A Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose a Sun Hat

///A Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose a Sun Hat

With soaring temperatures on the rise, the countdown to summer season has ended.  The bright summer sunshine and heat glistening upon us all is just another reminder as to how important protection from the sun is during this time of year. The advent of sun hats has made its way into the lives of many, helping to keep you safely covered from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. You may be surprised to learn that sun hats are available in a number of different styles, sizes, types, and materials. Let’s take an in-depth look at everything you need to know about choosing the right type of sun hat.

Selecting the Right Sun Hat

Picking out the right sun hat can turn out to be a daunting task for many individuals, considering the fact that numerous variants are on offer. To make life easier, we have selected for you the top 5 things you should be considering when opting to buy a sun hat.

1.Sun protection

As the name suggests, a good sun hat must provide you protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. This means you now have another option to consider when you don’t have sunscreen on hand. The great news regarding sun hats is that most of them have been tested to have an ultraviolet protection factor ranging from 30 to 50 plus. This means the majority of harmful ultraviolet radiations transmitted from the sun will be prevented from passing through your clothes and into your skin. An important thing to consider when buying a sun hat is that those hats with mesh ventilation on the edges tend to decrease your ultraviolet protection by a small amount. Other than that, sun hats come with different brims sizes on offer. Large brims will obviously provide the most protection as they cover the major areas of your skin. These are great for hanging out in the outdoors for a long period of time. Hats with smaller brims will provider lesser protection but are great for those who are active and on the go. Smaller brim hats should be accompanied with sunscreen to cover areas of the skin that are exposed to sunlight.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose a Sun Hat

2.Breathable fabric

The last thing anyone would ever want to wear on a hot summer day is a sun hat made from a non-breathable fabric. Sun hats made from fabrics that allow air to flow are a great option to beat the heat and offer you protection at the same time. Also search for sun hats with good ventilation around the edges to help you cool down those simmering heat waves.

3.Long lasting

When a consumer buys anything, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the product is durable for the long run. Sun hats are no exception. Before opting to buy a sun hat, look out for qualities that make your purchase worthwhile. Check the quality and type of material used to manufacture the hat. Sun hats made of nylon or a similar material will have greater strength when compared to sun hats made of straw material. Also keep a check on the sun hat’s color. We all are aware that lighter colors will reflect sunlight and for this reason darker colors are avoided. However, keep in mind that a color such as white is bound to get stained and dirtier quicker.

4.Size and use

Sun hats should always be measured to ensure that they are the right fit. You wouldn’t want a hat that fits too snuggly on your head as this will only lead to a headache. Hats that are too loose should also be avoided as they’re bound to be unstable and fall off. Keep your head measurements in mind when choosing the best fit. Sun hats should also be purchased with the particular use in mind. Sun hats for sports such as running should be made of breathable fabrics and ensured that they won’t fly away with the wind. Climbing on the other hand should facilitate the use of a hat with a smaller brim so that looking up doesn’t cause any hindrance to your hat’s position.

5.Design and style

As we all know, looking good also makes you feel good. Despite numerous different offerings of sun hats available, not every style and design suits everyone. Experiment and see what fits and looks best on you. Take other people’s opinions into consideration too. After all, we all strive to look our best on a daily basis.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose a Sun Hat

Usage and benefits of a Sun Hat

We all know sun hats provide some sort of protection. What benefits can be gained by the usage of a sun hat are unknown to many. The following benefits can be gained through the usage of a sun hat on a daily basis.


  • Risk of skin cancer is minimized

    Sun hats offer blockage of the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering the surface of your skin. UV radiation is responsible for the formation of melanomas and skin cancers. For this reason, sun hats when worn are a great way to minimize the risks of these melanomas and skin cancers from developing. The benefit is maximized when sun hats are used with other skin blocking cosmetics or sun screen.

  • Damaging effects to your skin are reduced

    Sun rays are greatly responsible for various damaging effects on the surface of the skin. This includes aging factors associated with wrinkles and fine lines as well as blemishes, spots and discolorations. To look good is every individual’s desire and by using simple measures such as sun hats, all these effects can be eliminated.

  • Acts as a first line of defense against a number of factors

    When you are directly exposed to sunlight, you become 10 times more prone of being affected from heat exhaustion, sun stroke, sun burns and sun related rashes. Sun hats offer direct protection from all these elements, keeping your body healthy and cool.

  • Eye protection

    When you’re exposed to direct sunlight, it’s not only the skin that has to face the damage. Ultraviolet radiations are known to affect the eyes, just as much as the skin. Research has indicated that UV rays can lead to harmful eye effects such as greater formation of ocular melanomas and cataracts. This is alarming and for this reason, every possible effort such as wearing sun hats should be taken to block these rays.

