Multi-Hanger Review – Is It a Good Choice for Space-Saving?

///Multi-Hanger Review – Is It a Good Choice for Space-Saving?
Multi-Hanger Review – Is It a Good Choice for Space-Saving

Multi-Hanger is a simple but effective item that helps to keep your closet well organized all the time. In fact, this can be a highly appealing solution for those who need to utilize the available space in a better way. This organizer comes with a triple bar design and therefore, the manufacturers say that it is designed to triple the available space. This product is advertised and sold via

Features of Multi-Hanger

Here are the most notable features associated with Multi-Hanger as per the claims made by manufacturers.

  • A highly simplified item that doesn’t need any tools or expert knowledge to install

  • Can easily fit on the garment pole without doing any changes

  • Once installed, it can triple the available space in your closet

  • Strong and sturdy structure that can tolerate up to 75 pounds

  • Perfect solution for those live in limited spaces like dorms and apartments

  • Durable finish

What we like and what we don’t like

We went through the characteristics of this product and summarized what we like and what we don’t like. The information exist in this section may help you decide whether to purchase it or not.

Features we like

  • What we like

    If you live in a limited space such as a dorm or a small apartment, you will find it pretty hard to utilize the available space. Particularly, the space available in your closet might not be enough for you. This is when an option like Multi-Hanger becomes pretty useful. Although the manufacturers say ‘tripling the space’, the most accurate term must be ‘better utilization of space’.

    This simplified tool comes with three bars that can be used as separate lines of hangers. You don’t need to do any changes inside the closet; all you have to do is to place it inside the closet according to the simple guideline. This product can provide significantly more space compared to the conventional hangers found in the closets.

    Thanks to the provided stabilizing bars, this product can effectively tolerate considerable weight without tipping off. In fact, as per the claims made by the manufactures, this product can tolerate up to 75 pounds in total.

    Compared to some of the products, Multi-Hanger is a better space saver. This product utilizes the available vertical space in a better manner.

  • What we don’t like

    Although the product advertisements claim that it can triple the available space, we must say that it doesn’t do such miracle. We can see that it lets you to utilize the available space in somewhat organized way.

    The photos you see in the advertisements don’t expose the exact truth; we think those were made for the advertising purpose only and they don’t portray how this equipment saves space.

    Also, we believe that this can take a little longer than you expect to be shipped to the doorstep.

Should you buy Multi-Hanger?

We think that there can be other options as well in terms of organizing the closet and managing the space. After all, we don’t expect such product to do miracles (by tripling the space). However, this product can do something good to keep the cloths in an organized manner and make your closet more pleasant.


The cost per each Multi-Hanger will be $25.90 ($19.95 + $5.95 for shipping). However, if you prefer to purchase two units, you can do so with an additional fee of $5.95 (a total cost of $31.85). You cannot purchase this product from stores.

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

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