Top 6 Best Stun Gun Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

///Top 6 Best Stun Gun Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers
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Stun guns are among the most popular and easy-to-use self-defense weapons available around. Compared to an option like pepper spray, a stun gun is a superb weapon with impressive effectiveness. Although there is a large number of stun guns available in the market under different brand names, not every one of them will serve your purpose; each stung gun differs from the other at least a tad. Therefore, it is always good to do your homework before shopping around if you expect to purchase the best stun gun for yourself.

Best stun gun Review

Here is a review about the best stun gun products available on Amazon today. You may consider this review as a guideline when you are on the quest for the best stun gun.


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01.VIPERTEK VTS-979 – 980,000,000 Stun Gun 

VTS 979 is a powerful stun gun with superior functionality. It comes with LED flashlight as a value addition and a safety pin as an added security measure. Because of this special safety disable pin feature, a third party cannot take this gun away from you. The device is connected to a strap which is attached to the wrist of the user; is someone grabs it by force, the stun gun will automatically be deactivated and protect you. It is manufactured according to an innovative design and a size; carrying around this stun gun is a very easy because of this design and its size. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery eliminating the necessity of purchasing new batteries every time. Thanks to the non-slip rubber coating added to this special stun gun, you can experience a firm grip. As an assurance of the quality of the product, it is offered with a lifetime warranty. Even the sound of the electrical pulse this stun gun generates is a serious threat for any attacker. If the pulse touches the attacker, it will bring cause a sudden shock and bring the attacker into an imbalance mode. This is not a lethal weapon; it is capable of keeping the attackers away for your own safety when there is hardly any help for you.

Main features

  • Strong Voltage to bring down the attacker effectively

  • Handy design that fits in the hand nicely

  • Pulse with a scary sound


  • Integrated LED light

  • Rubber coated body for a firmer grip

  • Rechargeable battery


  • There are several complaints about the short lifespan of the LED light

02.VIPERTEK VTS-880 – 400,000,000 Mini Stun Gun  

This can be the best stun gun particularly for a lady (as you would see, it is made with a pink color body). Although it is very compact in size (fits in your pocket perfectly), it generates a massive power to keep any attacker away from you. Because of the non-slip rubber coating it has, the device doesn’t slip off easily from your hand even if your palms are sweaty. Since this stun gun comes with a rechargeable battery, you don’t need to worry about replacing expensive batteries; it is all about charging it and using it. The lifetime warranty of this stun gun assures the overall value of the product. The LED light becomes pretty handy on many occasions (particularly when you are out in the dark in the absence of a flashlight). The ‘electrical sound’ (with the bright, lightning-like pulse) it makes is good enough to keep any attacker away from you. With a single attack, if necessary, it can bring any man down and this is a real lifesaver for you.

Main features

  • Generates a strong electric pulse to bring any man down

  • Compact size with pink color body

  • Electrical sound with a visible lightning-like pulse


  • Easy to carry around because of the small size

  • Non-slip body for added convenience

  • LED light to be used as a flash


  • Some users have complaints about the functionality of LED lights

  • No safety pin/switch

03.Police 928 – Extreme Voltage – Heavy Duty Stun Gun 

This is a heavy-duty stun gun designed to keep any attacker away from you no matter how strong he is. It is equipped with a very handy snatch prevention feature (there are shock plates to generate high voltage and prevent others from touching it), so no one will be able to snatch it from you. It allows you a very firm grip because of the specially molded handle to match the fingers of the user. Rechargeable battery ensures that you don’t need to replace the batteries; you can charge it using a standard wall outlet without spending money on removable batteries. This heavy-duty stun gun has sharp and spiky electrode heads that ensure the pulse penetrate even the thick clothing. The electric pulse it generates is visible to any attacker and it is really discouraging for them. When that scary sight is combined with the scary sound, this stun guns gives the perfect protection for you.

