Best Portable Washing Machine Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

///Best Portable Washing Machine Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Washing machines are one of the most significant technologies of the 20th century. One cannot imagine his life without washing machine. That is why it has been named 12th most significant invention ever according to a recent survey. Women gained an extraordinary amount of freedom across the globe with best portable washing machine. This time-saving machine has made a huge impact on the lives of millions who can, fortunately, afford it. Infinite washing machines have been distributed in our societies making itself part and parcel of our daily lives. We are unable to even put our foot outside our homes without washed and laundered clothes. What a marvelous invention!

The washing of clothes has become an easy affair with this invention. Before the invention of portable washing machines, people would wash clothes in hot water with soap or chemicals using the scrub bar and wash tub. Can you imagine washing clothes like this in this busiest life? The harsher chemicals and hotter water with bleach were used to clean the clothes thoroughly. Our life has been saved from this strenuous job. Even the germ control has been made possible with portable washing machines. Millions of lives are saved yearly through this washing technology as it reduced the spread of pandemics to a greater extent.

Recently the machines come with many advanced technologies including a laundry drier. Hundreds of companies manufacture the portable washing machines including stream machine, portable machine, front loader and top loader. The portable washing machines have made the life relaxed, and it is best for those who have a little amount of laundry. You can easily utilize it in campsites, RV’s and apartments. The size is small, yet it takes a huge amount of your workload. They enable you to reduce the daily expenditure of your laundry and help you resolve the strenuous process of doing laundry in a sink.

 Top Portable Washing Machine Review

Portable washing machines are the number one choice if you have a small place to live and do not wish to have a room full of the machine. We bring you reviews of the six best portable washing machines on the market.


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Giantex Portable

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Best Choice

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1.Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1 Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

This beautiful portable washing machine comes with rust-resistant stainless steel tub with a smooth rolling casters, quieter motor, and easier relocation. Haier HLP21N consists of an upgraded portable washer which is recommended for regular and everyday cleaning. This machine comes with three water levels depending on your choice and accommodates 6 pounds of load easily. The sink adapter quickly connects and works well with all kinds of taps and other typical water faucets at homes. The three wash cycles are enough to tidy up any clothes. Electronic controls of this portable washing machine are coupled with bright LED indicators.

Machine for two individuals

The brand Haier is trusted by masses. This model of Haier is a popular portable washer that has frequently been bought and sold online. The most important part is the tub which is made out of stainless steel, so you stay free from any rust worry. The capacity of this machine is higher as compared to other washing machines. It will not make any noise unless you overload the machine with laundry. This machine can easily accommodate two t-shirts, one cotton sweater, one jeans, two undergarments, and four pairs of socks. A couple would love to have this machine for their daily laundry.

Without a Spin Dryer

The only drawback of this machine is a lack of a dryer. Even with this issue this machine is extremely famous and loved by people due to its great service.

This machine is the top portable washing machine that can easily wash the laundry of two individuals. The extra features make it all more wanted as compared to other machines. The spinning of cloth is a problem however it can be resolved with the help of colander or hanging clothes to get rid of water.

2.LG High Efficiency Turbo Wash Top Load Washer

LG Turbo Wash High Efficiency Top Load portable washing machine is the second number on the market. This compact 4.9 cubic foot washing machine has a distinctive top-loading design that makes it easy to use in confined spaces. You can easily use this model in a laundry room or on the countertop and even in basement exclusive of performance compromise. Being the most famous branded portable washing machine, LG Turbo Wash is extremely easy to install and comes with an efficient motor which spins quietly. The body is sturdy and scratch proof.

Best for small spaces

If you are short of space, then go for this machine. It is perfect for the light living quarter and small apartments where each inch of space matters. This machine comes with cold wash technology provides similar cleaning of warm water to save energy. You have the freedom of choosing amongst six water level settings and 12 cycles. You can easily clean various fabrics and save on water with versatility. The body is mounted on a couple of wheels so you can roll it to sink in no time for water hook-up.

Fully Automated

The best part of this portable washing machine is that it is fully automated. The WaveForce technology comes with speedy drum motion for an outstandingly fresh and clean laundry. Fully automated dual LED control panel with touch function turns your washing day into fun day. It accommodates around 6.6 pounds having an ultra-compact build that do not consume lots of electricity, water or clutter spaces. The ColdWash technology lets you wash for a different type of garments and smart wash cycle.

