Baby Sun Hats: Choosing the Best Sun Hats for Baby

///Baby Sun Hats: Choosing the Best Sun Hats for Baby
Baby Sun Hats Choosing the Best Sun Hats for Baby

Baby clothing and accessories are perhaps the most adorable things known to mankind. Having to pick out a miniature sized version of everything is not only fun but also ridiculously cute. It is a universally acknowledged fact that parents love to dress up their babies in fashionable ensembles. These generally comprise of baby sunglasses, baby sun hats, sneakers, cute accessories such as headbands, etc. Baby hats, however, happen to contribute to more than just Instagram likes. Baby hats, whilst being fashionable, are also essential protective accessories. Summer is here and the sun is shining bright with all its glory. Babies require protection from the harmful rays of the sun just like everyone else. This is where a baby sun hat comes to the rescue.

Why wear a baby sun hat?

After completing nine months in utero, the delicate body of a baby requires a certain amount of time to adjust to harsh environmental temperatures. After leaving a relatively warmer environment, their internal body temperature takes time to normalize to the much cooler environment.

A baby sun hat is a great way to protect and conserve the baby’s energy so that it may be utilized for other more crucial things such as growth and development.

In addition to temperature adjustment, another reason why a baby sun hat is important is because babies are extremely sensitive. Their skin and eyes in particular, need to be protected from even the mildest sun exposure thus; adequate shielding is an absolute necessity.

According to recent studies, the sunburns attained at such a tender age are said to contribute to skin cancer. Sunscreen is not a solution to the problem as children less than six months of age should not be exposed to the damaging effects of sunscreen either.

Just as a child’s skin is sensitive to extreme heat exposure, it is also sensitive to the other end of the spectrum i.e. extreme cold. A baby can easily get cold. A hat during these cooler months can really help retain some of that body heat because babies do not have hair to aid in any het retention. They are also comfortable and not to forget, very cute to look at.

How to choose the right baby sun hat?

Choosing the right baby sun hat is not as tedious as one many think. You just have to know what you are looking for. Ask yourself the important questions.

1)Will it be windy? If yes, opt for something with not a very wide brim. A wide brim baby sun hat in the wind is not a good idea unless you plan on chasing it. If you are however, opting for one because you wish to have more sun protection then, it is prudent to choose one with a chin strap. Not only will a chin strap secure the hat in its respective place in the wind but it will also lock it in place when you are bending or looking down for example. Babies tend to move around in the arms of many people. A chin strap will keep the hat in place as they are carried and switches from person to person.

2)Will there be excessive heat generation? Hot and humid climates automatically mean greater heat generation. Babies have delicate bodies that absorb as well as radiate heat more than an adult’s therefore, careful monitoring is essential. It is wise to opt for something that offers complete head aeration or is made with fabric that dries faster and leaves a cooling effect upon evaporation. A sun visor is also a good option.

3)How much sun protection are you looking for? Your sun protection needs can be assessed by your location’s sun exposure levels. If you are located in a city where the sun shines high and bright for most of the year, a maximum protection hat is the one for you. If, however, your city experiences more cloudy days as opposed to sunny, a moderate to good sun protection hat is a good option for you baby. A maximum sun protection hat normally garners a UPF rating of 50 and a hat rim that is around 4 inches or more. A plus point to take into consideration is the angulation of the hat’s brim. A downward sloping brim offers more protection throughout the day. A good protection baby sun hat on the other hand, possesses a brim that extends less than 4 inches and is less angulated. The wider the brim, the greater the amount of sun protection it offers.

4)How important is fashion to you? Playing dress up with a baby is perhaps one of the most fun things to do. Some happen to place preference over fashion more than others. Some wide brim hats in the market are particularly dramatic and eye-catching. If, however, you place practicality above all else then simply purchase the one you feel is right to compensate to your demands.

5)How do you know if it is the right size? A bigger hat is better than a smaller one. A smaller baby sun hat can be very uncomfortable for the baby and he or she will repeatedly try to take it off or get irritated and cry a river. Always measure your baby’s head to know the exact size.

Once you have your questions answered, the task of picking out the ideal baby sun hat is 100 times easier.

What are the different types and styles of baby sun hats?

Everyday new designs are introduced in the market so there is basically an entire range of baby sun hats available. Broadly speaking however, they fall into two main categories: special occasion wear and every day wear.

Everyday baby sun hats

These are designed to be worn all year round, indoors as well as outdoors. Aimed primarily at controlling harsh temperatures, these are particularly important for newborn babies. The newborn and premature baby caps are generally designed as little beanie style caps. Babies tend to lose a lot of heat through the head owing to the large size of their heads in comparison to their bodies. A cap or a hat can easily help reduce the amount of relative heat lost and to instead enable the child to utilize that energy sto stay warm. The seasonal hats are those that not only help keep the baby warm but also shield their faces from harmful sun rays that may cause damage. Cold weather specific hats focus primarily on retaining warmth and are made with flannel or fleece. In warm and sunny weather, the main aim is to keep the sun off the baby’s head. Warm weather hats therefore, generally feature a brim. Special ones also now feature SPF. Some types of baby hats include bonnets. Bucket hats, berets, cloches, fishing hates, baseball caps, etc.

