Top 6 Best Dog’s Sunglasses Reviews

///Top 6 Best Dog’s Sunglasses Reviews
Top 6 Best Dog’s Sunglasses Reviews

Dog’s sunglasses or protective glasses for dogs were primarily meant for the canines employed in working areas, such as military or fire. These glasses were meant for providing protection to their eyes from wind, debris, dust and fire. However, in the recent times, the dog owners have realized the importance of sunglasses for dogs of all kinds, whether working or pets.

While taking a dog outside for stroll in the sunlight, these sunglasses or protective glasses can help your pet get immune to UV rays, just like humans. However, the owners must know that the dog’s sunglasses aren’t a fashion accessory and therefore, should never be put on their eyes in the interiors. This may darken the room for your dogs, leading to discomfort.

One of the ways to put them is by letting your dog first sniff the glasses and then easily glide them up their eyes in the sunlight. As a newbie, you need to know how to choose the right dog’s glasses and which ones are the Best Dog’s Sunglasses.

Complete guide to choose the Best Dog’s Sunglasses

Here is your guide to choose the right sunglasses for your dog.

The features to look for- Just like human sunglasses, goggles (dog’s sunglasses) should have certain features to check before you buy. Here is what you should look for-

  • Chin straps and adjustable elastic band for head

  • UV protection

  • Polycarbonate shatterproof lens

  • Anti-fog lens

The Size Guide

One of the major issues with goggles is the size. How would you know which pair of glasses will fit in the best for your canine? In order to know the right size, first you need to have the right measurements.

Taking measurements-

  • Frame length and back strap measurement- Measure the dog across his eyes and around those wagging ears. This will tell you about the frame length and back strap measurement.

  • Chin strap measurement- Start measuring from beneath one ear. Eventually, follow it under the chin and then get going beneath the dog’s other ear.

This table will better guide you for the right size of the sunglasses for your little doggie.

Dog Size (in pounds)  Breed  Dog’s Sunglasses Size  Frame length and back strap(in inches)  Chin Strap(in inches)
 1-10  Chihuahua, Pom  Extra Small  5 to 13  3 to 7
 9-25  Beagle, Westie  Small  12 to 20  4 to 8
 20-60  Dalmation, Border Collie  Medium  15 to 25  5 to 11
 50-100  German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever  Large  18 to 30  6 to 16
 100+  Large Rottweiler, St. Bernard  Extra Large  22 to 45  11 to 26

P.S.: When you are trying the sunglasses on your little canine, make sure that the eyewear fits in comfortably over his/her eyes. If your dog has bulging eyes, the goggles should be hollow enough for complete protection and coverage.

Choosing the right brand: The Brand guide for dog with sunglasses

When trying for the first time, do not be under an impression of buying the cheaper dog’s sunglasses. Go for the tried and tested brands. Here are top six brands of dog’s sunglasses and these can be checked on Amazon for consumer reviews as well. Let us review these brands for you.

Hi Kiss

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1.Hi Kiss Dog Goggles

Available at Amazon with the title Hi Kiss Dog Goggles Large Sunglasses UV Protection for Driving Cycling and Anti-Fog, these sunglasses for canines cost $19.99 and are available in four different colours. These glasses are made of HQ polycarbonate material and give your dog, a complete protection from harmful UV rays, dust, grime, wind and fog.

Material Used  Ideal for  Size & Breed Suitability
 High quality polycarbonate  Dogs who are suffering from photophobia problems or vision related issues  Medium to large size dog.
Golden Retriever, Molly, Goldie Shepherd, Huskies


  • The Hi Kiss Dog Goggles come with silicone strap that is not just adjustable, but also non-slip and easily removable.

  • The goggles are easy to clean.

  • Also, the goggles offer higher ventilation due to cotton used in the frame, thereby also enabling easy and comfortable wear.

  • Your dog will look highly fashionable, commanding attention wherever he/she goes.

2. Enjoying Waterproof Sunglasses Goggles

Offered under the brand name Enjoying, these sunglasses are perfect fit for small dogs and even felines. Available at a cost of $10.99, these sunglasses offer a complete UV protection to your pet. These are perfectly suited for dogs whose owners love to take their pets along while riding bike or motorcycle or while trucking.

Material Used  Ideal for  Size & Breed Suitability
 Plastic  Dogs who love to travel with their owners and sunbathe. Great for travel freak dogs or the pets who love beach walking.  Small size dog.
Teddy, Poodle, Bichon Frise, Shorthair, Balinese.


  • Enjoying Waterproof Sunglasses Goggles offer complete protection to your canine.

  • These sunglasses will protect your dog from wind, water and debris.

  • The straps are easily adjustable over chin and head.

  • These sunglasses will make your little bundle of cuteness, even more funky and lovable.

3.First-Rate AutumnFall® Pet Dog Sunglasses

Sold under the brand First-Rate, these sunglasses are not just water proof, but also come with an additional multi-color protection feature. Perhaps the cheapest sunglasses, these ones are available at a price of just $3.14 for pink color and as low as $1.99 for other six colors.

Material Used  Ideal for  Size & Breed Suitability
 Sturdy Plastic  The littlest of dogs. Good for dogs who need water-proof yet fashionable product. Also provides great protection against UV rays.  Very small size dog.
Chihuahua, Pom.


