How To Choose The Right Razor

Irrespective of the experience you have in the art of shaving, you might still on occasions run into trouble while using your shaving razor. The good news is, you get to choose from an endless list of shaving razors, just like my uncle use to say ‘’ no matter how tough your hair or how delicate your skin is, there are razors that fit in perfectly into your shaving life’.Now here is the question, how do I choose from this endless list? That might be a daunting task because you wouldn’t want to use a razor that will give you bumps all over your shaving area.

From the research carried out by one of the top rated razor brands in the world (BIC), it is pertinent for you to know that all razor blades produced comes with its own uniqueness, every razor produced has specific features that distinguishes it from the rest, bare this in mind before making that decision on the type of shaver you’ll love to go for. So now, how do you choose the right razor for your shaving? Depending on the nature of your skin and hair, that shaving razor that works perfectly for me might leave irritation on your skin when you use it, you just have to understand the fact that, your shaving needs is quite different from that of others. While some guys will prefer to go for a disposable shaving razor, in which they use a new razor every time the need to shave arise, some prefer to go for a razor that can be used several times before disposal.

For me, I personally prefer to use the electrics shaving razor, because it saves me from the cuts and nicks incurred while handling the traditional shaving razor blade. If you are new in the art of shaving, you might need to consider this option too, save yourself from unnecessary cuts from a razor blade. Your hand might not be that firm while shaving. Regardless of my preference in the use of use of shaving razor, here are some of the tips you need to consider before narrowing down on that particular shaver.

Consider the Number of Blades 

You might be wondering how does the number of blades in my shaving razor is of significance in the while selecting your desired razor. Well, it does really matter for those looking forward to having a very close and smooth shave. The higher the number of blades the lesser the number of strokes you’ll have to make to achieve the desired clean and smooth shave. As a matter of fact, I recommended razors with a high number of blades for those guys who do not like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom shaving, you get to a achieve a clean smooth shave in no time.

Go for intelligent razors

Now this question will come to your mind, can a razor be intelligent? Here is how, imagine you are shaving your beards and you have some little pimples or bumps on your skin, some shaving razors has been specifically designed to re-adjust itself when it comes in contact with anything on a higher plane than it was before, this adjustment is to prevent cuts. When you are trying to shave your knee cap and you get cut in the knee, it’s not because you are not paying attention or being not being careful while shaving, it’s just because you are using a shaving razor with stationary blades. If you continue to use a shaving razor with stationary blades, you have higher chances of getting cut regularly while shaving.

Consider the length and type of your hair

You really need to consider the length and type of your hair, if your hair is very long, you might need to consider a more aggressive shaving razor with multiple numbers of blades, so as to achieve a smooth clean close fine shave.Moreover, if you have got a very delicate skin, you definitely need to consider a less aggressive shaving razor with lesser number of blades, or an electric saving razor so as to prevent cut on your delicate skin while shaving.

Consider Sex

Don’t read another meaning to this, lol, am only referring to gender (male and female). Some guys might want to pull up the argument,’ is shaving razor now gender specific’? Yes it is, because of the morphological differences in the makeup between a man and woman hair or skin, manufactures of this shaving razors now design shavers specifically and singly for men and also for women. However, there are technical differences between a man and a woman shaving razor, but this technical difference might not be visible to our naked eye, but a rule of thumb for ladies wanting to shave their legs, face, armpit, breast region and bikini area of the body is to consider using a safety or electric shaver, it can be very   painful and disfiguring for a lady to sustain cuts in any of the areas mentioned above. Select your shaver wisely! This does not mean you can’t shave with husband’s or boyfriend’s shaver when the need to shave arise.

Go for a shaver with inbuilt lubricating strip

Aside from lubricating your hair with gel or soap before shaving. It is desirable you go for a shaving razor equipped with inbuilt lubricating strips, so as to prevent nicks and cuts in case you have a very dry and tough hair.

