Choose A T-Rex Costume For Parties And Holidays

///Choose A T-Rex Costume For Parties And Holidays
Choose A T-Rex Costume For Parties And Holidays

When parties and holidays seem to arrive sooner than you expected, definitely it indicates that you haven’t planned for the occasion. Well, we all are guilty of not keeping track of how we are going to look or wear to an upcoming party. Things go south really fast when the occasion is something theme based like a Halloween or dinosaur theme party. If you are stuck with no idea of what you are going to wear to such a party, then a T-Rex costume should be a no-brainer choice. Don’t worry, we are here with a detailed guide on how you can choose a T-Rex costume for parties and holidays within a budget.

Why To Buy A T-Rex Costume?

Selection of a party costume should be based on your personality. A T-Rex costume is ideal for showing your hidden side of personality that you usually don’t show to your family or friends. This costume gives you the freedom to be cute, funny, scary or perky at the same time without having to worry about what others might think. Uniqueness of the T-Rex costume is another selling point. Everyone dresses as a vampire, evil genius, a pumpkin, a wizard or a skeleton on a Halloween, but you seldomly see a T-Rex at your doorstep asking for a treat. Uniqueness is what makes this costume most popular for parties and holidays.

Budget is another factor that will make you consider a T-Rex. Unlike its fancy peer, this costume is super cheap. This gives you the freedom to buy additional accessories to go with your costume. For example, after buying the costume you still have to spend on matching shoes, tights and socks. A T-Rex falls within your budget and often on ecommerce sites for sale. As the costume is available for both adults and children it makes a very attractive group costume option. Your kid can get in arrangement with friends and they all can get T-Rex that will make their group look unique. Not only they will eye catching, but also hilarious for onlookers, they will be trick or treating.

Adult T-Rex Costume Collection

Dressing up for holidays and parties is as fun for adults as it is for kids. Since the very beginning of theme parties and holidays like Halloween, adults have actively participated as various characters from the famous stories and legends. A T-Rex is an ideal product for such enthusiast adults. Men, women and couples can pull this costume off like a pro in a party without feeling odd.

To make your choice easier we have listed below the best selling T-Rex available on Amazon. The idea and theme of these costumes are similar to the ones designed for kids. They are designed more for grown-ups.

Top Adult T-Rex Costume on Amazon


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Costume Agent

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Forum Novelties

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Luckysun Adult T-REX Dinosaur Inflatable Costume Suit

Inflatable T-Rex costumes are the most popular variant of these products simply because they make you gigantic and massive beasts. If you try any other costume that can increase your mass like these inflatable costumes do, most probably you will be crushed under the weight of the fabric.

Luckysun is a reliable name in the industry. This Adult T-REX Dinosaur Inflatable Costume Suit from the brand is an excellent choice for holidays and parties. Made from lightweight durable polyester material you won’t even feel the weight of the fabric. You should choose this T-Rex because is it:

  • Made from durable 100% polyester material

  • Easily fits a person who is 1.65-2m tall

  • Unisex costume suitable for men and women

  • Air pump that operates on 4 AA batteries inflates the costume in a minute

  • Easy to deflate with fastenings available around the neck and foot

  • Easy to store, compact T-Rex costume

We tested this costume to the end wearing it to the nearest kids park. I must say, kids love the costume and were hovering around it all the time. We tried kicking a football and dancing around, the T-Rex costume held up just fine without any sign of strain. Not only for parties this costume is also suitable for annual events, parks, games, festivals and every event you can think of.

TOLOCO Inflatable Adult Unicorn Rider Halloween Costume

Not exactly a T-Rex, but this costume is more of a sensational unicorn ride that will make you the center of attraction whenever you put them on. One of the best selling Halloween costumes, TOLOCO inflatable adult unicorn rider Halloween costume is a worthwhile consideration for a holiday or a theme party.

Features of this costume include:

  • Made from 100% durable polyester fabric

  • Available in a universal size that fits all adults

  • Battery powered fan included in the costume inflates it within a minute

  • Costume includes a matching hat

  • Air fan operates on 4 AA batteries (not included)

As a recommendation from the manufacturer you should never put the battery back in your pocket as it can overheat the 4 AA batteries. Clip the battery pack to your belt. You can easily inflate the costume in no time and we are sure everyone will love it. Quality of the costume is also high. You can rest assured that it will stay with you for many Halloweens.

One of our staff members who is 6 feet tall, took the TOLOCO Inflatable Adult Unicorn Rider Halloween Costume for a ride while he was wearing it. In his words, he owned the road, random people stopped him numerous times to take pictures.

Piggyback Ride On Riding Shoulder Adult Costume

Now this T-Rex got our attention for being totally out of the league design. Of all the adult costumes we reviewed, the Piggyback Ride On Riding Shoulder Adult Costume is the one that truly amazes the onlookers by its unique design. If you always wanted a crazy costume for Halloween or a theme party but always have to compromise, we guarantee this T-Rex will get you going.

