Best Oscilloscope Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Oscilloscope Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Oscilloscope Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

Many professionals those who are engaged in a variety of tasks need the assistance of the best oscilloscope in order to accomplish precise results. In fact, the purpose of using a digital oscilloscope is identifying and assessing the functionality of various equipment that generates an electric signal. A good oscilloscope is capable of assessing the voltage shift of the electric signal (during a given period of time) and display it for the reference of the person who monitors it. The uses of a digital oscilloscope are many; for a professional, a good oscilloscope can help to observe, test and measure electric signals emitted by a wide array of machines and devices (such as vehicles, telecommunication machines, sensors etc.).

Best Digital Oscilloscope Reviews – Top Six Products

There are many oscilloscope brands in the market to choose from. When you are in search of the best oscilloscope brands, you need to consider accuracy, dependability, best value for the money and various other aspects. In our digital oscilloscope reviews, we emphasize the characteristics of six best oscilloscope brands in the market.


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1.Rigol DS1102E Digital Oscilloscopes  

Being one of the best oscilloscope products in the market, this product is popular among many professionals. In this oscilloscope review, we should emphasize that this product is considered to be one of the most economical products in the market (can be mentioned as the best oscilloscope under 500). Although it comes with a very affordable price tag, the performance of Rigol DS1102E is not compromised at all. Being the best oscilloscope for the money in our oscilloscope review, Rigol DS1102E has a dual channel system combined with one external trigger channel. Featuring the characteristics of the best oscilloscope brands, this device offers 20 types of wave parameters (with 10 voltage and 10-time parameters) and that is a strong reason for us to emphasize it as the best oscilloscope for the money. When switched to the cursor mode, this best oscilloscope can help you to measure by moving the cursor. In addition to that, this cursor measurement mode lets you select manual, track or auto measurements as needed. Being among the best oscilloscope brands, Rigol DS1102E can be integrated into the PC with the sophisticated software. It also allows you to save the measurements in various file formats as needed. In a nutshell, this can probably be the best oscilloscope under 500.

Features we like

  • Comes under a renowned brand name

  • 20 different wave parameters for automatic measuring

  • Large display screen for better readability

  • Seamless integration with PC via Software

  • Supports local or remote operation

  • Best oscilloscope for the money

2.Hantek DSO5072P Digital Oscilloscope 

Next on our digital oscilloscope review is Hantek DSO5072P. In this Hantek digital oscilloscope review, we should say that it is a very popular product among many professionals. It is more affordable compared to the previous item in our digital oscilloscope review. Rated as the best oscilloscope by many of the clients, this product operates at a bandwidth of 70MHz. As a measure to provide you clear, large information, Hantek DSO5072P comes with a large 7” LCD display (in color). Another significant feature we must highlight in this hantek digital oscilloscope review is its lightweight. Being a best digital oscilloscope brand in the market, it comes with a very useful help menu. It also comes with 4 math functions which are compatible with FTT standards and therefore, there are enough reasons to rate this product under the best digital oscilloscope brands in the market. Thanks to the lightweight design, you can expect a better portability from this machine. No matter whether you are a hobbyist or a professional in a relevant industry, this can be rated as one of the best portable oscilloscope products for the money. Getting used to this display and the functionality of this machine is pretty easy. Overall, if you are looking for the best portable oscilloscope at a low price, Hantek DSO5072P must be a good option.

Features we like

  • Very useful built-in help menu

  • Large display screen

  • Better portability

  • Built-in calibration function

  • Comes with 2 high impedance 10X probes

  • Includes a Fourier analysis algorithm

3.Owon HDS1021M Series HDS Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope  

Next product on our digital oscilloscope reviews is Owon HDS1021M. If you are looking for the best handheld oscilloscope, Owon HDS1021M might be able to serve your purpose precisely. When it comes to oscilloscope ratings, Owon HDS1021M stands out of the rest as the best handheld oscilloscope; in fact, customers who have used this machine have rated this product impressively. Besides those impressive oscilloscope ratings, this special product comes with a yellow color and it features a 3.5” LCD (true flat, color) screen. When it comes to the portability, this is an impressive product; after all, it is designed to be a handheld machine! You can take it with you easily. When you are on the move, you can consider using a rechargeable Li-Ion battery instead of the AC supply. In this digital oscilloscope reviews, it should be highlighted that this product is particularly designed to measure voltage, current, capacitance and resistance when you need to travel constantly from one place to another. The battery life of this product is pretty impressive too. Affordable price, nice design, and sturdiness are other features admired by many clients.

