Best 3D Puzzles Selection on Amazon

///Best 3D Puzzles Selection on Amazon
2017 Best 3D Puzzles Selection

Putting together pieces of a puzzle never gets old as a game. It is in existence for centuries entertaining and educating kids and adults alike. However, over the years the manifestation of modern culture and changing interests of puzzle fans has led to a dramatic change what a puzzle game looks like. In the 21st century, kids no longer want to hustle with 2D board puzzles, but they want to expand their imagination with puzzles. We know you are here to know about the best 3D puzzles, but are you really knowledgeable enough to choose the best puzzle for your kid?

Modern day 3D puzzles can be built into skyscrapers and action figures. Available in all shapes and sizes, these kids puzzles make impressive super toys.

Guide to choose good 3D puzzles

Before we list the best 3D puzzles we want to share with you a detailed guide on what makes an ideal puzzle.

Age and Preferences Of The Puzzle Maker

Best 3D puzzles are determined by the age of the puzzle maker. You won’t want to gift a toddler a cityscape 3D kids puzzle when the most appropriate type of puzzle for him is the one with alphabets and cartoons. There’s an underlying difference in the design of puzzles based on the age group they are made to serve. Puzzles for toddlers will have larger pieces, but more sophisticated puzzles for adult kids will have small puzzle pieces.

Preference is another differentiating factor. 3D puzzles for girls will be a lot different than for boys.

Choose a type of 3D puzzle

Once you are clear on the age of the puzzle maker and understand what his or her preferences are, you choose what kind of 3D kid puzzle material is suitable for the puzzle maker. These super toys are so popular that manufacturers have gone beyond the most popular cardboard jigsaw puzzles and offer you puzzles built in many more materials. Now you have puzzles that are made out of wood and they are popular because of their eco-friendly existence. Then you have crystal puzzles that are designed to be more intensive on the puzzle maker’s concentration and focus. For toddlers there are large piece foam puzzles that make them coming for more.

Types of 3D images

The next step towards getting the best 3D puzzle is to decide what picture or activity will indulge the puzzle maker. There are traditional 2D kids puzzles with 3D printed images, they serve as starting point for someone new to 3D puzzles. Most famous types of 3D images that kids love are the historical buildings like Eifel tower. Such puzzles can be built into a real 3D figure that also makes an impressive centerpiece. Similar to 3D buildings there educational puzzles that teach young kids about shapes of fruits, animals and automotives.

What size of 3D puzzle you want?

The modern day a 3D puzzle can be as small as a photo frame and as large as a furniture in your living room. The choice of the size of the puzzle should depend on how much area the puzzle make has to work with the puzzle. It is ideal to have a space where pieces of the puzzle can be left when the kids are not working on it.

If there is enough room for large puzzles, then you should definitely get them, they make majestic toys otherwise compromise with an ideal size puzzle game.

Best 3D Puzzles Review – Top Six Brand on Amazon

You have learnt what you need to know about choosing an ideal 3D puzzle. Now its time to pick one from the best 3D puzzles we have listed for you. All these products are bestsellers on Amazon.

Ravensburger Eiffel

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BePuzzled Panda

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1.Ravensburger Eiffel Tower Night Edition 3D Puzzle (216-Piece)

Ravensburger has many products lined up in the market because it is known to be one of the best 3D kids puzzle manufacturer. After the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the Empire State building, the Ravensburger Eiffel Tower night edition is an excellent 3D puzzle game that your kids would love.

Features of Ravensburger 3D puzzle:

  • An innovative 3D puzzle and has the Easyclick Technology

  • Durable and sturdy 216 pieces that hold together nicely without any need of an adhesive

  • The set has plastic trimmings

  • A 18 incches x 7 inches x 7 inches Eiffel Tower structure 3D puzzle

  • 5 color LED lights included

Once all the 216 pieces of the puzzle are put into place, you will have a spectacular and a shining Eiffel Tower figure that gets illuminated in different colors. By day it looks gorgeous, but as the night falls it starts looking stunning with colorful lights.