The illusion this costume gives is as if the T-Rex is giving you a piggyback ride. You definitely will want to buy this T-Rex because of its features.

  • 100% polyester durable fabric

  • Unique T-Rex costume with funny design

  • Ideal for cosplays, theme parties and Halloween

  • Costume includes a beer can holder

  • Unisex design suitable for both men and women

  • The illusion of the piggyback ride is truly creative and brilliant

High quality and well made, the Piggyback Ride On Riding Shoulder Adult Costume will hold appreciably well whether you walk or dance. The lower part of the costume has a drawstring on the pants that you can use to keep the costume in place. There are sizes available for every adult, you can choose from-Standard, Plus, Adult Standard and Adult Plus. We don’t think you will need any additional accessory to go with this T-Rex. It is a complete Halloween wear.

Forum Novelties Men’s Monkeyin’ Around Costume

Keeping up with the Piggyback ride costume, the last inclusion in our list of the adult T-Rex collection is the Forum Novelties’ Men’s Monkeyin’ Around Costume. Brilliant name for the costume, we will give them that. We were amazed how effective this costume is designed to give the illusion of riding on a monkey’s shoulder. But this is what you get when a brand famous for designing magic and trick novelties for over three decades designs adult T-Rexs.

We think this costume is well suited for men, but daring women out there can also have the fun with this costume. This costume is one of the best, because:

  • Made from durable 100% Polyester material

  • Can be hand washed

  • Costume is imported

  • Measures 16”x8”, suitable for most adults

  • Can fit up to 34” waist size

  • It’s an all-in-one pull on pants costume

  • Easy to wear the material is lightweight and high quality

Adult costumes can be as silly and funny as kids’ costumes and the Forum Novelties Men’s Monkeyin’ Around Costume proves it. The unique illusion of riding on a monkey’s shoulder is the USP of this costume.

Our staff member tried this costume and he was able to wear it without any trouble. We tested the costume for durability doing some jumps and dancing, but the costume held well.

Child T-Rex Costume Collection

As adults, we have to agree on the fact that when it comes to costumes for kids, girls and boys have entirely opposite take. While boys often go by the superheroes and alien costumes, girls are more subtle and want costumes inspired by fairies, angels and princesses. So, how to get a costume that appeals to both the genders equally?

Simple. You choose the T-Rex costume. As both boys and girls are fascinated by the giant reptiles that gave them the Jurassic Park movies, none can resist the attraction of a premium and well designed T-Rex. Disney characters and superheroes are well suited and classic costume ideas, but the real fun of picking up a party or holiday costume is to make kids look as unique as possible. Here are the best T-Rex costumes that we think you should get your kids.

Top Child T-Rex Costume On Amazon


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Princess Paradise

  • see detail

Jurassic World: T-Rex Inflatable Kids Costume

If you really know about T-Rex or has any idea how it looks like, chances are it is because of the Jurassic Park movies. When we searched for the best T-Rex costumes for kids, the first inclusion has to be the officially licensed Jurassic World: T-Rex Inflatable Kids Costume.

One of the most awesome T-Rex costumes, this wear is designed for kids 4.5-5 feet tall. It means there’s a huge scope that tween and preteens will easily fit into this costume. Like other inflatable T-Rex costumes, this one also comes with a fan assembly and battery pack. It is advisable that parents themselves do all the assembly and clip battery pack to the clothing and do not keep it in the pocket. The head of the T-Rex should be carefully tightened around the child’s face.

You should consider this T-Rex for your kid because:

  • Made from high quality child-safe 100% durable polyester

  • Imported T-Rex that can be hand washed

  • Battery operated fan inflates the T-Rex dinosaur costume in under a minute

  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included with the costume)

  • Fits children with height of 4.5 feet

  • Costume measures 5 feet tall and 21 inches wide

  • The T-Rex tail is 31 inches long

  • The head section measures 14x19x7 inches

Your kids will love the orange and brown multi color finish of this T-Rex. You should take care not to bleach wash or wash the costume, just line dry or wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Child T-Rex Costume By FunCostumes

Most of the costumes we have included in our review are made from polyester, but the FunCostumes’ Child T-Rex is made entirely from quality polyfoam fleece and corduroy fabrics. Most T-Rex costumes are inflatable which means not every child can wear them. This costume is designed to overcome that very flaw. Made from skin friendly fabrics, this T-Rex is definitely a serious contender to be the one of the best Halloween costumes for kids.

