Glow Glider Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?

///Glow Glider Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?
Glow Glider Review – Is It Really Worth Buying

Glow Glider is a special soccer ball that glows with the help of built-in LED lights. Although it is called a ball, it is more of a disk that can glide across smooth floor. According to the manufacturers, this product has the ability of hovering above the floor to perform a smooth gliding. So, it doesn’t practically roll over the floor but makes a smooth glide to mimic the movement of a soccer ball. Each Glow Glider product comes with a special ring that can absorb the shock that occurs due to impacts. Because of this special ring, the soccer ball might bounce gently in the event of an impact. It keeps moving constantly because of this feature and the manufacturers claim it might be ideal to be used as an indoor toy for any age group. You can play it with by yourself or with a group.

Features of Glow Glider

Let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with Glow Glider.

  • It has an exceptionally brighter LED lights that glow in the night beautifully

  • It comes with a superb turbo fan that can lift the device off the floor and make it glide

  • Ideal to be used on tiled, wooden or even carpeted floors

  • Protective shock absorbing ring that can easily bounce in the event of an impact

  • Ideal for all the age groups

  • Each order comes with a second glider for absolutely free

What we like and what we don’t like about Glow Glider

There are plenty of options for you to consider when you are looking for a good, fun filled sports item. If you are a soccer fan like millions of other people across the globe, you will love to play a game of soccer whenever you get an opportunity (regardless of location). However, playing soccer inside the house with an ordinary soccer ball can be pretty dangerous and impossible. This is exactly when you need to go after an alternative like Glow Glider. According to the manufacturers, this product is a hovering disk that glows brightly and deliver significant amount of fun. This product is considered to be an “As Seen on TV” product that is advertised and sold through their official website with many interesting claims. While taking their claims with a grain of salt, here’s what we like and what we don’t like about Glow Glider.

  • What we like

    It comes with bright LED lights that glow at night beautifully while moving. Because of this characteristic, not only you get a beautiful effect but also the opportunity to play even at night. The multicolored lights are capable of creating a whole new appearance that makes every one of you excited. You can easily switch on the lights with a single switch.

    LEDs generally last longer than any other type of bulb. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about maintenance; LED’s usually demands very little attention in terms of maintenance. As we believe, the LEDs themselves will last longer than the Glow Glider unit.

    The shock absorbing ring located around the ball is really handy in order to protect the device from potential impacts. When you play indoors, this ball will come into contact with the furniture items, walls and other sturdy objects and this shock absorbing ring will absorb those impacts. Then, the device will bounce away safely to the opposite direction making it more fun to the players.

    This product works perfectly well on smooth and even surfaces such as wooden floors, tiled floors, terracotta etc. So, you get a good chance to play with this item regardless of the floor type you have at home.

    It might match almost all the age groups. No matter whether you are a toddler, kid or an adult, you can experience considerable amount of fun with this device. The way it glides across the floors and bounces back after hitting on an object is really exciting. You can think of different types of games to play with this product.

    Each purchase you make is entitled for two sets and that assures the best value for the money you spend. You can simply keep one device for yourself and probably give the other one to someone as a gift. If not, you can play with both the devices simultaneously expecting more fun.

    You can use this device to play group games or to play alone. Even a toddler can enjoy the functionality of this device; it is safe, attractive and exciting. As an adult, you can think of many games and see how it glides across the floors smoothly.

    Each package comes with a guide that includes instructions to play different types of games.

  • What we don’t like

    You cannot play with this product on outdoor surfaces. It doesn’t glide over the uneven surfaces. Therefore, if you are looking for an outdoor play item, this is not the product for you.

    Unless you play carefully, this product can come break highly fragile items like china, glasses etc. therefore, you must be extra cautious when playing in a highly congested area.

Should you buy Glow Glider?

Yes. This product is a good option to consider if you are looking for a good indoor play item; either as a gift or a play item for yourself.


The price of Glow Glider is $19.99. Apart from that, you have to pay a shipping fee of $4.99.

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