Twinkle Play Tents Review – Is It Worth To Buy For Your Children?

///Twinkle Play Tents Review – Is It Worth To Buy For Your Children?
Twinkle Play Tents Review – Is It Worth To Buy For Your Children

Twinkle Play Tents are specifically designed for children. These special tents come with attractive LEDs that illuminate the tent using many fancy patterns. These LEDs can glow creating patterns according to music and even for vocals. This product is advertised on their official website, Their website started their official existence in July 2017. Over the recent past, Twinkle Play Tents were able to grab notable attention. As of now, according to their official website, this product is available in two designs to select from. Manufacturers claim that these tents are available in Walmart too.

Features of Twinkle Play Tents

We would like to emphasize the most notable features associated with Twinkle Play Tents.

  • Lights get automatically activated as the kid goes in

  • Ideal for kids to dance according to music and rhythmic light

  • Highly sensitive sound and motion sensors

  • Available in two varieties

  • Highly portable and easy to store when folded

What we like and what we don’t like

We went through the characteristics of this product and summarized what we like and what we don’t like. This section will give you a basic idea whether it suits your kid.

What we like

It is available in two styles; one is for boys and the other one is for girls. This leaves the kids an opportunity to select what they prefer. Both the tent versions come in similar structure which are highly portable and compact when folded. They also come with a handy carrying case and it improves the portability a lot.

When it comes to the functionality, we like a lot the whole concept of sensors. Since it is designed with motion activated technology, the illumination will start as soon as the kid entered the tent. Likewise, when there is no one in the tent and no sound or motion is present, the lights will automatically go off. Thanks to the sound-responsive star integrated to Twinkle Play Tents, the kids can experience a very exciting time inside. The start glows according to the music played inside.

You don’t need to look for a separate power outlet or engage in confusing wiring tasks when setting up this tent; it is powered by 3 X AAA batteries (which are really easy to find in any local store.

What we don’t like

Despite the claims made by the manufacturers, Twinkle Play Tents are not available in Walmart yet. So, if you intend to purchase a tent, you have to do it through their official website only. They are not available in your local stores for sure! In that case, it is realistic to expect a slight delay in delivery.

Although most of the kids will start to love these Twinkle Play Tents immediately, some kids will find it to be somewhat boring after a couple of days.

Apart from that, Twinkle Play Tents require some assembly work. Although this assembly work is pretty simple for an adult, it can be somewhat difficult to a small child. However, this is a very small drawback.

Should you buy Twinkle Play Tents?

In fact, the decision depends on the personality of your kids. Majority of the kids will love this concept as soon as they experience it. However, there is a possibility for some of them to get bored after spending some time under the dancing lights. If you believe your kids will stop using it after a couple of days, just think of another gift idea.


The price including the shipping is $48.98 no matter which version you purchase.

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

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