How a Raw Food Diet For Dogs Stops Health Problems Period

///How a Raw Food Diet For Dogs Stops Health Problems Period

For those who don’t know, raw food diets are getting more and more recognized and practiced among dog owners. A lot of owners are opting for raw food diet to prevent their pets from eating processed commercialized food. But is raw food diet actually good for their health?

Benefits of Raw food diet

Even though the whole raw food diet thing is controversial and a lot of people become skeptical about feeding raw food to their dogs. But there are some proven benefits of raw food that can convince any dog owner to switch from processed to raw.

  1. Improved Coat

The first change that every owner look for is physical change as it is easy to decipher. Raw food diet can improve the coat of a dog. Most of the protein intake from food goes straight to the coat and skin. This way you can monitor changes in their appearance. Raw food can work as a charm and revamp the quality of a dog’s coat.

  1. Better Dental Hygiene

Another benefit of raw food diet is that it stops or slows down tooth decay in dogs. Moreover, it is known to improve their dental hygiene. Dry food generally contains sugar. That sugar does not break down and causes dental health problems in dogs. It also leads to bad breath. So, opting for raw meat with bones can actually make a difference when it comes to keeping their dental hygiene in check.

  1. High Energy Level

Raw food diet has proven to improve the overall health of dogs. It can boost up their energy levels and also prevents many diseases. Dogs generally prefer salt in their food, but the amount of salt in dry food is very high which makes them thirsty. So, they drink more and more water, which leads to kidney issues. Feeding your dog with raw food results in less stool formation which keeps their kidneys healthy.

Even though there are some risks attached to feeding your dog with the raw food diet, but once your dog gets into the habit of eating raw food then it will be proven beneficial in the long run.

What does the raw food diet consist of?

Raw food diet basically consists of the following things:

  • Green vegetables like broccoli and spinach
  • Muscle meat still intact on a bone
  • Whole bone or ground up bone
  • Raw eggs
  • Meat of organs (liver, kidney etc.)
  • Fruits


There are a lot of controversies around feeding your dog with processed food and raw food. Even though processed food is tested, the chances of bacterial contamination in both of them are same. When it comes to feeding raw food, it is all about keeping the hygiene in check while handling and cleaning the food before serving it to your dog. Still, there are a lot of options available in the market when it comes to forming a proper diet for your dog. If you want to explore more options then you can always refer to American Journey dog food reviews. They can give you an insight to different diets for dogs.


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