10 Must Have Travel Gears for a Big Trip

//10 Must Have Travel Gears for a Big Trip

Planning to go on a vacation? Sounds like a brilliant idea! Traveling is an activity which allows you to break free from the same monotonous life. We find that going for longer trips could be healthy for your heart, body, and mind. We can’t say much about the body as the holiday season is the time when you can forget your diet behind and live life king size!

Since you are planning for a grand trip, you must know that going on a longer trip would be much more fun! However, you would need some extra planning for that. When you are off for a big trip, you must carry the important gears with you.

Yes, we are talking about the most important yet basic travel gears which you must carry with you. Without these gears, your trip will be incomplete and inconvenient.

Here is a post which talks about the 10 must have travel gears for a big trip. Before packing your bags, you must check out this list so that you do not miss out on anything! Usually we forget something extremely important, and once we reach the destination, we curse God for forgetting!


This post is just a gentle reminder for you that you must pack your bags accordingly!

List of 10 Must Have Travel Gears for a Big Trip


  1. The Luggage/Backpack

You can’t be travelling without a luggage or a backpack. Do note that you require the best waterproof backpacks for an adventure trip. If your trip is going to be adventurous, then you must invest in a backpack as that would be easier to carry. You could be in a jungle for a long time or you might be on the go. The backpack is practical here!

Having a waterproof backpack is a necessity for adventure trips. You never know that it might start raining or you might just fall in the river. After all, you are the adventurer and anything can happen!

If you are going to the city and have a hotel room booked, you can carry a luggage or a briefcase. Since you have a confirmed hotel booking, you do not need to worry about carrying the briefcase along with you.

  1. Earplugs

We forget the importance of good sleep! In case, you are travelling economy and the kids around you can’t get enough of screaming then you can use your ear plugs for a good snooze.

Make sure you are investing in a good earplug which can cancel out the noise around you.

  1. Travel Towel

If you are going to a luxurious hotel, you do not need to worry about fresh towels. However, you must be prepared for the worse. A quick dry travel towel is a necessity. You can carry it with you for camping, hiking, biking, and other activities. Even though your hotel provides you fresh and fragrant towels, it would be wise to carry your own for emergency purpose. These do stay wet for long!

  1. A Reusable Water Bottle


You are probably thinking that we are out of our mind because bottled water is available everywhere. In case, you are camping or going for a road trip, it would be wise to carry your own bottle of water. You can fill it up whenever you can – as long as there are gas stations available on the road. A kind lady might just fill it up with cold water just for you!

Additionally, buying too many bottles of water means you would throw it in the jungle. You don’t want to destroy nature, isn’t it?

  1. A Headlamp

We are preparing you for the adventure, my friend! Accidents happen and life is an adventure. There would be times that your car would get knocked down in the middle of the road. When you are out for a biking or camping trip, you must have a headlamp with you to fight darkness.

Your phone may lose out on charge and you may not have the option of using the flash light feature. It is best to carry a headlamp. This is also meant for your safety!

  1. External Battery

Do note that some international hotels do not support the charger pin that you have! What to do? You can carry a wireless charger with you. Plus, you would not find a charging point in the jungle. How would you get the lost battery in your phone? Just carry an external battery with you.

What if your phone runs out of charge and you are not able to locate your Airbnb property? Think about it! You would need an emergency charger, and not look for a charging point!

Emergencies do not knock the door, and so, you must keep an external battery with you at all times!

  1. Raincoat

It’s raining men! Well, the weather could be harsh or gracious. If it starts snowing or raining, you have to be prepared. Whether you are in a jungle or New York City, you must carry your raincoat along. Nobody is going to be kind enough to give you their umbrella or raincoat.

If you are thinking that you would buy a raincoat or umbrella, you must know that a camp site does not have a shopping mall. In case, you are in the city, you should watch out for all the expenses. What would you tell your friends? ‘’Oh! I bought a raincoat from New York City!’’

  1. Good pair of socks

Socks are a basic necessity. You must invest in a good pair of socks which is odour-free and sweat-resistant. If you are going to participate in a lot of sports activities, you must carry hygienic and comfortable socks with you.

No matter what the weather condition is, your socks would be your companion! They will protect your feet and not give out a foul smell.

  1. The Swiss Army Knife

No, we are not giving you ideas to kill somebody. However, you need to be safe and ready for emergencies. The Swiss Army Knife comes handy! You might need it to chop fish that you caught from the sea. You could need it for cutting ropes or pieces of wood for fire.

In fact, it can help you with uncorking the wine bottles too! It is a helpful tool which you must carry.

  1. Comfortable shoes

Wherever you go, carrying comfortable shoes is a must! You must carry comfortable shoes with you for hiking, biking or regular walks. Since you are a traveller, you have to be comfortable in what you wear. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can give you blisters and cuts.

Do not wear shoes which are too loose or tight. Invest in high-quality canvas or sports shoes.

Takeaway Advice for the Keen Travellers

We hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as we enjoyed writing it for you! You must share it with everyone, who might require this list for a big trip. Do note that your trip is incomplete without this list. We know that you will not forget packing your clothing and phone.

Do carry everything that is mentioned in this list. This way you would be prepared for the emergency situations!

Happy holidaying!


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