Features we like

  • Lightweight design with superb amount of portability

  • Can be rated as a best cheap oscilloscope

  • It triggers pretty quickly

  • Impressive display quality for the price you pay

  • Long battery life

4.Tektronix 1052B 50 MHz, 2 Channel, Digital Oscilloscope 

Compared to the other products in our oscilloscope reviews so far, this product comes with a relatively expensive price tag. Although it is slightly expensive, our oscilloscope reviews highlight that Tektronix is superior in quality. Being rated as one of the best digital oscilloscope products in the market, Techtronic 1052B offers a 50MHz operation with 2 channels. It also features a 1GS/s sample rate. Establishing a connection with your computer is incredibly easier with this product; it comes with a USB interface. This best oscilloscope can transfer all the data to the computer and store with greater convenience. The user interface of this best oscilloscope is impressive; a collection of data, analyzing them and viewing waveforms are easier. Many professionals who have used this 2 channel, digital oscilloscope suggest this product to be one of the best digital oscilloscope products in the industry. It has a very useful 7 inch color display unit and many users claim that this display has increased the usability of the machine. On top of all those features, this best oscilloscope product comes with an impressive warranty of 5 years and that explains the overall quality and durability of the product.

Features we like

  • Outstanding performance with superb build-quality

  • Easy to use design

  • 2 color display (7 inch) with better readability

  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years

5.Siglent Technologies Digital Storage Oscilloscope 

Among all the other oscilloscope brands in the market, this product can be considered as one of the best cheap oscilloscope products. Siglent’s digital storage oscilloscope features a 50 MHz operation. You may consider this product as a best oscilloscope for home use in addition to its ability to serve the purposes such as service work, repairs, and electrical engineering purposes. The built-in frequency counter of this best oscilloscope features a frequency from 10Hz to 50MHz. As a best oscilloscope for home use, Siglent’s digital storage oscilloscope offers a 2 voltage probes for you. The package comes with a power cord, a USB cable, a user manual and a PC software to integrate the machine with PC easily. If you are looking for well built, impressive oscilloscope brands under the price of $300, this can be a good product to consider. High resolution display integrated to this product ensures a better readability for the user.

Features we like

  • Onscreen help for better user-friendliness

  • Hi-resolution display

  • Useful PC application for better computer integration

6.GW Instek GDS-1054B Digital Storage Oscilloscope 

When you are in the hunt for the best oscilloscope and you need something affordable, GW Instek GDS-1054B a good product to consider. In fact, this is a good product for the price you pay. The design of the product is pretty impressive and it assures the best overall value. It features three bandwidth sections (100 MHz, 70 MHz and 50 MHz). The large display unit (7 inches) WVGA color display coupled with 256 color gradient display assures a better readability.

Features we like

  • Three bandwidth sections to select from

  • 10M memory depth

  • 7 inch LCD display and 256 color gradient display

  • Nice design

How to choose the best oscilloscope?

If you prefer portability when purchasing your oscilloscope, you should probably go for a hand-held product. In fact, in this case, going for a digital handheld oscilloscope becomes an obvious choice. These oscilloscopes display the captured data in the form of waves or digits using LCD screens these days. When it comes to analog, the information is displayed using a CRT display.

When selecting an oscilloscope, you should focus mainly on a couple of aspects that directly affect the accuracy. The value of the bandwidth, the range of the frequency it can measure etc. are important facts in this case. The S/s rate (samples per second) is vital too.

In general, the best oscilloscope products (including the ones we have mentioned in this review) come with 2 channels at the least in terms of signal input. When it comes to digital oscilloscopes the value becomes sixteen at the least.

The best oscilloscope should include options such as trigger controls, depth of memory in addition to the key features like doing precise calculations. Usually, for a product to be rated among the best choices, it must have a safety rating (for voltage). Such safety rating becomes very important when you need to use your oscilloscope to electricity-relevant tasks.

Depending on the type of the use, you may have to consider purchasing an oscilloscope powered by batteries too. For instance, if you have to carry the oscilloscope wherever you go, you cannot depend on the AC supply solely; this is why rechargeable or removable batteries become incredibly handy.

The ability to connect the device to a computer easily is another important feature to consider. If the respective device comes with a fully-featured software, you are likely to make the most of it. It is always better to rely on a reputed manufacturer when you are in search for the best oscilloscope; a warranty on top of all those aspects will make your decision a more rational one.


What is Sample Rate?

The term “sample rate” represents the clock frequency of the respective oscilloscope. A sample rate of 10MHz is the minimum value in general.

What is bandwidth?

This is the term they use to describe the highest value of frequency the oscilloscope can display.

What is the resolution in Oscilloscope?

Each oscilloscope can resolve a certain amount of voltages. The capacity of resolving small voltages is described by Oscilloscope Resolution. This resolution value depends on several aspects.

Do I have to pay for the software program?

Usually, the best oscilloscope products are offered with free software programs. You don’t need to pay for those. However, it is still better to ask your seller about this before you purchase the product.

Do I get a warranty?

It depends on the brand. However, the reputed best oscilloscope products in the market come with warranty as an assurance of the product they sell. Therefore, it is always better to stay away from the products that don’t offer warranty.

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