Introduction to different types of sun hats

With numerous carcinogens and hormone affecting substances present in sunscreen, it comes as no surprise that sun hats are the preferred choice when it comes to protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiations. As mentioned earlier, sun hats come in a number of different styles and designs. Each type has a particular use and benefit. Let’s go over some of the most common sun hats and what benefits they provide.


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Sunday Havana

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Sunday Afternoons

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N'Ice Caps

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Straw Sun Hat

Straw hats- these are a great source of sun protection for activities such as gardening and beach fun. This hat can come in a range of different and vibrant colors with blues, pinks and whites being favorites. They are light weight and breathable in nature, giving you protection with comfort and ease. Just make sure that the straw lining is thick enough to provide actual protection.

Baseball Cap

Baseball cap- These caps don’t provide you with the best sort of sun protection as they cover only certain areas such as the forehead, nose and scalp. In cases where you plan on watching an outdoor tennis match or baseball game, don’t forget to use sunscreen for thorough protection.

Flap Hat

Flap hat- Flap hats are a version of baseball caps with flaps on the side. These provide greater protection for the scalp, ears, nose cheeks and the neck. Certain variants have Velcro attached for folding over certain parts of the face. The slight drawback many people consider is the not so glamorous appearance of this sun hat. But hey, with some of the best sort of sun protection being offered, it’s a thumb up from us.

Bucket Hat

Bucket hat- the bucket hat is a popular option for most fishermen as it helps to reflect the rays of the sun when fishing in the deep seas. Added protection should be gained through sunscreen use for the sensitive unprotected areas

Cowboy Sun Hat 

Cowboy hat- Usually preferred by younger enthusiasts, cowboy hats are great for farming under the sun. Protection of the neck, forehead and ears is a guarantee when it’s used as a sun hat.

Flapper Sun Hat

Flapper hat- flapper hats are more of a style statement and less of a sun hat in its true essence. These hats are great for sunless evenings as they’re known to provide limited protection that is restricted to the scalp.

Wide Brimmed

Wide brimmed hats- These sun hats are some of the best ways you can get total coverage from the sun. With regular use, they are known to reduce risks of skin cancer by about 40 percent. Their wide brimmed feature is what gives added protection of sensitive areas such as the face, neck and even arms. Look out for wide brimmed hats made of SPF 30 plus material as they are some of the best in terms of protection offerings. These hats can be used for a range of outdoor activities such as hiking or simple hang outs too.

What should be considered before buying a sun hat?

The history of hats dates back to ages ago where hats used to be worn as a symbol of one’s status. As the trend of wearing hats spread globally around the world, sun hats became a popular variant during summer months. Not only was it able to provide heat and sun protection, sun hats were seen as a convenient way of leaving the house, without having every single strand of hair in place. When it comes to choosing the best sun hat, we have enlisted the following features that you should go through before choosing to buy a sun hat.

  • The crown

    The crown of a sun hat is the name given to the large portion of a hat that provides the greatest coverage and protection. For this reason, whenever a sun hat is purchased, buyers should ensure that the crown is both lightweight and made of a breathable fabric. This prevents extra weight and pressure on the scalp area, allowing you to move around freely.

  • The band

    The band is that portion of a sun hat that covers the circumference of the hat on the inner side. The band is generally attached to the lower portion of the crown. Any moisture from the wearer’s brow area is absorbed, preventing it from dripping down below onto the face. The band should be checked to ensure that it’s adjustable with a cord being attached to it. This allows the user to tighten or pull according to one’s preference.

  • The brim

    The brim of a sun hat generally protrudes around the entire head circumference. It should be checked to ensure that it is made of a material that is durable for long outdoor use. Brim measurements vary. It can be large or small, depending on the wearer’s activity. Large brimmed hats are better suited for hangouts and simple walks, whereas short brimmed hats are best for more active sports/activities.

  • Sizing of a sun hat

    Sizing of a sun hat may seem easy at first, but trust us, it’s not! Sizing measurements vary amongst the American, English and French systems. This can make hat sizing a daunting task. Look out for hats that come under the small, medium and large categories. This is a safer bet. If not available, use a tailor’s measuring tape and go around your head’s circumference, half an inch above the ears and the center of your forehead.

Different categories of sun hats

When it comes to making style statements as well as offering protection, sun hats are considered as front runners for the summer season. Sun hats, believe it or not, are available in a number of different categories. From women and men to children and even toddlers, you name it and we’ve got a list of an array of different sun hats for everyone out there. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks for summer hats this season.

