Best Dog Pools Review – Take a Cool Bath for Your Dog

///Best Dog Pools Review – Take a Cool Bath for Your Dog

A dog pool is a precious reward for your beloved dog, particularly during hot summers. Although the large number of options might confuse you at times, selecting the right kind of dog pools is not the most difficult task. This article provides you an in-depth guidance to select the most appropriate pool for your pet dog.

What to know when selecting a dog pool

Well, the selection of dog pool should be based on a couple of important things. The amount of money you are willing to spend, the available space, the size of the dog and of course the type of the material. Basically, there are three types of dog pools available in the market today and let’s have a look at the characteristics of each of these options.

2017 Summer Best Dog pools Reviews
  • -Plastic dog pools

    In fact, this is the most popular hard plastic dog pool variety available in the market due to several obvious reasons. Although it says just ‘Plastic’, a variety of materials come under this category. Plastic, polymer, fiberglass, PVC etc. are some of them. Although some of these materials are not that durable, products made with heavy duty materials come with significant durability and sturdiness. A product or two under this category might resemble the design of a hard plastic kiddie pool. When it comes to the price factor, these dog pools are among the most affordable verities. However, depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the material used, the lifespan of dog pools might vary significantly.

    Plastic dog pools are well-known for their flexibility as well. Some of the plastic pools can be folded and stored easily until it is used on next day. This is beneficial for those who want to utilize the available space with better efficiency.

  • -Metal dog pools

    Metal dog pools too come in different formations. You can find dog swimming pool products that are entirely made of metal or the ones that come with metal frames. However, the difference between the aforesaid options is quite significant. Usually, metal swimming pools don’t come in very big sizes; quite often, they are much similar to bath tubs but not the pools. Different metal varieties are used to make dog pools and the ever popular Heavy Duty truck bed liner material stands out the rest quite easily.

Apart from both the options mentioned above, you can consider an in-ground swimming pool. However, these in-ground pools require huge budget despite their sturdy characteristics. In fact, constructing an in-ground pool is a large scale project (which goes beyond the concept of hard plastic kiddie pool) that needs long term planning and many other concerns. Such pool suits for an entire family and not just for a dog; let’s switch back to the core of this article, dog swimming pool, again.

The best dog pool products in the market today

Going beyond the categories mentioned above, let’s get a detailed idea about the leading dog pools in the market today. These products are handpicked from hundreds of other products due to specific reasons.

One Dog Bone Pool

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One Dog One Bone

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Cool Pup

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01.Bone shaped dog pool by One Dog One Pool

This particular product is considered to be one of the most attractively made dog pools in the market today. Despite the aesthetic values, it stands ahead of many other products due to various reasons. The material used to manufacture these dog pools is heavy truck bed liner material. In fact, the top quality material used for these bone shaped dog pools is superior for heavy uses; it is study, long lasting and heavy. Although this is not the biggest dog pool in the market today, it can accommodate your pet dog easily and offer great deal of fun.

When it comes to the usability, these dog pools come with a very efficient draining system; you can drain the water away and replace fresh water easily. Because of the heavy and sturdy truck bed liner material, dogs find it extremely difficult to chew off. It doesn’t have any cheap plastic components; you don’t have to worry about small plastic particles that might be chewed by your dog; no choking hazard is associated.

Apart from that, it comes with a reasonable price tag to impress most of the dog lovers. Considering its durability, what you spend on these dog pools is a long term investment for the pleasure and wellbeing of your beloved dog.

02.Paw shaped dog pool by One Dog One Pool

Yet another beautifully designed dog pool by One Dog One Pool for the delight of many dog lovers. No matter whether your dog is a chewer or not, these dog pools will serve your purpose well. Firstly, it comes with a very sturdy appearance in addition to the beautiful make. Just like its appearance, it is sturdy enough to withstand the considerable weight and the activities of your pet dog comfortably.

Thanks to the heavy truck bed liner material used, these dog pools can last for a longer duration even with heavy use. Although this mini-sized hard plastic kiddie pool is not the most spacious pool in the list, it has enough space for a small sized dog to find necessary comfort. In fact, in a way, the size of this bone shaped dog swimming pool is ideal for a small size dog as the dog might not feel lonely in the pool as it is not ‘too large’.

Thanks to the smart design of these paw shaped dog pools, the draining process is very easy; you can replace water with relatively less effort. It comes in a beautiful blue color which looks clean and cool during the summers. As a value addition, you can place it on a deck. However, this is not the best option for a large dog breeds considering the compact space it facilitates. Overall, these paw shaped dog pools by One Dog One Pool can be considered to be one of the best products in the market today.

