Be a Good Cat Caretaker – Best Sifting Litter Box Review

///Be a Good Cat Caretaker – Best Sifting Litter Box Review

Your little pet can be your amazing friends and most probably the most important parts of your lives. Anyone who has a pet knows that they are the best companion, savior, comrade and so much more. There are so many labels of love that you can attach with them. But what if you start waking up to find the bad smell all around your home? For almost anyone, this is not acceptable. Besides hygiene, cat poop spreading all across the floor and consequential odor that disgusting the ambiance can be really disturbing for everyone. It puts the cat owner in dilemma where to go when you love your pet unconditionally, but these petty poop issues make you helpless. Training your cat to use litter box is therefore important. You don’t want a pet that is not even trained for basic ethics. We are going to talk about the solution of buying the best sifting litter box that gulps in the excreta of cat and blow away the barrier in between pet and the owner.

Be a Good Cat Care Taker Buy the Best Reviewed Sifting Litter Box

How to Choose Best Sifting Litter Box?

Let us understand the importance of sifting litter box that makes your world poop free when you have a cat companion. The sifting litter box helps the cat owner to keep the home cleaner.

Anatomy of Sifting Cat Litter Box

  • Upper Hood: The upper hood provides shade to the entire box that sifts the cat litter. It helps in blocking the odor, curtailing it to spread across the air and keeping the foul smell at bay.

  • Pan1: Among the most important parts of this sifting device is Pan 1 that contains the cat litter and keeps the big clumps of waste in this tray. The smaller and cleaner granules are meant to pass to the next level of product.

  • Pan Holes: Pan Holes are the key player in sifting the cat waste enabling the small litter granules to pass across them and sift the big clumps and small waste.

  • Pan 2: This is the second pan that is attached with the upper pan and helps in sifting the litter.

  • Collecting Tray: This is the base of poop sifting box that collects the finer and smaller litter particles in it.

Now that you have understood the role of each section of the box, we can list down some points that will help you make the right choice while picking up the best sifting cat litter box.

Basically, this is your complete guide to picking the right sifting litter box.

1.Weight: The weight of box is an important factor to consider while buying it. Right weight helps you make sure that it is easy for your cat to use it and is heavy enough to maintain control and avoid skidding on the floor.

2.Pan Holes: Secondly, you should check the size of pan holes and ensure if they are adequately sized to sift the litter finely. It should neither be too small, nor too large. The smaller holes tend to trap the dirt, while the bigger ones disable the waste granules to not filter properly.

3.Automatic or Not: There are particular poop sifting boxes that are available with automatic feature to segregate the waste. In such boxes, you need not shake the box that often leads to dirt spreading on the floor.

4.Hooded or Not: This is yet another factor where you can take your call while selecting the litter box. The purpose of hood is to give privacy to your cat while it uses the box but it traps the odor and may make it a bit uncomfortable for your cat to use it. However, this feature varies in size and design.

5.Cat friendly Design: The most important factor that you must check is its compatibility with your cat. It should be compatible with your cat choice and its size and weight.

Reviews of 5 Best Cat Sifting Litter Box: Your guide to the best purchase for your pooch


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Nature's Miracle

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Good Pet Stuff

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Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

This jumbo sized litter box is available in warm gray color and is spacious enough to accommodate your cat. It has the sifting pan inside and the big sized hood is easy to lift up while cleaning this box. Also, this litter sifting device has carbon filters that waives off the odor.

Product Details:

  • Size- 22 Inches long, seventeen inches wide &18 inches in height

  • Door Measures at 10.4 inches x 9.6 inches

  • Dimension at the time of assembly: 22″L x 20″W x 18″H


  • Large Size: The jumbo size makes this box best for your cat to get inside easily and do the needful there.

  • Multiple Cats Accommodation: The size of this cat poop sifting box is so big that it can accommodate multiple cats of small sizes and make your task of sifting litter easier.

  • Built in Bag Anchor: It has the in-built bag anchor keeping the bag opened and enables your hands to remain free from the job of scooping.

  • Carbon Filters: The feature of carbon filters is to block the odor and keep it at a bay. Also, you can buy new carbon filters and replace them with the older ones once the previous ones are exhausted.

  • Easy to Clean: This jumbo litter box is absolutely easy to maintain and clean. It has the easy to lift up hood that makes your job easy.