Summer Hats for Women

There’s no denying the fact that all women love fashion. Sun hats are an added accessory to every woman’s summer wardrobe, being super adorable as well as offering shade and protection to your skin. The following summer hats are amongst the popular ones to make it to our top 5 sun hat lists this season.

Striped and floppy sun hats

These sun hats are super cute and trendy at the same time. Their striped design gives that stylish look and the added extra volume of the wide brim gives you the shade you desire.

Summer hats with a dash of neon

If you’re looking to add a little funk to up your style game this season, this burst of neon in the form of a sun hat is just what you need. Hot pink is the color of the season and what better way to make a style statement and beat the heat at the same time.

Fedora Bora Bora Beach sun hat

Sun hats with a western theme attached to them are the perfect way to accessorize your denim shorts and cut off jeans this summer. These hats are usually made of straw and topped off with a beaded pattern band for extra detail. If that’s the look you’re aiming for, then these sun hats will give you that laid back yet sexy feeling.

Sun hats borrowed from the boys

Sun hats with a more slouched look are great for vacationing on the beaches as they can be easily packed in your suitcase. They’re comfortable as can be and give that rough and edgy look you desire once in a while.

Feminine wide Brim foldable sun hats

For those fashionistas looking for a more feminine touch out there, this is definitely our pick for you. Topped off with a beautiful silk turquoise blue ribbon, this straw hat is tightly woven for the classic look. The best thing about this sun hat is that it can go with absolutely anything in your wardrobe. Be it maxi dresses or plain jeans, you’ll be out and about in the sun with a summer look everyone desires.

Sun Hats for Men

Men are no exception when it comes to setting the trend in the summer season. From activities like camping, fishing, hiking, sports or just hanging out on the shoreline, protection from the sun is necessary. We’ve selected our top five picks in sun hats for men to make your summer season spectacular,

Straw boater hat

For those men who prefer the classic Gatsby summer style or are an old fashioned gentlemen at heart, this hat is for you. This sun hat has the style and practicality every man needs, making it a staple this season. The material used comprises of durable Coburg straw. Size ranges begin from small to XXL.

Classic sports cap by Polo Ralph Lauren

This hat defines pure luxury. Coming in a variety of different colors, it’s a classic that you’ll never get tired of. Great for either golf course wear or simple street wear too, this hat is a must in every man’s summer wardrobe. Made of 100% pure cotton, the classic Ralph Lauren logo on the front of the cap is not to be missed.

Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Boonie

Another great addition to men’s summer style this season is this booney hat by Columbia Sportwear available at Amazon. Being a popular pick amongst celebrities, it’s a hat that’s surely not to be missed. The hat comes in either olive camo or dark grey, making it go with all of your summer clothes. Despite originally being designed for military use, this style is a hit amongst the locals too. The hat comes complete with an adjustable strap, allowing you to move around without having to worry about your hat being misplaced. This includes lounging at the pool side or jumping in crowds at concerts.

Panama Jack Mens Sun Hat

This hat is known to stay true to its roots. Made from the leaves of the toquilla palm, this hat is great for the summer season as the material is breathable. The wide brimmed feature of the hat gives you maximum protection from the sun’s rays. The hat carries the casual and relaxing feels with its small bow and red striped trim. It’s the perfect accessory for a lazy day out and about.

Patagonia P6 trucker cap

This sun hat has made our list of top summer hats for all the right reasons. Made of 100% organic cotton, what more can one desire when it comes to summer fabrics? The cap contains an adjustable strap towards the back, allowing the wearer to adjust according to his comfort levels. The crown and bill of the hat is a pure cotton canvas, giving you the chance to breathe and stay cool this season. You can fold and keep this trucker cap in your suitcase, without having to worry about it.

Both five and six paneled hats are available; however the six paneled hat will definitely hold its shape better as it’s sturdier.

Sun Hats For Kids

Kids should never be overlooked when it comes to protection from the sun. In fact, the skin of a child is more vulnerable to damage from the sun’s harmful UV radiations. Not all kids tolerate sunscreen well; many dislike the texture while others are bothered by its smell. Sun hats are breathable and more attractive for kids. For this reason, sun hats are a better option when it comes to complete protection during the summer season. Let’s view our top picks for this season’s sun hats for kids that will help keep them cool in the scorching summer sun.

Impulse Caps for kids- great option for Sunday noon

The cap features an adjustable strap that gives your child the perfect fit. The trim is reflective, providing protection for times even when the sun sets. About 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays are protected from hitting the skin. Other than that, the cap is made of a breathable fabric such as lightweight and super lean microfiber. This help to keep your child cool. Also, the cap features an inner band that absorbs sweat and moisture as well as mesh for ventilation. The cap is available in two attractive colors and one size.