Main features

  • Delivers a powerful electric pulse which is also visible and audible

  • Powered by a rechargeable battery

  • Firm grip with the molded body


  • Heavy-duty make for durability

  • Ultra-sharp pointers to penetrate thick clothing


  • The flash light of the gun gives some troubles

04.Terminator 400 MV Stun Gun With Flashlight  

This is an exceptionally powerful stun gun with a scary 15 million voltage pulse. This product can easily be graded among the best stun gun products in the market. The LED light integrated to this stun gun is a very powerful tool; apart from using it to see the surrounding under bad light, you can use it as a powerful weapon that unexpectedly blinds the attacker for several seconds. Thanks to the Heavy Duty Nylon Holster that comes with a belt strap, you can easily carry this stun gun attached to your belt. It is powered with a rechargeable battery and you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries. Once the battery is charged fully, it will serve you for about 4 months (as per the manufacturers it is 5 months). The lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturers explain the quality of this stun gun. It can easily get down any strong person because of the powerful pulse generated. It is made to be highly durable and strong. One of the best stun gun products in the market today.

Main features

  • A strong pulse with 15 million voltage

  • Super bright LED light that can be even blind the attacker temporarily

  • Rechargeable battery


  • Durable finish

  • Can strap to your belt easily because of the nylon holster

  • Long battery life


  • No safety switch

05.Streetwise Sting Ring 18 Million Stun Gun 

This special stun gun is different in shape compared to most of the other stun guns in the market. It is designed to have the shape of a ‘sting ring’ which is easier to use even when you are in a panic condition. In fact, this device consists of many characteristics the best stun gun would have. It is compact in design and can be activated within a split second; all you have to do is to squeeze it! You can have it perfectly concealed; the base of the unit can be covered with your palm and no one will know that you have this weapon of survival is in your hand. Because of the rounded shape of the base, you can feel it comfortable in the hand. The design ensures that only the sting ring is exposed to the outer world. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and you can recharge the device by plugging it into the regular wall outlet; no need to spend money on expensive batteries anymore. The pulse generated by this special stun gun is powerful despite the compact size of the device.

Main features

  • 18 million volt pulse

  • Sting ring design

  • Rechargeable battery


  • Compact design that can be concealed in the hand

  • Easy to trigger (just squeeze it)

  • Comfortable in the hand


  • Can shock yourself if you don’t use it properly

  • Cannot scare away the attacker by showing the pulse (they never know until you use it)

06.POLICE SECURITY 999,000,000 Heavy Duty Super Powerful All Metal best stun gun With Tactical LED Flashlight  

This special stung gun is designed with the integration of a powerful 400-lumen tactical field light. The body of this handy metal stun gun is manufactured with top quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material for added durability and strength. The bulb of the tactical field light is made to last long. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be recharged without replacing expensive batteries. This can be ranked as a bets stun gun without any hassle considering the longevity, strength and the powerful pulse it delivers. This is suitable even for professionals who are engaged in military and security tasks. This product can be recommended as the best stun gun in the market today.

Main features

  • Powerful pulse that can surrender any attacker

  • LED bright light that can be used as a tactical field light

  • Suitable for professionals

  • Rechargeable battery


  • Super strong body made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy

  • Can smash a glass if necessary

  • Durable


  • No safety switch or pin

What to consider before buying the best stun gun

If you need to differentiate the best stun gun from the rest, you should consider the following facts.

  • The amount of voltage of the pulse
    You can’t call it the best stun gun unless it generates an electrical pulse at least with a measure of one million volts. If you can go for a more powerful one, the results are more effective.

  • The capacity of the battery
    The best source of power for a stun gun is nothing but a rechargeable battery. Although there are models with removable batteries, replacing those can be expensive. The better (larger) the capacity of the battery the longer the shock duration. So, you should have a thorough idea about the capacity of the battery before you commit to purchase.

  • The size of the device
    Practically, there is a relationship between the size and the performance. Smaller stun guns are highly portable but may not be able to generate many numbers of shocks upon a single charge.

  • How safe it is
    The best stun gun might come with safety lock as a security measure. Such option will prevent the attacker from snatching your stun gun and attacking you back.

When to use a stun gun

As a matter of fact, you cannot use a stun gun to have fun or hurt an innocent person. You should strictly remember that the stun guns are self-defense weapons, not toys! As per the general law, you can use a stun gun only if you are being attacked or violently approached by someone and you are not in a position to tolerate the situation. Before you shop around for best stun gun, you should check if your state law permits you to use such weapon, however. Some states and cities don’t allow people to use stun guns. Generally, you can bring down a man with a 5-second shock if you use the best stun gun. Make sure that you switch on the pulse after the gun contacted with the target.


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