You might need to consider an electric shaver

In case you travel a lot and you do not like carrying packs of disposables shaving razors best you opt for an electric shaving comes with built in functionality that will meet your shaving needs, I recommend you also go for the rechargeable type, it is going to be of great importance in places where there is no electricity or bathrooms where you do not have the options of connecting to the mains.


This brands of shavers are indispensable for men and women willing to achieve, healthy, smooth, clean, and close shave. You might need to reconsider purchasing a new shaving razor from any of these top rated shaving razor brands. They are the movers and shakers of the shaving industry, these guys are always up to date with any new technology or development when it comes to shaving razor. This brands of shaving razor have been used and tested by customers, often giving great reviews and comments, from any of the world most popular online marketplace such as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Now here are the top five brands of shaving razor you need to consider while trying to make a decision on the kind of shaver you want to go for.

  • Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Men’s Razor Blade
  • Braun Series 3 Proskin 3040s electric wet and dry men’s shaver
  • Philip Norelco Multigroom 3100 Electric Shaver
  • Schick Hydro 5 shaving razor
  • Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper

Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Men’s Razor Blade

Gillette shaving razor is the brand for those longing for a perfect shave and navigation of sensitive skin. For years now, Gillette has been the leading brand of safety shaving razor. Shaving razor produced by this brand are professional cleaned, calibrated and sterilized in a highly powered ultrasonic machine, so as not to leave chances to any for contamination in the event of a cut while using the shaver. The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Men’s Razor Blade offers you a close shave without leaving no irritation to your skin. Even on the 10th use, this shaving razor by Gillette feels a lot better than a new disposable shaving razor by any other brands. The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Men’s Razor Blade comes with shaving lubricant which offers incredible glides while shaving. The auto response of this shaving razor is compared to none, keeping the razor blades in close contact with your skin with the aid of its automatic pressure adjusting pivot that moves the blades of the razor to the any desired height, in case the blades comes in contact with a contour. The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Men’s Razor Blade also has some downsizes which the thick blades it comes, although not so thick to the extent that I won’t give you your desired fine clean close shave combine with comfort. The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Men’s Razor Blade is comfort personified.

Braun Series 3 Proskin 3040s electric wet and dry men’s shaver

Having painstakingly taken a closer look at the great and exciting features offered by this product from Braun, we are just some much constrained by what it offers to place it on the second spot on our list of top rated shaving razor brand. The Braun Series 3 Proskin 3040s electric wet and dry men’s shaver is the shaving razor to reckon in the category of electric shaving razors. The Braun Series 3 Proskin 3040s electric wet and dry men’s shaver by Braun offers customer an extraordinary shaving experience combined with a close shave and pleasure while shaving. Guys who uses Braun’s shaver are less likely prone to skin irritation because while shaving, you do not have to go over the same spot more than once. The Braun shaver clears the hair on your shaving area on just a single glide. The Braun Series 3 Proskin 3040s electric shaver is built to achieve high precision with its full shaving power built on a thin precision head, making it very easy to access relatively obscure areas with hair such as under the nose for example. The strength of this electric shaving razor lies in its ability to resist water, it’s totally water proof. It also come with rechargeable batteries giving you flexibility while handling, you do not necessarily need to plug the razor to the mains all the time you want to shave. However this shaving razor has its own short comings, the short cord length of this electric shaving razor restricts movement to a confined space while handling.

Philip Norelco Multigroom 3100 Electric Shaver

This Philip Norelco’s of shaving razor is the ideal choice for men who takes body grooming very seriously. The Philip Norelco Multigroom 3100 Electric Shaver are suitable for use on any part of the body, from the chest to the shoulder and armpit. This body grooming razor from Philip Norelco comes with varying features such as use in the wet and dry area of the body, which makes shaving and trimming process so effortless and fast, no matter how dry or wet your hair is, the Norelco products are got you covered. Shaving razor from this brand also come as rechargeable, no need for plugging all the time. However, battery the life of this rechargeable shaving razor is very low. Upon 10 hours of charging it will only last for just about 35minutes of continuous use, which is relatively low.

