HIKPRO Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack

///HIKPRO Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack

HIKPRO Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack1

If you are looking for a backpack that combines lightweight and high performance, then the Hikpro Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack is what you should consider buying.

It is large and foldable and is ideal for outdoor travel, school, camping, biking, and most of all, hiking because hikers always look forward to having a bag which can accommodate as many gears as they would need for a multi day hiking trip. This backpack for hiking is suited for both males and females, and with its incredible lightweight of 8 Oz, the Hikpro backpack is much better than other backpacks which add significant weight to the load on your back. Because it is foldable, you can store it in a bigger bag when going for your trip, when you get there, you can bring it out and put in everything you need for your expedition and exploration while at the trip.

It is made with high-quality tear-resistant nylon and very strong and durable zippers. The Hikpro Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack is the kind of backpack that will outlive you because it is made with the sole aim of giving hikers, travelers and backpack lovers, in general, a long lasting pack that will suit all their bag needs.


Lightweight: Hikpro Ultralight Backpack lives up to its promise of lightweight as it has a very light weight of 8 Oz, and incredibly, it has a carrying capacity of 25 liters! Its lightweight makes it ideal for traveling, hiking, school, and everyday movement.

Water Resistance: It is made with high-quality water resistant nylon fabrics. So, when on the go, you don’t have to worry about the weather, or about other items in the place where your bag is kept because water is not a threat to the contents of your backpack.

Durability: With the Hikpro Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack, durability is a guarantee. The bag is covered by a 5-year warranty by Hikpro. Apart from its water resistant nature, it is further fortified with an Abrasion resistant metallic SBS zipper. It is also reinforced in over 12 places with very strong Bartack Process. This reinforcement guarantees a long lasting super-strong performance.

Small when Folded: One of the amazing features of the Hikpro Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack is that you can easily fold it into a small size. When you are on a trip where you will need your Hikpro backpack at your destination, you can just fold the bag into a small size and throw it into your car, suitcase or another bag, and it will not take up any extra space.

Multi Pocket: It has four compartments. The main compartment has a capacity of 25 liters, capable of carrying whatever thing you need. The bigger outer pocket on the outer side can house items such as magazines and iPad. The smaller outer pocket can accommodate your camera, guide book and other things you may need to access quickly. You can store your money, passport, credit card and other stuff inside the small inner pocket. The sides are designed with mesh like pockets ideal for holding water bottles or other drinks you will need to keep you hydrated all through the journey. With the multiple zippered pockets, you are assured that all your items are well sorted and organized where you can access them easily when you need them.

Comfortable to Carry: Hikpro has been making the best backpacks for over twenty years, so they have enough experience to meet the comfort needs of their buyers. In light of this, this beautiful Hikpro backpack is made with the most comfortable shoulder straps. The length of the straps is adjustable, and the straps can be locked firmly and easily. The straps are wide and well padded to ensure that there are no chafe points.

Why you should buy Hikpro Ultralight Packable Backpack

College students, hikers, and travelers who travel with and use Hikpro backpacks every day have testified that the Hikpro bag is very versatile. They have complimented its lightweight and fold-ability feature and the fact that it is very comfortable to wear. People who have used it over the years attest to the fact that the bag does not “sag” like other backpacks do when they are made to carry heavy items.

HIKPRO Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack2

Hikpro comes in various colors, so no matter what your favorite color is, be assured that you will find a Hikpro of your desired color.

If you are going on a weekend trip where you will need to carry your backpack around, you will most definitely need a bag which will be light for you to carry about, then Hikepro bags is a good fit for you.

People always avoid buying lightweight backpacks because of the fear that they are not strong, and will tear easily, but Hikpro defies this stereotype because the product is durable and well reinforced to last as long as it takes for you to get tired of using it. No matter how long you want to use it, the Hikpro Ultralight Packable Backpack stands the taste of time. The waterproof nylon material keeps your items safe from the rain and can stand up to any weight you throw into it without a single wear of tear.

It has very comfortable padding and can be easily adjusted any way you want it. Many people assume that small bags do not have room for adjustment, but that is not the case with this bag because the straps are very much adjustable. With just a minimum effort, you can adjust the straps to any length, size or fit you want. Another thing they say about small sized and lightweight bags is that they always have chafe points, but just like in other ways, Hikpro Ultralight Packable Backpack stylishly distinguishes itself from other bags of its size, as it comes with enough padding to ensure your comfort, and avoid any chafe points.

HIKPRO Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack3

The Strength

Another reason why you should buy the Hikpro Ultralight Packable is its strength and resilience. Unlike other lightweight bags which are easy gets torn, this bag has Bartack Process reinforcement in over 12 places. That is to say that no matter what you throw at it, it does not tear.

Some users compliment that the Hikepro Ultralight Packable Backpack is deceptively large. They said the bag looked small from the outside, but when they started fitting things in, they were able to pack a lot of things into the bag. One amazing feature users compliment a lot is the strong zippers. The zippers are so strong and durable that even when you stuff the bag up with items, the zippers still locks easily.

Users who went sailing on a boat complimented the waterproof material they attested that their Hikpro bags are water resistant, and protected all their items from the splashing waters and waves, which would have gotten their items soaked if not for their choice of bag.

So, you don’t have to worry about when you are on a hiking trip because the waterproof fabrics have that taken care of. Take your Hikepro Ultralight Packable backpack up a volcano, or take it through a thorny thicket, tour it around town as many times as you wish, just to test the strength of the material, this backpack will still stand the test of time.

Backpacks always occupy space when they are not in use, but it is not so with the Hikpro Ultralight Packable Backpack. Its self-packing feature makes it more than just portable. When the bag first arrives, you will find it self-packed into a very small purse. The amazing thing is that the purse where it self-packs into is one of the pockets of the bag. You can easily unpack the bag from itself and see just how that small sized purse turns into a longer bag with well-crafted zippers, seams, and sewing.

The Weakness

The downside of this amazing product is that it is not suitable for long distant heavy traveling. Also, it does not have a laptop sleeve. However, you can still fit in your laptop, but you need to make sure you use a protective sleeve to shield the laptop.

A review of the amazing features of the Hikepro Ultralight Packable Backpack is not complete without talking about the very affordable price. This amazing bag can be purchased for a meager sum of $16.99. If you compare this price with other bags which are considered to be its competition, you will find out that this bag is very economical.


In conclusion, the Hikpro Ultralight Packable Backpack is the right bag for you if you are looking for a travel, school, hiking or shopping backpack which is affordable, durable, strong and can weather any storm. You can choose any color you want, pack anything you need and it will still remain its small size. It is comfortable to carry, with adjustable straps which are well padded to prevent chafe points and guarantee your comfort. Place your orders now.


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