LG Turbo Wash Top Load Washer

///LG Turbo Wash Top Load Washer
LG Turbo Wash Top Load Washer

LG –the world’s leading brand of electronics and home appliances that doesn’t need any introduction. When talking about washing machines, LG produces some of the best-selling ones. The LG Turbo WT1701CW Top Load Washer is the new portable washing machine you need in your homes to make your laundry routine comfortable. It is capable of handling largest loads of laundry without making any noise. The LG True Balance, as well as the anti-vibration system of the machine, ensures that the loads stay even and quiet during operation. Moreover, this machine is an innovation in the old top-load design by bringing the control panel from back to front. This makes the display and LED buttons easier to use.

In addition, this machine comes with a faucet adapter that enables you to attach your portable washing machine to the kitchen or washroom sink, and allows you instantly start performing your laundry.

Furthermore, this machine also has a TurboWash that quickly cleans your laundry. Whereas the Waveforce technology deeply cleans your clothes with and oxi-sanitize cycle and removes 99.9% of bacteria.

The outstanding features of this washing machine are what make it one of the best portable washing machines.

Strength and Weaknesses of the Product


  • This compact washing machine contains a capacity of 5.0 cu. ft. which means more laundry can fit into the machine in fewer loads. Thus you can wash more clothes all at once while using this machine.

  • This home depot portable washer reduces the washing time by half, saving you 20 minutes on every load. But without compromising on the cleaning performance on larger loads. This is due to the TurboWash technology LG WT1701CW is equipped with that cleans clothes using high-pressure nozzles.

  • This portable washing machine uses around 30% lesser energy and half the quantity of water in comparison with the regular machines. Thus you can save a lot on your utility bills, like that if electricity and water.

  • This compact washer for apartments enables you to wash various kinds of fabrics. It contains over 12 wash programs, with all of them providing proper care of fabric.

  • The top-load design of this washer makes it easier for you to load and unload the laundry during the washing process.


  • This portable washing machine is a bit bigger in size, with a width of 27 inches, as compared to the regular washing machines. So you need to measure your laundry area before you purchase it so that it can be successfully delivered and installed. In short, if your laundry space is small, then this is not the right choice for you.

  • This washing machine does not contain an internal water heater. The internal water heater is an advantage as specific protein stains react best at low temperatures. The water warms once those stains are cleaned. This creates a better environment for the color-safe bleach, which shows the best performance in the hot or warm water.

  • This portable washing machine is very deep as compared to the regular machines. So if you are a short person then you might find it difficult to reach the bottom of the washer.

Features of LG Turbo Wash Top Load Washer

Some of the key features of LG WT1701CW are described below:

5.0 cu. Ft. mega capacity

If you have been looking for a portable washing machine that is capable of handling greater loads yet fits into your specified space, then LG WT1701CW is the right choice. Its 5.0 cu. ft. mega capacity makes it the best compact washing machine to be used at home. With this machine, you can fit more laundry, wash less, and get back to your other house chores.

12 wash options

The LG WT1701CW features 12 wash programs, which includes Cotton/Normal, Delicates, Heavy-Duty, Oxi-Sanitize, Power Cleanse Cycle, and Speed Wash. Moreover, this portable washing machine provides a maximum spin speed of 1,100 RPM with 5 variations, which includes no spin, low, medium, high, and extra high. The 1,100 RPM spin speed ensures water is extracted efficiently from the clothes, thus reducing the drying time.

TurboWash Technology

The LG WT1701CW is equipped with TurboWash technology that cleans the laundry using high-pressure nozzles. This can save you 20 minutes on larger loads without affecting the cleaning performance.

WaveForce technology

This technology makes sure that the clothes are washed thoroughly as well as gently by using powerful water jets and speedy drum movement.

ColdWash technology

This technology employs improved washing motions so that the water penetrates deep into the clothes. Thus providing hot water performance but using cold water. This is a unique mechanism of this machine that thoroughly cleans your clothes using less resource.

SmartRinse technology

This washer consists of SmartRinse jet spray mechanism that provides deeper clothing penetration.


If you ever have any issue with your LG WT1701CW then you do not need to worry as this machine contains SmartDiagnosis feature. This enables the service center representatives to diagnose the issue over the phone or with an app downloaded on your phone. This reduces costly and inconvenient calls to the service center.

End of Cycle Signal

The LG WT1701CW comes with an indicator, which makes an audible sound so that you can be notified about the end of cycle and unload the laundry from the washing machine.

LG Turbo Wash Top Load Washer

Direct-drive motor

The Direct-drive motor used in LG WT1701CW has lesser moving parts, still works more efficiently as compared to regular washing machines. This motor, in fact, has a warranty of 10 years in case something goes wrong during the operation.

Stainless steel drum

This portable washing machine contains a rust resistant stainless steel drum combined with a stainless steel impeller. The drum used is known for its long lasting life and is gentler on clothes.

