Top Best Self Cleaning Fish Tank Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Top Best Self Cleaning Fish Tank Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Top Best Self Cleaning Fish Tank Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

Having a fish tank at home is an incredibly exciting thing. Their vibrant colors, smooth movements and calmness make us feel so relaxed. A well-organized fish tank can be a great value addition to your interior too. However, cleaning the tank can be a challenging task; it requires a lot of time and effort. The larger the tank the harder the task will be. As an alternative, you may consider getting a self cleaning fish tank. If you end up with the right kind of self cleaning aquarium, you don’t have to take the trouble of taking fish out, replacing water and cleaning the tank. Nowadays, you can find self cleaning fish tank products in different sizes, shapes and with different features. If you intend to purchase such fish tank, it is always better to do some research and choose the best out of the rest.

Best Self Cleaning Fish Tank Review

Basically, there are two types of self-cleaning aquariums in the market; water garden fish tanks and gravity based fish tanks. Each of these types have unique features.

A.Gravity based fish tanks

The gravity based fish tanks operate based on pumps. These pumps are capable of pulling out dirty water from your self cleaning aquarium. In order to prevent fish from being pulled out of the tank, the system operates with a reduced power; it extracts water only. As a measure to prevent water from falling on the floor, you may have to use a bowl or a large cup under the pipe of the filtration unit. Once the cup is placed properly, the dirty water should be emptied from the tank by turning on the system. During the process of emptying out the dirty water, you can have clean water poured into the tank. Let’s take a look at the best gravity based self cleaning fish tank products available in the market.


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01.Tetra® 3-gallon LED Cube Aquarium Kit 

This is a cube shaped aquarium that matches even the compact spaces such as classroom, offices, kitchens etc. This self cleaning fish tank has a capacity of 3 gallons of water. The design is sleek and seamless. Perfectly transparent, glass ensures a superior quality view of the lively fish environment with a panoramic view. The filtration of water is done using a Tetra® 3i Filter and ensure that the water is safe for your fish for a long period. Apart from the fundamental features, this tank comes with an added LED light and a feeding hole. This self cleaning aquarium kit ensures a great deal of excitement with minimum amount of attention in terms of maintenance.

Features we like

  • The design of this self cleaning fish tank is adorable. It matches almost any indoor setting.

  • Beautiful panoramic view of the tank.

  • Tetra® i3 filter for a better, efficient and smooth filtration of water

  • Feeding hole for user convenience

  • LED lights for added aesthetic appeal

02.Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit 

This is a gravity based, self cleaning fish tank that has a 3-stage back panel filtration together with an adjustable flow filter pump for efficient water filtration process. The filter is backed with Rite-Size Z cartridge and a bio foam too. The aquarium is designed to be a curved glass aquarium that offers you a clear view of a beautiful underwater life. It is further enhanced with white and blue color LED lights. They come with a 3 way switch to change the color of the light (you can pick one option from blue only, white and blue or off). As a measure to increase the ease of access to the tank, it comes with a hinged light and sliding glass canopy. The shimmering LEDs included in the tank system resembles a natural sunlight effect underwater. Blue color LED light gives out a calm and relaxing moonlight effect. In general, this self cleaning aquarium is easy to assemble.

Features we like

  • Beautiful combination of the LED lights to provide different types of lights

  • Advanced filtration system that offers cleaner and healthier water for fish

  • Easy to access design with hinged LEDs and sliding glass canopy

  • Easy to assemble design that requires minimal effort

  • Easy to maintain

03.Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit 

If you are looking for a compactly and elegantly designed self cleaning aquarium kit, this is an excellent product to consider. It complements contemporary interior settings. The structure is strengthened with the use of an aluminum trim that adds a good aesthetic value too. In other words, it ensures both elegance and better functionality. Although the design takes a compact size, this unique self cleaning fish tank has a superior functionality. The overhanging lighting system that comes with more than 35 LED lights deliver a better illumination that enhances the appearance of plants and décor. The functionality of the circulation pump of this fish tank is impressive. It delivers a superb water purification thanks to the three-stage filtration system and the adjustable output nozzle. This advanced filtration system makes sure that the water in your tank is clean all the time; porous foam block, activated carbon and bio rings ensure the water is filtered in 3 effective ways. Both the pump and the filtration unit are placed as peripherals and such design ensures the ease of maintenance.

