Best Drywall Sander Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Drywall Sander Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Drywall Sander Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

If you don’t do it right, drywall sanding can leave you pretty unpleasant memories. In fact, handling a drywall sanding task by hand is not something you should try if you expect a presentable finish. If you expect a better result and eliminate potential mess, purchasing a drywall sander is pretty much obvious. With the use of a drywall sander, you can practically save a significant amount of time in addition to the exceptionally neat end result.

That being said, there is a wide array of options to consider when you shop around for drywall sander. Therefore, distinguishing the best drywall sander from the rest can be a real test for any consumer.

Drywall sander Review – Top Six brands

We have reviewed the best drywall sander products in the market based on the way they function, their prices and many other aspects.


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Power Pro

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01.Goplus Electric Hand Held Drywall Sander  

Goplus can be easily placed among the most effective dustless drywall sander available in online markets such as Amazon today. These drywall vacuum sanders come with a variety of features to make your work easier and ensure that you a neat and fast output. This dustless drywall sander gives you fullest control as you can adjust its RPM level from 800 to 2400. This superb dustless drywall sander is designed to match a variety of surfaces such as drywall to ceilings to the exterior from interior settings. It can even handle loose plasters and ensure a very presentable end result. Being one of the best drywall vacuum sanders in the industry, it also has an LED light (with an adjustable angle). Thanks to the detachable bottom, you will find it easy to use (can reach the edges too) and easy to clean. This power drywall sander has a hose and a dust bag and that is a really impressive value addition in terms of neatness of the end result. The overall structure of this power drywall sander is simply admirable. The lightweight design and the convenient grip handle of this electric drywall sander ensure better usability. This machine comes as a complete set (with all the essential accessories).

Features we like

  • Comes with a range of features

  • RPM level can be adjusted from 800 to 2400

  • Matches a variety of surfaces perfectly

  • Detachable bottom

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to handle

  • Hose and a dust bag

  • Affordable price

02.PORTER-CABLE 7800 drywall sanders 

One of the most attractive features associated with Porter Cable 7800 wall sanders is that the lightweight characteristic. The obvious benefit of this feature is the convenience of handling it. When it comes to the speed of this dry wall sander, you can adjust it easily to match RPM levels ranging from 1400 to 2000 depending on your requirement. This dry wall sander is also equipped with a very handy 13-foot vacuum hose which is capable of extracting dust and make things neat and tidy for you. Being one of the best wall sanders available in the market, porter cable drywall sander has a weight of 8.5 pound which is pretty easy to handle. With a little bit of practice and understanding of the way it functions, you can expect very effective results from this drywall sanding machine. In order to facilitate easy mounting and handling, this dry wall sanding machine comes with a set of hook and loop straps. However, this drywall sanding machine may not reach the inner corners well (because of the design). Compared to the overall function of this dry wall sanding machine though, it is pretty much acceptable. Porter cable drywall sander is made to last long and can address professional level drywall tasks perfectly.

Features we like

  • Lightweight design that makes handling very easier

  • Requires only a little bit of practice to use it properly

  • 13-foot long vacuum hose to extract dust

  • Comes with a set of hook and loop straps for easy handling

03.WEN 6369 Variable Speed 5 Amp Drywall Sander  

WEN 6369 is another impressive electric drywall sander that can address a variety of situations correctly. Most of the professionals prefer this dustless sander because of the very handy 15-foot dust hose which is combined with the powerful automatic dust removal system. In fact, such setup ensures a super-convenient, neat output minimizing the mess significantly. The adjustable RPM level of this dustless sander is another handy feature; it allows you to alter the speed within a range of 600 to 1500 RPM. The handy hook-and-loop base of this drywall vacuum sander ensures that you change the sand papers very easily; it makes things very convenient while saving a considerable amount of time. Thanks to the 5-Amp head mounted motor, you can expect a very efficient amount of torque that increases the overall functionality. The overall quality and the strength of this drywall vacuum sander is admirable; it is built to last longer giving you the best value for the money you invest. Besides, this drywall sander comes with several essential accessories.

Features we like

  • Perfectly adjustable speed ranging from 600 to 500 RPM

  • Hook-and-loop pads

  • Head mounted motor to provide better torque and better efficiency

  • Very handy automatic dust removal system with 15-foot dust hose

04.ARKSEN 750W Drywall Sander 

You can reach even the furthest areas of the walls using this drywall sander vac and save ac considerable amount of time. Compared to traditional hand sanders, this sheetrock sander is incredibly effective. As a measure of increasing the usability of this machine, this this wall sander comes with a telescopic handle (that can help you even to reach ceilings). You can always expect a superb finish with this impressive wall sander. Unlike most of the other wall sanders in the market, this product ensures a presentable finish with less effort. This drywall sander can assist you to perform both residential and commercial level tasks accurately. You can adjust the angles of this drywall power sander. The built-in dust collector combined with 13-foot soft tube ensures a neat finish with minimal dust spread. In order to make this drywall sander more user-friendly, it comes with a swivel head. Overall, this drywall power sander is a very efficient product that allows you to reach a large area without worrying about moving constantly.