Special occasion baby hats

These are more fashionable than practical and are mainly designed for holidays and other special events. Halloween and Christmas hats as well as Easter bonnets are particularly popular. Shaped in funny and cute designs, these hats are adorable and can tie together basically any look. Other hats include sailor hats, berets, newsboy style hats, bonnets, etc.

Top 25 Baby Sun Hats

Let’s go through some of the best baby sun hats in the market.

N'Ice Caps

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Born to Love

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Sunday Afternoons

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1)N’Ice Baby Boy Helmet Bonnet

Manufactured with 100% cotton, this soft bonnet is reversible, really handy to wash and wear, and has adjustable ties. These will cover your baby’s head and ears, keep him protected from the sun, and help him stay cool. Available in multiple sizes from 1 month to 8 months.


2)Baby Trucker Hat Sun Mesh Baseball Cap

Apart from being adorable, this hat is designed to offer adequate sun ray shielding. Thick and durable, this hat comes with a 100% money back guarantee and 3 different sizes: small (12-24 months), standard (2-5 years old), and large (6 years and above).

3)New Unisex Baby Bear Solid Flap Lean In Spring Sun Protection

Made with 100% cotton, this UPF50+ hat is perfect for babies aged 9-24 months. Sturdy yet lightweight, this design’s size can be changed with the help of a drawstring for the best comfort. Offering maximum sun protection, this baby sun hat is perfect to reduce sun exposure during outdoor activities.

4)Lean In Little Lion Baby Sun Hat

Offering amazing sun protection with its UPF50+ protections and wide brim features. This breathable cotton hat is cute, charming, and excellent for sun protection. The soft fabric avoids the occurrence of any rashes and can also be accustomed by using a drawstring making it a very comfy wearable.

5)Baby Unisex Sunday Afternoons Play Hat

Unlike other hats, this design features a neck veil to shelter the baby’s neck in addition to offering UPF50+. Made of premium quality 100% nylon, this hat’s netting is composed of 100% polyester and is water resistant and stain repellant as well. Available for children aged 6-24 months, this hat also happens to be lightweight and stroller friendly.

6)Wallaroo Children’s Sun Hat

Super cute and high efficacy, this hat is designed to offer the utmost comfort and sun-guard from the harmful sun rays with its UPF50+. The premium quality cotton fabric prevents any rashes and is easy to pack for traveling. Featuring a Velcro chin strip that ensures the right and secure fit, this design is just as adorable as it is practical.

7)Wallaroo Kid’s Embroidered Sun Hat – UPF 50+ – Crushable

This classic plaid blue design is UPF50+ certified thereby ensuring maximum sun protection. Not only that, the premium quality cotton fabric prevents any rash occurrences and it features a Velcro chin leash so that the hat is secured in its place all day.

8)Platypus Toddlers Wallaroo Cotton Sun Hat –UPF 50+

This adorable hat features a floral and indigo polka dots design that is travel friendly as fits right into the diaper bag because of its flat packing feature. The chin strip ensures that the hat gets a good grip along with a wide brim for maximum sun protection.

9)Swimlids Children and Grownups UPF 50+ Beach bucket hat

UPF50+ certified, this hat is ideal for parents and children who love the good old outdoors with lively routines whilst looking fashionable and chic. Not only will this hat provide sun protection but is guaranteed to stay in place through all kinds of activities such as boating, cycling, etc.

10)Flap Happy Girls’ UPF 50+ Innovative Flap Hat

A UPF50+ certification, wide brimmed, as well as a flap for adequately protecting the ears as well as the neck, this hat promises the best sun ray protection. Made with lightweight fabric, this comfortable number comes with an elastic band that ensures the perfect fit. Available in many fun colors, prints, and sizes for 0 to 3 years kids.

11)Flap Happy Girls’ UPF 50+ Sun Hat

The all-round brim on this design is large enough to shield your child’s skin on the face, neck, as well as the ears. Prefect for outdoors, this hat is manufactured with 80-20 ratio of fine quality polyester and cotton. Do not worry about the hat flying away in case of any wind because this design features two ties that will allow it to remain secured in place.

12)Lukeeno Organic Cotton Baby Sun Hat –Unisex wider brim

Made with high-quality soft cotton, this premium quality hat is designed especially to safeguard your baby’s delicate eyes and skin from the damaging rays of the sun. An additional feature is a modifiable chin strap that ensures a comfortable fit, and a crown strap, that will allow you to adjust the size of the hat when your baby grows older.

13)Platypus Toddlers Sun Hat by Wallaroo

This blue starfish colored number comes with a UPF50+ certification enabling it to prevent the maximum ratio of the damaging UV rays. There is a specifically designed wide brim efficiently covers neck and back that give additional protection when outdoors. Promising high quality, good value for money as well as cute designing, this is a favorite amongst many.