3.Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine

Third on our list is panda with a portable drying spin and impressive load capacity. It can do up laundry up to seven pounds while being easy to operate. The user timer maximizes the efficiency which is again easy to use. It consists of 28 pounds weight a paltry. It is ideal to use in caravans and homes begin super space-efficient and power-efficient. Get one year warranty from Panda with every purchase.

Preferable Product

Panda has proved itself to its customers, so the brand says everything. Offering best features to the customers; Panda has proved its worth in the market. This machine is packed with the quality feature that a standard washing machine must possess. Wash your daily clothes with ease with this Panda product. Wash few undergarments, handkerchiefs, two pants, and two shirts effortlessly with this machine. Depending on the kind of fabric you wish to clean, set the timer. To wash towels and sheets set the timer to 15 minutes for exceptional results. This product offers spinning one side and washing on the other.

Ease of Use

Panda portable washing machine is light in weight consisting of 28 lbs only. Being a lightweight machine, it is considerably easy to move around. An inlet hose and a drain hose is the part of this machine. It is a compact, sturdy and noiseless machine that does not emit sounds during spinning or washing. The dryer is small as compared to washer yet it will make your clothes dry up to 80%.

You must be aware of the number of member in a family as this machine does not accommodate more than 12 clothes at one time. If you want your hands to be free from washing clothes, then buy this efficient machine.

4.Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb Washing Machine

Ease of use comes with this portable washing machine. It is a mini compact machine that has two tubs and brings convenience in your life. The spinner has the capacity of 6.6lbs and washer is 11lbs that gives you quite a capacity for your laundry. You can control the spin timer up to 5 minutes while washing timer up to 15 minutes for every load. The voltage frequency of this machine is 110V/660HZ with a motor of 1300RPM. The temperature must not exceed 129.2 degree or lower.


It is a compact twin tub portable washing machine that prefers doing laundry in a compact environment. This size of the machine is perfect for camping, RV’s, motor homes, condos, apartments, and dorms. While filling the machine with water it is necessary that you stay around as the water do not stop filling by itself. The machine is of high quality and is delicate in nature. It is ideal to hold small loads as it has mini washing tubs. The lid is transparent so it allows seeing the dry and wash process. The machine is extremely easy to operate.


You can buy this outstanding portable washing machine in blue and white colors. The washer size is compact and efficient. The spinning capacity is half of washing capacity so you can spin the clothes twice. The water temperature that you can use in this machine is 54 degrees. The drain pipe is 26” while the inlet pipe is 43”. The overall size of this machine is 28.35 in height, 14” width wise and 24.8” in length.

5.Della Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine

Della’s portable machine is a perfect choice for doing laundry in a small space. The washer can do laundry from medium to light laundry loads. You can select the dry spin or wash and the machines stops after getting done with the load. The dirty water of the machine gets easily drained with a drainage tube. Save electricity and water by washing only what is required.


You only need to put the load, fill water and set the time. Start the machine and get the required results after some time. The machine is a power house and is extremely easy to operate. For ideal washing use small loads like t-shorts, towels, sock and undergarments like delicate clothing. You are able to monitor water conditions from the transparent lid. The spin dry and spin wash allows you to wash and spin at the same time. It has a built-in drain pump that gets rid of dirty water automatically out of washer. Just put the clothes in washing machine, fill water, set timer and start washing. There is no need of blumbing. You are able to do washing and spinning in a control timer environment where the spin takes 5 minutes and wash takes 15 minutes.


An amazing compact and portable washing machine that is available in white color with a capacity of 8.8 pounds. It is 240 watt power and utilizes 115/60Hz of voltage. The spin capacity is 4.4 pounds which is half of washer capacity. The built-in drain system dumps water efficiently out of machine. It has water proof body. This high-tech portable machine is highly recommended for singles and couples.

6.Best Choice Products Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Best choice comes on sixth position of our portable washing machine review. It has a brand new washer with spin cycle dryer. The body is made of sturdy and durable plastic body. If you have a limited space on camping trips or dormitories this light weight and space saver is ideal. This machine is a powerful unit with a frequency of 60 Hz. You can enjoy the spinning and washing up to 13lbs of total laundry that is spin cycle 5lbs and washer 8lbs.

The washer runs up to 15 minutes for a quick clean and the spinner runs for five minutes in each load. The exceptional feature of draining and adding the hose takes place through an inlet which is attached to the hose. It also gives the option of pouring water directly into bucket. Another awesome feature of this product is that it is UL certified. The machine is available in white and blue colors. For cleaner clothes during your travelling and at your home buy this spin cycle dryer and portable washer today!

