Guide to Choose the Best Double Sleeping Bag for Camping

///Guide to Choose the Best Double Sleeping Bag for Camping

How to choose the best double sleeping bag

There are many kinds of double sleeping bag for camping. However, finding the best one can be very challenging. To help you, I have researched on over 100 sleeping bags for camping available in the market and selected the best six. I compared the price, customer reviews, features and durability and found the best. These sleeping bags can be used for backyard, campground and trips. In addition, my picks offer the best comfort you can ever experience while camping.


Best Double Sleeping Bag Reviews

The North Face

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ALPS Mountaineering

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Teton Sports

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1.The North Face Dolomite Double 20/-7 Sleeping Bag


North Face Dolomite Double 20/-7 Sleeping Bag one of the available sleeping bag for partners that helps in creating a cozy experience for you and your partner. It has a rectangular shape that can open and be used as a giant blanket for camping. In addition, North Face Dolomite Double 20/-7 Sleeping Bag has an Eco Synthetic insulation that provides warmth even when it is wet. North Face Dolomite Double 20/-7 Sleeping Bag is ideal for car camping.


  • Designed for two people.

  • Provides a temperature of twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Has a wraparound zipper.

  • Heatseeker Eco Synthetic Insulation that helps in generating heat even when the bag is wet.

  • Rectangular in shape.

  • Ideal for car camping.


  • Can be used for summer camping.

  • Flexible.

  • Comfortable.

  • Versatile.


  • Not ideal for coastal camping.

 2.ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak +20 Double Sleeping Bag


ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak +20 Sleeping Bag is ideal for a maximum of two people. Made with Nylon Ripstop Outer, the sleeping bag is able to provide a cozy and warm experience for you and your sweetheart. ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak +20 Sleeping Bag has two pockets on each side that can be used to keep personal items. The sleeping bag can also be converted into two separate single sleeping bags.


  • With the separating zippers, the sleeping bag can be used as a single sleeping bag.

  • It is made of a microfiber liner.

  • Two pockets on each side for keeping personal items.

  • Manufactured from Nylon Ripstop fabric.

  • Ideal for trip and car camping.


  • Provides plenty of warmth.

  • Can be unzipped into two separate sleeping bags.

  • Has side pockets for keeping personal items.

  • Has a quality zipper.

  • Ideal for car camping.


  • Bulky.

  • Cannot work well in summer session.

  • Inner material are not comfortable.

3.TETON Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag


TETON Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag is an ideal camping bag for couples. The sleeping bag can cover queen size bed-size. Can also provide extra room for a child.


  • Suitable for all-season camping.

  • It has a double layer fabric for durability and increased warmth.

  • Ideal for cold weather.

  • Durable full-length zippers.

  • Able to reduce drafts with its full-length zipper.


  • Extra soft.

  • Easy to maintain and clean.

  • Made from long lasting and tough fabric.

  • Provides optimum warmth.

  • Lightweight (15 pounds).

  • Has drawstrings for enhanced comfort.


  • Bulky.

  • Over-size.

  • Associated with problems of stuffing back into the suck.

4.Sleepingo Double


Are you looking for a cheap and comfortable sleeping bag for camping? Then, Sleepingo Double is the way to go. It has plenty of room for two adults. Sleepingo sleeping bag can be unzipped into two separate sleeping bags if need arises. It is made from waterproof, smooth and tough fabric for durability and comfort.


  • Made from soft and tough outer shell fabric.

  • Can be separated into two separate individual sleeping bags.

  • Super huge with great warmth.

  • Ideal for all season camping.

  • Has a pillow barn.

  • Has liner loops.


  • Soft and warmth.

  • Can be used for spring, summer and/or fall camping.

  • Can be separated into two different bags.


  • Bulky.

  • Does not provide ideal comfort for temperatures below 32 0F.

5.Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag


Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag has a 20+ 0F temperature rating. It is specifically designed for two adults with greater comfort. Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag is not only durable, but it also offers great warmth. It can be separated into two different individual sleeping hoods.


  • Waterproof outer shell fabric.

  • Lightweight (about 8 lb. when packed).

  • Ideal for back paging and camping.

  • Made from durable and comfort polyester.

  • Rated above 20+ degree Fahrenheit.


  • Cheap.

  • Can be separated into two different sleeping bags.

  • It is water resistant.

  • Ideal for winter camping.

  • Durable.

  • Provides a comfortable sleeping experience.


  • Bulky.

  • Over-size.

6.Coleman The Tandem 2 Person Rectangular 45 Degree Sleeping Bag


Coleman The Tandem 2 Person Rectangular 45 Degree Sleeping Bag is a rectangular sleeping bag with few zipper. The sleeping bag is instead designed with straps to help prevent snagging. It is also easy to store as involves folding and rolling.


  • It is designed for temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees.

  • The sleeping bag for two can be unzipped into two different sleeping bags.

  • Designed with an inner polyester liner.

  • Has no snag zipper.

  • Manufactured from Coletherm insulation technology.

  • Coleman the Tandem 2 Person Rectangular 45 Degree Sleeping Bag is stored by simply rolling and folding.

  • Provides comfort by its cuff design.


  • Can be unzipped into two separate sleeping bags.

  • Easy to store i.e. by rolling and folding.

  • Provides warmth of up to 50 degrees.

  • Ideal for all weather camping.


  • The sleeping bag has very short strings for rolling it.