03.Foldable Large Dog Cat Aerated Gas-filled PVC Swimming Pool by Pettom

These PVC dog pools resemble more of a hard plastic kiddie pool because of its spaciousness. The large version of this hard plastic kiddie pool comes with the dimensions of 62.99” X 11.81” providing enough space for any dog breed to enjoy. The durability and strength of these dog pools is assured with the combination of extra-tough, heavy duty PVC and MDF materials.

Although portability is not a common characteristic found with a large sized dog swimming pool, the dog pools presented by Pettom can be moved very easily thanks to its design. This hard plastic kiddie pool is foldable easily when your dog doesn’t need them. Setting it back is an equally simple task. Therefore, you can take this dog swimming pool with your dog wherever you go. Draining out water and emptying the pool and filling it back is pretty easy. Because of the its size and shape, these dog pools are highly versatile; apart from directly serving as a dog swimming pool, it can play the role of a hard plastic kiddie pool, an outdoor water pond or even as a fish pond. Once this hard plastic kiddie pool filled with water it is the perfect place for your pet dog to have a great deal of fun. Even the kids will be able to hop in these mini dog pools to have some fun with their beloved pets. The bottom-line, is that this hard plastic pooch pool is a wonderful investment for the sake of the joy of your pets and kids.

04.Foldable Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub by Frontpet

Presented by Frontpet, this particular product stands out many other dog pools in the market due to obvious reasons. It comes with a diameter of 50 inches and a depth of 12 inches to provide a spacious pool for your dog. It is manufactured with superior quality, extra tough PVC material in order to assure durability and strength. It is ideal for your dog to have some great fun during hot summers. Because of its large size and notable depth, it can even be used as a hard plastic pooch pool; your kid will love to have some good time in these dog pools with the pet dog during hot summers.

This hard plastic pooch pool is among the most portable dog pools in the market today; it is manufactured to be easily foldable when you don’t need to use it, the water can be drained out pretty easily. It can be stored in a small space thanks for its flexibility.

Apart from using as a dog swimming pool, you can consider it as a dog bath tub, a fish pond or even as a baby bathtub. Because of this versatility and portability, you can take these dog pools pretty much everywhere you go with your family to have some good time together. The ultra heavy duty PVC material assures a better lifespan for these dog pools compared to many other PVC pools and hard plastic pooch pool products in the market.

05.Splash About Dog Pool by Cool Pup

If you are looking for a highly portable and flexible dog swimming pool or a hard plastic kiddie pool, this is one of the most ideal products you should be considering. These dog pools are available in three sizes to select; all of which are made to perfection. They come with extra tough, heavy duty PVC material to ensure a longer life span.

Thanks to the sturdiness of the inner material, your dog’s nails cannot damage the dog pools and cause leaks. Although this hard plastic kiddie pool is made to be lightweight, the manufacturers haven’t compromised the strength of the product. Therefore, it is a good investment for the joy of your pet dog. This hard plastic kiddie pool can be completely folded down with very less effort and then stored in a small space thanks to its flexibility. It can be nicely packed in the provided bag with ZERO mess.

Once placed in your backyard during a hot summer, it resembles a perfect dog swimming pool for your pet. It can accommodate even a large sized dog without any problem whatsoever thanks to the large space available. It is so easy to clean these dog pools as the special PVC material acts stain resistant most of the time. Draining off water from this hard plastic kiddie pool is easy thanks for the drain plug. You can simply flip the pool upside down to get rid of the water completely and let it dry before pack. Overall, splash about dog pool is a must-have for your pet dog to make the life easier during hot summers.

06.Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool by Jasonwell

Foldable dog pools are exceptionally popular today because of their portability, ease of use and affordability. These dog pools (which is more like a hard plastic kiddie pool) presented by Jasonwell are a product that serve the purpose pretty well. The portability of these dog pools is simply admirable; it can be folded up and stored in order to take with you everywhere you go.

Contrary to many other foldable dog swimming pool products, this hard plastic kiddie pool doesn’t need to be inflated; it can be set up pretty easily wasting no time. Since it requires very little space when folded, it can be taken with you when you go on summer vacation with your pet dog. The draining is pretty simple as it has a bottom draining system; this hard plastic kiddie allows your dog to enjoy fresh water all the time.