Kids Play Hat- for a long day at the beach

Summer and beaches go hand in hand. Every child loves to play long hours in the sand, making sand castles. This requires great protection and our kids play hat is the perfect pick for days like these. The cap comes complete with a large brim that is made of foam. Side panels made of mesh help to aid in cooling. Foam adds weight to the cap, preventing it from flying away with the wind or allows it to float upon water when swimming. A great added feature of this sun hat is a veil for coverage of the neck from the sun. The adjustable strap helps to provide a snuggly fit, whereas a safety chinstrap is an added security feature that detaches to prevent any hazards. The hat is lightweight and easy to wear for all kids. The best part is that the sun hat repels water and is also stain resistant. Gone are the days of worrying about your child creating a mess or dropping the hat into water.

Floppy Hat- perfect way to make kids happy

Kids love bright and vibrant features and hats of this sort serve as a basis of attraction for them. Our floppy hats come in an array of adorable and bright colors. They have a large brim, providing great protection of the child’s neck and parts of the face. The great thing about this sun hat is its UPF 50. The hat holds in place by tying the chin strap, which comes attached to the large brim.

Sun Tripper Hat for Kids- perfect to take anywhere 

The sun tripper hat for kids is a glory on its own with its set of distinguishing features. The sun hat comes in a variety of 5 colors and 2 sizes. This sun hat has been given the rating of UPF 50, making it an ideal choice for the summer season. The hat contains panels made of mesh that help to allow for ventilation. Other than that, the hat possesses an internal sweatband for moisture, foldable brim for easy packing in suitcases, and an inner hidden pocket where little treasures can be stored. With these intricate features, it’s a sun hat that goes beyond the typical.

Ribbon Bucket Hat For Girls- a little fashionishta’s dream

Young girls love to dress up and making stylish decisions are just as important to them as they are to their moms. This ribbon bucket hat is just the right choice when it comes to adequate coverage from the sun with a UPF of 50 plus as well as maximum style. The perfect fit is maintained with an adjustable elastic string and the inner lining possesses a sweat band for absorbing moisture and keeping your little diva cool all summer long.

Sun Hats For Babies

Be it a baby boy or baby girl, you need to shop around and look for sun hats that will protect you r little toddler or infant from the sun’s harmful rays. Sun hats for this age range are available in the cutest of designs and styles, perfect to make your little one stand out this summer season. Let’s take a look at our top picks for sun hats for baby.

Cotton Twill Helmet Bonnet for baby boys by N’Ice Caps

This cute little sun hat comes in a camouflage print and is made of 100% cotton. This makes it a lightweight and soft in texture, keeping your baby boy cool all summer long. The hat is designed in a way to provide maximum protection from the sun by covering your baby’s ears and head. The hat is customized with easy tie strings that allow you to adjust according to your baby’s head size. The hat has a rounded back, is simple to wash and wear too. This sun cap is currently available in 4 different sizes: extra small, small, medium and large. This covers the ages of baby boys who range from 1to 18 months.

Lean in Little Baby Lion Outdoor Sun Hat

You’ll fall in love with every baby wearing this sun hat, which we assure you. The design is incredibly cute, depicted a baby lion with ears and face. The hat has a wide brim for complete sun protection as well as a chin strap and drawstring for adjustability in size and great fit. The hat is made of a breathable fabric and has a UPF of 50 plus. This hat is suitable for kids in age range of 1 to 3 years as the hat’s circumference consists of about 20 inches. To prevent rashes on the skin, the fabric used is pure lightweight breathable cotton. The hat is a great option for activities in the water or simple outdoor fun as it’s the most comfortable thing to wear.

Unisex Baby Play Sun Hat 

This hat is coming from a great imported brand called Sunday Afternoons. The hat is made of a durable material, making it a long lasting investment for your baby. Unlike the majority of baby sun hats available in the market, this sun hat has a unique feature. This feature is protection of the baby’s neck through a neck veil. Having being certified as UPF 50 plus, parents can be sure that this hat will provide your baby all the protection from the sun it needs. The material used is 100% nylon, while the mesh of the hat is made of polyester comprising of 100% too. The best feature about this hat is the fact that will not take up stains and is water resistant. Being light in weight makes this sun hat stroller friendly too. The hat fits baby boys and girls having a head diameter of 19.5 to 21.5, which covers the age ranges of 6 to 24 months.

