Do Not Buy Magnetic Sweeper Until You Read This Review

///Do Not Buy Magnetic Sweeper Until You Read This Review
Do Not Buy Magnetic Sweeper Until You Read This Review

A magnetic sweeper becomes vastly useful in cleaning metal debris from environments such as offices, home, and even commercial spaces. Magnetic sweepers basically operate based on a magnetized push broom. The broom of these magnetic sweepers is usually placed on a pair of wheels in order to move across the floor easily. Depending on the model, the releasing of metal debris you collected may vary; some require manual cleaning while others have a release button. In fact, this is a very convenient and time-saving strategy to get rid of the annoying metal waste found on the floors in all the environments ranging from residential to commercial. A good magnetic nail sweeper can make the floor a safer place for everybody including kids and pets. Therefore, the service of a magnetic nail sweeper is incredibly handy in many environments.

Top 5 Magnetic Floor Sweepers

There are many brands and models to choose when it comes to magnetic floor sweepers. Selecting the best magnetic sweeper out of this collection can be a challenging task particularly because of the different characteristics and features they come with. We, however, have selected the leading products and reviewed them enabling you to pick the best magnetic sweeper that serves your purpose.

Master Magnetics

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Central Machinery

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01.Master Magnetics Magnet Sweeper Mini Push-Type 

This is a magnetic broom that can deliver very effective results in collecting small nails, screws, and pins on most of the workspaces and residential floors. This magnetic broom comes with a width of 14.5” and it is capable of collecting over 1.5 pounds of debris at a single run. The wheels of this magnet roller feature a rubber tread and hard plastic rims to ensure a smooth run. The bushings are made out of steel and the overall construction of this magnet roller is durable as we feel. The wheels of this sweeper magnet have a diameter of 3 inches and it is good enough to move along any residential floor surface. To make the controlling process more convenient to the user, this sweeper magnet comes with a 41-inch handle. The grip of this handle is pretty firm and convenient. To increase the handiness of this magnetic sweeper, it comes with a hanging hole. You may consider this device as a roofers magnet as it can pick up small industrial items such as nails, screws, and clips. Thanks to the versatile design of this roofers magnet, it is suitable for a wide array of environments. The lightweight housing (which is made out of aluminum housing) is strong and durable. It can be cleaned with very less effort. You can do it just by using work gloves. The magnetism of this magnetic sweeper is impressive; it is powerful and strong enough to last very long. Because of the fairly good ground clearance level, you can consider this master Magnetics sweeper as an outdoor device too. You can use it for light outdoor tasks such as sweeping flower beds and other ‘fairly-rough’ grounds. The construction of the body is durable and that gives a good feeling of durability. In general, this is an affordable, user-friendly and lightweight device that can serve most of the lightweight sweeping tasks.

Features we like

  • Easy to use design

  • Strong magnetism

  • Convenient handling

  • Durable and strong finish

  • Lightweight housing

  • Can match a variety of locations

02.Neiko 53418A 36-Inch Magnetic Sweeper 

This is a rolling magnetic sweeper that can necessarily collect a large amount of metal debris compared to the previous product we mentioned. This rolling magnetic sweeper is capable of collecting a variety of nails, scrap and other ferrous metal objects; it can collect up to 30 pounds of metal waste (or objects) on a single run. It can play the role of a perfect nail magnet and protect your kids, pets, and tires from potential dangers caused by sharp metal objects. Because of the larger capacity it features, Neiko 53418A matches even the relatively big tasks (which are larger than the regular domestic tasks). Compared to the previous nail magnet we mentioned, Neiko 53418A is easier to use. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the gathered debris manually; you can simply use the quick release handle to get rid of all the metal scraps. In addition to that, this rolling magnet ensures an extra wide sweeping area; it has a width of 36 inches to the delight of the users. Such breadth can make you sweep a larger area within a relatively less time and with less effort. Making the operation more user-friendly, this rolling magnet has a telescopic handle; thanks to this design, you can adjust the heights of the handle to match your convenience (within a range of 29 to 42 inches). Such design assures more ergonomic operation without strains for the users. Because of the large wheels with 7 inch dimensions, this can be used as a yard magnet too. When used as a yard magnet, you will experience more ground clearance. It is capable of moving on surfaces such as grass, concrete, carpet and hardwood floors without causing any difficulties. The overall construction of this machine is impressive and it features a better usability and durability. So, if you are looking for the best magnetic sweeper for grass, this can be a good solution.

