Clever Clear Review – Is It The Best Choice for Your Eye Glasses?

///Clever Clear Review – Is It The Best Choice for Your Eye Glasses?
Clever Clear Review – Is It The Best Choice for Your Eye Glasses

Introduced in June 2017, Clever Clear is an effective solution to clean your eye glasses. This tool comes as a complete package that includes several tools to make the cleaning process a successful and efficient one. Its functionality is mainly based on a microfiber pad that is charged using electrostatic power. Their product is advertised via and you can purchase the product through the same website.

Features of Clever Clear

Let’s take a quick look at the features associated with Clever Clear.

  • Microfibers are electronically charged to deploy more efficient cleaning process

  • It can clean even the edges of the lenses because of the contoured shape

  • It doesn’t leave any scratches on the surface of the lens because of the efficient retractable brush

  • Can last up to 500 cycles

  • It can clean all the eye glasses and lenses you see today

What we like and what we don’t like

Depending on the cleanliness of the environment you live and how you handle, your eye glasses can get dirty over the time and result in a blurred or disturbed view. Cleaning such glasses can be pretty daunting at times and often, conventional methods leave scratches on the surface making the situation worse. This is exactly when you will need something like Clever Clear. Now, we will be honest with you and express what we really like and we don’t like about Clever Clear. You can use this information as a guidance before making the final decision to purchase the product.

What we like

The functionality of the Clever Clear ensures better cleaning of your eye glasses. It is capable of cleaning the glasses from both the sides; Clever Clear comes with a design that presses two microfiber pads against the lens from both the sides. To assure better cleanliness, the microfiber pads are charged using static electricity when they are rested in the special case they come with. Charged microfibers can attract dirt with better effectiveness.

As per the claims made by the manufacturers, Clever Clear lets the user clean the lenses without rubbing; the conventional method demands you to rub the microfiber cloth against the lens. However, as long as you use a microfiber pad, you are not likely to damage or scratch the lenses even if you rub it. Still, we believe that non-rubbing Clever Clear is a good approach to assure the condition of the lenses you must protect.

This product comes as a complete unit. It has a retractable brush and a specially designed charging station in addition to the microfiber pad you get.

What we don’t like

Although we like the idea of non-rubbing cleaning, we don’t think it is a unique one; there are plenty of other products that come with similar functionality and features.

Should you buy Clever Clear?

After all, it is very important to keep your lenses clean all the time if you want a clear vision. Since this product is based on microfibers and comes with static electricity to perform better efficiency, we don’t see any harm in trying this product. However, you must not forget the fact that there are several other alternatives to Clever Clear.


In terms of the price, Clever Clear comes with a total price of $24.97. For this price, you will get two units (including shipping and handling charges). There are seven color options to select from and you don’t find this product in stores yet.

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

01.Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

This is a wet wipe alternative that doesn’t leave any scratches or residue. There are 100 wipes per package.

02.Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

This is pretty similar to the Clever Clear and yet comes with more affordable price tag. It doesn’t need any wipes, liquids or sprays; it works its own.

03.Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

This is a very affordable package that includes a cleaning solution and microfiber pads. The solution doesn’t contain any ammonia or alcohol substances.


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