14) Baby Boys’ Flap Sun Hat by iPlay

This hat comes with extra coverage for neck protection that is an innovative design in baby hats. Made with fast drying 100% polyester fabric, it is lighter in weight, easy to carry, and perfect for maximum sun protection.

15)Skinz Baby Girls Reversible Sun Hat

This cute bubblegum colored piece is reversible and UPF50+ certified. Not only is it great for sun protection but also ridiculously cute owing to the ruffles in its design. The adjustable ties ensure a perfect fit as well as secure placement. The ridge is also weighted with frills so that it is unaffected by the efforts of any wind whilst completely covering the toddler’s head, ears, and neck.

16)Flap Happy Baby Girls’ Flap Sun Hat

This hat comes with a UPF50+ certification that ensures amazing sun protection and is manufactured with a quick drying fabric guarantees a cooling effect on evaporation. Available in 5 different sizes that are feasible for 0-3 years old.

17)Simpli Kid’s Wide Brim Baby Sun Hat

This travel friendly hat is easy to pack in addition to being adjustable owing to the drawstrings it comes with. Its UPF50+ certification and wide brim ensure the best defense against harmful sun rays.

18)Toubaby Kid Boy’s Dinosaur Sun Hats

Sturdy, yet ridiculously adorable, this hat will charm everyone that lays eyes on your little angel. Made with high quality soft 100% cotton, this will perfectly fits your baby’s hat.

19)Home Prefer Kids Cute Stars Sun Visors

Well-fitting and adjustable owing to its Velcro strip positioned at the rear, this hat harbors room for growth allowing you to use this up to a year. Soft, comfortable, suitable for all-year round wear, and extremely lovable, this will not only protect your child from the dun but also ensure compliments from everyone that lays eyes on them.

20)YX Baby Unisex Wide Brim Boonie Sun Hat

Lightweight, comfortable, and made with high quality fabric, this is perfect for babies’ sensitive skin and eyes. Manufactured with premium quality cotton, this hat has a wide brim and comes in small and medium sizes.

21)Dozer Baby Check Bucket Sun Hat

Available in an assortment of bright and vivid colors, this hat will ensure your baby attracts all eyes on them. Made with breathable quick drying material, this hat feature tie strings, a UPF50+ certification, and a large brim that ensure sun protection.

22)GZMM Baby Girls Reversible Wide Brim Sun Hat

Reversible, secure, and adjustable, you can use this hat for children aged 1-3 years whilst ensuring maximum sun protection.

23)N’Ice Caps Baby Girls Reversible Sun Bonnet

This cute bonnet comes in a variety of floral prints and 4 baby sizes. The high quality cotton fabric, reversible design, and CPFIA standards quality help the infant to stay protected from harsh sunrays without getting sweaty.

24)Baby Aussie Sharks printed Baby Sun Hat

This hat comes with UPF50+ sun protection certification and is made with pure polyester. This is perfect for outdoor strolls and long drives.

25) Toubaby Baby Girl Bucket Sun Hat

Embellished with cute flowers, this adorable and classic design features a ruffle around its edges and it manufactures using pure soft cotton. This sunhat is provided with a wind belt that helps the hat stay secure in its place.

Baby Sun Hats Choosing the Best Sun Hats for Baby

What to consider before buying a baby sun hat?

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before you splurge your money on the next cute buy.


Hats labeled one size are normally stretchy. It is wise to know your child’s weight before taking head measurement. Following is a comprehensive listing that explains different hat sizes:

  • extra small for 1 to 2 months

  • small for 3 to 6 months

  • medium for 6 to 12 months

  • large for 12 to 18 months


Organic hats are manufactured using suing pesticide free natural fiber. Cotton is the ideal fabric for children after which a good option is wool. Regardless of the fabric, always check for any tags, seams, threads, or rough patches on the inside as they may irritate your baby’s scalp.


There is no rule that prohibits a baby girl from wearing a hat meant for a baby boy and vice versa. Generally, the color selection for each gender is quite obvious however; the progressive approach shatters all such misconceptions and restrictions.

A baby sun hat is a rather essential component of your baby’s ensemble. Not only will it ensure safety, warmth, and comfort but it will also add give your baby a little added dose of cuteness. Every baby should be protected in the extreme of weather. Although sizes are normally assessed by the age as well as the weight of the baby, it is prudent to get a measurement done for good measure. Babies possess delicate and fragile skin that is sensitive to harsh environments. It is best to opt for natural fibers and soft hypoallergenic materials that pose no threat when it comes to any kind of discomfort or scratchiness. Make sure that keep your baby well within your eyes’ reach. Look out for any signs of contact dermatitis, overheating, or general discomfort.

Give your baby’s wardrobe a fashionable upgrade whilst ensuring the best sun protection. Get your hands on these amazing designs now.


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