The Outlander Packable Backpack

///The Outlander Packable Backpack


A backpack is a sack usually made of cloth materials and sometimes leather. It is usually carried on the back by its user and held in place by the use of two straps. Although the conventional way of carrying the back strap is to make use of two straps, it could be also carried with one strap if it is light.

Backpacks can be used to convey a whole lot of items, ranging from books to clothes and so on. They are also of great use to students because they can be used to carry heavy loads on the back without feeling pain.

There are different types of backpacks but the outlander packable backpack stands out. The outlander packable backpack is designed to give its user the greatest form of comfort affordable. It is manufactured by one of the most trusted manufacturers of backpacks, the outlander backpack company. This backpack comes in a series of colors, this is to suit the taste of different users.

Strengths of the Outlander Packable Backpack

The strengths of this product are very prominent and cannot be swept under the carpet. One does not need to be told about them because they speak for themselves. The outlander packable backpack comes with a lot of pros. This makes it a “go to” bag as far as backpacks are concerned. Some of the strengths of this backpack are listed below.

It is very light

The Outlander Packable Backpack

You will agree with me that no single individual will want to worry about the weight of their backpack in addition to the weight of the materials they have to carry. To take away the worries of having to carry a heavy backpack, this strength of the outlander packable backpack comes in handy.
This particular strength of the outlander packable backpack might be overlooked by some people. However, this does not take away the fact that it is really important if you must carry heavy materials with your backpack.

It has a Warranty of a Lifetime

Based on the versatility of this product, some customers might be content with using it for just a few years. However, you do not have to settle for less because this product offers a lot more. The warranty of a lifetime is a feature to die for. Come to think of this, you buy one outlander packable backpack and you do not have to buy another one for the rest of your life. Some folks might consider this feature a weakness because it could be considered to lead to a reduction in sales. Notwithstanding, this feature will be of very great benefit to every user of this product.

Resistant to Water

This very special characteristic of the outlander packable backpack is very useful to those that go hiking regularly. You could always get caught and drenched by the rain while going hiking. Well, if you have all your things in an outlander packable backpack, you do not need to worry. This is because your things will be properly protected from the rain.

The Outlander Packable Backpack


The outlander packable backpack comes with a lot of benefits. That does not take away the fact that it is not perfect. This backpack comes with a couple of flaws which include;

It is Not Large enough

A lot of folks love this backpack because of many of its beneficial features. However, it comes with a major disadvantage. This disadvantage is that it is not a large one and therefore cannot be used to move a lot of things. You might not consider this a disadvantage if you never have to move a lot of things. Well, the same cannot be said of you if you have to move a lot of materials all at once. This bag might just be perfect for you if you want to move just a few items. Unfortunately, if you must pack things that are meant to be used for a couple of days, this just might not be the best backpack for you.

It is Expensive

Considering what this backpack offers, it cannot be said to be cheap. This backpack can be bought for about $20.

It is not Very Comfortable

The outlander packable backpack is perfect for use for short periods of time. However, it cannot be used for very long periods because it is not properly padded. The absence of adequate padding on this backpack makes it not very comfortable.

Features of the Outlander Packable Backpack

The outlander packable backpack comes with a lot of features. Some are not very beneficial while some others are of amazing benefits to its users. Some of them are;

It is super light

Due to its super light nature, this backpack can be used on a daily basis without the burden of having to carry something heavy. As a result of its lightweight, this bag is very idea for carrying out everyday activities such as going to the office and going to class.

Extremely Durable

Due to the fact that this backpack is made from some special materials, it is very durable. This bag is made from materials that are resistant to water and this provides the bag with the ability to be long lasting. Also beyond the materials used to produce this bag that make it durable, it provides its stress points with bar tacking for a prolonged lifespan.

Multiple Pockets

One reason the outlander packable backpack is considered a lovely product is because of its multiple pockets. This gives the user the freedom of separating his things in an organized manner. These multiple compartments include two pockets that are capable of holding water bottles, an inner pocket which can be used to keep very private and valuable materials, two front pockets that are very suitable for holding small items and last but not the least a main compartment for keeping large and basic items.

The Outlander Packable Backpack

Very Compact

This multi-purpose backpack can be folded into itself. This gives it an almost nonexistent appearance when it is not in use. Due to this very special feature, a user of this backpack can have it put in another bag or even in their pocket when it is not in use. It can be brought out and opened up exactly when it is needed.


33L: 16.92 X 10. 63 X 7.08 inches when unfolded and 6.29 X 5.90 X2 inches when folded.
20L: 16. 92 X 10.63 X 7.08 inches when unfolded and 6.29 X 5.90 X 1.97 inches when folded.

Reasons to Choose the Outlander Packable Backpack

It is Versatile

The outlander packable backpack can be used to do a whole lot. This is in addition to the fact that it can be used by different classes of people. The versatility of this product is one reason it should be chosen by anyone that is in need of a backpack.

It can be Stored When not in Use

Usually, this backpack comes with a unique feature which gives it the ability to store in another bag when it is not in use. Therefore, with this backpack, you can have multiple bags on your trip without thinking of how to carry an empty bag. More importantly, the pocket in which it is stored passes for an inner pocket when it is in use.

It is perfect for Hiking

If you want to go hiking, this is the backpack you should go with. The reasons for this are quite obvious. This backpack comes with two side pockets that can be used for the storage of two water bottles or a water bottle and an umbrella if the need for one arises.

It is Ideal for Organization

This product comes with lots of compartments, this gives its user the privilege of getting organized. With its multiple compartments, you can get unhindered access to items like your pocket knife, your medication and keys without having to search the entire bag. The inner pocket is perfect for storing items are of very high value such as your passport, credit card and sometimes your wallet.

You Do Not have to worry about the Rain

It is very normal to get exposed to the rain when you go hiking. This phenomenon can put some of your items in a position to get destroyed by rain. Well, with the availability of the outlander packable backpack, you do not have to worry about your stuff getting wet. This is simply because it was built with a water resistant material. As a result of this, every user of this product has an assurance that their things will not get damaged by water if it rains.

Combines Aesthetics with Functionality

This backpack is a fine blend of aesthetics and functionality. Not only is the outlander packable backpack very functional, it is also stylish. With this backpack, you do not have to worry about moving around with a bag that is not fashionable.


The outlander packable backpack is a very practical backpack that can be used for multiple purposes. Although it is not a very large one, it is perfect for individuals that intend traveling light. It is definitely very highly recommended.


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