Best Grain Moisture Tester Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Grain Moisture Tester Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Grain Moisture Tester Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

A grain moisture tester becomes incredibly handy when measuring the quality of the commodities such as grain and hay. In fact, the amount of moisture is a decisive factor in terms of the overall quality of the grain; a grain tester is capable of helping you when maintaining the adequate moisture levels. Basically, grain tester products are available as both portable and docked (table-mounted) models and both of these models come with a unique set of advantages. A good grain moister meter can necessarily help you to assess the quality of the grain precisely and quickly. Moreover, using a grain moister meter is a very affordable way.

Best 05 grain moisture tester products in the market

When it comes to purchasing grain moisture testers, however, the options are plenty. Some people prefer to purchase used grain moisture testers while others want to purchase brand-new products. In general, the quality of the used grain moisture testers may depend on many facts such as; for how long they were being used, how the previous users did maintain them etc. That being said, we have reviewed the best grain moisture testers in the market as a guide for you.


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01.Farmex Grain Moisture Tester MT-16 

The very first item to mention in our grain moisture tester reviews is Farmex MT16 Grain Moisture Tester. This crop moisture tester is designed to be compatible with up to 16 grain scales. Being one of the best crop moisture tester products in the market, Farmer MT16 features a very handy automatic temperature compensation. Thanks to the smart mechanism of this grain moisture meter, it is capable of providing accurate readouts about 16 grain varieties such as wheat, barley, oats, rice, soybeans etc. This grain moisture meter also facilitates you to adjust the scales to be par with the local elevator values. The average accuracy of the test results provided by this corn moisture tester is impressive and that is one of the major reasons for us to include this item in our grain moisture tester reviews. This corn moisture tester features an average accuracy of 99%. Thanks to the capacitive circuit with higher frequency, you can always expect better accuracy from this grain moisture tester. In order to increase the portability and the ease of use of this product, it is offered with a carrying bag that has a shoulder strap too. On top of all these features, you can enjoy a two-year warranty on this product. Since this product is made to be highly versatile and portable, you can use it to assess the moisture of your hard-earned grain just after harvesting as well as during the drying process or selling process. The physical size of this portable grain moisture tester is compact. In fact, this small size makes it an effortlessly portable device. This portable grain moisture tester features a weight less than 3 pounds and that explains the portability of this device.

Features we like

  • Highly portable design

  • Better accuracy

  • Weighs less than 3 pounds

  • Comes with a handy bag and a strap to carry around

  • Offered with a two-year warranty

  • Can be used right after harvesting (on site), during the drying process and selling

  • Small in size

02.Dickey-John handheld Grain Moisture Tester 

This is another elegantly designed grain moisture tester for sale on Amazon. This product comes with a design which is portable and beautiful. When you shop around for a grain moisture tester for sale that has some high-end features, you shouldn’t miss this out. This small, handheld and portable grain moisture tester come with a capacity of 250 grams. In other words, it can hold up to 250 grams of grain to accomplish an accurate measuring process. This high-end grain moisture sensor is smart enough to identify a wide range of temperatures which is very useful when assessing the overall quality of the grain. Making it more convenient for the user, this grain moisture sensor comes with a very handy digital screen (LCD) to display the test results. The device is operated with the helps of a replaceable battery (with a capacity of 9 volts) and therefore, you don’t need to worry about searching for power outlets. The sensor integrated to this machine is capable of detecting humidity levels from zero to ninety five percent. It is built to be a very portable device that features a very light weight. To make the measurements more accurate, this moisture tester grain comes with the ability to memorize twenty grain measurement settings. In addition to that, this moisture tester grain comes as a multilingual device that supports up to ten languages. Therefore, it is suitable even for the growers or sellers who don’t speak English. On top of all these characteristics, it comes with a warranty for a period of one year. When it comes to the price, however, this is much more expensive compared to the first item we mentioned. Despite, this is a superb product that gives the best value for the money you invest in it.

Features we like

  • Digital LCD screen to display test results

  • Supports up to 10 languages

  • Highly portable design

  • Accurate reading

  • Comes with a one year warranty

  • Can memorize twenty grain measurement settings

03.AgraTronix 05100, MT-PRO+ Portable moisture tester for grain 

When you are in the hunt for a more accurate, affordable and handy grain moisture meter, this can be a great option to consider. This respective product is capable of delivering a high level of accuracy because of the high-end sensors integrated. In addition to that, as a measure of increasing the user-friendliness and usability of this moisture tester grain, the manufacturers have integrated 40 grain scales with this tester. To add more value to this moisture tester grain, it is integrated with the ability to remember the average calibrations of the grains you have tested. With these calibrations, you can expect reading with better accuracy. To make it a more portable device and add more convenience to the user, this device comes with a handy carrying bag attached to a strap. With the use of the USB port, you can expect advanced options such as personalizing your name, changing grain scape, updating firmware etc. The display unit of these moisture testers comes with multilingual support (supports all the major languages in the world). The operation of these moisture testers is incredibly easier thanks to the push-buttons and simplified interface. It also features very handy indicators that notify critical data such as battery power. You can use the selectable shutdown option to save more energy.

