Top 6 Best Robot Dog Review – A Great Toy for Kids

///Top 6 Best Robot Dog Review – A Great Toy for Kids
Top 6 Best Robot dog Review – A Great Toy for Kids

Although most of us (particularly the kids) love to have a live pet at home, our lifestyles may not permit us to do so. In fact, having a live pet is a huge responsibility; modern lifestyles of some people may not allow them to take such responsibility. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to totally jeopardize your kids’ desire for keeping a pet; thanks to the modern technology, you can consider getting them a robot dog. During the past couple of years, the popularity of these exciting, lively toys has increased significantly. As of today, many companies manufacture these synthetic pets. This article is composed reviewing the best robot dog products in the market today; the information found in this article can be a useful guidance too.

Best robot dog Review

We have handpicked the top six products available in Amazon. We have determined functionality, features, outer appearance and many other facts to list these products.


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Chi-Chi Chihuahua

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01.WEoffer whatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog – Harry 

This adorable robot dog is named Harry. It is designed to look like a small Dalmatian which is cute enough to attract any kid. It is longer than 7 inches and has a height about six inches resembling the size of a small puppy. Harry can perform various tasks that normal dogs can do; it can walk, bark and make many other dogs sounds to keep your kids excited and thrilled. More importantly, this Dalmatian puppy will respond to touches and let your kids feel as if they are with a real puppy. This dog is powered by 3 AA batteries. It can walk on almost any smooth surface. Once you leave it untouched, operated for about 30 seconds, Harry will automatically shut down (after saying you good bye). It can sing several songs for your kids and keep them entertained. You can activate different features by touching different parts of the body of this dog.

Main features

  • Can walk on almost any smooth surface

  • Battery operated

  • Touch sensitive

  • Resembles a Dalmatian puppy

  • Makes exciting sounds


  • Beautiful design

  • Bump n go

  • Engages in fun filled activities

  • Comes with batteries


  • Poor performance on rough surfaces

  • Can break if dropped from heights

02.Zoomer Interactive Puppy 

This is an advanced robot dog that has many features to keep your kids entertained and excited throughout the day. It is made to be a smart toy that can learn new things. Zoomer is smart enough to understand multiple languages such as English, Spanish and French. It is powered by rechargeable battery (which is built-in and can be charged with USB). In fact, it behaves just like a real puppy; he responds to you when you call its name; he responds to your commands by wagging the tale. It even expects a belly scratch from you. You can make him follow you; the eyes of this dog are sensors that can detect the movements. It can roll over, chase own tail, lay down and perform many other features to keep your kids entertained. The size of this puppy is substantial enough to resemble a real-life puppy. It moves across the house smoothly though it cannot tolerate rough surfaces. Thanks to the rechargeable feature, you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries.

Main features

  • Smart puppy that responds to your commands

  • USB Rechargeable (no need to use batteries)

  • A lot of actions are integrated


  • Understands multiple languages

  • Beautiful and advanced design


  • Not the most energy efficient toy (you have to recharge it pretty often)

03.Haite Toys IR RC Smart Dog 

This is a very elegant smart robot dog manufactured using top quality plastic material (which is nontoxic to humans). It is integrated with many exciting features such as walking, dancing, singing, standing or even climbing. According to the action this dog performs, its eyes change. It also comes with a unique study mode which will help to kids to learn numbers and English alphabet. It is controlled using an infrared remote control; you can control it from a 50 feet distance. One of the most attractive benefits offered with this smart dog is that it’s one-year money back warranty. It can effectively interact with you and sense the actions around. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. There are four preset modes in this dog; Standby, Dance and Sing, Study and mechanical dog to serve different needs of the kids.

Main features

  • Infrared Remote controlled (from a distance up to 50 feet)

  • Four modes to select from

  • Many dog-like actions integrated

  • Can respond to the actions around


  • One year money back guarantee

  • Rechargeable

  • Can be used as an educational toy

  • Adorable design


  • Can break if dropped from a height

04.SainSmart Jr. Remote Control Robot dog 

It is made out of top quality plastic that is non-toxic. This special toy dog can perform various tasks like dancing, walking, shaking head, wagging tail, run etc. Going beyond performing activities, it can get emotional too; it can show you emotions such as anxiety, excitement, and guiltiness while making appropriate sounds and physical actions. This beautiful toy is operated using 2.4 GHz wireless technology. It is powered by a rechargeable battery.

Main features

  • Performs a variety of dog-like activities

  • Built in rechargeable battery

  • Shows emotions

  • Controlled via wireless technology



  • Operation is limited to one hour upon a single charge

05.GEEDIAR Electronic Pet Dog  

If you are looking for a cute, well-made robot dog that can keep your kids happy, you may consider this product favorably. Just like a real dog, this electronic dog can follow you walking. It can also dance and sing as you command. Thanks to its smart technology, it can respond to your hand gestures apart from responding to voice and touch. It is built to respond 15 different voice commands and provide you great deal of fun. This dog is powered with 4 AA batteries.

Main features

  • Powered with 4 AA batteries

  • Comes with 15 different voice commands

  • Resembles a cute Dalmatian puppy

  • Performs a variety of dog-like actions


  • Beautifully engineered

  • Responds to hand gestures in addition to the voice commands

  • Can sing, dance and do fun-filled things


  • Cannot be used outdoors

  • Batteries needs to be replaced

06.Westminster Chi-Chi Chihuahua 

If you prefer simplicity and cuteness when shopping around for a robot dog, this can be the product for you. Although it is not associated with advanced features compared to the other products on this list, this toy will be loved by your kids. It can perform all the basic actions such as walking, nodding the head, waging the tail and pouncing playfully. It is made to resemble the shape of a cute little Chihuahua which will be loved by any kid and adult. It has a soft cover.

Main features

  • Can perform basic actions of a puppy

  • Resembles a cute Chihuahua


  • Small in size

  • Very adorable (more realistic)


  • No advanced features

  • Not for outdoor uses

What to consider before buying robot dog

Purchasing a robot dog might sound like an easy task. However, there are some things to consider before you making the purchase if you need to end up with the perfect product. Some robot dog products are powered with replaceable batteries while others are rechargeable. Replacing the batteries can be costly over the time and yet, rechargeable models are generally expensive.

Be sure if the manufacturers assure that the product is made with nontoxic materials; that is a precautionary action for the safety of the children.

If you expect educational assistance from these robotic dogs, you should probably select a product that helps your kids to learn. (Some of these dogs can teach your kids numbers and alphabet). You should read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Make sure that you assist kids when they need to recharge the toy. Don’t let the kids touch power sockets when plugging in the charger; instead, you should do it for them. Last but not least, you should have a good idea about the price when shopping around; advanced models are generally expensive than the basic ones. Most of the robot dog products are not that hard; dropping them from heights might cause damage to them. Therefore, instruct your kids to use them safely and don’t encourage them to take the toys outdoors.


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