Features we like

  • Beautiful design that complements all the contemporary interior settings

  • Aluminum trim that enhances the strength and the elegance

  • Powerful LED lamps that offer excellent amount of illumination

  • Combination of three filtration systems; chemical, mechanical and bio filtration

  • Compact size even though it holds 5 gallons of water

B.Water garden tanks

Water garden tanks are capable of cleaning themselves with minimal involvement of humans. They come as a combination of two systems that collaborate each other. Such system has a small garden on the top part and the bottom of the system is the aquarium. The garden is capable of extracting all the waste (produced by fish) and use as fertilizers. As a result of this system, the water in the tank is purified all the time. In fact, water garden tanks require minimal attention in terms of maintenance. Here are the three self cleaning aquarium products (under water garden tanks) we have handpicked for your reference.


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ECOLIFE Conservation

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01.AquaSprouts Garden 

If you are looking for a self-sustaining aquarium that requires very little attention in terms of maintenance and cleaning, you may consider this product a preferred option. This self cleaning aquarium can perfectly match both residential and official environments (home, schools or offices). The system operates as a ‘miniature world’; plants consume the waste generated by fish and purifies the water in the tank. This system can perfectly match all the standard 10-gallon aquariums in the market. The options are massive when it comes to the plants; you can consider growing almost any green (including veggies and herbs). In addition to the nice appearance it gives, you may consider it as a good educational tool to get a good idea about the functionality of the natural environment. Ultra quiet water flow is a real plus associated with this model.

Features we like

  • Beautiful light bar that features great deal of versatility. It can complement any standard light.

  • Pump with the timer ensures an efficient cycle. You can program the timer to match the condition of the tanks

  • One year warranty for the timer and the pump

02.ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit with LED Light 

This is a well-designed, self cleaning fish tank that has a beautiful appearance. You can expect the perfectly functionality from this self-sustaining system because; growing organic plants on this beautiful fish tank is pretty easy. You can consider this system as a miniature indoor garden that need remarkably less attention in terms of maintenance. The aesthetic appearance of this system is further improved with the addition of the LED lights. These lights come with an automated timer to increase the usability. Grow light can be controlled via a remote controller and. There is adequate room to grow a considerable number of plants in this system (depending on the type of the plant you use).

Features we like

  • Aesthetically appealing design that complements all the interior settings

  • Nicely designed light system that come with an automated timer

  • Enough room to grow more plants

  • Low maintenance is required

03.Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden 

This self cleaning aquarium is another comprehensive system that creates a beautiful, serene scenery. The system works as a cycle converting fish waste into fertilizer for the consumption of plants. This system, therefore, is capable of cleaning the water by itself and make it healthy for the fish to live. Thanks to the effective light system it has, the system can grow greens any time of the year (even during the winter). You can easily replace the plants according to your preference. It is designed to be compatible with any 10-gallon standard fish tank.

Features we like

  • Plants in the garden can be replaced easily

  • Very low maintenance

  • Compatible with any 10-gallon standard fish tank

  • Adequate light to grow plants throughout the year

Which self cleaning fish tank is the best?

When selecting a self cleaning aquarium, you should consider several aspects. However, the best product for you will depend on many things. If you don’t like to involve in maintenance work and cleaning, you should probably go for a water garden tank. The system gets purified itself and maintains naturally. However, if you are ready to get involve with occasional cleaning work and maintenance tasks you can opt for a gravity based fish tank. If you want to give enough room for your fish and keep them happy, you may give preference to a water garden model. Larger water garden models are available more often than not compared to the gravity based designs.

If you have a limited space, you should obviously go for a compact sized fish tank. It is also important to make sure that the design of your fish tank complements the interior of the house. When it comes to the maintenance, the gravity based ones are slightly harder to maintain compared to the water garden models. So, it can be said that water garden fish tanks are better than the gravity based models on many fronts.

What to consider before buying self cleaning fish tank?

  • Ease of maintenance
    You may go for a water garden model if you want to engage in less maintenance work

  • Capacity
    Choose a fish tank that matches the available space. Otherwise, it will be a disturbance for your interior. You must also be sure to choose the right size of fish to match the capacity of the tank.

  • Appearance
    When it comes to the appearance, both of these varieties come with exceptional qualities. They may come with unique lighting systems, unique shapes and decorations to complement different environments.


01.Which model is the best for a classroom?

In many cases, water garden model matches most of the settings.

02.What should I select if I need to give more space for my fish?

Water garden model; they are usually bigger than the gravity based models.

03.Are gravity based models maintenance-fee?

No; you need to change water occasionally as the water may get dirty over the time

04.Why do water garden models have LED lights?

To help the growth of the plants (they need light to grow).

05.What happens to the waste of the fish in the water garden tanks?

Fish waste of a water garden model self cleaning fish tank will be consumed by the plants as organic fertilizers. In fact, that is how the water is filtered in the water garden fish tanks.

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