These dog pools are made with strong, high quality PVC material that lasts very long. As a precaution, the bottom of the pool is manufactured to be even tougher so it can prevent the potential damages from the dog’s nails to a considerable extent. To make the best use of these dog pools, you should simply place them on a flatter surface that has no sharp objects (like tree stumps, stones etc).

07.Inflatable floatation toy for dogs by Pet Magasin

If you have a small sized dog and wish to purchase one of the most elegantly manufactured dog pools, this can be the product you are looking for. This is a relatively smaller pool that has an inner diameter of 35 inches (and an outer diameter of 59 inches) which suits of a small sized dog to enjoy some fresh water activities during hot summers. These dog pools are made out of tough and durable PVC rubber that suits for tough use.

It comes as an inflatable product that requires very small space to be stored in. Inflating the pool itself is a fun for you. The softer, wider edges and the inflated surface of these dog pools reduces the potential damages to your beloved pet dog no matter how hard he hops in. Although this is not the product for a large sized dog, it can be the perfect match for a playful, small dog. It can be taken anywhere you like with less effort; when deflated, it becomes highly portable and that makes this dog swimming pool is ideal. Draining off water and refilling it is very easy particularly because of the simple design. In general, these dog pools from Pet Magasin come with a 2 year warranty assuring its supreme quality.

08.Snorkel Buddies 5ft Snapset Pool by Intex

If you expect to have some fun with your kids during a hot sunny day, Snorkel Buddies 5FT Snapset dog pools presented by Intex can be a perfect match for you. Since the walls and the bottom of these dog pools are made with soft materials, we don’t recommend it for your pet dogs; their nails can tear off the material easily. However, this particular product suits for your kids to have some fun with fresh water during hot summer though it is not a hard plastic puppy pool.

The most attractive characteristic of this Pool is convenience. No setup is needed; just unfold it and fill with fresh water. Since it comes with a 60” diameter, your kids will find some space to fit in. Since the walls of this pool stay strong when it is filled with water, you don’t have to worry about providing additions support; it works fine.

However, letting the dogs in will cause damage to this pool; their nails might damage the soft walls or even the bottom. Basically, this is a pool for kids to find some fun-filled relief during the hot summers.

Now that we know the best dog pools in the market and their characteristics, it is time to move on with more information. At a glance, you might feel that dog pools provide nothing more than fun and joy to your pet dogs. But the truth is surprising; there are many good reasons to purchase dog pools for your pet dog.

Although some people tend to go for used dog pools, the risk involved with such option is obviously high. You don’t get a guarantee for the lifespan of the product; you never know what sort of microorganisms may appear in them (which may cause health issues on your pet) or what can invisible cracks do after some time. Therefore, it is always better to go for a new dog swimming pool whenever necessary. Let’s see why it is good for your dog to spend some time in a pool.

2017 Summer Best Dog pools Reviews

Why your dog needs a dog swimming pool for summer?

01.It is a good way to make your dog familiar with water

Most of the dogs naturally love water and good swimmers. However, it is important that you introduce them gradually to water and this is when a dog swimming pool can be useful at home. Such approach will fade away their fear (if any) of water and make them to enjoy water.

02.It helps to keep them away from bad water

Generally, dogs will be attracted to water sources (such as pits or ponds) during hot, sunny days. If you don’t provide them with a pool to play with, the dog will run for dirty water sources that might make your dog unclean, probably bring harmful microorganisms home and expose themselves to health issues. However, by having a clean water source (such as a dog pool at home) will keep your dog away from unhealthy options; remember that you have to clean the pool regularly.

03.Ideal way to give him a bath

If you have a large dog, giving him a bath inside your bathroom can be a challenging task; when he starts to shake off his body, water will be everywhere inside the bathroom. However, with the help of a dog swimming pool, you can take your dog out for a bath outside and make it an enjoyable moment.

04.To teach some skills

Pool is a place with a lot of activities. You can make use of the dog pool to teach your dog some skills such as balancing on the board etc. In fact, your dog will start to love such activities and build stronger relationship with you as a result of such activities.

05.It helps to alleviate stress

It can be a stressful task to clean your dog inside the bathroom. Even the dog might not like to spend all the time inside the house. By taking your dog out and give good a bath in the pool will allow you to have some fun and relieve your stress (and your dog’s too).

06.Great way to keep heat strokes away

Even during the hot summers, your dog will not limit his physical activities and there will be greater chances for heat strokes. You can remarkably reduce such danger just by placing a dog pool in the yard as it helps him to stay cool.