Features we like

  • Extra wide sweeping area with 36 inches

  • Telescopic handle for user convenience

  • Large wheels with better ground clearance

  • Best magnetic sweeper for grass

  • Capacity of collecting up to 30 pounds of debris

  • Quick release handle

03.Go2buy Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper 

This is another impressive magnet for nails; it also comes with an extended width and more power to make your work easier. Thanks to the 36-inch width it features, it can sweep larger areas quicker and with less effort. Being a highly versatile magnet for nails, this product comes with a better ground clearance. The product is manufactured with the use of top quality aluminum and industrial grade plastic in addition to the highly effective magnet and iron. It can be used a handy device to gather metal items such as screws, clips, nuts, bolts, washers in addition to collecting debris left on almost any floor surface. The overall construction of this machine is pretty good; it gives a feeling of strength and durability as you use it. You don’t need to worry about removing debris manually; it comes with a quick release feature to get rid of the debris you collected. Because of this quick release option, any user can save a good amount of time and save a lot of energy. Large 17.5 cm wheels integrated into this machine ensures a better and efficient movement on most of the surfaces including grass, concrete, and hardwood. As a measure of increasing the user-friendliness, this sweeping machine comes with a telescopic handle and that ensures very convenient experience for users no matter how tall they are. This handle can be adjusted within a range of 75.5 cm to 101.5 cm.

Features we like

  • Telescopic handle

  • Wider sweeping area

  • Large wheels with better ground clearance

  • Convenient to the user

  • Strong and durable make

  • Highly efficient

  • Matches grass, concrete, and other surfaces

 04.XtremepowerUS 24″ Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper

This is another handy product that has received many good comments from the users. In fact, you would notice that this machine is available for a very affordable price compared to a home depot magnetic sweeper. In other words, a home depot magnetic sweeper with similar features would cost you many dollars. So, this is an affordable and effective option to consider. This respective product is capable of gathering up to 30 pounds of metal objects (including debris, nails, bushes, bolts, and scrap). The height of the handle is easily adjustable; it can be adjusted from 31 to 45 inches depending on the height of the user. Such approach ensures a better user-friendliness. It matches almost all the surfaces ranging from grass to rugs. In order to increase the functionality and the usability of this device, the manufacturers have introduced a quick release feature. Overall, a good product with nice design. It gives a better value for the money you invest.

Features we like

  • Adjustable handle for added convenience

  • Can collect up to 30 pounds of metal objects

  • Matches most of the surfaces

  • Strong and durable finish

  • Quick release feature

05.Central Machinery 30″ Magnetic Sweeper with Wheels 

Before you purchase a magnetic sweeper home depot, you should check out this product on Amazon; this product comes at a very affordable price for the features it offers. Just like an expensive magnetic sweeper home depot, Central Machinery 30 inch sweeper comes with an extended sweeping area; a 30-inch sweeping area can save a lot of time for you. The wheels of this sweeper come with a diameter of 7 inches in order to move easily on many surfaces. Although it comes with a very affordable price tag, this machine can practically hold up to 50 pounds of metal debris, nuts, bolts, washers, clips etc. The powerful magnet integrated into the machine is capable of attracting the metal objects quickly and firmly. Thanks to the versatile design, it matches with almost all the surfaces ranging from grass to wooden floors. If you are looking for affordability and efficiency when purchasing a magnetic sweeping machine, this must be a good option to consider. Making it more user friendly, this deice comes with a very handy, quick release option. It is easy to use and strong in construction. The telescopic handle can be adjusted from 30 inches to 44 inches depending on the height of the user. Such feature makes it more convenient for the users.

Features we like

  • Height adjustable telescopic handle

  • Can collect up to 50 pounds at once

  • 30” wide sweeper

  • Quick release function

  • Very affordable

How to choose the best magnetic sweeper

Going for a magnetic sweeper can be a good idea if you intend to accomplish a one-time task. If not, purchasing a device is a wise move.

  • The capacity
    If there are a large amount of debris to collect (particularly on work sites), you must go for a sweeper that has larger holding capacity.

  • Quick release option
    Products with quick release option makes the operation more user-friendly

  • Wider sweeper
    Machines with wider sweepers will save you a lot of time and energy. Narrower sweepers will make you to perform more runs to collect debris.

  • Adjustable handle
    An adjustable handle will bring more convenience to the user particularly in the long run. Telescopic handles are better in this case.

  • Wheel size
    Larger wheels will make the machine compatible with most of the surfaces.


Can I use my sweeper outdoors grass surfaces?

Yes. Most of these sweepers match grass surfaces. However, you should verify it with the seller.

Do I have to clean the debris manually?

Most of the sweepers come with the quick-release option to release the debris. However, basic products may require you to perform manual cleaning.

Can I adjust the height of the handle?

Yes. If you purchase a sweeper with a telescopic handle, you can adjust the height to match your height.

What if I hire a machine?

Hiring is a good option to consider if you intend to accomplish a one-time task. However, hiring a machine on regular basis is not that wise; purchasing a machine is better in that case.

Why should I prefer a magnetic sweeper?

Obviously, a magnetic user is the most effective method to collect different types of metal debris left on the floor. It can assure a safer and hazardous-free floor.

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