Best Machete Review–Ultimate Guide for Buyers

///Best Machete Review–Ultimate Guide for Buyers
Best Machete Review–Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Every time you watch an adventure movie that is shot in the wilds, our protagonist always carries a reliable and high end tool to cut through the woods, grasses and sometimes even enemies-the machete. This versatile cutting and chopping tool is in existence for centuries as a tool as well as a weapon. We are not much concerned with the latter application of the best machete but more concerned about how it is an incredible cutting tool. If you ask someone with enough experience and skill of using swords and knives, you will get to know that there is no specific type of tool that can be termed as the best machete. Every one of these chopping tools have varied blade design, thickness, material build and length. This is why choosing the best among the pool of different machetes, is not that easy. We are here with the best machete that we have chosen after rigorous review.

Top 6 best machete available on Amazon


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Condor Tool & Knife

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R&T Trading Co.

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Cold Steel

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Ontario Knife

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1. Gerber Bear Grylls 31-002289 Parang Machete 

It is no surprise that the first product in our list has the name of the most incredible survivor adventurer- Bear Grylls-in its titles. The Gerber Parand Machete blade is made from high carbon steel and an 1/8th thick. The long 13.5” blade makes this cutting tool a very powerful utility.

This machete has a full tang with rubberized handle that provides it an excellent grip.


  • Carbon stainless steel blade is easy to sharpen

  • Highly effective tool for cutting through dense vegetation

  • Lanyard hole and cable built

  • Excellent grip provided by rubber handle


  • Blade is not robust enough to cut thick wood

2. SOGfari MC04-N Machete  

A tanto machete, the SOGfari MC04-N Machete is designed as a tactical weapon with martial artists in mind. The slim 0.09” thick blade of 10” length makes this tool a lightweight portable combat machete. You can easily cut through a wooden fence of thick ropes with its stainless steel blade. The rubber handle of this machete makes it comfortable to hold and swing. For added grip there are lanyard holes provided in the handle for looping cords.


  • A well balanced tactical defense tool

  • Slim design makes it portable

  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Cheap

  • Rubber handle for stronger grip


  • Due to stainless steel blade you can use it only for lightweight applications

3. 14-Inch Golok Machete from Condor Tool and Knife 

You will notice the high value of the golok machete from Condor Tool and Knife because of its aesthetically pleasing walnut hardwood handle and decent blade length. The thick spine and high carbon stainless steel blade of this best machete is powerful enough to cut through pieces of metal, let alone thick wooden branches.

With a full tang and hardwood handle you can count on this cutting tool for heavy blows as many times as you want. If you wander out on a wild adventure than this machete is a must have.


  • 1075 high carbon steel blade

  • Thick spine for powerful chopping

  • Appealing construction with walnut handle


  • Built quality is inconsistent

4. Genuine Gurkha 11” Kukri  

If you want to get your hands on a real Kukri that is handcrafted in Nepal, then this is the best machete for you. With a durable blade made from high grade carbon steel with a 3/8” thickness makes it ideal for chopping woods and dense vegetation.

This is a highly durable product that is designed to be highly versatile and do all the heavy duty tasks that are required of a best machete. You also get a wood and leather sheath along with this tool.


  • High carbon steel blade

  • Hand crafted

  • Thick spine

  • Complimentary accessories included


  • Short length makes cutting through thick vegetation tough

5. Cold Steel’s Jungle Machete 

This Jungle Machete from Cold Steel is one of the best in our list of top 6 machetes available on Amazon because of its formidable piercing tip 0.11” thick and 16” long carbon steel blade. This makes this machete suitable for slashing and skinning. The blade is made to be bulky so that it can cut through dense vegetation easily.

The 6” handle is made from plastic.


  • A heavy chopper with long blade

  • Piercing blade tip

  • Cheap and durable


  • Handle design is awkward

6. Ontario Knife Co 1-18″ Military Machete 

Our list of the best machete available on Amazon is not complete without the inclusion of a military machete. A quality product with a 24” blade makes the Ontario Knife Co 1-18″ Military Machete incredibly long and useful cutting and chopping tool that you will enjoy having in your tool collection.

The blade of this machete is made from carbon steel that makes it flexible and useful for heavy duty tasks. The molded plastic handle is riveted into the blade making the machete an whole unity with refined integrity.


  • 24” long carbon steel blade

  • Riveted handle


  • There is no sheath included

Why a machete can be useful?

Don’t think of machetes as swords or hatchets, they are none of them. The best machete is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used for many applications, including:

The thick and long blades of machetes make them excellent cutting tools that can cut through woods and thick grasses easily. Altogether, it is a multi-purpose tool that makes your survival in the wild or on an adventure a lot easier by eliminating the need of carrying too many tools.

What to consider before buying the best machete?

Buying a machete is not a lot different than buying any other product on Amazon. You just need to understand what features are a must have for you in a product. Based on why you will be using the best all around machete, features you need to consider include:

Blade Length

Blade is the main feature to look for in a machete. Depending on your need, you can choose from short length blades that are 10” long to the ones with a total length of 28”. Shorter blades make the machetes a lot more portable but they compromise on the swing power. On the other hand, the machetes with long blades provide powerful cutting length, but come at the cost of increased weight and compromised portability.

Thickness of the Blade

You need to be careful to pick a machete with right thickness based on the application. To provide more chopping power to machetes, their blades have thicker and stronger spines. If you will be cutting through thick woods or chopping flesh and bones you will need a machete with at least a quarter inch thick blade.

Blade Material

Most commonly available variation of machetes available in the market are made from either stainless steel or carbon steel. However, there is a third variation recently introduced in the markets that uses hybrid stainless steel with high carbon for the blade.

Every blade material has its up and down sides. The carbon steel blade is a flexible yet tough which makes it suitable to be used in situations where you need to make heavy blows often. The problem is the carbon steel rusts easily and it is not easy to re-sharpen either. On the other hand stainless steel doesn’t rust easily can be re-sharpened, but it is not fit for heavy blows as it loses its edge quickly. The hybrid high carbon stainless steel blade combines the best of both the materials, however it is expensive.

Handle of the Machete

In the markets there are several variations of machetes available that have handles made from a wide range of material. There are the ones with wooden handles, ones that have plastic or rubber handle and even some machetes have cloth or bone handles. You should not care much about the material of the handle as much as you should check the grip. Micarta handles are the best of all, although they are expensive as compared to other materials, but the strong and comfortable grip they provide is worth the price.


The part of the blade where the machete handle is riveted or locked with the blade is known as tang. Machetes with a full tang i.e. those in which the tang goes all the way to the end of the handle and comes out at the end. Such a tang provide excellent integrity to the cutting tool and makes it a lot more reliable for rugged use.


As we mentioned before there is no definite best machete for everyone and it depends on what application you want to use it for. The machetes we have listed here are best and you can choose one depending on why you need a machete.


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