Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack

///Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack

Every hiking or backpack enthusiast always looks forward to getting a high-quality backpack that can contain all the gear they will need. Before choosing a backpack, some of the things you need to consider are the duration of your trip, the amount of gear you will need for the trip, where you are going to, and what other things you will need to put into the backpack.

It is very important for you to make careful consideration of all these factors and choose a backpack that will fit you properly, sit comfortably on your body, and contain all the gears you will need for your expedition. There are lots of backpacks in the market you can choose from; some are designed for shopping, some are ideal for short trips, and some are specially made for hikers who intend to carry a lot of gear that will last them throughout a long hiking trip.

In this article, we will tell you about the best backpack amongst every other. It is the Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack.  The Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack is one of the best backpacks you can get with so many exciting features. It has a very spacious 50 liters capacity main pocket and many other pockets that serve you in different exciting ways. It is ideal for traveling, hiking, camping, large scale shopping and carrying of luggage, and it is fitted for both men and women. The backpack is sturdily designed to last long and to guarantee you of 100% satisfaction. It has comfortable and adjustable straps, and although its body is designed with waterproof coatings which handle light rains and water splashes just perfectly, it also comes with a special waterproof rain cover which makes sure that all your gears are very dry and safe no matter how heavily it rains. The designers know very well that you will need your laptop during your hiking trip, so there is a 15.6” well-padded laptop compartment attached to the side of the main 50-liter pocket. With that, you don’t have to worry about other gears depressing and possibly damaging your laptop because the padding has it covered from all that.

Outdoor Master Hiking backpack also has other pockets which serve a wide array of other purposes, such as the external pocket, easy access pocket, outer pocket, rain cover pocket, waist pocket, meshed external side pockets for holding a water bottle and other drinks you will need for hydration. It has comfortable and well-padded shoulder straps which sit perfectly on the body and can be adjusted as you want. Made with adjustable waist straps, adjustable chest strap, V-shaped external strap and alpenstock clasp, this bag is built in a way that when you set it comfortably, the weight on your back becomes evenly distributed across your spine, your hips and torso without giving you any uncomfortable chafe points.

When you buy this backpack, you not only get a 50-liter carrying capacity, you also get the rain cover, and six months guarantee from Outdoor Master and a guarantee of 100% satisfaction that would make you recommend the product to all your friends. Check out the exciting features and specifications below.


Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack

Capacity: 50 liters main pocket, 15.6 inch padded laptop carrier, many other pockets such as an external pocket which has enough room for an iPad or a 10 inches tablet PC, a cell phone pocket, an easy access pocket for things like tour map and camera, which you would need to have easy access to, waist pocket, outer pocket, mesh pocket, front pockets, hip belt pockets and elastic side pockets for holding water bottle and torchlight, etc.

Straps: Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack is made with just enough number of traps that will ensure your comfort while on the go. The straps are as well padded and as they are adjustable. The designers understand that you need a lot of gear for your hiking trips, so they built the bag with enough number of straps that will make the load sit comfortably on your bag, and be in good contact with as many parts of your spine as possible, so that the weight of the load becomes very much reduced. The straps include; a thick padded S-shaped shoulder strap, well studded thick back cushions which minimize the weight of the load resting on the back; adjustable chest straps which give the bag a better grip and steadiness; adjustable waist straps for better relaxation and good distribution of the weight of the bag.

It also has a V-shaped external strap, and two holes, one for holding hydration bladder hose, and the other for headphone. The hip belt is padded with enough foam to ensure comfort and avoid mounting much pressure on the hips. It also has a tent and sleeping mat strap for hanging your camping tent and sleeping maps, hence you don’t need to have an extra carrier for those or use them to occupy space meant for other gears inside the bag. It also has a well reinforced thick top mount handle which is also studded with enough padding. This is needed for those times when you just want to carry the load on your hand, and not necessarily on the back. The good thing is that this top mount handle has enough reinforcement that the weight inside the bag will not make it break and it is also well padded that your hands won’t feel strained because of the weight in your pack.

Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack

Lightweight: For a backpack with such incredible features, it is amazing that Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack has a weight of only 2.6 pounds.

Water Resistance: It is made with water resistant coating, and it has a dedicated pocket for water resistant rain coat. With these features, water is not a problem for anyone who uses this backpack.

Dimensions: The dimensions are 23 x 14 x 9 inches

Material: It is made with high quality, durable and lightweight nylon material.

Ventilation System: It is built with a meshed air ventilation system for a comfortable fit.


  • The Pros

Hikers and travelers who use Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack have a lot of exciting things to say about the product. They are particularly thrilled by the enormous amount of pockets available for use. They also compliment that the straps are well fitted and have enough padding that ensures comfort. It is very easy to position and pack because the back panel is studded with semi-rigid reinforcements. The material is thick and waterproof and has been tested and proven to stand any weight you put into it.  The material is well sewn and the edges are reinforced very strongly to avoid tear or breakage. The meshed side pocket for a water bottle is made for your hydration while on the go, and the straps are well designed to give you the chance to adjust the bag as much as you want to, to make sure that it is comfortable for you.

It comes with high-quality zippers that are well designed to last long no matter how much gear you pack into the bag. The designers understand that you sometimes you may travel to dust prone areas, so the zip is well fitted with strong teeth to resist the damaging effect of dust, which may get into it.

  • The Cons

The downside of this product is that it may not be so fitted for people who are very tall (heights of above 6 inches) this is because, for people of such heights, the hip belt tends to look more like a high waist belt. The hip belt may not go down well enough to give the desired weight distribution purpose which it is meant to serve.

Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack

Another downside that some users have complained about is that the headset pocket in some of the bags was not wide enough to accommodate some bigger headsets. This, however, is not a problem for smaller size headsets.


Every hiker and traveler look out for a backpack which is large enough to contain as many gears as they need for their expedition; that is exactly the purpose for which Outdoor Master hiking Backpack was designed.

You have to choose this product for its studded straps and padding. They are the best you can get if you are looking for a comfortable backpack for your trip.

You have to choose this product because of the waterproof coating on the nylon material and the extra waterproof rain covering protects your items from the rain, and water splashes when you go on a boat cruise. There are so many exciting features, and ultimately, it is very affordable.


In conclusion, Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack is the best backpack you can get, which gives you enough capacity to fit in as many gears as you want and still gives you enough comfort during your trips.


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