Features we like

  • Programmable device with lots of features

  • LCD display

  • Simplified operation

  • User-friendly operation

  • Fully customizable with the use of USB

  • Supports major languages in the world

  • Battery saver feature

04.YD-640 Portable Digital Moisture Meter Grain  

When searching for a grain moisture tester that doesn’t hurt your pocket, YD-640 can be one of the best solutions out there in the market. This is a very simple, handheld device that allows you to measure moisture within the ranges of 5% to 30%. It is also capable of reading the temperatures between -100C 600C degrees. Although this digital corn moisture meter comes with a very affordable price and a small size, the job it does is pretty impressive. You can consider this device as a handy corn moisture meter and also for the other grain varieties such as wheat, rice, and beans. Being one of the most affordable wheat moisture tester products in the modern-day market, this product gives back good results for the price you pay. The portability of this wheat moisture tester is unquestionable; it features a very small size. In addition to the host device that displays the test results, it comes with a probe. It is operated with replaceable AAA batteries and therefore you don’t need to worry about external power outlets. As a measure of increasing the battery life of this device, it comes with a special feature to shut down the device; when the device is left idle for 5 minutes, it will shut down automatically saving the batteries. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit as required when measuring the temperatures. It is easy to use and easy to carry around.

Features we like

  • Very affordable

  • Can use with grains like wheat, corn, rice, and beans

  • Highly portable device

  • Auto shutdown features

  • Data hold functionality

  • Easy to operate

  • Can measure both temperature and moisture

 05.sensor-1 MTC-999-FR Hand Held with Bluetooth & Case Grain Moisture Analyzer

This is another relatively expensive moisture tester that comes with some advance features. When it comes to the grain moisture tester price, one might feel that this is expensive (as it costs over $600). However, when it comes to the functionality, there are hardly any complains about this product. It features a superb accuracy; it is capable of reading accurate data pretty faster than most of the other cheap devices in the market. The portability of this moisture tester is assures with a durable carrying bag (included in the package). It comes with a menu driven operating system in order to assure the accuracy and the dependability of the readings. It also features a better user-friendliness. It provides more than 450 calibrations when measuring grains and that makes this product pretty special. So, if you are not worried about the grain moisture tester price, this is a good product to consider.

Features we like

  • User-friendly

  • Portable device

  • Calibrations for more than 450 grain varieties

  • USB connectivity

  • Light in weight

  • Battery powered

How to choose the best grain moisture tester

Purchasing a moisture tester sounds to be a very straightforward decision. However, it is always better to follow some guidelines before you commit to make the purchase.

  • Handheld or benchtop
    If you have to deal with field assessments, portable ones are the best. Portable devices makes sure that you do the grain tests regardless of the location. However, bench top ones are good for the tests conducted in stores; they are more accurate too.

  • Read the reviews
    Be sure to read the reviews left by the previous users. Such approach allows you to get a realistic idea about the product’s quality.

  • Warranty
    Give prominence to products that come with warranty. It is an assurance of the quality of the product.

Why we need a grain moisture tester

  • To assure the quality of the grain
    Grain moisture tester allows you to measure the moisture levels of the respective grain. Adequate moisture levels is a compulsory fact when determining the quality of the grain.

  • Easy to use
    Using a corn moisture tester is pretty easy. There is no rocket science behind it.

  • Can take it wherever you go
    Portable (handheld) testers can be taken to the fields without any trouble.

  • Affordability
    Once you have purchased a grain tester, it is a long term investment. You don’t have to take your grain somewhere else to get them checked. It saves a lot of time and money for you.


Which models comes with better accuracy?

In general, benchtop (stationed) models are more powerful than the handheld ones (they are more powerful). Nevertheless, benchtop models don’t suit all the occasions.

What is the best model for field testing?

Handheld (portable devices). They are powered with replaceable batteries and feature lightweight.

Why should I measure moisture in my grains?

Maintaining the right kind of moisture is vital to upkeep the quality of the grain.

Can I use a grain moisture tester with any grain type?

Yes. Most of the high-end grain moisture tester devices can assess all the grains.

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