Best Chainsaw Sharpener Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Chainsaw Sharpener Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Chainsaw Sharpener Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

The obvious purpose of a chainsaw sharpener is to bring back life to the dead (or blunted) links. With the use of such machine, you can expect your chainsaw to perform again with better efficiency, safety, and accuracy. However, shopping around for the best chainsaw sharpener from the other products may not be easier considering the number of products available. So, be sure to read our chainsaw sharpeners reviews, and eventually, you will be able to differentiate the best chainsaw sharpener easily.

Five Best Chainsaw Sharpeners Reviews

In order to provide you an insight to the best chainsaw chain sharpener products, we have reviewed the best five products in the market. The chainsaw sharpeners review we constructed consists the most significant characteristics related to each and every item we have reviewed. You may consider this review as a chainsaw sharpening tools comparison that offers you solid information.


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01.The XtremepowerUS Miniature Electric Chainsaw Grinder 

XtremepowerUS’s 85W miniature chainsaw reached our list of best chainsaw chain sharpener product because of very solid reasons. In this chainsaw sharpeners review, we thoroughly admire the overall performance of this machine. This excellent chainsaw sharpener comes with a maximum speed of 4200 RPM thanks to the 85W motor. This special chain saw sharpener features pivoting head and adjustable angles (of the values of 350 to left and right sides. The usability of this chain saw sharpener is increased with the integration of the brake that holds the chin in place during the grinding process. Another feature we would like to mention in our chainsaw sharpener reviews is that it can be mounted on the bench; better solidness can be expected when it is mounted on the bench. You can consider using these chainsaw sharpeners for both professional and domestic purposes. Practically, the usability of these chainsaw sharpeners is impressive; it can simply ensure your chainsaw to work perfectly and increase its efficiency. Although a couple of users have experienced minor issues in performance, our chainsaw sharpener reviews say that this is an impressive product overall.

Features we like

  • Relatively affordable product

  • Comes with a 4200 RPM and 85W motor

  • Easy to use

  • Pivotal head and adjustable angle

02.Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Chain Saw Grinder 

The next item on our electric chainsaw sharpener reviews is Oregon 410-120. This respective chainsaw chain sharpener can be used as a wall-mounted machine or even as a bench mounted machine depending on your requirement. This chainsaw chain sharpener can offer a significant performance despite the minor complains made by a couple of customers; these complaints were made about the assembly instructions and not on the performance factor of the product. In our electric chainsaw sharpener reviews, we should highlight that this product comes with three grinding wheels, a pitch chain, wheel wear indicator and a very handy built-in light. Although this product is not rated among the best professional chainsaw sharpeners, it is efficient enough to handle occasional tasks. The product is popular among the many users because of its solid construction; there is no complains so far about its solidness. However, several users have made some complaints about the user-instructions provided. This chainsaw sharpener review winds up mentioning that this is a very useful product to bring life back to your chainsaw.

Features we like

  • Nicely built product with better solidness

  • Reliable performance

  • Wheel wear indicator

  • Comes with a dressing brick, a quick check grinding template, and three grinding wheels

  • Built-in light

 03.Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Third item on this chainsaw sharpener review is presented by Buffalo Tools ECSS best electric chainsaw sharpener. You may consider this as one of the best professional chainsaw sharpeners in the industry due to many reasons. If you need to keep your chain in the top condition by sharpening the chain by yourself (and save some money), you can simply use these chainsaw grinders with confidence. You can mount these chainsaw grinders to the wall or the bench as required. Thanks to its versatile design, this chainsaw sharpener matches almost all the popular chain designs in the market today. It features an RPM of 4200 and a motor with an operative power of 85 watts. You can easily power this machine by using a 120 volt regular outlet. The overall design of this machine is quite impressive. Almost all the users who have used this sharpener have admired its performance. However, this product is ideal for an average homeowner we should say. The machine is easier to use and the combination of user-friendliness and the effect makes this product a good one for the affordable price you pay. In fact, using one of these chain sharpeners is an affordable way other than outsourcing the job.

Features we like

  • Impressive performance

  • Better stability

  • Can be mounted on bench or walls

  • Fits on most of the leading chains

  • 4200 RPM with 85W motor

  • Plugs into standard 120V outlet

04.Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener 

When it comes to chainsaw sharpening tools comparison, we cannot avoid Granberg Bar-Mount saw sharpener. This is another impressive product which is praised by many users. This respective product is capable of offering superb performance to the satisfaction of many users to sharpen their chains. This product is rated among the best electric chainsaw sharpener varieties due to a couple of good reasons. Apart from the solid functionality, it comes with an admirable build. However, just like with any other products, some users have found minor issues with this product too. This is designed to be a bar-mounted chainsaw sharpener which is made out of cast aluminum and zinc-plated steel. Thanks to the calibrated swivel guide markings, you can expect a correct sharpening angle from this machine. You can easily customize the length of the tooth and the height of the file for better usability. Because of this excellent customizability, you will find that this chainsaw sharpener works fine with almost any popular handheld chainsaw in the market. The accuracy and the overall operation of this tool is appreciated by many users. Moreover, this tool is considered to be a very user-friendly product.

Features we like

  • Solid build to make it more reliable

  • Better accuracy

  • Easy to use

  • Matches with all the handheld chainsaws

  • Can set the perfect angle for precise sharpening

05.Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener  

This is an aluminum chainsaw sharpener made with 3/16” carbide cutter to assure better efficiency and accuracy. Thanks to the solid carbide material, many users find this sharpener to be a very reliable product. The overall portability of this product is appreciable. It works best with .325” pitch chains. Because of the accuracy it presents, you can expect this sharpener to revitalize each and every tooth similarly maintaining the same length and angle. Such sharpened chain assures the best efficiency and ease of use when it comes to a chainsaw. Most of the users are happy with the overall finish and the deliverance of the product. Because of the small size and the high level of portability, you don’t need to reserve a permanent place for this equipment.

Features we like

  • Carbide cutter

  • Highly portable

  • Requires no permanent bench space

  • Efficient and accurate

  • Solid build

How to choose a good chainsaw sharpener?

If you are using a handheld chainsaw, the best approach is to go for an electric sharpener. Otherwise, sharpening each and every link individually may take more time than you expect. When using an electric sharpener, you are likely to apply less pressure and get it done quicker.

You should consider purchasing a wall mounted or bench mounted sharpener to expect better results. The best option, in this case, is to go for an automatic chain advance system (it ensures better precision and speed. The price of such machine will be a little expensive and yet, such machine matches all the chains.

Note: Over sharpening the teeth of the chainsaw doesn’t do any good for you; it will make the teeth more breakable.


Are carbide cutters good?

Yes. The sharpeners with the carbide cutters are among the best varieties for sure.

Do I need different sharpeners for different chainsaws?

Not necessarily! Usually, the best sharpeners available in the market today are compatible with many chain varieties.

Should I buy a benchtop model or wall mounted model?

It depends. However, you can consider purchasing a model that supports both the options.

Is it OK to purchase a very cheap sharpener?

Well, if you need the service of the best chainsaw sharpener, you must be prepared to spend something more. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. Therefore, spending some extra money on a quality product is better than purchasing a cheap product.

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