Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine by Best Choice Products

///Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine by Best Choice Products

Portable washing machines are the most useful everyday home appliance especially if you are a working man or woman. More than 82% of US citizen have a cloth washer at their place. 300 loads of clothes are used per average in a year. The portable washing machines at our homes consume more energy as compared to the dishwashers.

During recent times the home appliance manufacturers have started developing washing machines that use less water than the older models. The average front-loader machine uses around 15 gallons of water per load while some models use than 12 gallons. The top-loader machine, on the other hand, uses 23 gallons per load.

The Best Choice Products bring the innovative portable dryer and washer. You do not need to sacrifice clean and fresh clothes no matter where you are. This excellent portable washing machine plus dryer is built with a heavy-duty plastic build. The space-saving construct and light-weight feature makes it perfect for dormitories, camping and almost everyplace that even has limited space.

Portable Compact Mini Twin

The 1300RPM motor unit is highly powerful yet noiseless and can work up to 60Hz of maximum frequency. You can easily dry a top load of 13 lbs. of laundry in the dryer. If you wish to go for a fast-pace cleaning, then it’s only a 15 minutes task for this high-end washer, while dryer will take up to 5 minutes for clean and crisp clothes for each load.

An inlet hose is attached for draining and adding water with the choice of dispensing water into bucket directly. Being UL certified, the product is 100% authentic. So, if you need clean clothes during your traveling trips or at home go for this portable washing machine that comes with a handy dryer.

Strength and Weaknesses

Let’s discuss some benefits and weak points for this excellent portable washing machine.


  • Quiet Power
    This portable washing machine is high in power as it features 1300 RPM motor that has the frequency of 60 Hz yet it does not make irritating noise.

  • Dimensions
    The size of this machine is perfect to be kept in RVs, small apartments or flats. These dimensions are 23X13.5X26.

  • Easy Portability and Storage
    The space saving design and light-weight make it best suited for dormitories and camping trips.

  • Convenient and Quick Clean
    The people who need a quick washer for their laundry due to a shortage of time can happily clean their laundry in 15 minutes which is the rapid wash duration given by the Best Choice Product Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine. The dryer is also at your service for quick dry that runs up for five minutes to dry much of your load.

  • Reliable Capacity
    The capacity of this portable washing machine is perfect, and you can wash and spin clothes up to 13lbs. The washer takes 8 lbs of laundry load while the dryer takes 5 pounds of the spin cycle.

  • Compact Tub Design
    The twin tub design is the most wanted feature in any portable washing machine where you get the convenience of washing and drying on the same machine. This tub is made of a durable plastic material which is sturdy and easily movable.

  • Lower price Washing Machine
    The features are a lot as compared to the cost you have to pay for this portable washing machine. This machine is one of the lowest priced washing machines in the market so spend your money on this machine without any worries.

  • Sleek and Lightweight
    The sleek design of this incredible portable washing machine helps you to keep it anywhere at your home. The machine is also light in weight, so it is easily moveable.

  • Powerful Drying Capacity
    The drying capacity of this portable washing machine is great. You can easily spin your clothes for a perfectly dry and fresher appearance.


  • Noisy Spinner
    The spinner can make noise in some models.

  • Dryer Capacity
    If you want to dry your clothes well you will have to put them in the dryer separately for a perfect dry.

  • Hose of Washer
    Sometimes the hose that comes to fill the washer does not work properly as it doesn’t fit nicely.

  • Outlet Hose
    The outlet tube is short which do not meet the requirements of many customers.

Features of the Product

This portable washing machine is one of the most amazing washing machines in the market. The appearance is cool and so neat that one hopes it will work well which it actually does. For the size and price, this portable washing machine is amazing. It looks like a small child’s toy yet it does wonders. The size is wonderful and perfect. The camping will not mean dirty clothes for so many out there.

Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine by Best Choice Products

Portability and Design

If you want to purchase a portable laundry machine for your new place, then it is the best portable washing machine to consider. Its design and portability are what matter the most. No one wants to buy a huge and bulk heavy machine for laundry time. That is why the Best Choice Product has made this portable washing machine easy to use and light-weight with an HD finished look. The dimensions of the machine are perfect for anyone who wants it for his small apartment or dormitories.

Portability of this machine is another amazing factor. This is one of the best portable washing machines that comes with a faucet adapter which allows you to connect it to bathroom or kitchen sink. The noise of this machine is also controlled.

