Bell&Howell Taclight Lantern Reviews – Tested&Reviewed

///Bell&Howell Taclight Lantern Reviews – Tested&Reviewed

Taclight lantern is a compact sized gadget that can become pretty handy in the absence of the regular light sources. As per the manufacturer and various taclight lantern reviews on the internet, these gadgets are made to last longer than the conventional type lanterns. These taclight lantern reviews also highlight the compactness of this product. In this taclight lantern review, however, we try to dig deep into more information about this interesting product and give you a more realistic idea about it.

What We Like & What We Don’t Like

As the first part of our taclight lantern review, we intend to emphasize what we really liked and didn’t like about the product. You may consider this segment as a basic guideline in deciding if it can address your requirement. Just like any other product in the market, taclight lantern too has unique plusses and negatives; we emphasize all these characteristics in this segment of the tac light lantern review as we experienced. In fact, taking a good look at a realistic user experience is a very effective way of getting to know a product. Here’s what we like and don’t like as we experienced.

Bell&Howell Taclight Lantern Reviews – Tested&Reviewed

What we like

  • Weighs less than one pound
    We appreciate the lightweight characteristics of this device. Just like the emphasizes, it comes with a weight of 0.75 pounds including the batteries.

  • Water resistance
    Another vital and admirable feature we want to emphasize in this tac light lantern review is water resistance; we found that this lantern is perfect for wet weather conditions. Truth to be told, it works even when it is submerged in the water.

  • Heat resistance
    Just like the water resistant characteristics, claims that this product features excellent heat resistant characteristics. Although you don’t often want to put your lantern on a campfire and see if it still works, we are confident to say that this lantern works even when it is exposed to higher temperatures. However, the plastic body of the lantern, as you expect, doesn’t last long when exposed to fire.

  • Portability
    The next plus factor we highlight in this tac lantern review is its portability. Tac lantern as seen on TV can be collapsed into a pretty smaller size; in www.taclightlantern, they say that the lantern is smaller than a regular smartphone. However, to be more realistic, the lantern is slightly ‘shorter’ than a smartphone when collapsed.

  • Visible up to two nautical miles
    This tactical lantern, just like they emphasize in www.taclightlantern, is visible up to two nautical miles in normal weather conditions. We liked this handy feature in our tac lantern review as it may become helpful when someone need to spot your position in the event of an emergency.

What we don’t like

  • Full brightness lasts for about 3 hours
    Tac lantern as seen on TV and advertised on, can provide it’s optimal brightness (peak brightness) for about 3 hours. However, a taclantern can provide you enough brightness for about 120 hours in total until the batteries run out. The average brightness of a taclantern is good enough to do illuminate a large tent for about 120 hours though.

  • Plastic body
    Although the trac light lantern looks to be made out of steel or something like that, its body is made out of plastic. Therefore, you cannot expect an impressive sturdiness or strength from a trac light lantern unless you handle it with care.

Design and Features

When it comes to the design and features of the taclight lantern, there is plenty to talk. One of the most notable features we would like to highlight in our tachlight lantern reviews is its brightness. Although the manufacturers have not provided any specific information about tac light lantern lumens, we can clearly see that it provides good enough brightness to illuminate a large room. In fact, the amount of tac light lantern lumens were not mentioned even in the product description page ( What we can clearly say in our tachlight lantern reviews, however, is that a taclight lantern is notably brighter than ordinary lanterns in the market. More importantly, the light emitted by this specific taclight lantern can be seen from a very long distance; it becomes handy particularly if you want someone else to find you in the dark.

Another encouraging fact for those who intend to buy tac lantern is its compact design. In fact, a tech light lantern is made with a collapsible design. When folded, a tac light lantern appears to be smaller (in height) than a regular smartphone. However, when unfolded, it features a larger size. It is true that it weighs less than one pound and yet, you cannot put it on your pocket (because of the diameter). It fits perfectly, however, on your backpack!

Tac light lantern deluxe is made to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and heat. Just like they have mentioned in taclightlantern.con, this product can even be submerged in the water. On the other hand, the LED of the tech light lantern can provide illumination even after the outer body is melted down (as we tested). We therefore suggest you to keep the lanterns away from direct fire despite the claims appear in taclightlantern.con and Amazon product descriptions.

Those who buy tac lantern will be happy with the lifespan of the product; it lasts pretty long if used with care. Moreover, if you buy tac lantern deluxe version, you will be able to stick it on an appropriate surface because of the integrated magnet at the bottom side.