  • It has unique and crucial advantages that a sifting litter box should possess. With minimal cons, which one may face if there are space issues at home, this litter box is something to pick indeed. It is completely fenced with maximum advantages. The price is under your pocket and it is easy to use as well.

Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Sifting Litter Box

This black colored wide and large sized sifting litter box is a wonderful product for your cats to litter properly and get it sifted finely. The most amazing feature of this box is the high side that prevents the poop to spread to the nearby sides on the floor. It is open and thus, doesn’t make your cat feel blocked or suffocated. The box makes it easier for the pet to have an easy entry and exit without feeling locked.

Product Details:

  • Size: 23 x 18.5 x 11 inches

  • Weight: 36.6 pounds


  • Open Air: It has no roof or hood, making it good for those cats which like to poop in open air and hate hoods.

  • High Sided: The best feature of this box is that it has high sides that help your cat poop in the limited space and doesn’t let the litter to spread on the other sides of the floor.

  • Non-Sticky Surface: The surface of this box is not sticky and therefore, this makes it easy to clean. Also, it keeps the box clean because the poop doesn’t stick on the pan.

  • Wide Sized: The wide size helps your cat sit comfortably and do the job in complete respite.

  • Easy to Clean: The pan is easy to clean as it has non sticky surface. Dirt does not get stuck in the holes.

Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

This uniquely designed cat litter box is eye capturing and seems to be attractive and fun for your cat. It looks like a clay pot and the plant-like appearance of upper and lower part gives it a dashing touch. It is made of polypropylene and is available in brown color. It has large capacity to accommodate cat of any size and give it comfortable space to litter inside. It also comes with 1 year limited warranty that ensures you more with your money spent.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 9 x 19 x 14 inches

  • Weight: 6.2 pounds

  • 42 inches high including plant height


  • Spacious: It is spacious enough to house your big cat and give it comfortable time to poop in peace without feeling blocked.

  • Multi-Cat Households: The size is so big that it can accommodate your multiple average sized cats and give them a joyful time there.

  • Filtered Vented System: This clay pot like sifting litter box has filtered vented system that helps the dust and odor to remain out and keep it clean and odor free.

  • Décor Litter Box: The design and the look of this box is so capturing that it doesn’t look like litter segregator and also adds beauty to your home décor.

  • Fun for Cats: The upper plant like portion is fun for your cats who can also play with leaves.


  • Cleaning Issues: Though this attractive clay pot like box does not have many cons but some people may find it difficult to clean as it is big in size and has no self cleaning feature.

  • Cats Play: It is fun for your cats to play with plant but will make it exhausting for you as your cats might destroy the plant and litter the leaves around.

ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This automatic scoop free litter box is a boon to those cat owners who do not like to do the cleaning job on their own. It has scoop free mat and litter collecting tray refills. It is average in size and can hold kittens and an average sized cat. The box will give them a comfortable space to do their business. The privacy hood gives shade to your cat for pooping in closed space.

Product Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 20.5 x 11.5 inches

  • Weight: 19.6 pound


  • Self-Cleaning for Weeks: The automatic feature of this box enables self cleaning process that runs for weeks and throughout this time, you don’t need to look back for scooping and refilling.

  • Urine Absorption: It has crystal litter feature that absorbs cat urine and does not let the odor spread in the room. This sifting litter box does not create any wet issues for the cat.

  • 5x better Odor Control: It has super odor control power with 5x higher capacity that doesn’t drop any chance of foul smell spread.

  • Closed Waste Compartment: It takes waste into specially designed closed waste compartment that segregates litter and controls odor.

  • Disposable Litter Tray: You can easily change the litter tray when it is over used and not in condition to be reused.

  • Leak Proof Tray: The disposable tray is leak proof and makes your job easier. It prevents the litter to leak on the house floor.

  • Health counter: It has the health counter that tracks the number of times your cat uses this box and keeps a check on its health.

  • Adjustable Timer: The amazing adjustable timer feature makes it easy for you by facilitating three different timing options.

  • Safety Sensors: To keep you on the safer side when you forget to set the timer, this safety sensor feature will enable automatic time setting when cat re-enters the box.

IRIS Top Entry Sifting Cat Litter Box, Orange

This big bucket size litter box is unique with its design, shape and size and gives spacious space to your feline to poop easily in an enclosed area with 100% privacy. This box comes in different colors and has unique entry from the top.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 20.47″L x 16.14″W x 14.56″H

  • Weight: 4.85lbs


  • Large Size: The box is like a bucket or big bin where your cat can easily find a comfortable space.

