Best Snow Machine reviews – Ultimate Buying guide

///Best Snow Machine reviews – Ultimate Buying guide
Best Snow Machine reviews – Ultimate Buying guide

Planning to have a snowy Christmas this year? Owning a snow machine is the best solution. Snow machines which were originally used in ski industry have now been modified to advanced, handy outdoor and indoor snow machines. These artificial snow machines produce snow by forcing water and pressurized air through a snow gun. You can either prepare this specialized snow liquid (snow juice) or buy it. With a snow machine at your reach now you can make your Christmas more magical, special events more creative, parties more happening, and your little ones more surprising. In this snow machine review we help you to choose the best snow machine.


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1)1byone 650W Remote Control Snow Flake Machine 

The first snow machine reviewed in our snow machine review is 1byone 650w Snow flake machine. We chose this first since we needed to emphasize its popularity in today’s market. It has great user satisfaction reviews under its name. This 650w snow machine has the power to throw snow flakes a distance of 6 meters with a 900ml (0.24 gal) tank for the snow juice. One gallon of the snow juice will get you a snow time about an hour. Snowflake output is 1.766 cubic feet per minute. Product dimensions are 13.42” x 7.2” x 7.3”. On / Off switch is on the rear panel with a red LED indicator.

1byone snowflake machine is ideal for DJ parties, weddings, house parties, Stage events, Halloween, Christmas and you name it. Its ability to work in warmer climate makes it more useful. Most users love the 1byone artificial snow machine’s ability to create real like snow storms. But since it is a foam, the snow cannot be made into a snowball.

Owing to 1byone snow machine’s great sale, has offered a 20% discount for this product, which makes it a high performance, high quality, high output and yet a cheap snow machine. The only noticeable downhill complaint so far is its loudness which many users suppress by playing music along with it.

Features We Like

  • Easy cleanup (dissolves away)

  • Safe and easy to use

2)Froggys Fog 600W Snow Flake Machine 

The Froggys Fog 600W is the second on our list because it is another pioneer in snow machine world. It too has won the hearts of the customers throughout the world. This 6 pound small snow machine fitted with a 1L snow juice tank is designed as an indoor as well as outdoor snow machine. A full tank of snow juice will operate for 20-25 minutes duration, but it shouldn’t be used for more than 8 hours continuously. Snowflake output is 80 cubic millimeters per minute. Product dimensions are 12.2” x 7” x 5.5”.

Froggys fog 600W is also ideal for parties, weddings, Halloween and Christmas. The machine should be placed 20” away from other objects. It sprays snow approximately 20 feet away from the unit which makes it suitable for the use in spacious areas. As with other snow machines, huge sound (70dB) generated is a con.

Features We Like

  • 600W machine with 1L tank capacity

  • Stylish and Innovative design

  • Output regulated for perfect size flake

  • Optional wireless remote

3)Froggy Fog Professional Snow Machine 

Want to take artificial snowing to a higher level? Froggy Fog Professional Snow Machine is a good option. It is powered by a 650W snow machine and is capable of spraying snow up to 30-40 foot still air projection range. It is filled with a 1L snow mix tank and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its physical dimensions are 7.9” x 17” x 7.9” and weighs 8.9 pounds. The best feature of this is 0% – 100% variable output based on the speed of the blower. This enables you the luxury of producing as much or as little snow as you like in any environment. This also makes it the best snow machine for professional uses like photography, winter photo shoots, stage performances, parade floats etc. For best results, Froggy’s frog recommends use with Froggys Flake Snow Fluids.

However, the snow machine price is a bit on the higher end. Additionally, loudness during operation is another minus point.

Features We Like

  • 0%-100% completely variable snow output

  • 650W with a 30-40 foot still air projection range

  • Ability to control the snow flake size

  • Best for parties, photography and stage performances

  • 1L internal snow fluid tank

4)American DJ ADJ VF Flurry Snow Machine 

The fourth in our snow machine reviews list is the ADJ Flurry snow machine. This 600W fake snow machine possesses an internal snow fluid tank of 1L capacity. It can spray snow for a distance of 2-5 meters. Ability to control the snow output volume as high/low is a special feature of this snow flake machine. It automatically shut off on low snow fluid to protect the pump. It also has a Snow fluid level indicator. All these features make this safe and easy to use. Its physical dimensions are 15.5” x 10.5” x 9” and weighs 18.8 pounds. Its handle designed to use as a mobile device supports its use as an outdoor snow machine. It is ideal to be used in parties, DJ, Christmas, and Halloween.

When purchasing an American DJ ADJ VF Flurry Snow machine on you get an offer where you get an American DJ Snow Juice 1 Gallon bottle free.

Features We Like

  • 600W mobile snow machine with 1L snow fluid tank

  • Snow Output Volume control as High/Low

  • Spray distance of 2-5 meters

  • Shut off on low snow fluid

  • Snow fluid level indicator

  • Additional ADJ Snow Juice 1 Gal bottle (on Amazon)

 5)Adkins Snow Machine

Although Adkins Snow machine is number five in our snow machine review list, it is another one of the best snow machines with great user reviews. Its wattage is just 400W and still can spray snow up to a distance of 20 feet. Its snow output is 60-90 cubic millimeters per minute. This handy and small snow machine comes with the dimensions of 13.5” x 7.25” x 7.5” and weighs only 8 pounds. It has a snow fluid tank of 1L capacity. A gallon of snow juice will spray snow for around 1 1/2 – 2 hours. No warm-up time is needed for this Outdoor/Indoor snow machine and you can use it immediately. Adkins mostly recommend it as an Indoor snow machine. A 13-foot remote controller is included in this small snow machine. In most user reviews most praises the realistic snow effect produced by the snow machine while some users complain about the noise produced.

You can purchase this small, cheap snow machine on Amazon where you get an Adkins High-Performance Snow Fluid 1 Gallon bottle along with the snow machines.

Features We Like

  • 400W artificial snow machine

  • Lightweight and handy design

  • Spray distance: 20 feet

  • Snow output: 60-90 mm3/min

  • 13-foot remote controller

  • Free 1 gallon Adkins snow fluid bottle

What to Consider When Buying Snow Machines?

After taking you through the snow machine reviews of the best snow machines in the market, we would like you to help you furthermore on how to chose the best snow machine for you out of them. Here are a few points that you should consider before buying a snow machine.

  • 1.Wattage: Should be chosen according to your requirement. More the wattage, powerful the machine output

  • 2.Physical dimensions and mobility

  • 3.Snowfall Machine Price

  • 4.Noise produced

  • 5.Internal Snow fluid tank capacity

  • 6.Output variability: So you can have a small snow flurry or a massive snow blizzard according to the situation you need.

  • 7.Remote controller ability

  • 8.Snow spray range

  • 9.Household or Professional snow machine

  • 10.Efficiency: How long the machine spray snow using a gallon of snow fluid

  • 11.Type and performance of the Snow fluid used

  • 12.Power Input: 110V or 220V


1.Is the Artificial Snow produced harmful to health?

No. Most Artificial Snow Machine manufacturers have assured of it. Although some users complain of a chemical odor after use.

2.Can I use water to fill the snow fluid tank?

No. You have to prepare a special snow fluid mix. But snow juice bottles are also available commercially.

3.Should I spend an extra effort to clean the snow after use?

Depend on the snowflake machine. In most cases, it's easy to clean since the snow is in a foam state which evaporates quickly.

4.Should I clean the snow flake machine?

Yes. The duration interval depends on the machine. Generally recommends cleaning every 40 hours of use.

5.Is the environment temperature affecting its function?

No. Any snow machine is designed to spray snow at any temperature.

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