Atomic Zapper Review – Is It Really Safe & Effective?

///Atomic Zapper Review – Is It Really Safe & Effective?
Atomic Zapper Review – Is It Really Safe & Effective

If you are looking for a bug repellent device that doesn’t use smoke, liquid or chemicals, a product like Atomic Zapper may be an interesting option to consider. This product utilizes a series of high frequency sound waves to keep the bugs away. This product was first launched pretty recently (in November 2017) through their official website,

Features of Atomic Zapper

Here are some of the most notable features associated with Atomic Zapper.

  • It is capable of eliminating the bugs and insects as soon as they make contact with it

  • It functions based on a super-efficient, high frequency insect repelling unit

  • Capable of addressing all the flying insects and bugs

  • Can keep rodents (like mice, chipmunk etc.) away from your house using high frequency waves

  • Completely free of chemicals, smoke or liquids

  • Plug and play design for ease of use

  • Works with standard power socket

What we like and what we don’t like

We have summarized the main functionalities and the characteristics associated with the Atomic Zapper.

What we like

Atomic Zapper is a combination of two functionalities to keep two kinds of annoyances; the bug zapper eliminates the insects and bugs as soon as they make contact with it and the ultrasonic repelling functionality keeps rodents away from your house. The gentle light emitted by this zapper is capable of attracting the flying insects and bugs to eliminate them.

We appreciate the concept of using a chemical-free and fumeless method to keep the bugs and rodents away. In fact, such approach makes Atomic Zapper a friendly device to pets, kids and to the environment.

The Atomic Zapper can be used in anywhere; if you have a power outlet, you can use it! No wiring or battery replacements are needed. The device comes as a plug and play device and all the users will love this simplicity.

The glowing light of this zapper offers a very soft illumination and it will be handy as a nightlight too. However, we don’t recommend this product to use solely as a nightlight; it can be handy to add some light on a dark area.

What we don’t like

As we noticed, Atomic Zapper is not a unique product; already there is a very similar product in the market with a slightly different name. So, it can be pretty confusing for a consumer when shopping around.

Ultrasound functionality may not be effective through the walls and furniture. If you place the device in a pretty much congested area (with furniture etc.), the results will be remarkably poor.

We believe that the light of the bug zapper is less attractive to mosquitos compared to the carbon dioxide we emit at night. So, the mosquitos might attract to you instead of the zapper. Also, larger insects may not reach the zapper penetrating the slats. So, we suggest that this is not a total solution to control pests.

Should you buy an Atomic Zapper?

You cannot expect Atomic Zapper to make your house a mosquito-free area. Its effectiveness can vary depending on the type of the furniture arrangement and many other factors. However, we don’t believe that this device would do anything bad for you.


It comes with a price of $19.99. They don’t charge anything as shipping too. We also believe that they can offer better price by making the product available in local stores. Although this is not a very expensive price tag, there are several other products in the market with more affordable price tags and they are worth checking.

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

01.GLOUE Bug Zapper Electronic Insect Killer

One of the most popular product in the market to repel mosquitos. Totally free of chemicals.

02.Sunnest Electronic Insect Killer

Nice design to be used in indoor environments. Very economical and affordable price.

03.BUZKABAN Mosquito Killer Lamp

This is completely free of pesticides and harmful smoke. Easy to use, easy to install and economical.


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