The tub of Best Choice portable machine is, compact and twin tub made up of durable plastic material. The capacity of this product is reliable so enjoy 13lbs of spinning and washing of your total laundry. The cleaning time of this machine is convenient and quick. The washer requires 15 minutes while the spinning needs 5 minutes for every load. The portability and storage is easy that saves space and lightweight ideal for dormitories and camping trips. The machine is quite powerful with the motor featuring 1300RPM and the maximum frequency of 60Hz. The dimension of this portable washing machine are 23″X13.5″X26″ (LXWXH).

Brief Introduction of each Brand


Haier is one of the best brands that manufacture household appliances. It is the fourth largest white good producer and the most valuable brand of China. This brand was founded in 1984 and is dedicated to produce more comfort and value to the users in the world. It is the best service provider that improves living environment. Some of the most high-tech and advanced technology in washing machine has been produced by this brand. Its products are developed on the needs and requirements of the users as they design portable washing machines specifically for their users. Haier focuses on environmental and health protection problems of the world.


LG needs no introduction in the electronics and home appliances market. The name of the brand speaks for its quality products. This brand has been bringing innovative gadgets for its clients since 1958. LG is globally accepted for its high-tech designs and technologies. The innovative technologies introduced by like ColdWash, AntiAllergen, WaveForce, and inverter based turbo motor have created advancement in washing machine industry.


Panda brand is popular for making advanced technology washing machines. It provides various ranges for its customers to meet their needs by manufacturing excellent quality of portable washing machines. Panda promises to deliver long warranties and high quality products. The prices are mediocre so that people belonging to every class can buy its products. The portable washing machines of Panda are very popular among the masses.


Giantex is a renowned company that manufactures home appliances and home décor. They are producing amazing products for the masses and helping people lead a better and easy life. The products of Giantex are getting popular and their customers buy their products especially washing machines. Their products are of good price and quality is great. Their portable washing machines are making a special place in the heart of people and there is a bond of trust between Giantex and its customers.


Della group has been working tirelessly for the betterment of environment and helping people lead a better life. Those who do lots of online shopping are well aware of this brand. Their electric appliances and home improvement gadgets are superb. Della strives to meet the needs of their clients by providing the products of their choice. Their portable washing machines are easy to use and reasonably priced.

Best Choice

Washing machines are one of the hardest appliances to shop for but Best Choice makes it all easy for you. The vast ranges of their electrical appliances give maximum benefits to their clients. The second hand machines of Best Choice are also popular in market. People put their trust in Best Choice and buy the products of this company.

Best Portable Washing Machine on the Market

How to choose the right Portable Washing Machine

The portable washing machines hold a momentous place in our lives, however, choosing the right portable washing machine is also important. To help you in this regard we have listed down some important points to consider while buying a portable washing machine:

Portable Washing Machine Type

The foremost thing while buying a portable washing machine is to decide on the type. Do you like to load and unload laundry from the top or prefer bending onto a front loader machine? A pedestal would aid you in a front loader machine yet you will have to spend $300 extra for this convenience. Let’s discuss the top load and front load machine in detail.

Top Load Portable Washing Machine

The models known as agitators are faster and cost less than the top loading machines. Without agitators, the portable washing machine is called high-efficiency, HE washing machine. The HE machines have great capacities, utilize less water, much better in cleaning and are gentle on fabrics. They spin fast that makes it remove more water and cutting of dryer time. The spinning also causes tangling of clothes. The top load machines are deep, and one has to bend at full for reaching the last sock out of the machine. Some would like to keep thongs for this purpose.

Front Load Portable Washing Machine

Front loading machines are a bit expensive option than top loading machine however they clean better than the top loader ones. They are gentler and use less amount of water. Front loaders take more time to do laundry yet they trim dryer time, extract more water and spin faster. This high speed causes some machines to vibrate yet it is advisable to place front load machine on a concrete floor as compared to wood floorings. Another trait in the front loader machine is the development of mold. This problem arises due to water collection in the folds of rubber gasket at machine opening.

Consider your Space

The big capacity portable washing machines are usually three to four inches wide with dryers. First, measure the space where you want to place your machine and make sure to allow at least 7 inches behind for water hookups while an inch more in between dryer and washer. Also, measure the doors of your house so that you may select the washing machines that can easily fit through them. Always check the dimensions of the washing machine and see which front load washing machine could be stacked with the dryer.

If you decide to place the washing machines near your family rooms or bedroom, then make sure that the selected portable washing machine pass the noise test. You must be aware of the noise that your machine is working, but the noise should not be disturbing. The vibrations in the front load machines have been greatly reduced however you must consider the vibration scores in the rating of washing machines.