07.To keep the dog away from your water features

During the summers, dogs might be attracted to water features installed in your yard. They will play with these installations and eventually ruin the appearance of the garden. A good dog pool can keep your dogs away from water features and have your garden in best standards.

What should be considered before buying a dog pool?

If you plan to purchase a dog pool, it is always better to know what to consider beforehand. The next section of this article emphasizes the things you should consider when purchasing a pool for your dog.

  • -The type of the dog you have

    It is always important to determine the type of the dog you have before you start shopping around for dog pools. In fact, the size is the most important thing to consider when purchasing pool. It is more of a common sense to purchase a pool that easily accommodates your dog; a small sized dog swimming pool doesn’t fit for a Great Dane. On the other hand, a large hard plastic doggy pool might not be the best solution for a Pug Dog as they might feel loneliness. Therefore, it is important to have a good idea about the size of your dog before shop around for a dog pool. However, if you have more than one dog, you might want to go for a larger pool despite the size of each individual pet.

  • – The budget you are willing to spend

    You should have a good idea about the amount you are willing to spend on a dog swimming pool. If you are willing to spend a huge budget and looking for a long term investment, you may try an in-ground pool. However, if you have a limited budget and looking for something affordable, you should probably consider an option like hard plastic doggy pool or a metal pool. These pools are much affordable than the in-ground, permanent pools.

  • -The type of the yard you have

    If you have a relatively smaller yard where you need to utilize space very smartly, you should probably avoid building an in-ground pool and go for a hard plastic doggy pool instead. Plastic dog pools are highly portable and you don’t have to disturb the available space; you can fold these pools and store them when you don’t need them. So, in simplest terms, portable dog pools are the best solution for you if you have a limited yard space.

  • -The material of the pool

    The material of the swimming pool matters a lot when determining who uses the pool. Some of the portable pools don’t withstand the nails and teeth of pets. If you are looking to purchase a pool just for the kids but now for the pets, you can easily go for a soft PVC pool. Soft PVC will be torn because of the nails of the pets. However, if you have pets at home and want to let them play in the pool, you should probably purchase a sturdy material such as heavy duty truck bed liner.

  • -Identify the difference between affordability and cheapness

    Although going affordable is a smart option, you shouldn’t purchase a dog pool just because it is cheap. After all, you get what you pay for. Therefore, be sure to have a good look at the other characteristics other than solely based on the price factor. Some cheap dog swimming pools need to be replaced quite frequently; purchasing a quality and durable pool at a little more cost is a wiser decision.

  • -Be sure to purchase from a reliable vendor

    With the rising demand for dog pools in the market today, a large number of sellers offer their products. However, not all these sellers are capable of providing top quality products. Therefore, it is always better to have a look at the track record of the seller before you purchase a dog swimming pool. One of the best ways to get an insight about the quality of the products is by reading the feedbacks left by the customers. Go through the comments carefully and assess the pros and cons of the respective dog swimming pool you are willing to purchase.

  • -Check the product physically

    If you purchase a dog swimming pool though an online store, you will not be able to check the product physically. However, reliable online sellers offer guarantee for their dog swimming pool products and therefore you can ask for a replacement in the event of receiving a defective product (by any chance). So, carefully observe the product before using it for cracks and holes and report immediately to claim a replacement. However, such defective products are hardly sold by reputed online sellers as they prefer to maintain their goodwill in the competitive market. That is why purchasing from a reliable vendor matters a lot!

Summer Best Dog pools

Apart from that, portable and foldable dog pools are the best solution if you wish to spend a summer vacation somewhere with you family. Since such pools can be easily deflated (or folded), you can bag it and travel with less worries; a dog swimming pool to take wherever you go is a smart option isn’t it?

Usage of Dog Pools

No matter whether you bought a hard plastic pooch pool or a metal pool, there is a way of using it if you expect longer lifespan and maximum efficiency. Let’s see how to use a dog pool properly and get the maximum use of it.

  • -Always select a flat surface to place a hard plastic dog pool

    Selecting a flat surface to place your pool is a vital step particularly when it comes to non-metal products such as hard plastic doggie pools and PVC pools. Be sure that the surface is free of tree stumps, stones and other sharp objects as they might damage the bottom of the pool.

  • -Remember to replace water regularly

    If you let your kids and pets in the hard plastic pooch pool together, you must drain out water after every single use. Using the same water repeatedly can cause health issues. Microorganisms tend to grow on dirty water rapidly and may cause various health problems. Therefore, be sure to use clean water every time.

