Organic Dog Food- Learn the Basic Knowledge

///Organic Dog Food- Learn the Basic Knowledge
Organic Dog Food- Learn the Basic Knowledge

For a lot of people, organic pet food sounds amazing but what actually makes this food different from ordinary canned food, let’s take a look. What are the differences in ingredients in both these foods? Why does the organic food cost more than ordinary dog food? All these questions are very common for the new pet owners.

In order to understand the difference between ordinary food and organic dog food, first we need to know what organic food is all about. In other words, organic food is prepared with no or very less chemicals and is made from meat and plants which are grown without any chemical compounds. This simply means that everything ranging from fertilizers to grain feed to chickens, everything is chemical free. And so, this process is more costly as the farms are checked of chemical cleaning and production. In order to cut out the chemical process, the farmers need to monitor plants, animals and processes very closely to ensure that the results are pure.

Special kind of labeling is also required for organic dog food. In organic food industry, there is difference in pets and humans as per the US Association of American Feed Control Officials. This difference is mainly in raising animals vs. content of the food. Being natural means that there are no chemicals available in the food while on the other hand organic means that plants or animals were raised without using any chemicals. The labeling process incurs extra cost for the farmers and food processors that get passed to the consumer.

Knowing the differences between organic and natural food and ordinary food, there are just a few of them. Many manufactured and processed foods include by products and these by products are made of leftover parts of plants and animals, chemicals and processing agents which allow the pet food to stay fresh during shipment and even on the store shelves. And so these chemicals may cause health issues to the pets.

Organic dog food may also provide your canine with best ways to combat the skin allergies and infections in the long run. These food products are free from any enhancers and artificial colors, toxic pesticides and chemical components that could be the reason behind your dog’s problems. Organic food for the dogs contains quality grains and proteins with high nutritional value. This further supports the immune system of the dog that helps to build resistance to various skin infections.

Just like quality of diet affects quality of life, what you actually feed your pet will have direct impact on how he feels, looks and acts. Through feeding the organic dog food, you can ensure that your canine friend lives a happy, long and healthy life. It is like a magical thing that will maintain your dog’s healthy lifestyle for the long term.

In all, the difference between standard and organic dog food is huge. When there is an option to choose between fresh and chemically processed foods, always choose the fresh ones. The benefits of choosing fresh food are that you will have a healthy dog without any health hazards and longevity.

Should I Give My Dog Organic Dog Food – Have A Look At The Pros And Cons

Have you heard of organic pet food? Is it really good for your dog’s health? If these questions bother you, you have come to the right page. Should pet owners rely only on commercials of these pet food brands or should they actually look what ingredients are there in the organic food available in the markets?
There are indeed a lot of pros and cons of these organic food items that every pet owner should know. If you are really concerned about your fur friend’s wellbeing then you ought to know the advantages and disadvantages of the food you choose for your pet.

  • Looking at the pros

    The first benefit of organic dog food is the nutritional value of these foods. The commercial food brands generally use filler ingredients in these products that are preservatives and additives that are generally not there in organic pet food. And as your furry friend eats the organic diet, he or she is more likely to absorb the essential minerals and nutrients which are not available in the standard dog food.

    Moving ahead, the organic pet products are filled with vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin E etc. On the other hand, the standard foods are missing these nutrients.

Organic Dog Food- Learn the Basic Knowledge

So why is this important?

The nutritional value of your dog’s diet can have a considerable impact on energy of your pet. A healthy diet with organic food can improve your baby’s resistance to illnesses, allergies and other diseases. Generally the organic pet products are free from dangerous byproducts as they may be harmful for your dog’s health.

  • What are the cons?

    As you are paying hefty amount for high quality ingredients, the organic dog food will end up costing you a lot. Apart from being expensive, another shortcoming of these foods is that they are not commonly available at all pet stores. You need to buy them online or at some specialty pet stores only to get such organic products for your canine friend.

    What more, these foods have not been proven scientifically safe for your dog’s health. But studies have shown that high quality diet plays a very vital role I bone, cardiovascular and joint health of your dog.

How can I help by dog with best food?

Every pet parent needs to think carefully about the pros and cons mentioned above. Being a caring and responsible pet owner, you need to pay close attention to ingredients present in the foods that you feed your dog with so as to make certain that you are not giving them anything harmful.

So, if you really love your canine companion and want to ensure that they eat healthy organic dog food, you need to pay some extra from your pocket. Also in the long term, these foods will lead to reduced health cost and better quality of life.


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