Top 6 Best Pool Vacuum Head Review–Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

///Top 6 Best Pool Vacuum Head Review–Pool Cleaner Buying Guide
Top 6 Best pool vacuum head Review–Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

You are lucky if you gave a pool in your house that you can use anytime. But with a gorgeous pool, comes a bigger responsibility of keeping it clean. There is a wide range of cleaning systems available to keep the pools clean. However, most of these systems fall short when it comes to cleaning the pool of debris and algae. A pool vacuum head is the ultimate tool you will need to keep your pool free from all the garbage and fauna that grows into it. If you are wondering how you are going to use the pool supplies vacuum head, then don’t worry, this tool attaches to almost every pool cleaning system. Therefore, if you are looking for a solution to easily remove algae and debris from the pool easily, buying a pool vacuum head is the best decision.

We know we got you excited, but do not just rush out any buy just any of the in-ground pool vacuum heads, you need to know what you should look in a vacuum head and how to choose the best one. To make choice easier for you we will provide you with tips to buy the best pool vacuum head.

Top 6 Best Pool Vacuum Heads Available on Amazon

We know all the features we listed above to look for in a vacuum head can overwhelm you, this is why we have handpicked the best 6 pool vacuum heads available on Amazon. These are the best products that you can choose from.


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1. Hydro Tools 8130 Pool Vacuum Head 

This product is at position number one in our list of best pool vacuum heads on Amazon because for the price of one you are getting two high quality pool vacuum heads. The unique curved design of the vacuum head makes it a lot easier to clean all the corners of the pool easily. Also, the head is weighted that keeps it immersed in pool for easy cleaning. The brush pattern of the Hydro Tools 8130 head makes pool cleaning a lot easier.

 Features we liked the most in Hydro Tools 8130 Pool Vacuum Head are: 

  • Can be used to clean for both in-ground and above ground pools

  • Can be used on vinyl pool liners as well

  • The standard design of the vacuum head fits most hoses easily

  • Snap-on handle easily fits any telescopic pole

For the price it is offered, this vacuum head is a great pool cleaning tool.

2. Swimline 8150 Pool Vacuum Head 

Most pool cleaning weighted vacuum heads have the problem that they do not fit the standard 1.25 and 1.5 inch hoses easily. The Weighted Flex Vacuum Head from Swimline, however, is a well designed and seamlessly fitting vacuum head that you will be glad to buy. This wide sized vacuum head can be easily used to clean large areas of the pool at a time. It also comes with a spring installation and weight for easy cleaning. What most of the users have reported is that this is the best vacuum head that they bought for the last time. This product is such high quality and durable that it lasts for years.

 Features we liked in Swimline 8150 Pool Vacuum Head are: 

  • Weighted vacuum head that makes cleaning the pool a lot easier

  • For easy assembly there is a snap handle

  • 14-inch extra wide head

  • Very affordable

The drawback we can think of is the absence of any instructions on how to use the head. However, its simple design do not needs a lot of thinking before you can start cleaning with this vacuum head

3. FibroPRO Swimming Pool Vacuum Head 

Whatever kind of pool you have, the FibroPRO Swimming Pool Vacuum Head can be used to clean it and it easily attaches to a 1.5” hose which is a standard for most vacuum cleaners. With the standard design this vacuum head is one of the most affordable products on the list. It features 8 ball bearing urethane wheels that enable it to easily slide while cleaning the pool.

 Features we liked most in FibroPRO Vacuum Head include:

  • Metal handle which is chrome plated

  • Durable design

  • Ball bearing powered urethane wheels

  • Wide 14.4 inch head

  • 6 weights to keep head submerged in the pool

It is a quality product which functions as it is designed for. An effective and affordable vacuum head for cleaning pools, this FibroPRO product is ideal for residential use.

4. Pentair R201276 214 Pro Pool Vacuum Head 

Most of the vacuum heads we have included in our list of the best pool vacuum heads are to an extend suitable for residential pools, but if you want a product that can be used for residential as well as commercial pools, then the Pentair R201276 214 Pro is the best product.

It comes with a 1.5” hose swivel vacuum connection and adjustable wheels, that makes cleaning large pools easier. The durability of this product is unmatched and no other product in the list can be as resilient as the Pentair R201276 214 Pro. You can easily connect it to any pool pose or vacuum hose. The swivel metal hose connection makes the vacuum head flexible that helps in maneuvering when you are cleaning the pool.

 Features we liked in the Pentair R201276 214 Pro include: 

  • Smooth rolling ball bearing wheels

  • Metal swivel handle

  • Weighted vacuum head

  • Durable with stainless steel bolts

The only fall point of this sturdy vacuum head for pool cleaning is its expensive price.

5. JED 30-163 Pro Flex Vacuum 

If you are looking for somewhat a basic pool vacuum head that you can use for cleaning in-ground pools, then you definitely can consider the JED 30-163 Pro Flex Vacuum. It is designed specifically for in-ground pools and features a weighted head with wheels that easily slide into the pool to pick off the dirt and the debris. Not only you can use this vacuum head with any standard cleaner it easily fit on most vacuum hoses. You can effortlessly attach and remove the pole from the head because of the double clip handle. The 14-inch wide head covers a large area of the pool that makes cleaning efficient.

 Features we liked in JED 30-163 Pro Flex Vacuum include:

  • Weighted 14” wide vacuum head

  • Aluminum body with enamel paint

  • Double clipped handle

Speaking of the potential drawbacks, the price of the JED 30-163 Pro Flex Vacuum is over the budget for some people. Another problem is there is no brush with this head to scrub the surface of the pool liner. Yet, this is one of the best pool vacuum heads to buy.

6. SplashTech Flex Vacuum Head 

This flexible vacuum head also features side brushes for easy scrubbing the pool lining. The design of this vacuum head is a standard rectangle with 6 pound weight to keep the head down in the pool. Most people find the side brushes a worthwhile attachment to the vacuum head.

 Features we liked most in SplashTech Flex Vacuum Head:

  • 14-inch extra wide vacuum head

  • Nylon brushes on the side that can easily scrub off the algae

  • Can easily fit standard pool poles and vacuum hoses

  • Easily rolls on the pool liner surface

Only drawback is some people find it hard to connect to pool poles and vacuum hoses.

What to consider before buying pool vacuum head

Not all the swimming pool vacuum heads are created equal and there is a difference in their quality and features. To buy the best vinyl pool vacuum head you need to consider:

  • Size of the pool you will be using it for

  • Cost of the head

  • Customer reviews and satisfaction

  • Compatibility with your existing cleaning system

  • Extra features

Most people make the mistake of choosing a pool vacuum head based on its features and price without considering the size. Your primary consideration to buy vacuum heads for pools must be their size. The wider the head will be, the more efficiently it will clean the dirt. Also, wider heads can remove big debris from the pool easily as well. Usually, the vacuum heads for pool cleaning systems are available in size range of 10 to 18 inches.

Once, you are able to shortlist a few quality vacuum head for cleaning pools based on size, then consider the compatibility of each with the vacuum hose. In market standard sizes available are 1¼ inches and 1½ inches. The value it offers for the price is another important aspect to look for in a vacuum head. High prices of a product do not always means efficiency or quality. Look for the reviews of the product that other customers have shared.

Finally having some additional features like locking clip and side brushes won’t hurt. The features will differ based on the pool vacuum heads you choose.


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