  • -Clean the pools regularly

    Don’t let dampness to remain in the dog swimming pool after draining out the water. Be sure to completely dry it with the help of sunlight before you deflate and fold it. This will help you to keep fungus and bacteria away from the pool. Particularly, the joints of the pool can be ideal places for microorganisms to grow and cause problems later.

  • -Keep an eye on the kids all the time

    Be sure that you keep an eye on the kids when they are in the pool. Even a pool with 10” depth can cause unpleasant accidents. Therefore, don’t let kids play alone with the pets in the pool; you should be closely monitoring what they do.

  • -Allow no sharp items inside the pool

    Don’t let pets or kids take sharp items like sticks inside the pool as they might damage the walls and the bottom of the pool. If they prefer toys inside the dog swimming pool, provide them with soft (probably inflatable) toys.

What if you don’t want to buy a dog pool?

By far, a dog swimming pool is the best recommended option for a pet dog to enjoy some fresh water during a hot sunny day. However, by any chance, if you don’t want to go for a dog swimming pool, there are some alternatives to try.

  • -Offer some ice water

    Although some dog owners thoroughly believe that it is not good to provide dogs with ice water, it is completely OK to do so. In general, dogs drink small amounts of ice water and that doesn’t cause any health issues as per the health experts.

  • -Provide a dog cooling pad

    If you don’t have enough space to place a dog pool or a hard plastic doggie pool in your yard, it is good to consider purchasing a dog cooling pad at the least. Although these cooling pads cannot offer much pleasure and joy as pools do, it can be somewhat helpful for your dog to find some relief.

  • -Buy a dog padding pool

    This is a mini version of dog pools. These dog pools provide some space for dogs to sit on chill water when the day is too hot and find some sort of relief. However, these mini pools don’t provide space for them to play or do any activity. Also, these pools are not as durable as regular dog pools.

  • -Cool him down with a hose

    In the absence of all the other options, you can probably use a water hose in the backyard and splash some water on the dog. Nevertheless, you should remember that some dogs might not like this concept.

2017 Summer Best Dog pools Reviews

Some dog owners opt to throw ice cubes on the tub or floor and allow their dogs to lie down. However, this is not a smart choice according to expert vets; sudden drop of body temperature can cause health hazards. Therefore, it is better to provide water instead of ice cubes.

Some toys for thought

Letting a dog into a hard plastic pooch pool with your kids can be fun. However, allowing dogs and kids to play together in the same pool is not the best idea in terms of sanitary precautions. It is always better to have a separate pool for your dogs instead of letting them in the same pool with kids. Since the portable pools contain less amount of water compared to large swimming pools, there can be more hygienic issues. So, think twice before letting your kids and dogs together in the pools.

It is always better to provide some dog-friendly toys so that the dogs will have more fun in the pools. Such approach will encourage the dogs to stay in water for more time. Moreover, the dog will engage in various activities with these toys and become more energetic. It is always better to pay attention to the cleanliness of these toys and pools in order to prevent potential health issues. Be sure to give your dog a bath with clean water after every ‘pool-session’.


In simplest terms, if you own a dog you should have a dog pool for him. Apart from the fun and joy it can provide, a dog swimming pool can help your dog to grow happily, healthily and stay away from stress. Since there are various products available in the market from various vendors, it can be difficult for you to make a selection. However, the top eight dog pools we have mentioned in this article might help you to make the correct decision.

Be sure to purchase your hard plastic doggie pool from a reliable vendor and ensure that you follow the guidance provided. In general, fold-able or inflatable dog pools have become a popular option among the modern dog owners considering the characteristics like portability, ease of use and affordability. Have a good understanding about the purpose of purchasing the pool, the amount of space you have in the backyard, the size of your dog and the material of the dog swimming pool before you make the purchase. Also, it is a good idea to talk to other dog owners and get their opinions when using a dog pool.

Shopping online for dog pools is convenient for buyers across the globe today. In fact, when you purchase a product from a reliable online store, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product. Usually, reputed vendors sell only the best quality products as they want to maintain a high level of reputation. However, as a wise consumer, you should read the reviews left by the other customers to get an idea about the quality.

At the bottom-line, it can be said that dog pools are the best solution for dogs to alleviate heat during the hot summers. It is a wise dog-owner’s responsibility to purchase a suitable dog pool and keep the dog happy.


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