Easy to Use

The Best Choice Product Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing machine is extremely user-friendly. This feature is what most customers look forward to. This machine comes with additional features that have been developed for the ease of the user. The end of cycle signal, delay start feature and LED time indicator is best for the portable machine washers.

Wash Settings and Cycle

The mini twin tub portable washing machines give you four wash cycles that provide you numerous options for cleaning clothes. The heavy cycle is for sturdier fabrics like towels and jeans that fully penetrate the fabric with water plus detergent. The delicate wash cycle lets you wash your delicate clothes without doing any damage. The quick cycle feature helps you to clean clothes in short duration of time especially when you are in time crunch situation. You can use the handy spin-only feature for your clothes to spend less time on drying. The spin-only feature removes moisture from the laundry and makes then fresh and clean. The washer of this machine provides you with four levels of water, and it depends on you how much the requirement for the load of the size is keeping in mind the water.

Support and Help

Every large home appliance comes with a warranty factor to help you in making the final decision. Best Choice Products offers you a year warranty to protect you against development defects and cost of labor. The user manual that comes with this machine can help you with the help you require to install and use this portable washing machine. For FAQ’s you can always check the page of the manufacturer. If you need to talk to the customer representative, then contact the company via mail or dial their number.

Durable Material

Washing machines require money, and you cannot buy just any washing machine. One requires a high-quality and sturdy material as you cannot keep replacing it. The washer of this compact washing machine is durable, and the dryer is hard-wearing as it is made out of strong plastic. You are confident that it will never break into pieces when you make it move.

Saves Time and Energy

Before buying any washing machine question yourself that do you have the time and energy to wash your clothes with the hand? The answer to this question is probably no. If you do not want your skin and nails to get chipped than consider buying this excellent portable washing machine model that offers you convenience and quick clean. It will save you pain on the skin and your time. The washer saves you precious time in another way. It does not require you to wash and then spin your clothes. It will wash your clothes and spin them dry at the same instance. One button is at your service that drains the side of the washer only. You can also drain the washer at the time of spinning that too saves a lot of your time and energy. Even the electricity can be saved with these handy features of Best Choice Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine. The timer feature does not make you linger around for the appliance to get done with its job. It completes the task on its own, and you get an alert that tells the clothes are ready for you to put them on a string for complete drying.

Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine by Best Choice Products

Easy to Drain

This machine is highly user-friendly. You do not have to connect loads of wires to make it start working. Plus it has a timer which you need to set for your laundry. The machine is easy to drain as well. The inlet and outlet pipe makes it all easy for you to put water in the washer and then drain it out after it gets dirty. The spinner also drains perfectly on its own as it is extremely easy to drain.

Saves lot of Space

If you have a small apartment, then it is your ultimate wish to save as much space as you can. Many people do not buy washing machines due to the cost and size issue. For those who face this issue, they must go for this washer and dryer combination that is developed by Best Choice Product. You can easily keep it on the kitchen counter for storage purposes. While doing the laundry, you can place it in your bathroom. This machine will not bother you at all as you will not notice it until you use it. When not in use hide it easily under your kitchen counter.

Save Laundromat Visits

This excellent and compact washer and dryer will take off huge load from your shoulders. You will not have to go to your Laundromat to find long queues that takes much of the time. The hygiene is another factor that makes you worried, yet you do not have to take any stress with this Mini Tub Washing machine. This appliance is a great convenience that saves your time and money that you spend on Laundromat. Plus it is highly efficient and fast so get one for your place without wasting more of your time.

Reasons to Choose the Product

From the above information it can be judged, and it is safe to say that the Best Choice Products Portable compact mini twin tub washing machine is an excellent and fantastic product. It is a must for individuals who have to spend the time outdoors or possess small residential space still they need clean and fresh clothes anywhere and everywhere. It is one fast and powerful machine that performs an incredible job when it comes to drying and washing clothes. The sturdy plastic material makes it possible for you to use bleach or vinegar. You can buy this machine is a white and blue color which will easily blend with most of the interior decors. Great products work better than it is expected of them and this one is greatest.


You will not have to carry around dirty laundry ever thanks to this wonderful and great Best Choice Products Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing machine. It is the best portable washing machine that features excellent traits in a mediocre cost. The 8 pounds of tub capacity allows you to have light to medium laundry loads perfect for a small family. The washer runs for 15 minutes and stops automatically for your ease, so you do not have to man the machine while using it. The dryer gives you crisp and dry clothes in 5 minutes of every load. So enjoy doing laundry with this fantastic portable washing machine.


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