2.WREBBIT 3D Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle

Now, which kid is in not love with Harry Potter and Hogwarts. If you are now at all aware of the preference of the puzzle maker, we suggest you pick the WREBBIT 3D Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle. It will definitely surprise any kid.

This magnificent 850 piece 3D puzzle is like every child’s dream that enables them to build their own Witchcraft school from scratch.


  • An exclusive Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection 3D puzzle

  • Makes a collectible 19.75″ L x 15.25″ W x 18.5″ centerpiece for kids room when assembled

  • Is a part of larger 1710 pieces Hogwarts collection

  • Made in Canada, sturdy 3D puzzle

  • Non toxic polyethylene foam material

What makes it 3D puzzle special is the fact that is part of the exclusive Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection that also includes the 3D Great Hall and the Astronomy Tower puzzles. Your kid will love to have his own entire collection.

3.Ravensburger 3D The Earth Puzzleball

What kids love about a globe is that it lets them get around the world with a spin of a finger. What if your kids get the opportunity to assemble their own 3D earth ball from scratch? Yes, the Ravensburger 3D The Earth Puzzleball is exactly what you think it is.


  • A 540 pieces curved puzzle

  • Simple and perfectly crafted pieces that even young kids can assemble

  • Comes with a plastic base and a metal rotation stand to hold the completed puzzle

  • No glue required, all pieces fit perfectly

We bet, your kids will learn about geography and countries much faster when they have a globe of their very own.

4.Beverly Crystal Clear Owl 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Not ideally for young kids, but if you are looking for a fun and challenging puzzle that adult kids will appreciate then the Beverly Crystal Clear Owl 3D Jigsaw Puzzle is the product. All 42 clear crystal pieces make you feel like you are working on a piece of illusion.


  • A premium and mesmerizing 3D puzzle

  • Makes a cute collectible

  • An official Beverly puzzle

  • Includes 42 mini crystal pieces and a base

Kids might first struggle putting this puzzle together but once they do it will knock their senses off.

5.Treasure Chest Black Original 3D Crystal Puzzle

Treasure chests are quite mysterious for kids, but when you make a sleek 3D crystal puzzle with a black treasure chest, then it makes a superb toy for them. The Treasure Chest Black Original 3D Crystal Puzzle is 52 piece toy that will give kids a hard time. But, the stunning functionality of the puzzle will keep kids motivated to assemble it to the end.


  • A functional 3D puzzle that looks stunning

  • Includes 52 translucent interlocking crystal pieces and a key

  • A challenging and fun to assemble 3D puzzle

  • Suitable for kids of age 12 and up

6.BePuzzled Panda Original 3D Crystal Puzzle

Crystal puzzles are very popular, but when you combine their popularity with the cuteness of a panda you get the BePuzzled Panda Original 3D Crystal Puzzle.


  • 41 pieces unique 3D puzzle

  • Heartwarming panda figure that makes a beautiful crystalline centerpiece

  • Suitable for kids aged 12 and above

  • Easy to work with 41 interlocking pieces hold together firmly

If your kid is an animal lover, this 3D puzzle will make him love the idea of working his brain to create a lovely 3D panda for his room.

Usage and benefits of 3D puzzles kids

The puzzles are not games that keep your kids busy and eat up their time, but these are educational and skill development instruments that improve:

  • Cognitive skills

  • Physical skills

  • Emotional skills

All these skills come together to make an ideal well rounded personality. When kids work with the 3D puzzles they improve their skills beyond anyone’s anticipation.

On the physical front their hand-eye coordination is improved that also benefits their gross motor skills. Cognitive skills are also improved as kids learn how the world around them works as they manipulate the shapes of real world objects. Working with shapes give them the understanding of shape recognition and sharpens their memory. All these skills develop their problem solving ability. If you are wondering how 3D puzzles help with developing emotional skills, then you are missing the whole point of the game. The game of puzzles teaches kids to set goals and strategize their win. It also encourages them to be patient.

3D puzzles are the best gift that your kid will ever receive to hone his skills on all fronts of life.


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