Water-level adjustment

The machine automatically adjusts water levels according to the load size, thus saving water.

Automatic temperature control

This portable washing machine automatically maintains the water temperature you want. This is useful for consistent cleaning and prevents water from overheating, which avoids clothes from color bleeding and shrinking

Preset cycle

The preset cycle enables you to set the spin and soil levels to attain the ideal wash settings for best results.

LoDecibel noiseless operation

This LoDecibel technology makes washing noise free, such that when the portable washing machine is under operation you won’t hear a single noise.

Voltage Compatibility

This washing machine can connect to any standard 120V outlet. This means that this washing machine does not require any extra or specific electrical connections.

Adjustable Leveling Legs

This washer can be easily transported from one place to the other on uneven floors and grounds due to the presence of adjustable and flexible leveling legs.

Innovative top-load design

LG innovates the top-load washing machine designs by allowing you to bring the control panel from back to the front. This makes it easier to read and use the LED and touch buttons.

Electronically designed front control panel

This portable washing machine consists of an electronically designed control panel at the front with two LED displays. This leads to easy operation of the machine with a modern design.

Child lock

This portable washing machine contains the child lock functionality, enabling you to protect your machine from being opened by your child during operation.


The LG WT1701CW uses half the quantity of water and 30% less energy as compared to regular washers. This means less electricity and water consumption, which is a positive step towards environment conservation.

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) qualified Oxi-sanitize cycle

This is a combination of oxi-cleaning products and sanitize-cycle cleaning performance, which reduces the energy wasted on cleaning the toughest stains and removing bacteria from your laundry.

Allergiene cycle

This technology removes more than 95% of the allergens from the most delicate clothes. Thus this the first Asthma and Allergy friendly portable washing machine certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Target Audience of LG Turbo Wash Top Load Washer

Best for people with a family consisting of many people

If you have a large family and you are tired of doing your laundry again and again during the day, then this portable washing machine is the best choice for you.

Best for people who do not like the noise a washing machine makes during operation

Moreover, if you are in search of a washing machine that has quiet operations, which you can switch on before going off to sleep, then the Turbo Wash Top Load Washer is surely for you.

In short, the LG WT1701CW is a highly recommended washer for every household.

Other Requirements of LG Turbo Wash Top Load Washer

Nachi Front Load LG Seal Kit and Washer-Tub Bearing

The bearings of your LG washing machine will deteriorate with time and thus you will have to replace them by buying this Nachi high-quality seal and bearing kit.

Xtremepower US Compact, Electric, Mini, Portable, Small Washer

If you have limited space available to place your washing machine, then Xtremepower US Electric-portable washer is the right one for you. It washes the laundry thoroughly yet taking up less space.

The Quality of LG Turbo Top Load Washer

If you are in need of a washing machine that can handle large loads with no noise during its operation then you must go for this washer. This machine comprises of twice the number of dynamic suspensions joined to a TrueBalance technology and a horizontal anti-vibration system. This ensures that the load remains even and quiet while the machine is under operation.

Ratings of LG Turbo Top Load Washer


The Amazon customers loved this product, and very much satisfied with its working. 28 individuals gave the rating 4.2 out of 5, out of which 19 gave a 5 out of 5 rating for this portable washing machine.

Reasons to Choose LG Turbo Wash Top Load Washer

  • The LG WT1701CW is a high-quality machine that can easily and quickly handle the largest loads possible with a 5.0 cu. ft.

  • The machine consists of an anti-vibration system with twice the number of dynamic suspensions that evenly distributes loads and gives noiseless operation. So now you can leave your machine working and take a nap, without getting disturbed with the annoying loud noises like those in regular washing machines.

  • If you wish to save up on your electricity and water bills then this product is a definite try. The deep cleaning technology, TurboWash technology, and WaveForce technology quickly clean your laundry deeply and thoroughly, while preserving the fabric quality.

  • If you want allergen free and bacteria free clothes then you should opt for this machine. The Allergiene cycle and the Oxi-sanitize cycle removes allergens and bacteria from your clothes, without compromising on washing performance.

  • The LG WT1701CW contains a delay timer that enables you to start washing at different preset times during the day. This can be helpful when you are out and about.

  • This washer has a one-year liability warranty on labor and its parts from LG. In addition, lifetime warranty on the stainless steel drum and 10 years warranty on the Direct-drive motor.

  • On top of all, LG provides best help and support to its customers. You can contact their customer support representatives through email or phone. You can visit the LG site’s FAQ section for any quick questions. Also, the user manual of this model is easily available over the internet, so you do not need to worry about if you have lost the user manual which came with the portable washing machine.


LG Turbo Wash Top Load Washer in all is an excellent machine with an intricate yet stylish design. Its large capacity and noiseless performance are the key features that makes it different from other machines. Although having a large capacity, it does not take up much space and is the best portable washing machines for apartments. Its high functionality and versatility will ease your burden of laundry and clean your clothes efficiently and effectively.


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