FunCostumes Child T-Rex Costume Features

  • Made from high quality child-safe polyfoam, fleece and corduroy fabrics

  • No electronic parts or battery required

  • T-Rex design with stuffed fleece made scales going all the way down to the tail from the top of the head

  • Jumpsuit style design with a zipper, easy to wear

  • Hands can be easily exposed as mitts are sewn into the sleeve cuffs and not permanently attached

  • Headpiece is detachable and is connected with the rest of the T-Rex with a Velcro

  • An overall well sculpted costume that will attract kids

Allow your young ones to relive the Jurassic period experience with this well designed T-Rex. A soft build and skin friendly material will let your kids enjoy all kinds of activities while they are wearing this costume, be it running, dancing, playing football or just fooling around.

T-Rex Costume By Princess Paradise

Now it will be a grave injustice if we only include T-Rex for adults and preteens only in our list. This is why the last inclusion in our list of the best T-Rex for kids is the product of the Princess Paradise.

This T-Rex is available for infants and toddlers along with option for teenagers and adults. Now, as the costume is a one-piece jump-suit design, you won’t have to worry about taking care of lots of segmented accessories. This is a plus point for a T-Rex made for infants and toddlers.

Here are the major features of this T-Rex to know:

  • Made from durable 100% polyester material

  • A one-piece T-Rex with attached hood

  • Imported product

  • Realistic design with black and gold embossed tie dyed dino print

  • Available in sizes for infants, toddlers, teenagers and adults

Before ordering this T-Rex you should consult the child size chart provided by the Princess Paradise as the size of this costume is not similar to clothing your usually buy for your kids.

Let your young ones unleash their inner creative beast with this cute and adorable T-Rex. A premium costume suitable for all occasions, we picked this product from the Princess Paradise as toddlers are often fascinated by the largest reptiles to ever exist on the planet. This costume will bring them as close to them as they can get.

You are not done yet. Once you get yourself a quality T-Rex it is now on you to take care of the product so that it lasts long. Following are some tips that will help you to choose the right T-Rex and properly take care of your costume.

Things to consider before buying a T-Rex Costume

Now that we have shared with some of the best selling T-Rex costumes, you are yet not ready to order one for yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind before you buy a T-Rex Costume costume.

The Fit-Often, I have seen people choosing a Halloween costume based on just its looks and not considering how comfortable it is to wear. After wearing your T-Rex Costume, you should be able to walk around. Make comfort your priority when choosing such a costume.

Start Early-Even though we have made your choice for a T-Rex costume easy, yet you will need to find some additional items on your own. These costumes are not accompanied with matching socks, tights or shoes. You have to get them on your own, starting early will help you get your costume ready for the big day.

Choose a dress based on your body shape and size. If you consider all the T-Rex costumes, we have listed above are varied in design and construction. These costumes are for different body shapes and sizes. When you pick a T-Rex costume, consider how well will it fit you.

Versatility and Cost. Dressing for parties should never stretch your budget. T-Rex costumes are no different, choose one that will be with you for long. You may have to pay some extra bucks for a quality and reliable costume, but it is a lot better than being left stranded on the day of the party just because you bought a cheap dress that torn out without any warning.

Be nice, Be unique. With Halloween costumes you can never say when they get offensive to other people. It is important that you buy a T-Rex that has no obnoxious touch to it. Also, avoid buying a too general T-Rex as it will take the fun out of it. The products we have listed are quite unique.

How to take care of the T-Rex Costume

A unique T-Rex is truly an asset that you will be flaunting in many parties and holidays to come. Taking proper care of your costume will ensure that it lasts longer. Here are some tips to better take care of your T-Rex costume:

Right Cleaning Method

Whether you should machine wash, cry clean or handwash your T-Rex? It depends on the material used in your costume. Machine washing will be right cleaning method for costumes made from 100% polyester, but for others like a polyfoam costume hand washing is more suitable. Strictly follow the guidelines given to clean the costume.

Working With Wrinkles

Check the manufacturer’s instructions or the label of your T-Rex to know if you can iron the costume or not. Materials like polyester are completely destroyed if ironed, so you need to be very careful. To keep wrinkles at bay in your polyester T-Rex, you can hang it in the bathroom after washing. The wrinkles will not form.

Store The Costume Right

How you store your T-Rex, also affects its age. Store the costume only after it is completely dry after washing. Damp fabric can easily develop mold ruining your costume. As you will need your costume only on few occasions store it in a dry and temperature controlled place in a hanger. Costumes made for infants and toddlers are often accompanied with a holder case for safekeeping.


T-Rex costume is definitely a unique pick for parties and holidays. As these costumes are available for both adults and kids, they are very popular as a combination costumes for Halloween and theme parties. The costumes listed are the best selling products on Amazon and make ideal gifts for adults and kids alike. Choosing and taking care of a T-Rex costume is easy with the information we shared with you. For your next Halloween, you should get a T-Rex costume. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


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