Panda Small Compact Washing Machine Review

///Panda Small Compact Washing Machine Review

Moving into a new flat or apartment with a small and limited space and area without laundry hookups is a difficult thing to get used to. If the apartment has a common laundry room then either you do the laundry by hand or go to Laundromat. However, both are not favorable options. In recent times doing laundry at home when there is less space and achieving it with luxury is possible many thanks to the portable washing machines. When full-size machines are not an option, then small and compact portable machines are your best friend. These laundry luxuries are ideal for campers, RVs, mobile homes, small apartments and other limited accommodation places without laundry hookups. They dispose of the need for regularly visiting expensive Laundromats and doing with Laundromat hours that do not suit to everyone. Panda is a renowned name in portable washing machine industry. Their products made it hard to ignore this brand. This brand has manufactured some of the top quality portable washing machines. Customers adore Panda products and show their complete trust in its product. Among many of the washing machines of this brand, the most high quality and high tech portable washing machine are Panda Small Compact  Washing Machine. This is one of the most top-performing, innovative and creative products released by the Panda brand. If you wish almost all of your laundry gets full in your washer and even the laundry of your neighbor’s then check this amazing Panda Small Compact Washing Machine.

Strength and Weakness of Panda Small Compact Washing Machine

There are loads of advantages and some weaknesses of this Panda’s model. We will discuss them in detail as follows:

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine


Some benefits of this Portable washing machine are given below:

  • Portable
    The machine weighs around 28 pounds but does not have a bulky construction which makes it convenient to transport. But if you are moving it to the tenth floor you might want to get some help.

  • Anything is washable on this machine
    If the item fits into the machine, this portable machine can wash towels, clothing, sheets and almost everything that you can think of. If you want to deal with heavy soil, then leave the machine on for a while.

  • Leave it and continue with your work
    The best advantage of this machine is that you can throw the load in the machine, switch the washing programs, and leave it on its own. The busy people would love this trait of this machine. However, you still need to transfer the load to the dryer with your hands. Still, you are not waiting in a Laundromat.

  • Perfect for day to day laundry
    If you have a job or work with edibles, the washer dryer would take care of all your basic clothing. But if you require removing the mild staining and daily wearing this Panda model is perfect.

  • An inoffensive Portable Washing Machine
    The most difficult RV rental agent or landlord would have to put all the effort to find one excuse for this Panda Portable washer-dryer. It is quiet, small and does not utilize any heating element to dry clothes which make it a no fire risk home appliance. The vibrations are well contained and good for anyone residing on the first floor or higher.

  • Convenient
    Washing and drying clothes under an hour are bliss for busy people or those who like to leave laundry to last minute. If you are traveling, this Panda model is best for you to reuse clothes and save some space. You will be able to handle all nasty drink spills easily and quickly.

  • Takes small space
    Panda portable washing machine is 26×21.5×16.3 inches which make it perfect for dorms, travel, apartments and small living areas. You can fit it easily in your kitchen or bathrooms. You can even keep it in your bathtub for easy draining and filling.

  • Cut down on Electricity Bill
    This small and compact machine does not need a great amount of power especially if you soak clothes to remove stains and heavy items after dryer cycles. The small amount of time to wash and dry laundry means Panda makes it particularly quick for the standard washer to wash alone.

  • Save water with Panda
    The Panda compact and portable washing machine saves a lot of water. It needs only a few gallons per cycle as compared to forty gallons used by standard washing machines of full size. Feel the difference while filling the washer directly from the faucet.

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine


Some of the weaknesses of this product are defined below:

  • Lint
    Just like most portable machines, this Panda model creates lots of lint. If the lint tray is absent, the best remedy t applied is wiping around the dryer and washer compartments after the load gets done. It will get rid of lint and stop it from transferring to next load.

  • Infrequent Leaks
    According to some reviews, this machine leaks a little when it is placed on the floor directly. Always check if you are not adding too many clothes or too much water in the machine. If this issue has been addressed, try to look into elevating the machine and place it over mat or towel.

  • Jumbled Clothes
    The clothes got tangled and worn due to small drum’s powerful agitation. Try to use a mesh bag to hold clothes, but this will make putting clothes to dryer a big effort.

  • Dryer Capacity is small
    The dryer capacity is half the size of the washer’s capacity like most portable and regular washer-dryers. You will have to utilize drying racks or will have to move clothes consistently. This issue is not huge, but it does not make it a perfect machine.

  • It requires filling and draining through tubes
    The requirement for outlet or inlet tubes is inconvenient just like other portable washer washer-dryer. Keeping the machine near a sink or in the bathroom is the easy way depending on the living situation. You will be required to empty and arrange buckets when doing laundry.

