Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for YOUR Needs

///Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for YOUR Needs
Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for YOUR Needs

Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for YOUR NeedsThe choice of a vacuum cleaner is a crucial moment that can simplify household duties to a great extent or make them more complicated when you are not certain about your needs. Don’t rely on ratings only. Evaluate your requirements and expert’s reviews to look for the corresponding one among the best offers on the market.

How powerful your vacuum cleaner should be?

Let’s agree to the point that powerfulness of vacs is nothing but the effectiveness of their suction which measurement is expressed in watts (the well-loved advertising trick in this concern is to boast of the number of amps consumed by a vacuum). 200 air watts is a characteristic of a powerful cleaner. As well, you do need to know if your vacuum cleaner presupposes cyclonic action to be able to draw small and big particles. Just as well, make certain it easily penetrates into the depth of your carpet and any type of the floor to remove dirt from every crevice – evaluate agitation and airflow.

Upright cleaner against canister cleaners: struggle for versatility

Upright vacuums are the first in this line. Such cleaners can offer the best suction power, agitation, and as, a result, versatility: carpet or bare floor – for them there is no difference. Among the best vacuum models, we offer Dyson and Shark. The last one (Shark Professional Lift Way upright model) is even transformable, depending on whether you need an upright or a canister. Here, motorized floor tool is available in both “modes” which simplifies cleaning under beds.

Canister vacuums (or cylinder) are the best to clean stairs, bare floors, and under furniture. Among the top latest cylinder models, you can even find examples which are almost as functional as the uprights when cleaning carpets. Find your best canister vacuum 2018.

Which filters’ choice is reasonable?

Whether your choice is an upright, a canister, or a stick, another thing to take into consideration is filtration. Even the most powerful vacuum cleaners are of no use if these machines are not able to hold the absorbed dust inside! You badly need to ascertain yours will do its work properly.

Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for YOUR Needs 
  • The most pricy filters are those of disposable type because they should be replaced from time to time to cope with dust. It extends expenditures on cleaning.

  • The most long-lasting are washable filters as they do not need any replacement, though not everyone likes waiting for them to dry.

  • The most effective are HEPA filters. With this kind of filters, you are under protection against the smallest particles of dust blown back into the air by vacuums. HEPA filters are of great use for people with allergies and pet owners. One of the best cleaners with such function is Dyson DC65; Shark Rotator Powered Line and True Pet are the most helpful for pet owners.

Bagged or bagless?

As we all are striving to optimization and minimization of expenses on household duties, the choice is not obvious in this concern. While with bagged vacuum you just throw away the bag when it’s full of dust, with a bagless cleaner you need to empty (and wash) the container with the dirt every time it is full. The first variant offers effortless procedure of cleaning the vacuum. However, it demands extra expenses on bags! The best models of this type are S2121 Capri, S8590, and S8990 UniQ from Miele.

In economic terms, bagless vacs are more useful. They can be messy at times, but will never demand more money from you. Before buying a vacuum of this kind, explore how much efforts you will need to get the dirt out. The Shark Rotator and the Shark Navigator are the most popular models of this kind for now, but the latest models from other world leaders producing cleaners offer some more great alternative solutions.

It is about the Dyson line vacs. What makes them stand out from the crowd of bagless vacuums? This is all due to the great suction power and cyclonic technology of their bagless cleaners – you will never face your vacuum’s blocking. Cinetic Big Ball upright model is an example illustrating perfect performance. With it, you can forget about clogged filters and bad suction as nothing can interfere with the quality of airflow: when cleaning your floor, you clean air.

Cordless against corded: what’s the score?

Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for YOUR Needs 

The truth is that cordless vacuum cleaners (an upright, a cylinder, or even a stick) are not able to run for long which is their biggest disadvantage. Though the advantage is still of great importance – you will never need to think of the cord getting caught under the doors or sudden running out of cord. It saves much time. Cleaning performance becomes more flawless in comparison with corded vacuums usage.

The majority of the best upright and canister models of this kind do not offer more than 45 minutes of uninterrupted vacuuming (some of them provide only 15 minutes cleaning sessions). Then vacuum gets stopped for several hours to recharge. But, they have a sufficient suction power and if you don’t mind recharging, such a cleaner will do for a small apartment. Dyson DC59 Animal and cordless Motorhead are two well-loved cordless models.

Another alternative in this concern is a robotic vacuum. This cleaner mops and sweeps your house even without your participation in the process: just program the cleaning schedule and it will do its job for you as often as you want.

iRobot Roomba650 cordless robotic version, for instance, can cope with vacuuming on different types of surfaces sucking in the smallest particles of dust and specific dirt like pet hair both from bare floor and the carpet. It could be the best vacuum for tile floors. It automatically adjusts to the height of the carpets penetrating in all the crevices. This robotic model illustrates perfect independent run as you can determine the perimeter of cleaning for it not to interfere with your activities using Virtual Wall. With iRobot Roomba, you can jazz your life!

Lightweight power

Aimed at optimization of household duties, we all tend to look for less heavy vacuum. Even the best canister or upright rated vacs can turn out to be a heavy load. Some of them are self-propelled that helps to move forward despite the substantial weight, but lightweight cleaner is still a more attractive option. Mind: with a weight of about 7 pounds, they cannot provide the suction power needed to penetrate into the crevice and fibers of a thick carpet.

Weight is the detail number one to take into account when buying handhelds. Do not agree to any model which weight exceeds 4 pounds not to make your cleaning more complicated. The handheld cleaners are Dyson DC59 digital slim and Shark Rocket Series (both TruePet and Ultralight) due to their versatility and small weight, but a more powerful handheld cleaner is B+D BDH2000PL with about 35 air watts.

Do you want just a stick vacuum to simplify the floor cleaning? Have a look at Hoover Stick Cyclonic. If you are looking for the best helper for a small house with mostly bare floor, stick vacuum is the best option. This model does not offer any super powerful suction. But it is exactly what you need for quick cleaning in small areas!

Whether you are choosing a canister (cylinder) model, a versatile upright cleaner, or a handheld one, make certain it will fulfill its functions to make you happy both about the process and the result!


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