Guide to Choose the Best Baby Receiving Blanket

///Guide to Choose the Best Baby Receiving Blanket
Guide to Choose the Best Baby Receiving Blankets

If you are a new parent, a receiving blanket is not a strange thing for you. Usually, these blankets are made for the purpose of wrapping babies; however, smart parents consider every blanket to be a versatile gift for the baby. Since you are purchasing these blankets for a baby, it is very important to distinguish the best out of the rest. Even if you are not a new parent, you may have to consider purchasing receiving blanket at least to gift someone. Read on the top receiving blankets reviews as a guide to choose the best product.

Factors to consider when choosing a receiving blanket

When you shop around for a baby blanket, you will see the massive number of products available in the market. When you buy one however, it is better to consider the below-mentioned factors.

  • Is it comfortable?
    It is needless to mention that the newborn babies are highly sensitive. So, they will feel really uncomfortable if the blanket is rough. Mostly, the comfort of the blanket is determined by the material used. So, you can go through the product description of the item and decide if it is comfortable enough for your baby.

  • Does it have a rough texture?
    Don’t buy blankets that have rough textures. It will be an annoying experience for the baby to feel the roughness of the blanket.

  • Is it versatile?
    A blanket should be a versatile gift that can play a variety of roles; you should be able to use it as a nursing cover, a burp cloth, a good cover, swaddling etc. So, be sure that the product has such qualities.

  • Is it washable?
    The material of the baby blankets should be easily washable (machine washable or hand washable). Once washed, it should not lose its quality or fade away.

Best Receiving Blanket Review

Here are some of the most popular and best selling receiving blanket products that are available in Amazon. We share this important information as it will be useful for you when you purchase the next blanket either as a new parent or as a gift for someone else.

Luvable Friends

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Laura Ashley

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01.Flannel blankets, Yellow Pinwheel from Luvable Friends

Manufactured using 100% pure cotton, these blankets (set of 05 pieces) is capable of providing exceptional comfort for the baby. The soft cotton material provides great feeling on the sensitive skin of the baby. It comes in the shape of a square (28” X 28”). Giving more value to the amount you spend, this product offers you multiple users; it can be used as a burp cloth, nursing cover, to cuddle the baby, as a sleeping aid and even as a cover for the stroller. Since it is machine washable, busy parents will like it very much. They have used adorable, mild color combination in the design.

02.Baby Boys’ 4 Pack Flannel Blankets from Gerber

This set of baby blankets is manufactured with 100% cotton to assure greater tenderness for the baby. The package comes as a 4-piece set that is designed particularly for baby boys. It is a square type model with dimensions of 30”X30”. The edges of these blankets are perfectly finished to assure a longer life span. It is washable using the machine without necessarily ruining the quality. It can be used for multiple tasks such as cuddling, covering, burp cloth etc. The designs on the material are adorable; they are great for a baby boy. It is one of the best receiving cloths in Amazon today.

03.4 Piece Ladder blanket from Laura Ashley

This baby blanket set is among one of the best gifts you can offer to a new born baby. The hanger and the beautiful ribbon bow give it the look of a perfect gift. It is not just a receiving cloth; it works fine as a cover for your stroller, swaddling, burp cloth etc. The designs are really cute and adorable; all the designs are done to match the cuteness of babies. They are made out of the most comfortable cotton flannel to give a great feeling to the baby.

04.Organic Un-Dyed Cotton Baby blankets for Boys and Girls from LuvdBaby

If you prefer to treat your baby with an organic baby blanket or gift such product to a new parent, you should check this product out. It is manufactured with un-dyed, organic cotton, so your baby is completely safe from chemicals. The special tenderness of the material makes your baby happier. It is provided with a belt to wrap your baby in style. Other than that, you can use it as a play mat or a quilt pretty easily. Large 32”X32” square provides more space for the baby.

05.4-in-1 Cotton Muslin blankets from SnuggBugg 

This particular product offers a supreme level of safety and comfort for the baby. It is manufactured with top quality cotton muslin fabric as a comfort measure; its breathability is really admirable. The versatility of this baby blanket is high; it is usable as a car seat cover, a burp cloth a swaddle or anything else you would imagine.

06.4 Pack Wrap Me Up blankets from Carter’s

Every pack of these blankets comes in 4 pieces with different designs. Rectangular design with 30”X40” dimensions provides better versatility. They are made with 100% cotton flannel guaranteeing more comfort. All of them are machine washable for better cleanliness. Overall, a great product to gift or use for own baby.

Guide to choose receiving blanket for your baby

  • Material matters a lot: One of the most important things you should consider when purchasing blankets is the material. Don’t go for synthetic materials that are not breathable as it will discomfort the baby. By far, cotton flannel is the best for babies. The texture on the surface should be gentle on the skin of the baby and this is why materials like cotton are considered to be a great choice.

  • Consider the size of the blanket: There is no point of purchasing very small blankets; choose a blanket that has at least 28”X28” dimensions, so it can be used as a cover or a play mat for the baby apart from using as a comfortable wrap.

  • Cheapest is not the best: The product you purchase is for the baby; you should not risk her comfort or health by purchasing baby blankets for very cheap rates. Anyhow, most of the good quality products are not expensive. So, be sure that you don’t consider price as the decisive factor.

  • Purchase a well rated product: Particularly, when you purchase a product from an online market place like Amazon, you will be able to read the reviews of the previous customers and come to a conclusion of the quality of the product. It is just the common sense that you shouldn’t buy low rated products.

  • Even the design is important: Always select mild colors and designs for the baby; avoid strong colors as they can disturb the baby.

Usage and benefits of receiving blanket

If you are a parent with a newborn baby, you will know the struggle you have to go through in order to assure the comfort of your beloved baby. Receiving blanket can be of great use for such parents in order to take good care of their babies. They can be used as nice play mats, pads, swaddle, burp cloth etc. in addition to its usage as a blanket. They can even be used as covers for strolls and seats whenever necessary.

Apart from the comfort and protection come with these blankets, they can save you some money as they play the role of a versatile piece; you don’t have to purchase separate items for the baby.

Even if you are not a parent, these blankets might relate to you; you can purchase it as a value gift when you are visiting a new born baby. In fact, receiving blanket is among the most useful and appreciated gift by the new parents due to various reasons.

Make sure that you maintain high level of cleanliness when using these blankets as they have a very close contact with the sensitive skin of the baby. Use the right kind of detergent when washing the blankets and get rid of potential microorganisms. Don’t wash them with strong chemicals as it will cause irritations on the baby’s skin. Dry these blankets well after washing. It is always better to have multiple sets of blankets instead of having one.


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