  • Multi-Cat Household: This is spacious enough to accommodate multiple kittens or average size cats in one box and keep them comfortable there.

  • Top Entry: The exclusive feature of this box is that it has the top entry that makes it fun for your cat to enter and exit.

  • Easy to Clean: It is easy to clean without any hassle of trapped particles of litter in the tray and is also easy to wipe off all the dirt.

  • Grooved Lid: It has grooved lid that helps your cat keep clean as it removes particles from its paws. So it doesn’t let your cat spread dirt in the room with his paws.

  • Spray: It has go cleaning spray that prevents odor to spread in the house and keep the box clean.


  • Top Entry: The top entry is the unique feature of this box but may make your cat struggle for entry because of improper balance while entering. However, if your cat is heavy enough to maintain and hold the body, nothing can be the best than this one!

What should be considered before buying a sifting litter box?

If you are a good cat owner, you should indeed make a decision to buy this shelter for your pet. But before buying a sifting cat litter box with a vague direction, you have to settle your mind with some important factors that should be considered so that you do not make any wrong choice. Here are the important factors that you have to take seriously while buying it:

  • Size and Space: The basic understanding while buying a sifting litter box for cats says that it should be in compatibility with the size of cat and how much space of your house it would require. First you have to decide where you will keep that box. Then comes the second part of whether will it be comfortable for the cat to come to that part of house for poop or not. It has to go with the spacing of your house and also the size of cat. If your cat is too big then you have to go for jumbo size box and if you have got kittens you can use a same box to house all cat toddlers in one enclosure.

  • Refill Feature: Before buying this product, you have to find the refill feature in this sifting tool. You have to ensure that it has reusable and refillable mat and tray so that you don’t need to buy this tool again. It would be ideal to see if it can sustain at least for a year or not.

  • Self-Cleaning Feature: Self-cleaning or automatic featured boxes are the new trend in this cat poop sifting device market. It makes your work easy and you won’t need to get indulged into cleaning the trays. Some of the boxes have the feature of cleaning the paws of cats that makes your work much easier. When it comes to cleaning the floor when your cats run around with dirty paws, it can be truly frustrating. But with these devices, more than half of the job is done

  • Urine and Odor Absorption: The most important factor that you cannot ignore while looking for these devices is their capacity to trap and block the odor. Most of the boxes do come with this feature. However, you can look for some additional capacities like having built- in spray or odor killing naphthalene balls that prevent spreading of smell. Secondly, you must consider the feature of urine absorption. Make sure that the mat of box has multiple layers to absorb the wetness and smell of urine.

  • Latches and Lid: The latch that joins the two pans has to be rigid and tight enough that it doesn’t lose its grip. Same goes for the boxes that have lid upon them.

Usage of Sifting Litter Box

There are many reasons for which this cat poop collecting box can help you and your cat. Let us find some of the important factors that you cannot overlook if you are a good cat caretaker.

Litter Segregator: The basic factor is that it segregates and collects the litter done by your little feline. It helps the latter to poop in a particular place without getting confused as to where to go.

Time Saving: It reduces the time of removing the poop and keeps your house clean while giving specific space to cat for the purpose. Otherwise, it may become difficult for the cat owner to keep finding the dirt all over the house and spending time in cleaning the litter.

Keeps your House Clean: This amazing device keeps your house clean, odor-free and healthy. Also, it doesn’t give you any reason to resist taking care of your cats.

Train the Cat: It is a simple method of potty training for your cat. A sifting litter box helps your feline to go at a particular place for the purpose and it helps them be more mannered pet.

We have learnt a lot about this innovative invention of a box that comes in different sizes and designs and solves the purpose of helping a cat do its business. Your kittens can start early by getting a defined place to throw out the waste, while also giving an amazing solution for the cat care taker to maintain cleanliness of house. The device helps in training the cat to be more mannered. It is an inexpensive and a useful solution for a pet owner who wants to give a private space to their cats and maintain the ease of cleaning house. What we have concluded here is that it is not a difficult job to take care of a cat. We recommend this box to all those who love cats but resist taking care of them because of the litter phobia.


We have boiled down the points that you must consider before buying this box so that you don’t end up in meeting any flawed sifting litter box. Moreover, you can maintain the décor of your house too with having skillfully designed attractive boxes that is fun for your cats and complements the beauty of your house.


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