Hydralight Fuel Cells Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?

///Hydralight Fuel Cells Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?

Hydralight Fuel Cells is a specially designed battery that is said to be powered by liquid. The manufacturers of this product claims that it works with pretty much every liquid you have. These battery cells are made to be compatible with a special flashlight (namely HydraLight). You can simply charge the battery cells using liquid and insert them into the flash light. Once the battery is inserted, this Hydralight would perform just like any other standard flashlight. According to the product descriptions available in their official website, www.hydralightfuelcell.com, this product can be used as an emergency light. They say this can be a good product to consider during power outages. This product is an “As Seen on TV” product that is sold through their official website as of this writing.

Features of Hydralight Fuel Cells

Here are some of the most notable features associated with Hydralight Fuel Cells.

  • Innovative design that can charge the battery cells with water

  • It is extremely easier to use; just use water as the power source

  • Each battery cell can last up to 300 hours in total facilitating multiple

  • It doesn’t degrade easily; it might last up to 25 years

  • The battery is designed to be an ecofriendly product (it doesn’t produce any toxic waste)

  • Very safe to use

  • User-friendly design

  • Great overall product durability

  • Each battery cell can be powered using any liquid including water

  • They are perfect for outdoor uses

  • Hydralight Fuel Cells are ideal for any emergency situation

What we like and what we don’t like about Hydralight Fuel Cells

It is true that there are plenty of options available when you are shopping around for an emergency light. Nevertheless, the amount of options available in the market can make the things pretty challenging for you (as it might be pretty difficult to pick the best out of the rest from an abundance of choices). Modern day flashlights come with many fancy features. Hydralight Fuel Cells is another product that comes with an interesting functionality; this “As Seen on TV” product claims to have the ability to recharge itself when submerged in water (or any other liquid). Like with most of the other “As Seen on TV” products, we take the claims they made with a grain of salt. That being said, let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with Hydralight Fuel Cells.

  • What we like

    Hydralight Fuel Cells can be pretty useful when you are looking for an emergency light in the absence of all the other sources of light. Although finding some water, removing the battery cell, submerging in in water and reinserting it into the flashlight during an emergency might feel like a really long process.

    Activating the battery cells by water is somewhat advantageous; after all, finding water is not that hard compared to other specific liquids.

  • What we don’t like

    Like mentioned earlier, the concept of recharging the battery using water takes a bit of process and time and that is not the best approach to follow when you are in an emergency situation.

    To be honest, the brightness of the light is inadequate to cope up with most of the emergency situations. In fact, if the surrounding is foggy, the light can become nearly useless. There are plenty of other options to consider if you are looking for a brighter flashlight.

    Although they claim about a water-powered battery, the battery cells actually aren’t powered water. As we believe, it is a battery that just needs to be electrolyte using water.

    The lifespan of the battery is actually shorter than you think when it comes to the reality. Up to 300 hours of battery life sounds pretty impressive; however, when we bring that number down to the days, it is just about 12.5 days (it is less than two weeks of light).

    The efficiency of the battery cells degrades significantly as you use this product for many times. Perhaps, you may have to buy a new set of Hydralight Fuel Cells sooner than you think.

    You must remember that this is an “As Seen on TV” product that is advertised and sold through their official website. Because of this, you will not be able to find it in local stores. If you are looking to purchase a flashlight without any delay, this is not the product you should look for (like with most of the other “As Seen on TV” products, it might take a bit of time to reach your doorstep).

    The size of the flashlight is bulkier than most of the other products in the market. In fact, you can purchase a significantly brighter and long lasting flashlight with a very compact size if you shop around a little.

    The price of this product is pretty much expensive for the brightness it provides. So, only if you are ready to buy a relatively expensive flashlight with significantly lower brightness, you may find this product to be an effective one.

Should you buy Hydralight Fuel Cells?

No. Our honest opinion is to go for a battery powered or a rechargeable flashlight that comes with a better brightness and reliability.


If you are still curious, the price of Hydralight Fuel Cells is $26.95. They don’t charge you anything as shipping fee though.

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

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