Consider the amount of Laundry

You must be aware of the amount of laundry that you want to do on the weekly or daily basis. Not everyone requires a washing machine which holds 28 bath towels that a 6.2 cubic foot washer hold. 21 bath towels are held into 5.1 cubic feet washer while 17 bath towels in 4.2 cubic feet washer. The washer capacity is important only if you think it is important.

Five Amazing Features

The features and price are directly proportional to each other. Among the expensive washing machines, we have steam washing machines. The tests infer that stain removal improves slightly while the price is way too high to afford for this feature. That is why always choose a portable washing machine that fit your needs and most importantly budget. Then consider the time-saving and convenience traits of the portable washing machine. Some of the fabulous washing machine features include:

  • Cycle End Signal
    A beep or a tone will alert you to move your clean laundry out from the machine and put in the dryer.

  • Stainless Steel Tubs
    These tubs can withstand faster spin speeds, more water extraction and cutting the dryer time.

  • Extra Rinse Clean Option
    HE top loaders and front loader machine utilize less water as compared to agitators. This extra rinse clean option will aid you to get rid of stubborn messes and pet hairs. This feature also helps if the skin is sensitive to detergent scum.

  • Auto Temperature Control
    You do not have to add the cold and hot water to get set at the desired temperature. With this option, you can easily control the temperature of the water that you require throughout the cleaning process.

  • Auto Dispensers
    This trait enables you to store the fabric softener, bleach, and detergent at the right moment. Several latest washing machines can hold the detergent worth of months.

Best Portable Washing Machine on the Market

What should be considered before buying a Portable Washing Machine?

More than 150 brands of portable washing machine are selling their brand only in US. Imagine the different variety of machines being offered to us these days. It comes from the compact to top loaders and unitized one to front loaders plus other miscellaneous styles. It seems so difficult to sift through these tremendous options and find one machine of your choice. We got the solution of your problem in following lines:

Washer Setting

Choose amongst the top load and front load depending on your choice and then check the landscape where you will put your new portable washing machine. Choose stacking kits when you have limited space for your laundry. The top loader machines are best when it comes to stacking. It does not mean that front load will not give you this option.

Drum Size

The drum size is another important feature. First analyze your need for the drum size and how much laundry you require to do on daily or weekly basis. We have a range of 2 cubic feet except for compact ranges and majority of top loader and front loader machines comes in 5 cubic feet. This range is perfect for 8 pound load. Two large bath towels, two button down shirts, two pairs of slacks and two pair of jeans make around 16 pounds this means you need to do laundry twice in an 8 pounds standard size washer.

Double Check HE Logo

Another important thing to consider is the HE logo on your washing machine. Every top loader machine is not a HE designation. Most of the top loader machines are labeled as HE to imply the use of less water and volume of wash cycles. They do not possess center post or smaller center post as compared to the traditional ones. This means the traditional agitators in top loading machines are not always the high efficiency appliances.

Special Features

Most of the portable washing machines have the same kind of features however look for special traits that consume less of your time and produce cleaner clothes with less detergent and water.

  • Built-in Sinks

    Sinks in the washing machines is a latest feature. If the laundry room in your home is not large enough to house stand-alone sink then go for the machine having built-in sinks. The tough stains on you delicate clothing will wash away efficiently with this machine feature.

  • Large Capacities

    The top brands are manufacturing giant capacities in the portable washing machines whether it be top loads or front loads machines. LG top loaders go to 5.7 cubic feet while front loaders go up to 5.2 cubic feet. The larger the capacity the cleaner is your clothes in less time.

  • Multiple Tubs

    The multiple washer tubs is a new technology. It was first introduced by LG. in this design the regular front load washing machine has another secondary washer below for simultaneous cycles. Another system of multiple tubs known as flexwash was introduced by Samsung. In this design the smaller washer was incorporated into a larger or regular washer instead of a separate pedestal.

The recent times is an exciting times for laundry industry. Many top brands like LG and Samsung are coming up with new ideas in washing machines featuring latest and high technology. Washing machines are coming with app integrations, mega capacity washers and latest models with sinks. It forces other brands and companies to think about the new design of the portable washing machines. It also implies that in no time you will have a large range of options for the best portable washing machines available in market. Therefore before you start the hunt of your portable washing machine measure the laundry room, weight the cubic capacity and top load and front load efficiency and performance trends. If you wish to spend more than $1200 then you are more prone to enjoy the innovative portable washing machines in the market today.


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