Tips to buy healthy cat food & Food that cats CAN NOT eat

///Tips to buy healthy cat food & Food that cats CAN NOT eat
First Step to Healthy Cats

There are many factors that should be met in order to have healthy cats. Some people even think that you can go out of your way by getting other animals involved. But all this can be a waste of time and effort if the cat does not receive enough healthy cat food. The need for your cat to have a specific place to spend nights is not to be over emphasized. This is also added together with many other facilities that are meant for your pet and not any other animal. But on top of this whole agenda is that this cat needs healthy cat food so that it can enjoy every other provision you will come up with. Without a doubt, this is never a matter to be pushed aside. It has to come first.

Strengthening the immune system of the cat may even require the input of your animal expert. But the very first step to ensuring that your cat is strong, healthy and active is healthy cat food. When you consider cat food, it comes in many categories and types. Unfortunately it’s not all that has been fed to cats out there that makes healthy cat food. Your cat needs a well-planned menu maintained consistently for a long period. The consistency is cardinal in the provision of healthy cat food because if this menu starts and stops at will, then it cannot reap meaningful benefits for this pet.

If your cat is not receiving healthy cat food there are many warnings you may receive. It just happens that many cat owners ignore such symptoms when they matter most. One of the clear indicators has usually been the deteriorating health with increased proneness to diseases. These are usually signs that can even indicate that the immune system has started giving in to some of the commonest but curable diseases. This also means that, eating healthy cat food is vital even when you are trying to cure some illness. Otherwise, the benefits of the drugs being administered could eventually not make a difference if the diet is not taken care of.

Whenever you see cat owners complaining about their pet being the unique and vulnerable type which is prone to diseases, just ask them about the diet first. It usually turns out that their animal is not eating healthy cat food. Interestingly, all efforts to make such owners understand the importance of feeding the right food to cats can be reduced if they can be shown the effects of doing the opposite. It is just non-negotiable that the best health of a pet starts with giving it healthy cat food in the right quantities. Even then, if the right quantities come at a wrong time, then more problems may still show up. Just like the way other animals behave, the cat will need healthy cat food when it is very active. As it goes towards ending the day, this can be monitored to a level that will not affect its digestive system.

First Step to Healthy Cats

Five important factors to consider before buying cat food

When tasked to buy cat food, one fact to remember is that this is not an easy job as some think. It requires careful attention to the most important factors. Therefore, when you want to buy cat food, you need to be sure that it is the right type for your pet. The five important factors to be considered whenever you are buying cat food are as follows:

  • Age of the cat: This is one of the most important factors to consider before buying food for your cat. The food meant for kitten is not good for an old cat. Thus, when you are about to buy cat food that is rich in fat and calories make sure it is meant for kitten. This diet may also be similar to what is fed to the pregnant cats. On the other hand, the adult cats should have reduced calories to keep them from complications.

  • Watch out for allergies: Experts have long recommended that you do not buy cat food that is rich in corn and whole grain. This is mainly because some cats have been observed to have allergic reactions when such food if given to them. In addition, before you buy cat food, the list of specific foods forbidden by your veterinary should be handy.

  • Keep preservatives to a minimum: When you enter a shop that may be selling cat food, look out for the labels and ingredients therein. Ensure that you buy cat food that does not have excessive preservatives. The purpose of these preservatives cannot override the greater health benefits that come from keeping away from such. Naturally, even some of the additives and ingredients that are not healthy for your cat should be avoided. Only buy cat food from a reputable retail outlet with a clear record of maintaining the ingredients to the benefit of your cat.

  • Try raw foods: Raw food has been recommended with a variety of health benefits. Therefore, sometimes you should also buy cat food that is raw but edible and enjoyable for your cat. Raw food may also include meat and other foods approved by your veterinary officer. The rule of thumb does not apply that much on this matter. If in the past you had to buy cat food that was raw and you never consulted any specialist, you can be sure that this is never safe for your cats. There is clear need to make sure that you buy cat food that is not only sumptuous for your cat but also beneficial to its health.

  • Inspect the labels: Sometimes, it is normal to be overtaken by the many nice adverts about some cat food products. But that needs to be balanced up by inspecting the labels when intending to buy cat food. After all, some of the manufacturers merely use such labels as marketing tools. But in your case you have to also look out for any indications of some legal messages that could be useful in your decision making.

Food That Cats Can Not Eat

Some animals eat a huge variety of foods from different sources and types. Other animals are very selective and particular about the kind of food they eat – even if they have to be forced. In fact when humans are brought into the picture, the whole analysis takes a new twist with too many other factors to look at. For now, we shall spare that story for another sunny day. However, when cat food is bought because of some well documented advertisement which has managed to woe a cat owner into buying it, the results are not always as expected. To be honest, such foods may not even be that bad and this may not be such a complex case after all. The cat food which has been forbidden does not even appear on the list of what some advertisers would dare to bring on the media. The list is made of cat food which is prohibited after all research has been revealing that they are not good for the health of a cat.

Whenever veterinarians have attempted to come up with the full list of food that cats should not eat, others have still pointed out that more items were left out. This is expected because while cat food can easily be enlisted even in categories, the prohibited list just keeps swelling up. A sample of the list of foods that should not be given to cats includes raw eggs, raw fish, tobacco, marijuana, sweet foods, chocolate, coffee, bones, yeast dough or fritters, alcoholic beverages and many more. Looking up the list reveals that cat food is supposed to be beneficial to cats and not the opposite of that. Could it be that someone just wakes up from some confused state and decides to give his cat yeast dough, for example? Not at all! Some cat owners think of cat food as something they can determine using some gut feeling or just by asking some of the neighbors.

The foods listed earlier have a variety of effects on cats. Some of the foods can impair the cat’s bodily systems, while others can cause serious illnesses, even death. Yet still, there are many more of such which can cause temporary discomfort and other problems. This simply implies that cat food which has not been verified to be safe should not be used for the sake of experimenting. Your cat is not made of special material which is different from other cats. Stick to the right cat food which keeps your pet strong, healthy and active. This is the cat food worth spending your last penny on. Leave the experiments out of the picture and let the people who are paid for discovering and analyzing the correct foods do that part for you. Your cat does not deserve your trial and error attempts. Foods that are not meant for your cats should not even be brought closer to your cats. But continue with menu of cat food which has been tried, tested, approved and used for a long time.


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