Top 6 Best Carpet Rake Review – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

///Top 6 Best Carpet Rake Review – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide
Top 6 Best Carpet Rake Review – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Carpets make a valuable accessory for your house to keep it clean and tidy. Well, carpets may make your interiors look marvelous, but these fancy floor mats also need cleaning. We all know how cumbersome it is to clean carpets, not to mention the difficulty of maintaining the integrity of the carpet while cleaning it. The easiest way to rejuvenate your carpet without making any mess is to use a carpet rake. These simple cleaning tools can remove even the most stubborn dirt, like pet hair from your carpets making them alive again.

Pet rake for carpet is not useful for removing the pet hair, but it can cleanse ingrained food stains and grease from the carpets. If you spend too many bucks on carpet cleaning services, then its time you consider using a carpet rake. Do not worry, these cleaners cost under $50 and you can always look forward get a rug rake for carpet soon. Fortunately, you do not need to run to your grocery store as the best carpet rakes are available on Amazon. In this ultimate guide we are going to review the top 6 carpet rakes available on Amazon.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most preferred carpet and rug rakes.

Top Six Carpet Rakes On Amazon


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1. Groom Industries Grandi Groom Carpet Rake 

We picked the Groom Industries Grandi Groom Rake as the best product because of its perfect design and effective cleaning capability than can rejuvenate even the most matted carpets. The large 18” head of this rake covers a large area and its still plastic tines remove the deepest embedded dirt and stains.

You can use this universal rug rake for cleaning carpets in the hallways or in small spaces where even a vacuum cleaner can’t reach. Housewives can use this carpet cleaning tool to bring their old carpets back to life like professional cleaning services do.

 Pros of Grandi Groom Rake: 

  • Perfect design makes it sturdy as well as flexible

  • Wide size covers large areas

  • Very easy to assemble

 Cons Grandi Groom Rake: 

  • Small pieces can be choking hazard for kids, therefore keep it out of reach of children

2. Carlisle 4575100 Commercial Grade 18″ Carpet Rake  

A commercial grade carpet and rug rake, the Carlisle 4575100 is used by professional cleaning services. Needless to say this rake is designed to clean most stubborn dirt and stains from high-traffic carpets that are used indoors and outdoors. The long handle of this premium Groomer Carpet and Rug Rake enables you clean places like pantries and car carpets without breaking a sweat.

The 18” head is embedded with flexible plastic bristles that bring out the from the carpet pile easily. However, some users on Amazon report that removing pet hair with this rake is little bit difficult. All in all it is an excellent carpet cleaning and grooming rake.

 Pros of Carlisle 4575100: 

  • Easy to use and lightweight rug rake

  • Large 18” head

  • Long handle makes reaching the congested areas easy

 Cons of Carlisle 4575100: 

  • This cleaning tool requires assembling

3. The Universal Carpet/ Rug Rake 

We picked the Universal Rug Rake especially for its capability to remove pet hair and fur from the carpets and rugs without destroying their pile. The extendable handle gives a unique design to this rug rake making it easier for cleaning in places like the staircase, the corners or under the furniture. Before vacuuming the carpets, using the Universal Rug Rake loosens the pet hair which gives more efficient cleaning.

The tin plated bristles not only can clean your carpets and rugs but you can also use it for post vacuum grooming and fluffing. If you are looking for a pet hair rake then this is the ideal product for you.

 Pros of the Universal Rug Rake:

  • Metal bristles that remove tough dirt

  • Extendable pole for easy cleaning

  • Easy to store

 Cons of the Universal Rug Rake: 

  • Small head size covers small area

4. Evriholder FURemover Broom with Squeegee made from Natural Rubber

If you want a carpet cleaning rake that you can use while shampooing your carpets and rugs then the Evriholder FURemover Broom is an ideal choice as its flexible plastic bristles help you cleaning the surface of the pile easily. This rake is used by professional cleaning services to thoroughly clean the carpets and rugs of pet hair and other dirt.

The efficiency of this rug rake is because of the DuPont nylon tynes that easily reach deep into the pile to bring out soil and dirt and food stains. Revitalizing your tired looking carpet has never been easier.

 Pros of Evriholder FURemover Broom:

  • Easy to use and store lightweight rake

  • DuPont nylon tynes

  • Removes pet hair effectively

 Cons of Evriholder FURemover Broom:

  • Small size is a problem

5. Rubber Broom by Ravmag 

Now this one is a more versatile and heavy duty dog hair rake which has soft bristles made from natural rubber. This makes the Ravmag Rubber Broom environment friendly. You can use this rake for cleaning low weight dust not only from your carpets, but also from the hardwood floor and tile surfaces without you worrying about spoiling the surface.

Washable and scratch-free flexible bristles make it useful for cleaning delicate loom carpets and rugs.

 Pros of Ravmag Rubber Broom: 

  • Environment friendly

  • East to use and Store

  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning rake

 Cons of Ravmag Rubber Broom:

  • Bristles are very soft not ideal for removing stubborn dirt

6. OXO Good Grips Furlifter Self-Cleaning Carpet Rake 

Last in the list, but not the least the OXO Good Grips Furlifter Self-Cleaning Carpet Rake is the hottest selling product on the Amazon as of writing this review. Using this rug rake you can easily remove dirt and pet hair from carpets, rugs and pet beds easily. It is a unique double sided brush pad that makes cleaning large areas quick and easy.

We liked how the base can store fur trapped on the brush pad with a simple pull/push motion. You can conveniently clean around corners and under furniture using this carpet cleaning tool.

 Pros of OXO Carpet Cleaning Rake:

  • Double-sided brush pad

  • Base to clear fur from brush pad

  • Quickly and effectively cleans large areas

 Cons of OXO Carpet Cleaning Rake:

  • Cleaning the holder base is clumsy

What To Consider Before Buying The Right Carpet Rake

We already listed the best selling carpet and rug rakes above. Still, if you need to know why some rakes are better than the rest, it is because of some features.
Design and ease of storage are primary features to look for in a rug rake. The header area of the rake should be large to make cleaning large areas easy and quick. The bristles of the cleaning rake should be stiff enough to clean the deep dirt, but not overly hard that can spoil the pile of the carpet. Size of the handle is also important. Small handle will make it difficult to work with the rake as you have to bend down to clean the carpet.

How To Use A Carpet Rake

Now that you have ordered a carpet and rug rake you need to understand how to use it. You can rejuvenate your dull looking carpets and rugs using a rake, but before that you need to know how to use it to get rid of those stubborn stains and debris. The rug rakes we have listed above are 12” wide or more. Ensure that for cleaning carpets you buy a rug rake which is at least 12 inched wide. Such rakes can easily clear carpet in pantries as well as their wide design makes them easy to use.

Now before vacuuming the carpets, you will be using the carpet rug to loosen the embedded dirt and have a more efficient cleaning. Follow these steps:

#1. Before vacuuming the carpet, use the metal rug rake in the up and down motion to open up the rug or carpet fibers. This will expose the trapped debris.

#2. Vacuum clean carpet as usual.

#3. Groom the carpet after vacuuming using the rug rake.

#4. You can groom the carpet in two ways for grooming, use push/pull motion to give the carpet a two tone look or push the pile of the carpet in the same direction for a uniform finish.


If you wonder, whether carpet rakes work or not, then you need to know that these mechanical cleaners do a lot more. They can clean indoor and outdoor carpets and rugs without using electricity. Furthermore, you can also use them for post vacuum grooming. If you have worn out carpets or have to deal with cleaning high-traffic indoor and outdoor carpets, you definitely need these carpet-cleaning tools to use in conjunction with the vacuum cleaner.


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