  • Ne heat while drying clothes
    No heat is not a big issue as it does not leave clothes damper for a longer duration even if they get dry enough to wear.

  • Stain removal can be better
    This machine is the most powerful portable machine, yet it is still unreliable in the stain removal part. Soak the clothing beforehand so that it do not add time to your laundry time.

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine

Feature of Panda Small Compact Washing Machine

Easier Drainage

Panda Small Compact Washing Machine is a compact and portable machine which is one of those few machines that comes with a built-in pump. It takes advantage of gravity to drain the pump which makes things smoother and easier.

Gigantic Load Capacity

Panda Small Compact Washing Machine can hold up to 15 to 17 pounds of laundry in this huge tub. It can cram the clothes of two families without any issue. The load that this machine caters is a lot for a single family. To handle this load the machine is rated to 400 watts.

Ease of Use

Panda Small Compact Washing Machine has some models that make doing laundry easier. The LED indicator indicates about the duration of the wash cycle. You need to put a glance at the machine to determine the duration of time required to throw the clothes in the dryer. You can prepare the load before going to work or school and set the timer in the middle of noon so that it is ready when you come back home in the evening.

The end of cycle alarm alerts you when the machine finishes the laundry. This little feature is useful and does not have to leave the washer in clothes. The dispenser in this unit drops the detergent at the perfect moment of the wash cycle. It does not have the softener dispenser.

Wash settings and cycle

Panda Small Compact Washing Machine has four wash cycles that give you various options for cleaning clothes. Heavy cycles are best for sturdier fabrics such as towels and jeans which fully penetrates the fabric with detergent and water. The delicate cycle of this machine helps in washing more fragile items devoid of any damaging. These quick cycles make the clothes cleaner in short period which is necessary for crunch time. If you wish to dry clothes in less time, then use spin only feature to remove the water from clothes. The water levels let you dial according to the need of the water to use for the load size and cutting off water waste.


Panda Small Compact Washing Machine is not the smallest on the market yet it is small enough to move around small apartments easily. The measure of the machine body is perfect to fit in a closet or any small space which you aren’t using. The weight of the machine is one of the lowest in the market. You can easily carry it from one room to another and even upstairs without injuring you back. The casters let you roll the machine around the house.


Panda Small Compact Washing Machine is below the average size of the wash drums units we have evaluated so far. The drum is gigantic enough to hold a load of laundry of one family comfortably. The drum spins at impressive rpm that effectively pulls water out of laundry before clothes drying. It takes a small time for drying. The agitator can be replaced with the pulsator that is a small disc at the bottom of the tub which spins in both directions to force water and detergent to clean thoroughly.

Reasons to Choose Panda Small Compact Washing Machine

Panda is a small compact and portable washing machine which is number one seller on Amazon. The reason is the dryer attached with the washer. The spin drying feature is a unique feature in compact and small sizes of the portable washing machine. The spin drying compartment which is built next to the washer is a great utility that completely dries the clothes and does not require any intervention to complete the procedure. The machine weighs only 28 lbs having dimensions of 26×21.5×16.3 that makes it extremely handy to carry around the house and even to the 10th floor. The small and compact size also made it easy to store it in RVs, mobile homes, and small apartments.

The washer utilizes the washer which holds up to 8 pounds of the load while the spin dryer takes half of the washer load. This machine lacks the heater component and uses spinning only to spin dry the clothes. The clothes need to hang to complete the drying job quickly. If you wish to use the additional portable dryer which uses heating, then it will not be a good idea as it will use a lot of energy power.

The controls on the machine are extremely easy to operate and self-explanatory. Only three control dials are used among which first is to set the washer timer, then the spin dryer timer on the right and the middle one selects among drain or wash function. It makes the inlet and outlet hoses just like a breeze to set up. These amazing features and high-tech systems makes this Panda model worth buying and a top portable washing machine model on the list. The one year warranty makes it all more wanted model in the market.


Panda small Compact Portable Washing machine is an entirely suitable package for apartment, condos, house, short trips, picnics, and caravan. The drainage pipe that comes with this model easily gets over one side of the bathtub or sink, and the water gets automatically drained out. The spin cycle function works brilliantly and blows the frustration away. This portable washing machine is a win-win home appliance with the high-tech operation and top quality.

Never hesitate to choose this Panda Small Compact Washing Machine as you own both the spinning and washing in one go. This is not a fully automated portable washing machine. You require a little work between the spinning and washing functions. It is available is amber and white color.



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