Features we like

  • Sturdy finish

  • Match both commercial and residential grade jobs

  • Built-in hose for dust collection

  • Lightweight and easy to handle design

  • Portable grip handle

  • Swivel head to for a great use experience

05.ALEKO 804C Electric Variable Speed Drywall Sander 

This is another impressive heavy-duty tool that can be easily rated among the best vacuum drywall sanders. This respective electric sander for drywall can be used for industrial purposes without any effort thanks to the strong and sturdy finish. As a measure of increasing its versatile characteristics, this electric sander for drywall comes with a variable speed; the speed can be adjusted within a range of 600 to 1500 RPM. It features an input power of 710W which is strong enough to handle a variety of industrial grade jobs. Thanks to the telescopic handle of these vacuum drywall sanders, you can reach a wide area without changing your positions constantly. The vacuum hose attached to this machine is capable of absorbing the dust and leave you less work in terms of cleaning. It also comes with 6 sanding disks which are applicable in a variety of surfaces. However, this is not rated among the lightest drywall sanding tools in the market; still it is capable of offering you a considerable convenience. The performance of these drywall sanding tools is admirable. It is built to last longer than most of the other products in the market. No matter whether it is a residential level DIY task of a commercial grade task, you will find this machine to be pretty useful.

Features we like

  • Inbuilt vacuum system to absorb the dust

  • Adjustable speed from 600 RPM to 1500 RPM

  • Telescopic handle that facilitates a better reaching ability

  • Sturdy construction that lasts longer

  • Matches a variety of surfaces

06.POWER PRO Electric Drywall Sander  

This is another impressive product that can give you a better control over the drywall tasks. This machine is made with a powerful motor that can offer you six speeds ranging from 1000RPM to 2100 RPM. Although some people may find that the minimum RPM (1000) is too fast, this is quite an impressive product in general. It features a power of 710 watts. The extendable handle attached to this drywall sander makes this machine more user-friendly. As a measure of increasing the neatness of this machine and make it more convenient for the user, this machine combines a 13-foot static-dissipating vacuum hose and a hook-and-loop straps. The aluminum construction of this machine is light in weight and yet, it is strong and durable. Overall, it features an impressive user-friendliness. Because of the superb construction and the powerful motor, you can use this machine to accomplish both residential and commercial grade tasks easily. It will match both walls and ceilings alike because of the high level of versatility. In general, a good product that makes your drywall tasks easier.

Features we like

  • Made with strong but lightweight aluminum to offer better usability

  • Range of speeds (from 1000 RPM to 2100 RPM)

  • Vacuum system with 13-foot hose for neat and tidy finish

  • Hook and loop straps

  • Extendable handle for better reachability

How to choose a good drywall sander

  • Always prefer a model that has a vacuum system (it leaves less mess for you)
  • Consider the speeds of the sander (the RPM must be adjustable to match your requirements
  • Choose a product with adjustable handle (you don’t have to change your locations to reach further areas)
  • Lightweight is better (lightweight sanders are significantly easier to handle)
  • Length of the hose should be at least 10 feet (the more the better)
  • Read the reviews left by the existing customer

Sanding suggestions and tips

  • If you expect finest outcome, you should go for a sandpaper that has finest grit (for instance 150 grit paper will do a finer job than the 80 grit paper

  • If you find noticeable ridges, just try to repair them with joint compound instead of sanding them with the machine

  • Get a good source of light (flashlight) and observe the areas that need further attention and decide whether you are going to sand them or fill them with joint compound

  • You may leave some errors when it comes to corners (if you use a sanding machine). You can rectify the corners manually by using a sanding sponge for better results

  • It is always recommended to perform a couple of test runs before you reach the actual surface. Such practice will make sure you get a good control over the machine and the pattern.

If you are a DIYer, who is new to drywall tasks, you should probably seek some advice from an expert. Also, there are plenty of instructional videos in the internet to refer. You must remember that drywall jobs can be pretty messy if you start such work without proper practice and ideal drywall sander machinery. Therefore, it is better to observe some work of a professional before you start to do it by own.


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