Flap Happy Girls’ Original Sun Hat with UPF 50+

This adorable hat has been certified with UPF 50+, guaranteeing sun protection to your baby. Other sun protective features include a wide brim to cover your baby’s face, as well as a flap that goes around shielding the baby’s ears and neck. This sun hat is made of a fabric being light and weight and keeping your toddler cool all day. The sun hat is made to fit snugly around the head due to elastic band. The great thing about this sun hat is its ease and comfort of use as well as the fact that it comes in a variety of different prints and attractive bright colors. The hat is available in an array of different sizes too. This includes small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large. This means your toddler can stick to wearing the same brand of sun hats from the ages of 0-3 months, up to 3 years and above.

Unisex Solid Wide Brim Sun Protection Boonie Hat by YX

This baby sun hat belongs in our list as a sure buy this summer season. It is light in weight, made of a breathable fabric and has been certified as UPF 50+. The protective fabric is great for toddlers with sensitive skin and sensitive eyes, especially useful when enjoying outdoor activities. Imported 100% cotton fabric has been utilized, giving your baby the comfort he or she desires. This sun hat has a wider brim for greater protection, compared to other sun hats that fall under the same category. The hat is available in small and medium sizes, which range to about 6cm and 8cm.

What fabric types should be chosen and how to care for sun hats?

The following categories of fabrics for sun hats should be chosen to avail the best protection and cooling effects this summer season:

  • Pure cotton- this material is the most popular and recommended fabric when it comes to summer hats. It’s closely woven, light weight and allows air to penetrate for those super-hot sunny days. This fabric is great at retaining its shape which means you can pack and crush it without having any worries.

  • Natural Fiber- This material consists of a combination of two different materials that make up natural fiber. The composition consists of 50% paper braid and 50% polyester. These two fabrics are present in several different layers, sewn together in absolute perfection. To care for this fabric, it’s recommended to spot wash only.

  • Microfibre- The best thing about this fabric is the fact that it’s water repellant. Great for outdoors where moisture and sweat affects us all. It comprises of 100% polyester and is lightweight in nature. An added plus point is the fact that it quickly dries up.

  • Polyester Ribbon Braid– This fabric comprises of 100% ribbon of polyester. These ribbons are sewn together in several layers. A great feature of this fabric is the fact that it’s also lightweight in nature, allowing you to wear with ease. The material is great for travelling as it’s easily packable and crushable.

  • Raffia- Raffia is the name given to a natural fabric. It is made from fibre taken from palm leaf, usually of the island of Madagascar. The material is given special importance as its hand woven. For this reason, you must spot wash this material only to retain its goodness.

  • Polyester Machine Knitted– Great fabric for summer hats owing to the fact that it’s breathable for those scorching hot summer days. This material gives us the look of straw. It comprises of polyester in either knit or braid form.

  • Toweling cotton lining– The composition of this fabric comprises of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. It’s not as popular as the other fabrics when it comes to sun hats, but none the less gives you that towel like appearance and texture.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose a Sun Hat

Taking Care of your Sun Hat

The following method is a great routine for cleaning and cares for your sun hats. After all, when you’ve made an investment in a product, you should know the basic care and maintenance for it.

Cleaning- Every sun hat comes complete with a tag on the inner side of the hat that states clearly how the hat should be cleaned or washed. Every sun hat differs in material composition therefore the instructions stated by the manufacturer should be taken into great consideration.

  • Most sun hats are safer to be hand washed as compared to machine wash.

  • Cold water is always preferred and a mild soap in liquid form is recommended.

  • Bleach should never be used as this can deteriorate the fabric.

  • Dry clean should be avoided unless mentioned

  • In order to remove wrinkles or creases after wash, gentle steam is the method of choice

Packing- All sun hats are recommended to be packed in a certain way for long term use.

  • The crown of the hat should always be pushed in a downward and straight manner. This is done to flatten out the hat.

  • The hat can then be laid flat in your travel bag or suitcase. This avoids any unnecessary folds or creases from appearing.

  • Certain hats are made of fabrics that can be crushed and stuffed in your bag without any worries. Examples include polyester ribbon braid and pure cotton.

With all the information being discussed above, it comes as no surprise that sun hats are an important product that should be incorporated into all of our lives on a daily basis. The alarming facts and figures that arise from continuous exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays is something we all should be mindful of, taking appropriate measures for adequate protection. Sun hats are a great step in this direction, providing men, women, children and babies with complete coverage.

Due to the numerous styles and designs available in the market today, sun hats have become a fashion accessory for many during the summer time. From wide brims and stripes to narrow brims and straw, you can choose your pick based on your preference. This way, many individuals can incorporate their personal style with sun protection, without having to worry about spending long hours outdoors during this summer season.


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