Factors to consider when choosing a double sleeping bag

1.Weather season the sleeping bag will be used in

Before you purchase any sleeping bag, consider the season you want to go camping. The season is directly linked to certain weather patterns. For example, sleeping bags for summer season should be made of lightweight materials. For winter, the sleeping bag should be made with thermal synthetic materials. They should also have extra insulation outer shell fabric. For three season, the sleeping bag should some draft collars, cinchable hoods and zipper drafts.

2.Temperature rating

Temperature is an important factor that affects if a person will sleep comfortable. Temperature rating for a sleeping bag indicates the lowest temperature the sleeping bag can work well. A good sleeping bag should have a temperature rating of 20+ degree.


Sleeping bags for two are either rectangular or mummy in shape. For ultimate space and comfort, the rectangular shape is the best. Some double sleeping bags can be unzipped into two separate sleeping bags for individual use. On the other hand, a mummy sleeping bag is ideal for temperature regulation. It is named mummy because it looks like the Egyptian “mummy” in shape. They are suitable for lightweight and low temperature camping.


Fillers are the synthetic materials between the inner and outer shell fabric. These filler materials should be lightweight, provide comfort, provide desired warmth and compressible. The filler materials should also be water resistant and provide a great insulation.


a.Outer fabric should be durable. Commonly used outer fabric materials are nylons and polyesters.
b.Inner pockets are essential for storage of personal items.
c.Inner linings should be breathable. The best material for designing inner lining is cotton.
d.The hood should be able to insulate against heat loss.


The size of sleeping bags is determined by two factors. These are size of the people sleeping in it and comfortable. A very large sleeping bag loses heat more than a small sleeping bag.

Guide to Choose the Best Double Sleeping Bag for Camping

Why do you need a double sleeping bag?

  • Sleeping bags for partners provide comfort and safety to you and your couple while camping. Unlike duvets and blankets, sleeping bags for two provide a comfortable and warm camping experience.
  • Sleeping bag is able to provide a cozy and warm experience for you and your sweetheart

Usage and benefits of a double sleeping bag

Double sleeping bag for camping offers the unique benefits. They provide a comfortable experience for you and your loved ones at night during camping. They also allow couples to experience warmth from each other, both exotically and physical.

Some sleeping bags are able to accommodate children and therefore the whole family go cozy.

How to care for the double sleeping bag

As discussed in the earlier articles, sleeping bags for partners should be cozy, provide warmth and be toasty. To have the best experience sleeping in the bag, you should frequently maintain and care for it. Before you purchase any sleeping bag, consider the season you want to go camping. A poorly maintained sleeping bag is smelly, damp and moldy. If you have never thought of caring for a sleeping bag, now it is the time. Below are guides on how to effectively care and maintain a sleeping bag for two.

1.During the camping period, make sure your sleeping bag is kept dry. This helps in preventing wet or damp sleeping conditions. To keep the sleeping bag dry, ensure that you store it in a waterproof storage bag. In addition, avoid consuming beverages and drinks in the sleeping bag.

2.After waking up, ensure that you air the sleeping bag for not less than 10 minutes. This helps in removing dew and mist that might have built up in the bag.
3.Store the sleeping bag when it is clean and dry. By now, you should know that a dirty and wet sleeping bag encourages the growth of mould, hiding site for parasites and bacteria. Therefore, ensure that the sleeping bag is dry-cleaned before you store it.

4.If you plan sleeping on the ground, consider protecting the sleeping bag from the ground. It is recommended to put a pad between the bag and ground. Even though some bags are made from waterproof outer fabric, you should protect them too.

5.Use sleeping liners. Sleeping liners can be either lightweight wool, silk, polyester, and cotton that can be used as a barrier between the sleeping bag and your skin.

Buyer Testimonials

An amazon user Nyco commended that Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag as warm and light sleeping bag. She rated the sleeping bag with a five star rating on May 1, 2017. She explains that she recently used the bag with her husband. The sleeping bag kept them warm throughout the night. At first, they thought that they would be tucked into the bag because it is thinner. They were very nervous. However, Nyco and her husband had a very comfortable sleep and they lifted all the doubts they initially had. Nyco explains that you should not expect to have a temperature of 20 degrees when you on wear PJs only. While camping, you should wear heavy sleeping cloths such as sweaters, double socks, hats and warm pants. Even though the bag seemed to be smaller than other double sleeping bags, it fit them perfectly. In the morning, the couples aired the bag and it was dry and fresh. They then boxed it. Nyco concludes by saying that they are very happy with purchasing Winterable Double Mummy Sleeping Bag.

Commending on Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag, Amazon user by the name WSDM on November 29, 2014, said that the bag is biggest, softest and warmest. WSDM claims that he bought Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag in the year 2013. Together with his wife, they attended a thanksgiving celebration at his in-laws. They then decided to sleep in the tent. WSDM argues that the experience was like a FRIDGE! It was very hard to convince his wife to sleep outdoor again. She has always sleep in the house while WSDM slept in the hammock. After buying Teton Sports Mammoth, she loved it. His wife said she has never a happy night outside while camping like that. WSDM claims that Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag is soft and warm just like a “flannel PJ.” The lowest temperature in the sleeping bag was 28 degrees. WSDM happily claims that he tried to find for a cold spot in the bag but could not find any. The only problem WSDM says about Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag is its big size. However, he claims that the big size is just a small issue. He concludes that Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag is a “wife approved” and awesome sleeping bag.


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