Schick Hydro 5 shaving razor

Schick Hydro 5 Razor
Price Disclaimer

The design by Schick engineer for this products is total cools Schick. The Schick Hydro 5 shaving razor is carefully in such a way to meet your specific shaving need. The use of Schick shaving razor leaves your skin with zero chances of irritation or contamination in the event of a cut, which is very unlikely. The Schick Hydro 5 shaving razor comes with ergonomically designed handles, which are glossy, often giving rigidity and fluidity while shaving. This product is as well rechargeable but with a short battery and it cannot be used wet when connected to the mains because it might lead to electrocution.

Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut

The Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance haircut clipper is equipped with the most advanced super motor in the shaving industry, this motor is so power such that you won’t experience any snag irrespective of our tough or thick your hair is. This Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut from Wahl is equipped with the finest of self-sharpening blades, which stays sharp as long as possible to cut your hair to any desired style. Unboxing this haircut clipper, you will find a stainless comb specifically designed to give smoothness to your haircut and as well making it easy to have your haircut style and cut to any desired length. The major short coming of this product and the reason why it’s coming last on our list is due to no other reason than its voltage rating incompatibility with voltages of most countries in the word. The Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper found use only in the United States. This clipper may be damage or suffer a reduction in performance if used outside the United States. Let’s just say the product is citizen of the world personified.


The quality of shaving achieved is directly proportional to the care given to your shaving razor, especially the blades. Caring for razor does not really consume much time as widely exaggerated. Here are some of the things you need to do to keep your shaving razor in good shape anytime the need for use arise.

  1. Always rinse while shaving
    After making up to three or four gliding strokes while shaving, rinse your shaving razor with water, so as to prevent the clogging up of bacterial and hair on the blades of the razor.
  2. Always keep your razor dry
    Always make sure your razor is dry all the time, this prevents rusting and building up of bacteria on the blades of the razor which might lead to an infection or irritation of the skin in the event of a cut. You can either keep the razor dry, by using a towel or a dryer, just be careful while using the towel so as not to clog the blades with the towel particles.
  3. Disinfect with Alcohol or Barbicide
    To disinfect the blades of your shaver, you can either rinse in a blue liquid called barbicide which can be gotten from Amazon for as low as $10. Alternatively, you can rinse or soak with alcohol for about twenty minutes and dry immediately after use.
  4. Always moisturize your shaving area
    Aside from the fact that when you moisturize your hair with soap or gel, which ultimately gives a smooth shave. Moisturizing your hair extends the lifespan of your razor, due to the reduction in wear and tear offered by the lubricant on the sides and teeth of the blade. Your shaving razor blade will not just get blunt quickly after use a few number of times. This tip is highly recommended for those using disposable shaving razors.
  5. Always keep your razor in a dry place
    Most people get this wrong, a good number of users of shaving razor prefer to keep the razor in the bathroom where the blades of the razor will be subjected to moisture frequently, which will, in the long run, reduce the lifespan of the shaver. Try as much as possible to clean and keep your shaving razor/electric shaving razor in a dry place. You can keep them in a small thick nylon bag with zipper.


It is very important you take this points very seriously while using your shaving razor, negligence might lead to serious injury or damage to yourself and the shaving razor.

  1. Avoid sharing your shaving razor
    If you really want to reduce your chances of getting infected with dandruff or the deadly HIV and AIDs, I advise you stop sharing your shaving razor. Some of this infections might be very costly to get rid of.
  2. Ensure dry hand while handling
    To reduce your chances of getting electrocuted while handling your electric shaver, I bet you ensure your hand is perfectly dry.
  3. Don’t ever shave with a rusty or blunt shaving razor blade
    Using a very blunt shaving razor might lead to the sustenance of injury or pain on your scalp. A rusty razor blade will most likely get you infected or inflict you with bruises.

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