Best Hydraulic Crimping Tool Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Hydraulic Crimping Tool Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Hydraulic Crimping Tool Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

A hydraulic crimping tool becomes exceptionally handy when it comes to crimping a variety of metals including aluminum, copper, etc. In addition to that, a hydraulic crimper can help both professionals and DIYers in connecting various cable wiring. A hydraulic crimper can also be handy when using butt connectors. The mechanism of a good hydraulic crimping tool helps the user to press the object (metal) hard and form a crimp. Apparently, this crimp works as a tightly closed joint and it will not open even with some force. One of the most notable characteristics associated with the hydraulic crimping technology is its affordable efficiency. A considerable number of people even reluctant to believe the efficiency and the force generated by these tools just because of the affordable price they come with.

Top 5 hydraulic crimp brands

In fact, there is no shortage of options in the market when you shop around for a good hydraulic crimp. Just like with any other product, one hydraulic wire crimping tool may perform better than another. Therefore, it is always better to follow some guidance before purchasing the next hydraulic crimping tool. That being said, we have selected and reviewed the best products in the market for you.


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01.TMS 16 Ton battery terminal crimping tool 

TMS 16 Ton, being the first hydraulic crimping tool we have reviewed, can be considered as one of the most perfectly performing products. This hydraulic wire crimping tool is made with a very convenient design to support many different sizes. The vast majority of the users who have used this hydraulic crimping tool for electrical cables have identified it to be very powerful and precise tool. Despite the impressive performances, a couple of professional users have noticed that there is some room for improvements of the build quality of this hydraulic crimping tool for electrical cables. Nevertheless, the overall quality of the product and its performance is quite good as far as we concern. You can rely on this battery cable crimper in performing a variety of crimping tasks. This specific machine comes with 11 hydraulic crimp dies (which are hexagonal in shape). This 11 hydraulic crimp dies can be pretty handy when handling a variety of crimping tasks. The crimping power of this tool is 16 tons and this is the amount of power most of the people expect from a good hydraulic crimping tool. This tool matches perfectly with aluminum and copper wire crimping tasks.

Features we like

  • Matches even the smaller cables

  • Comes with 1 hexagonal dies

02.Electriduct 8 Ton Hydraulic cable crimper 

This hydraulic crimp tool comes with a relatively less crimping power compared to the first item on our list; this product offers 8 ton crimping power. However, this hydraulic crimp tool is considered to be among the most convenient ones in the market. In fact, ease of use is the most notable feature associated with this tool. Being one of the best battery cable crimping tools in the market, Electriduct 8 Ton hydraulic crimper tool is compatible with all the wire sizes in the industry today. Although a couple of users are slightly dissatisfied with the strength of this hydraulic crimper tool, Electriduct 8 Ton crimping tool is a very good product for the price you pay. The efficiency of the product and the overall finish is simply admirable. This product is offered with 9 crimping die sets (which are hexagonal in shape). In addition to that, this hydraulic crimping tool is offered with an on off knob (which facilitates a convenient crimping and arm retraction. As a measure of increasing the user-friendliness of this tool, manufacturers have included a color coding system (it helps to identify the parts).

Features we like

  • Easy to use design

  • Good value for the money

  • Comes with 9 crimping dies

  • On off knob for arm retraction

  • Color coding

03.PENSON CAYQK007010 Hydraulic Cable Crimping Tool 

These battery cable crimping tools are offered by PENSON and they offer relatively more crimping power than the model we mentioned previously; this product comes with a 10 ton crimping power. This is a reliable and efficient crimping tool hydraulic and it gives better value for the price you pay. In fact, this crimping tool hydraulic is among the most economical products in the market today. The power and the accuracy it delivers is appreciable. Although this hydraulic crimping tool is suitable to handle all the materials, many expert users claim that it acts more effectively when handling wires with a larger diameter. The overall finish of this tool is pretty impressive and most of the users appreciate it. It is made to be durable and strong in the finish. The secret behind the solid pressing action is its impressive carbon steel construction. Despite the fact that this tool is not that perfect when handling wires with a smaller diameter, we are happy with the overall performance. Particularly, when it comes to the price factor, this machine is very affordable. If you intend to handle marine and architectural wire ropes (with swaging and crimping) this tool can be one of the best choices to consider.

Features we like

  • Highly affordable crimping tool that fits everyone’s budget

  • Easy to handle

  • Strong machine with better lifespan

  • Great solution to handle both marine and architectural ropes

  • 10 ton crimping power

  • Carbon steel construction

04.Goplus 16 Ton Hydraulic Battery Cable crimping tool 

If you are looking for an effective crimper tool that works perfectly to crimp wires in addition to the butt connectors, this must be on your check-list for sure. This is a tool with precise operation and solidness. It is specially made to get the job done perfectly and they have used top quality materials to assure durability and strength. Thanks to the powder coated jaws and the strong grip with a vinyl coating, you can expect superior performance and convenience when operating this tool. As a measure of increasing the usability of this device, it comes with an on off knob; this dedicated knob can facilitate you to experience a very convenient retraction. Adding more convenience and handiness, this device offers you an 1800 rotation. We are really happy with the overall construction of this too. More importantly, this hydraulic crimper comes with a very affordable price tag without compromising the performance quality. This tool is placed among the best hydraulic crimpers in the market considering the overall quality, performance and the affordable price it comes with. Many users have practically experienced a high level of performance with this tool; the reviews those users left explains the quality of these hydraulic crimpers.

Features we like

  • Solid and durable make with top quality materials

  • Comes with a very affordable price tag

  • 1800 rotation

  • Powder coated jaws and vinyl coated grip for better performance

  • Comes with an on off knob for better control

  • Excellent overall quality

 05.TEMCo Hydraulic Cable crimping tool

This is another outstanding crimping tool with superb performance. First and foremost, we admire the overall structure of this tool; it is built to be solid and durable. This tool is capable of handling the vast majority of the cable related crimping job. On top of the superior performance, this tool comes with a 5 year comprehensive warranty and that is a solid sign of the quality. One of the slightest drawback (probably the only one) associated with this hydraulic crimping tool is that it doesn’t come with additional dies (to handle smaller cable crimping work). Apart from that, any professional will appreciate the overall quality of this tool. The durability and the strength of TEMCo are assured thanks to the forged cast crimping head frame and the black oxide crimp head. The dies are too made out of very strong and sturdy materials to assure precision and strength. It doesn’t leave any room for flaking or chipping thanks to its precise make. This is an ideal tool to consider if you are a professional who regularly handles crimping tasks related to battery and welding cables, terminal lugs etc.

Features we like

  • Comes with 5 years comprehensive warranty

  • Strong and sturdy make with black oxide and forged cast

  • Compatible with vast majority of crimping tasks

  • Perfect for a professional to use repeatedly

  • Accurate

How to choose the best hydraulic crimping tool

As we already mentioned, there is no shortage of options when it comes to hydraulic crimping tools. So, you should know a thing or two if you intend to end up with the best option.

  • One of the most important and obvious things to consider is the crimp power. Be sure to settle for 6 tons of power at the least

  • The strength of the material is another vital fact

  • Check if the dies come with the crimp tool matches the diameter of the wires

  • Convenient operation and durability are important facts

I addition to that, it is always better to go for a hydraulic crimping tool that comes with a warranty.


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