Tac light lantern battery life is pretty impressive. As per the test we carried out, a pair of AA batteries can last up to 120 hours in the constant operation. However, the optimal brightness may last only for about 2-3 hours. The overall tac light lantern battery life is pretty good as per our review, we must say.

How we tested

We needed to experience the quality and the functionality of the taclight lantern by ourselves without relying on the comments of the others. So, we bought a couple of products from different sources such as Amazon and Walmart. All the products we purchased had the same quality (at the first glance) and we were satisfied with the packing and delivery (though amazon). Then, we took the trouble of testing them under different conditions and see if the claims made by the manufacturer are realistic. If you intend to purchase one of these lanterns in future, you may read the following experiences and get an initial idea about the product.

  • Visibility
    We really wanted to check if this taclight lantern can be seen from distance as they claim. We, in fact, tested the visibility of this device on a plain during a dark night. The distance between us and the lantern was about 1.5 miles. We are glad that we were able to see the light pretty clearly even from that distance. So, we have enough evidence to presume that ‘visible from two nautical miles’ is a realistic claim. What we need to emphasize though, that the visibility of the light can vary depending on several factors. For instance, if there is thick fog around the lantern and you try do see it from distance, the visual can be pretty blurred. Also, if there is strong moonlight, the illumination can blend with it making it difficult for you to spot it. However, in a dark night with clear atmosphere, you can notice the light from a reasonable distance (at least from 1.5 miles as we tested).

  • Durability
    Although we didn’t test this lantern for a long period, we are pretty impressed with the construction. The plastics they have used is pretty strong as far as you use it with good care. Heavy impacts may reduce the overall lifespan of the product. The LED lights, as they say, last for hundred thousand hours at the least; what we can say for sure, however, is that the LEDs can last pretty long. In general, LEDs last longer than other light varieties and since the taclight is powered by LEDs, we have enough reasons to believe the long lifespan of the light. The outer cover, however, is made by plastic though it looks like metallic. All the color variations of this lantern come with the same material inside; plastic. So, realistically, plastic may not last longer than metal unless you use it with extreme care.

  • Does it work under extreme temperatures?
    We tested our product during a hot summer and it worked perfectly. Making things slightly extreme, we kept it closer to a campfire for about 02 hours and nothing happened to the tac light lantern Walmart we tested. However, as a wise consumer, you must know how to place the lantern in the most appropriate way (we strongly suggest you to keep them away from fire if you expect the best out of the product).

  • Does it work underwater?
    We can confidently say that tac light lantern walmart works nicely even when it is submerged in the water. We placed (submerged) the lantern on a wash basin and found out that it was illuminating with no issues at all. Therefore, using it under a rainy weather condition will not be an issue at all. In fact, rain is the most common unexpected weather condition you may experience during an outdoor camping. Since this lantern is made to be perfectly resistant to water, you can use consider it as an ideal camping tool.

  • Does it work when on fire?
    We purchased a tac light lantern amazon to test with fire. In fact, we just threw it on a campfire (outside) with necessary precautions. Within 30 seconds or so, the outer cover distorted and almost melted completely. We took it out to and found out that the LEDs were still working. The light was covered with the distorted plastic and stains. At the end of the test, we had to throw away the tac light lantern amazon we purchased. What we suggest is to keep the lantern away from fire if you expect the best results. After all, putting it on fire is not the purpose of purchasing a lantern!

  • Battery life
    As they mentioned in taclight, the battery life is impressive. We placed a new pair of AA batteries in the taclight lantern amazon we purchased (before we tested it with fire of course!) and kept it switched on. During the first 2 ½ hours, we were able to detect an exceptionally bright light. The light gradually became normal and we kept it in a closed room and monitored manually. It took 4 ½ days (more than 105 hours) until we see a turned down (very dim) light in the taclight lantern amazon. We are really happy about the battery life, in simplest terms.

Conclusion – Should I Buy the Taclight Lantern?

Simply put, YES! This product can be a real lifesaver particularly if you are an outdoor enthusiast. A taclight lantern can keep a large camping tent illuminated for several nights with a pair of AA batteries. Wireless operation, portability, lightweight, water resistance and long distance visibility are key factors that might encourage you to purchase this product. In addition to that, this lantern can be of great use in case of an emergency in the absence of regular light sources. Since the deluxe version comes with a magnetized base, you can fix even upside down when necessary. So, taclight lantern is a wise choice!

Where to buy?

You have several options to consider when purchasing taclight lantern; taclight lantern amazon, taclight lantern Walmart or taclight Our favorite way of purchasing, like with many other products, is Amazon. However, we have tested all those ways and found the same product quality. At the bottom-line we must emphasize that what you spend on this taclight lantern is a good investment.


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