against other elements. A rainfly is also a must to keep you dry when it is raining.

Poles are another important consideration while selecting a camping tent as they decide the pitching. General rule of thumb is to choose a tent with fewer poles for faster setup. The best tents make use of short pole sleeves and clips to shorten the set up time and easily balance and ventilate the tent.

Storage space

Nobody liked to the stuffed in a camping tent and this is why it is necessary to consider the space it will require to accommodate people sharing the tent. If you are camping alone select any of the 2 person tents. It is a good idea to pick camping tents with space for one more person than the people sharing the tent. If you will be sharing a tent with other people it is better to choose one with interior loops and pockets to keep everything more organized.


If unfortunately you are claustrophobic or anyone else going on the trip with you is, then you will want enough ventilation in your tent. A camping tent with multiple doors will be useful for this purpose. Also, consider the number of windows available in the tent.

How to set up a cabin tent?

A camping tent not only offers a roomy sleeping area for the campers, but it also protects you from many other elements. Generally speaking, it is very easy to set up these family tents as they use either a four pole umbrella frame or a three pole truss. Irrespective of the brand, almost all quality camping tents share the same basic design and assembly method. Therefore, the step-by-step set up guide, we are sharing will be useful for any kind of permanent tent cabins.

#1. Start by locating a flat area to set up the tent. Before placing the tent spread out a tarp on the flat ground.

#2. Now lay out the tent on the tarp, minding the direction of the tent doors. If the weather is windy, put the tent door opposite to wind direction.

#3. Start by staking down the tent by stretching out the floor area, but make sure you are not overly tightening the floor. Thread the stakes and drive them into the ground.

#4. Once staking is complete, its times to place the roof poles. Depending on the camping tent design you will have two short and two long poles or 3 poles of the same length. Follow the manual to put the right roof poles through correct sleeves.

#5. Finally, you need to bring together the center brace shock-corded poles. This might be tricky based on the tent design. Usually most manufacturers provide you a detailed guide to secure the brace poles in position.


A cabin tent makes your camping truly pleasurable and fun because you no longer have to worry about bad weather ruining your trip. Furthermore, these tents are so easy to set up that it takes only a few minutes to make to tear them down. The cabin camping tents we have listed are not only spacious and rugged but also can be set up single handedly instantly. If your choice is other than these cabin tents than make sure you look for all the needed features like durability, space, ventilation and water resistance in the cabin tent.


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