Liquid Drywall Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?

///Liquid Drywall Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?
Liquid Drywall Review – Is It Really Worth Buying

Liquid Drywall, just like the name suggests, is a spray can that claims to have the ability to repair cracks and small holes appear in dry walls. The manufacturers of this product claim that it can repair the walls within seconds. It originally comes in white color and yet you can color it using the spreading tool. The treated area can be fine-tuned with a sanding pad if necessary. They say that this spray treatment dries quickly after the application. This product is promoted and sold through their official website.

Features of Liquid Drywall

We noticed that the manufacturers of this product claims many exaggerating features about it. Here’s what they claim.

  • They claim that this product has a better strength

  • It is a mess free operation

  • You don’t have to touch or mix the solution; just spray it

  • It dries pretty quickly

  • Each bottle is sufficient enough to fill 100 average size holes

What we like and what we don’t like about Liquid Drywall

Drywalls are vulnerable to many damages due to various reasons. Compared to brick or concrete walls, drywalls are more susceptible to produce holes, cracks and dents. Repairing drywalls is somewhat easier than repairing a concrete or a brick wall. Modern market consists of a large number of solutions to repair dry walls. Liquid Drywall is such product that claims to have instant repairing ability just with a simple spray. Well, despite what they claim, here’s what we like and what we don’t like about this respective product.

  • What we like

    Despite the double of the effectiveness, the most notable thing we like about this product is the concept of spraying. After all, repairing a dent, a hole or a crack with a spraying bottle is a very attractive concept isn’t it?

  • What we don’t like

    We have no idea about the formula they have used to manufacture this product; we were unable to contact their customer care representatives to get to know about this product.

    This product can be effective to repair very small holes and hairline cracks on your drywalls. However, we cannot consider this spray to repair a large hole or a notable dent; the solution might not be sufficient enough to do that.

    We consider this product to be a test marketed item only. As of this writing, this product is not available in any of the local stores or even on the online market places like Amazon. So, if you are a consumer who intends to try a product before you buy it, this might not be the product for you.

    In addition to that, this product is not suitable for outdoor areas.

Should you buy Liquid Drywall?

We cannot recommend this product for you if you are looking for a reliable drywall repair solution. There are plenty of other options available in the market to consider.


If you are still interested in purchasing Liquid Drywall, it comes with a price of $10.00 (and $7.95 for shipping).

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product”

 01.3M Patch Plus Primer 4-in-1, 3 fl. oz.

This product comes as a complete package that consists of spackle, a putty knife, a primer and even a sanding pad. So far, it has received impressive feedbacks from thousands of users as one of the best solutions in the market.

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 02.Duck Brand 282084 Self-Adhesive Drywall Repair Fabric

This product doesn’t come as a roll of fabric with an adhesive characteristic to let you repair holes and cracks in your drywall. It is manufactured with 100% fiberglass mesh that features impressive strength and flexibility.

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 03.DAP 12324 Patch Stick Nail Hole and Crack Filler Exterior

You can use this product to repair potential nail holes, small dents and cracks that might exist in your walls. If you used this product before painting, it can do a really good job and give a seamless finish.

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