  • These sunglasses have foam padding, which wards off the dirt, grime and dust while walking your dog.

  • The double hinged nose pieces ensure that the glasses best fit your little dog.

  • These dog’s sunglasses are ideal for the delicate little canines because of their sturdy yet soft plastic that doesn’t hurt your little baby.

  • The sporty frame and unbelievably low price makes your dog look stylish than ever before.

4.NACOCO Pet Glasses

Available under the brand name NACOCO, these pet glasses sold at Amazon make for a perfect accessory for your big dog. At present, the product is available at a sale price of $7.99, which makes it a great buy if you purchase now. The glasses are 6.3 inches in length and the elastic is easily adjustable to fit your dog’s eyes. The company claims that the glasses cannot fall off the eyes of your dog due to head and jaw two bandages.

Material Used  Ideal for  Size & Breed Suitability
 Sturdy Plastic  The active dogs who love to swim or play fetch or hang their head outside your car window while on a ride.  Large size dog.
Labrador, Husky, Springer Spaniel, Rottweiler.


  • These sunglasses offer great protection against harsh winds and harmful sunrays.

  • Come with great quality.

  • The belt for glasses is easily adjustable, making it a great fit for your dog.

  • The sunglasses will not fall off due to head and jaw two bandages.

5.QUMY Dog Goggles

Available in six different colors, the QUMY Dog Goggles are waterproof and are presently available at a sale price of just $7.99. These sunglasses ensure that your pets have healthy eyes and therefore offer a 100% UV protection and prevention. The Waterproof Pet Sunglasses from QUMY come with shatterproof and anti-fog lens to provide complete protection to your dog against debris, water, wind and UV rays.

Material Used  Ideal for  Size & Breed Suitability
 Sturdy Plastic  The active dogs who love to be outside most of the times.  Large size dog.
Yorkie, German shepherd, Terrier Mix.


  • These sunglasses are not just 100% secure for your dog, but are also fashionable.

  • The frame comes with foam cushion and is easily foldable.

  • These dog’s glasses come with Adjustable head and chin straps.

  • The glasses offer wider nose bridge, sturdier frames and deeper lens cup, making it comfortable for the dog to carry.

6.Pecute Direct Pet Foldable Sunglasses

The UV protective foldable sunglasses lenses eye wear protection with adjustable strap comes with padded lens frame and at a cost of $12.99. At present, it is available at Amazon at the sale price of $8.39. The product is available in four different colors and offers a complete protection to your canine’s eyes from debris, mould, dust, dirt and grime. Wider nose-bridge, deeper lens cup and sturdier frames make it easier for your pet to wear it.

Material Used  Ideal for  Size & Breed Suitability
 Polycarbonate  Dogs suffering from health issues, yet love to be outside most of the times.  Medium size dog.
Doberman, Shetland sheep, American bulldog.


  • Padded lens frame provides extra cushioning for your dog’s eyes, making it comfortable to wear.

  • These sunglasses offer snug fit due to adjustable double strap.

  • Deeper lens cups and wider nose bridge ensures that the glasses fit in nicely on your dog’s cute face.

Now that you know which brand to choose from, let us have a look at things to be considered before buying dog’s sunglasses.

Points to be considered before buying a Dog’s Sunglasses

  • Before buying a dog’s sunglasses, try to familiarize your pup with this accessory.

  • Do not put these goggles when inside the home.

  • For letting your dog wear the goggles comfortably, entice him/her with treats, while also associating the glasses with a reward.

  • Remove the glasses immediately if your dog doesn’t like it. But, you may repeat the process of letting him/her be comfortable with the goggles again.

  • Ask your vet if your dog has sensitive eyes or medical condition related to eyes.

  • Ask the doctor if there is a particular kind of sunglass that your dog may need.

Usage of a Dog’s Sunglasses

While many dog owners may love to slip on the dog’s glasses just for a picture on their social media, there is so much more to goggles than fashion. For dogs that work in certain departments or military, these glasses serve protection against serious eye injuries that are quite possible during rescue or search operations. In such scenarios, a dog may be exposed to dangerous conditions like debris or fire, posing serious risk to eye health. The working dogs wear these sunglasses as their standard procedure, but these days, even the pet owners buy the accessory for the same reasons.

The usage of dog’s sunglasses is understood while walking to dog in sun or taking him/her on the ride in your vehicle. Also, if your dog is a great swimmer or beach lover, making him/her wear the sunglasses can be of a great help. When the dog takes a stroll on the beach, the chances of sand blowing into those delicate eyes are high. With dog having sensitive eyes, or medical condition, it is always a recommended accessory.

Your key take-away

In appearance, a dog’s sunglasses will resemble those goggles that humans wear during sporting events; such as under water diving or sky diving. The first-time buyers of this accessory must consider all the aforementioned points and follow a proper size guide to buy a good product. Brand and size matter the most when buying the Best Dog’s Sunglasses. However, with easy exchange policy on most of the online portals, things have become convenient for the canine owners. The products also come with adjustable straps and easy-to-fit products, making them comfortable for the dog owners.

One of the most important things that you must consider is your dog’s level of easiness around those glasses. Some of the dogs may simply reject wearing those glasses without giving in to any treats. Remember, the ultimate aim is to make your dog feel comfortable and if he/she isn’t cosy wearing it, you may just drop the idea or follow other tricks to try around.


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